SmooSat E9 Pro Review: Is This Perfect Kids E-Scooter?


The $209 SmooSat E9 Pro is a great and reasonably priced alternative if you’re searching for an entry-level electric scooter for a young child who is just learning to ride. This moderately to inexpensive scooter features the innovative “Safety-Start” technology, which activates the motor with the push of just two buttons while ensuring a secure riding position. Its limited max speed of 7.5 miles per hour, shorter than normal deck length, and lower than usual handle height make it suited for smaller children on the younger end of the 6 – 12 age range.

Our enthusiastic and outspoken 7-year-old Scott tested the SmooSat E9 Pro for three weeks to determine whether it belonged on our list of the best electric scooters for kids.

Model NameE9 PRO
Item Weight14 Pounds
Folded Size29 x 14 x 10 inches
Speed Mode5 mph, 8 mph, and 10 mph
Adjustable Height32.5, 35, and 37.5 inches
Wheel MaterialSolid rubber
Motor130W brushless
Max load132 lbs (60 kg)
Battery54 Wh

Video Review of SmooSat E9 Pro

SmooSat E9 Pro: Design and Build Quality

The SmooSat E9 Pro has many of the qualities you would want in an entry-level scooter, like bright colors, a durable design, and 6-inch wheels. Scott remarked, “I think that looks good.

The E9 PRO is one of the lightest electric scooters of its kind, weighing only 6.4 kg, making it incredibly simple for younger kids to move around. A 5-mile range and a shorter battery life are the price to pay for the lightweight design.

The E9 PRO does not fold, in contrast to many electric scooters. This adds some difficulty to both storage and transportation.

The E9 PRO is perfect for younger riders because it is slightly shorter in height and deck length than other electric scooters. Since it cannot be adjusted, it could become uncomfortable as the child grows larger and their feet develop.

We assembled it jointly in approximately 15 minutes because assembly was simple. The scooter had few small problems upon inspection that were simple to solve. Before use, it was necessary to press the reflector stickers and a portion of the deck’s non-skid surface back into place. After construction, there were no loose pieces and the device is quite sturdy. It took five hours to fully charge before it was ready to use.

The SmooSat E9 Pro lacks controls on the handlebars, unlike the majority of electric scooters like the Razor E100. Instead, it has a “Safety-Start” design, which is a set of two sizable foot-operated buttons on its deck. The rider starts out by pressing the first button with their front foot. When the rear foot presses the second button, the motor starts. The E9 PRO’s brake is a standard rear foot brake. The youngster can disable the motor by taking their back foot off the button or by applying pressure to the rear brake if they want to move more slowly. Scott only needed a few tries to figure out how to use the scooter thanks to its simple design.

As Scott noted, “The two buttons were easy to master, but it keeps going off when I change my feet. The safety feature and the lower than typical deck area finally became a point of aggravation. I object to that. It shuts off if you step on it improperly or stand on it.

SmooSat E9 Pro: Motor and Driving

On flat ground, the E9 PRO scooter performed admirably and handled little inclines with ease. It was ideal for traveling on paved park pathways or through the neighborhood. Scott had no trouble hearing the traffic or her parents thanks to the car’s quiet motor. The 10 mph speed was slower than typical, which allowed for safer turns and better control – exactly what you would want for a child’s first experience with electric scooters.

It might be an uncomfortable ride on bumpy roads because of the hard tires and lack of suspension. Scott claimed that when traveling down our country road, the trembling caused her hands and feet to become numb, and at one point, “It shook so hard my nose stung!”

While riding, the charging plug cover would frequently vibrate out and would surely fall entirely off with regular use.

The SmooSat E9 Pro functioned admirably considering its budget, but when I took a ride, its basic specifications became extremely obvious. It propelled me along at rates of up to 15 miles per hour on flat terrain with a single 130-Watt motor. However, the SmooSat struggled to move me up hills that were more difficult, particularly when moving forward from a halt.

That said, I am close to the SmooSat E9 Pro’s maximum weight limit at 6 feet tall and over 190 pounds. It will be simpler for those who are smaller and lighter.

The E9 PRO is not at all water resistant, hence the instructions advise avoiding standing water and puddles. It is exposed even more to the elements due to the unfastened charging plug cover. Scott was left wondering what to do with it if it started to rain while she was riding it. This might not be a good alternative for your child if you live in a rainy area or if they have a tendency to occasionally leave their bikes and scooters outside overnight.

As a parent, I feel that this scooter is lacking in a few safety aspects. The E9 PRO is completely devoid of safety lighting. The scooter has reflectors on the sides, but there are none in the front or the back, limiting its visibility to oncoming vehicles as night falls. Additionally, there are no signs to let the child know how much battery life is remaining.

SmooSat E9 Pro: Battery and Range

The new SmooSat E9 Pro scooter has a maximum range of 5 miles thanks to its 54 Wh Lithium-ion Battery. I drained the battery by approximately 30% while riding it for just over 3 miles on mostly level ground with a few hills thrown in, so I would anticipate getting roughly 9 kilometers per charge. You should probably charge it every night if you use it to travel to work.

SmooSat E9 Pro: Conclusions

The SmooSat E9 Pro is a dependable electric scooter for beginners. It is perfect for a novice rider because to its simple foot controls, compact size, and top speed of 10mph. Overall, for the price, it’s a great scooter.

The Razor Power Power Core E100 features hand-controlled brakes and throttle, inflatable tires for a smoother ride, better range, and speed for people looking for another high-quality “budget” scooter at the same price point as the SmooSat E9 Pro. The Razor is 7.5 pounds heavier than the lightweight E9 PRO because to its lead-acid batteries.

The $199 Segway Ninebot Kickscooter Zing E8 provides young and starting riders more features and different riding modes in a tiny and lightweight design if you’re ready to spend a little extra. However, you’ll discover that the SmooSat E9 Pro is a reliable and sturdy vehicle.

The SmooSat E9 Pro is, in the end, a decent, no-frills scooter that will satiate the needs of individuals who want something inexpensive to get them from point A to point B.

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