Rad Power Bikes RadTrike Review: Trike Electric Bike!


Nowadays, people in their 60s and older who are looking for a practical, secure, and convenient form of electric transportation are increasingly buying electric trikes. The Rad Power Bikes RadTrike provides all of this, though.

The RadTrike is a premium tricycle with a strong frame made of a very stable aluminum alloy. This trike is incredibly practical and adaptable, and it may be used for carrying utility goods or for leisurely rides around the neighborhood, city, or beach. This trike offers excellent functionality and adaptability, holding a combined 415 pounds with a front and rear basket.

This trike comes with fenders that always help to keep you dry, and its four-inch tires will offer you the perfect amount of stability on every journey. It has a rubber bumper Velo saddle that, when combined with the front suspension, makes you feel incredibly comfortable. Other minor elements, like the plastic chain guide to prevent your clothing from becoming snagged, also matter.

The 750-watt Bafang motor of the Rad Power Bikes RadTrike has a 14 mph top speed. Given that high speeds on electric trikes are not advised, in our perspective, this is more than enough. With hydraulic brakes, you can be sure that this trike will have the stopping power you need when you need it. It boasts a very quiet and dependable single speed drivetrain.

The 48v 1480 Wh battery that powers the Rad Power Bikes RadTrike has a USB connector (great bonus), and it may provide you with a significant amount of range between charges. This trike weighs about 90 pounds.

Hub Motor750W brushless
Battery480 Wh
Charger48V, 2 Amp
DisplayBattery charge, pedal assist level, and headlight
RangeEstimated 20-55+ miles per charge (32-88 km)
Pedal AssistIntelligent 5 level pedal assist with low profile cadence sensor
Top Speed14 mph
GearingSingle speed
Freewheel16 tooth freewheel on rear axle
FrameChromoly steel

Video Review of Rad Power Bikes RadTrike

Rad Power Bikes RadTrike: Design and Build Quality

Previously, there were only one or two electric trikes on the market, but it seems like each year more and more enter the market, giving buyers a wide range of options. This encourages businesses to be more distinctive and meet a variety of demands, as is the case with the RadTrike. 

In fact, the RadTrike was created to accomplish just that; it has a kind of adapter that enables it to transport golf clubs. Even though the equipment has not yet been made available, the trike is still a great addition. The aluminum alloy frame has excellent usefulness and is quite stable. With the additional tubing and sturdy frame, it weighs around 90.1 lbs overall.

The weight capacity is also present; the front basket has a weight limit of 19 pounds, the back basket has a limit of 55 pounds, and the entire tricycle has a staggering weight limit of 415 pounds. I adore how the back basket has these chain clips, which make the back slate work like a tailgate on a pickup truck. Quite cool! 

There is also a good deal of comfort. Both the front and back tires are these 2.25″ wide, big knobby tires. I should mention that the front and back tires are 18″. In addition to keeping the back low for simple loading and unloading, this will provide you a mechanical advantage when stopping.

These little aluminum alloy fenders match all three of the tires. These might not completely encircle the tire, but they should at least keep you a little bit dry. A Promax suspension seat post with 40mm of travel adds to the comfort, and it matches well with Velo’s rubber bumper comfort saddle and the front suspension fork. The front fork, which has a Mozo spring suspension with preload adjustment but no lockout, compression, or rebound settings, is somewhat simple. As you sit down, you’ll notice the highly comfortable swept back bars and adjustable angle stem.

I should point out that the rubber grips are non-locking, which isn’t a major deal but might irritate some people. I really appreciate the battery-integrated headlamp that points in the direction you steer, but the absence of a rear light seems like a bit of a missed opportunity given how big that space is. I also like to draw attention to the plastic chain guide, which keeps your clothing from being snagged.

Rad Power Bikes RadTrike: Motor and Battery

A 750 watt front hub motor from Bafang designed specifically for fat tires powers the bike. I observed that while pedaling directly engages the right rear wheel, the electric motor engages the front. The pedal assist is measured by a more basic 6 magnet cadence sensor and has 9 different settings, which I believe is too many. Sam informs me that although the throttle is located on the left here as well, you can easily switch it to the right if you choose. The system is capable of a maximum speed of 14 mph.

This is a significant restriction for a tricycle because speed is essentially your enemy. High speeds can be risky, particularly when turning because trikes are prone to tipping. I would keep the throttle nice and low until you feel comfortable enough to bring it up to speed because, fortunately, the throttle here is controlled by what kind of pedal assistance you are in. The tricycle has a single speed drivetrain that is quiet and dependable mechanically. It has a front 42-tooth chainring and an 18-tooth sprocket. The front crank arm’s reduced size also caught my attention. This keeps the pedaling motion up and off the ground well and will be a little easier on the knees.

