Fiido D3 Pro Review: Small and Daring E-Bike!


After evaluating some of the company’s more expensive models, like the Fiido X with a luxury finish, we now have the Fiido D3 Pro, its entry-level model, for your evaluation. And that is the entry model to this fantastic alternative for urban mobility that are electric bicycles, with a price of only 699 euros.


Before we begin the evaluation, we would like to thank Fiido for placing his trust in Evehicletrip by providing us with this product for review.

ModelD3 PRO
MaterialAluminum alloy
BrakeMechanical Disc Brakes
DisplayLED Display USB Charging Port
Saddle height65-95cm
Folded Size125 x 25 x 63cm
Unfolded Size125 x 58 x 100cm
Package Size125 x 23 x 60cm
Tire14 x 2.125 inch
Electricity-assisted Mileage60KM
Max speed25KM/H
Battery36V 7.5Ah Lion Battery
Charging Time5 Hours
Net Weight17.5kg
Gross Weight21KG
Max Load120KG

Video Review of Fiido D3 Pro

Fiido D3 Pro: Design and Build quality

It is preferable to move the Fiido D3 Pro between two individuals because it comes in a neutral cardboard box with huge dimensions and a weight of roughly 25 kg.

The bicycle is adequately protected underneath the accessories on the first level of the package, which are separated from the sides by a foam frame above and below.

We discover that it is nearly assembled when we extract it, so we only need to take off a few flanges and cardboard to make it practically ready.

Along with the user instructions, the current transformer comes with a cannon connector for the bicycle, a fixed wrench to help us position the pedals, a set of Allen keys for component modification, and a battery-operated back light. The saddle and the pedals are two other basic parts that can be taken apart.

The Fiido D3 Pro is already available for evaluation, fully prepared for use once these parts are assembled and the handlebar is opened. As we can see, it is a bicycle with a very modest, minimalistic design that isn’t intended for small people. The bulk of the adult population is included because, according to the manufacturer, it accepts individuals with weights up to 120 KG and heights between 155 and 200 cm.

It is made of an aluminum frame and weighs 17.5 kg, so we can claim that it can be used to climb some steps, however it won’t be simple for those who are not at least moderately fit. Of course, since it folds down to 125 x 40 x 63 cm, we can place it in the car without too many issues.

It merely requires lowering the seat to its maximum position, releasing its quick release, and opening the handlebar folding system, which also has a quick release but is a little more complex and sturdy so that it keeps the proper position.

The ability to quickly alter the handlebar’s height in order to accommodate the user’s height is a significant addition to the ability to adjust the seat’s height as usual.

The Fiido D3 Pro has a single speed system that is more than adequate for smooth pedaling while leaving the rest to the electric motor. It just has a chainring and a sprocket. Therefore, until we utilize it on flat ground, it is not a bike to ride without it. Of course, it goes without saying that, while being foldable, its pedals may be its weak point, giving off an air of frailty that is absent from the rest of the bicycle.

Fiido D3 Pro: Motor and Driving

The 250W XiongDa motor, a 36V brushless type with a top speed cap of 25 km/h, is integrated into the back wheel itself, albeit we cannot expect it to climb hills either.

We have CST type 14-inch wheels with a width of 2.145 inches that were made especially for us by Chen Shing. Without any barriers for difficult terrain and with channels for water evacuation on rainy days, its surface is concentrated on the metropolis. In order to accomplish this, it is crucial to avoid overfilling them because they are the only padding we have.

The mechanical disc brake system on both wheels is simple but effective in stopping the maximum 25 km/h that we shall travel. Although it lacks a brake energy recovery system, this entry-level model’s lack of one makes sense given that it competes primarily on pricing.

With the LCD panel to its left, we may regulate the electrical system’s ignition as well as the three different levels of available pedal aid and the battery level. There are two buttons right there that can be used to switch on the front light and sound the loud, obnoxious whistle.

A wonderful feature if you don’t feel like pedaling, the accelerator is located next to the rubberized grip on the right, although using it on Spanish streets is prohibited.

On the handlebar, there are metal brake levers that are connected to the mechanical brake system’s calipers via a cable.

We take one last look at the headlight and saddle, two somewhat unremarkable yet functional elements.

Fiido D3 Pro: Battery and Range

The 36V and 7.8 Ah battery, which can provide 280.8 Wh, is perfectly incorporated around the portion of the frame that houses the seatpost. This claims to have an assisted pedaling range of up to 60 km, a 5-hour charge time, and an 800 charging cycle durability. They are not particularly impressive numbers, but once more, we must consider its pricing, which is very significant.

Fiido D3 Pro: Conclusions

The Fiido D3 Pro will thereafter be the subject of a video review where we will examine both its strengths and weaknesses.

The Fiido D3 Pro is one of the most affordable electric bicycles we can discover on the market, and we can find it for sale for around 700 euros in this review. Additionally, it provides better quality than slightly more expensive versions, making it the finest choice to take into account if we’re looking for a little and affordable electric bicycle.


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