Pop-Cycle bike: New Folding Bike Design 2023!


Through Kickstarter, the Pop-Cycle bike with a compact, foldable design has been introduced. The new bicycle, which is being marketed as the first of its kind in the world, has a sliding frame. The small bike is made of eco-friendly materials and can be folded up to a third of its size.

The Pop-Cycle bike is made by Popcycle US INC, but it’s possible that this company is Korean in origin. As a result, it’s not entirely clear who makes the Pop-Cycle bike. The bike’s rear wheel, seat post, and drivetrain all slide forward on the connecting tube, which is one of its best features. Clamp under the seat tube controls the sliding mechanism. The bike can be adjusted in three seconds, and folding the bike takes only four seconds. According to Popcycle, the bike’s quick folding mechanism is one of the fastest on the market.

Pop-Cycle bike: Design and Appearance

The modern Pop-frame Cycle’s is created using the die-casting technique, which prevents welding at frame joints. Additionally, it made it possible for the bike to be produced more quickly and effectively. Simple bolts and nuts are all that are required for the bike’s assembly. Pop-Cycle wants the bike’s owners to have a simple and enjoyable experience putting it together. It claims that it wants to allow customers the satisfaction of creating a bike from scratch.

The smart Pop-Cycle bike’s design appears to have been influenced by a Scandinavian furniture company. With a 78% folding efficiency, it weighs 13 kg and has a thin design. The bike’s handlebars and pedals can both be folded.

Additionally, the handlebar and saddle heights are adjustable to accommodate riders of various heights. According to Pop-Cycle, the dual-speed gearing fully utilizes the 16-inch wheels. The bicycle also has a seven-level gearing system.

To avoid using welding, which can be unsustainable, and to manufacture the bikes quickly, the bike frame is made using a die-casting technique. As a result, Popcycle assembles the frames using bolts and nuts rather than welding. However, since the bike is delivered in pieces, you will have to put it together yourself, which Popcycle hopes will “give you the joy of building something up from the ground.” Perhaps influenced by a certain Scandinavian furniture conglomerate?

Of course, the actual folding design or perhaps I should say sliding design is the first thing to discuss. The primary peculiarity of this bike is how the drivetrain, rear wheel, and seatpost all slide forward on the single tube that unites the two parts of the bike.

A clamp at the bottom of the seat tube controls the sliding, and according to Popcycle, adjusting it takes three seconds. According to Popcycle, the entire folding process should only take four seconds, which is much quicker than competing folding bikes.

Pop-Cycle bike: Performance

Although the gearing has not been described in great detail, Popcycle claims that the wheels’ average speed is 12 mph or 20 km/h. The Pop-Cycle has 16-inch wheels. 

Additionally, it exhorts riders “not to be disappointed with the POP-application CYCLE’s of the 16-inch wheels. With the “dual speed gear,” we increased its gear ratio using a custom mechanism. Please feel free to share your knowledge in the comments about how exactly this mechanism operates, but the gifs on the Kickstarter page did not make much sense to me.

Later on in the specification sheet, there is a note mentioning that the bike has a “7-level Shift” gearing.

The saddle appears to be an SMP saddle, and the handlebars are flat with unbranded grips. Although the Kickstarter page implies that there is a disc brake option, all of the prototype bikes appear to have rim brakes as standard.

A relatively small object, the Pop-Cycle weighs 13 kg and has dimensions of 145 x 115 x 60cm. According to the manufacturer, “78% folding efficiency,” In actuality, this appears to imply that when the bike is “slid” together, its length and height are reduced by about a third. The sliding tube is still visible above the back wheel despite the shorter overall wheelbase.

Pop-Cycle bike: Price and Availability

The Pop-Cycle bike will be available in June 2023 for a suggested retail price of $468. The revolutionary and small Pop-Cycle bike’s Kickstarter campaign will end in May 2023.



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