Three mechanical disc brake rotors, one for each wheel, stop the Caddy. The 180mm rotors here might be a drawback for stopping such a swift and powerful beast. The smaller wheels do, however, provide a mechanical advantage, and both brake levers have motor inhibitors that turn off the motor when using the brakes. They all put forth a respectable stopping effort while working together, in my opinion.

A lithium ion battery with a very high capacity powers the tricycle. Given that it has a 48V, you actually receive a fantastic 480 watt hours. This trike’s configuration should provide for very decent range on each charge. Here, the 10.2 lb battery latches beneath the seat post and is heavier. You must tip up the seat using a small handle underneath to remove it. The battery may be inserted and removed via its handle after being tilted. Additionally, the battery contains a USB Type A charging plug so you may use it as a portable power bank or to charge electronics.

A minor drawback is the 2amp charger’s slower speed. With lesser batteries, 2 amp chargers are not too awful, but for a high cell capacity like this, it can take a very long time to charge it from empty to full. I’ve heard that taking good care of this and other lithium-ion packs will lengthen their lives. You should also attempt to keep them about 50% filled while not in use for extended periods of time to avoid stressing the cells. Try to avoid letting it get to zero because the cell chemistry will suffer greatly if you do.

It’s easy to operate the RadTrike electronically. Simply hold down the Mode button in the center of the rubberized control pad (next to the left grip) to turn on the display, and it will begin to flash. Although this display cannot be removed, it can be turned just enough to the front and back to lessen glare. Its size makes it simple to read from a distance, and the display includes information about your battery level, trip statistics, speed, and aid level 0-9. Holding down the up arrow cycles from the current speed to the average speed and maximum speed, while pressing the mode button cycles from the trip distance to the total distance (odometer).

To change settings, hold the up and down arrow keys at the same time. To turn on the headlight during nighttime riding (or to be extra safe during the day), just hold the up and mode keys at the same time. Normally, this display configuration features a walk mode, but I was unable to make it work in the review video. Due to the fact that this is a tricycle rather than a bike, the firm might have deactivated it for safety.

Really cool, the RadTrike might be used as a farm vehicle, mobility trike, or even an errand runner. But there are some sacrifices involved; to determine if this is the best option for you, I advise looking at the few I’ve listed here as well as the Cons bullet points. The trike’s top speed of 14 mph is excessive and perhaps hazardous. Sam noted that the majority of people probably only use the throttle, but I was still upset with the 9 levels of the 6 magnet cadence pedal assistance. The size is most likely the biggest.

It is undoubtedly heavy and cumbersome. If you don’t have the space, parking and navigating a garage could be challenging. During the ride, we were concerned the back wheels and their lugs might scratch a car or curb. However, you get a lot of usefulness for $2,799, and I thought the wide tires and tailgate back basket were really cool. RadTrike has been in business for a while and even has a one-year comprehensive guarantee, so if this setup appeals to you, it might be a solid option.

Rad Power Bikes RadTrike: Conclusions

The RadTrike is a highly stylish, useful, and adaptable trike with a range of applications. Being cautious is always a must when operating a tricycle, which is why the RadTrike was designed with performance, dependability, and safety in mind. Make sure you know where you’re going and what the trike is capable of because the trike needs space to park and navigate. Learn about your trike’s capabilities and limitations. Overall, this tricycle is an incredible value for $2,499! Additionally, RadTrike has been in business for a while and offers some of the greatest post-sale services on the market. If you need assistance with anything, Josh will call you.

A sturdy, stable electric tricycle with suspensions for the front fork and seat post, big tires, and the front and rear baskets.

The trike’s sturdy, aluminum alloy frame weighs roughly 90.1 pounds with the additional tubing and robust frame. The trike’s overall weight rating is an amazing 415 pounds.

The rear basket actually has these chain clips that enable the back slate to operate as a tailgate just like a pickup truck, which is really cool! The front basket is rated for 19 pounds, and the back basket is rated for 55 pounds.

Fortunately, the throttle is controlled by the mode of pedal assistance you are in, so I would keep it nice and low until you feel comfortable enough to bring it up to speed. The 14 mph peak speed can be risky, especially when turning as trikes can tilt easily.

To me, the nine pedal assist levels seem a bit excessive, and I detest having to cycle through so many different settings.

The keys can rattle about or catch clothing, which can be bothersome. The keys must be in the batteries to run the bike.

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