Heybike Tyson: What Is New Folding E-bike Capable Of?


Heybike, a producer of electric bicycles, is renowned for its small, useful, and inexpensive electric bicycles. The business, which imports its products from China, is able to offer stunning models at competitive rates by keeping comfort and functionality in mind. The Tyson, a one-piece magnesium-framed electric bike from the brand, was just launched and will be displayed at CES 2023 in Las Vegas.

The Tyson e-bike is known for having the industry’s first unibody frame design. The bike is lightweight and strong thanks to its design. As a result, it is anticipated to be a durable electric bicycle that will be worth the money paid for it.

With a powerful 750-watt motor installed on a unibody chassis, the Tyson is the first folding bike in its class. The frame of this e-bike is constructed from a single piece of magnesium alloy. Tyson is as a result both thin and very strong. The Tyson’s release is timed to coincide with Heybike’s record-breaking sales, which increased by over 300 percent from the previous year. Heybike has now become an Amazon best-seller, sitting third in the e-bike category and first in the adult folding bike category.

The Heybike Tyson e-bike, according to the manufacturer, was created to provide users with the ideal bike in terms of appearance, practicality, and riding pleasure. It is a beautiful, useful, and sturdy bike. It can be easily folded to fit in small locations, and its 750W motor has enough power to operate.

The spokeless wheels of the Heybike Tyson serve to lower maintenance costs. The rear wheel houses the electric motor, which features a 7-speed gearbox. The bike’s top speed is still unknown with certainty. However, it can be restricted to Class 2 or Class 3 speeds. This implies that the bike’s top speed will be in the range of 32 or 45 km/h. Like other electric bikes from Heybike, it will also have a thumb throttle.

Another useful feature is a strong rear rack that can hold up to 120 lbs of stuff. The bike has 20 x 4-inch fat tires and a front and rear suspension system that enable it to travel across a variety of surfaces. Last but not least, the bike has hydraulic disc brakes on the front and back.

The Heybike Tyson has an assisted range of roughly 88km thanks to a 48V 15Ah battery with a 720Wh capacity. The bike is not particularly light at 35kg. With its unibody frame design, it is unknown what weight gains were achieved. The rear swing arm and its weighty suspension parts are some of the causes of its weight, though.

The Tyson e-bike has a rear rack that can support up to 55 kg of weight in terms of payload. It sports a rear suspension system in addition to a front hydraulic suspension fork. The bike’s 4-inch-thick tires provide a comfortable ride on most surfaces. Hydraulic disc brakes are also included for reliable control. The bike’s price and availability have not yet been disclosed.

A single piece of magnesium alloy was used to create the Heybike Tyson foldable e-bike, which has been unveiled. This will happen just a few days before the start of CES 2023, where the e-bike will be on display. The new electric bicycle, which is a foldable full-suspension bike, is the latest addition to Heybike’s expanding line of electric bikes.

After the bike is unveiled at CES 2023, more details, including pricing and availability, are expected to become accessible. CES is one of the most important tech conventions in the world, and it is scheduled to take place from Friday, January 6, 2023, to Sunday, January 8, 2023. At CES, innovations from a wide range of companies will be displayed with the goal of a more connected future.


  1. Hello this Michael I,m deaf l like ask you new Heybike Tyson e-bike folder e-bike l like black so how much price & delivery l live in Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia let me know thank.


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