December 4, 2023
Lankeleisi 750T Plus Review: Big Electric Fatbike 2022!

Do electric cars have a low impact on the environment? The solution is trickier to figure out than it appears. Even so, the e-bike business is booming. The offered selection of urban, hybrid, and mountain bikes is astounding. Here, we concentrate on the fat bike and its large wheels, a rather specific kind of bicycle. Here is a review of the 750T Plus, a Chinese version of Lankeleisi.

The fat bike has a lot of benefits. Style, firmness, and grip Its many applications make it a highly well-liked electric bike. Lankeleisi swiftly inserted itself into this portion, demonstrating how well it comprehended this. With the launch of a new iteration of its flagship fatbike, the Lankeleisi 750T Plus, the company is now touting itself as one of the greatest value for money in the industry. We tested this electric bike because of its stunning finishing and tremendous power for less than $1200, but it was not precisely what we had in mind. The Lankeleisi 750T Plus review is presented below.

Gears27 Speed
Range per Power31 - 60 km
Wheel Size26"
Max Speed<30km/h
Battery Capacity12.8 Ah
Motor power:500W
Braking SystemHydraulic Disc Brake (Hydraulic Brake Pad)
Torque70-80 Nm
Charging Time6-7 hours

Video Review of Lankeleisi 750T Plus

Lankeleisi 750T Plus: Design and Build Quality

We have a right to anticipate an organized cycle when paying $1200. And with this Lankeleisi 750T Plus, that is the situation: Despite being well-packaged, we can immediately tell that a fat bike is made of high-quality materials due to its spacious, easy-to-assemble wheels, saddle, and handles. We are eager to complete the bike, so. To be able to ride it, the front wheel, handlebars, mudguards, and headlight must be installed.

But most importantly, how about assembly? As a reminder, Chinese manufacturers often overlook this component with inappropriate and poorly translated instructions (such as Bezior), sloppy brakes (such as Ado), or missing accessories. Thus, we dreaded a two-hour assembly process and a trip to the repair shop.

We were pleasantly delighted with Lankeleisi’s 30 minute assembly time, trouble-free braking, and abundance of offered accessories. Aside from a French-only handbook that describes an earlier iteration of the bike (without mudguards, for example), the quickness with which everything may be installed is surprising. The Lankeleisi is actually the bike in this price range that we had the least trouble getting operational and the assembling is actually not particularly difficult.

The finished bicycle has a nice appearance. The 750T Plus is well made and promises enjoyable outings in the woods without leaving you with sore buttocks. But one thing prevents us from showering him with adulation as we had planned: the headlight broke while we were unpacking. Deterioration brought on by transit or a manufacturing fault? We promise you that it was very carefully packaged in bubble wrap, although we lean more toward the first scenario. Even still, it’s sad because we hoped that our robust glue would be sufficient to keep everything together.

Beyond that, the bike’s overall design shows great promise. We applaud the tactilely satisfying grips, a rarity among Chinese producers. The Eleglide Citycrosser is far away, and its handles are not very comfortable. With a comfy gel saddle, 26-inch tires, or even a stem and fork with lovely finishes, Lankeleisi’s accessories are all of high quality. Regarding the suspensions, there are two adjustable shock absorbers up front and another, very mild one in back. To sum up, we are looking at a typical all-terrain bike with high-quality components and excellent suspensions. And that’s good because the Lankeleisi 750T Plus wants to be a travel-friendly fatbike.

The Lankeleisi 750T Plus bike can be folded. One can divide the size of the central tube by two using a lever that is situated at its level. To take up as little room as possible, the handlebars and pedals also fold up. We’ll stop you right there; just because a bike can be folded doesn’t make it any easier to travel. However, lifting 45 kg with a battery requires very strong physical fitness. Although there is a carrying handle next to the saddle, it is ineffective for transporting the bike properly. Lankeleisi’s transportability is not made easy by the fact that it is unbalanced when hoisted and leans forward.

This Lankeleisi includes all the capabilities required for you to simply need to purchase a smartphone bike mount. The front light and horn controls, a derailleur lever with seven speeds, an acceleration ring, and an LDC control screen are all located on the handlebars. No forgetting, everything is there!

First off, the screen is far more gorgeous and high-quality than the typical screens on the majority of other Chinese bikes, with its rounded corners. You may activate it and modify the levels of assistance using two buttons on the side of the screen. You may read the bike’s speed, autonomy, distance traveled, and level of help in the information above.

The first is the acceleration ring, which is present on the bike despite being illegal in France. It enables you to easily accelerate up to 30 km/h like a scooter with no effort at all. Pedaling help is the second type of assistance. From the first pedal strokes on, the Lankeleisi motor starts to assist you until you reach a set speed.

Lankeleisi 750T Plus: Motor and Driving

With a 1000W motor, the Lankeleisi 750T Plus is significantly more powerful than its rivals, placing it in the top e-cigarette category. Additionally, it is the least expensive electric bike with such a high power. Does it feel that way, though? We see that the bike’s power reaches its limits in uphill starts due to its 45 kg weight and large wheels.

Beyond that, the power level and 27-speed continue to be successful. Without pedaling in a vacuum, we observe a good progression from 0 to 30 kilometers per hour. The three speed settings are useful, although occasionally being inappropriate for off-road driving. To prevent jerks in the engine and springing out of the saddle, we chose to withdraw the assistance on highly uneven, flat ground.

Finally, a bike that performs well on both the road and the trail is in front of us. As long as you stay on the trodden path, the combination of acceleration power, speed, braking, and springs makes for a great adventure. As soon as you venture off-road, minor issues start to arise, such as the chain slamming into the bike’s base or the assistance being too strong on really uneven terrain. It’s unfortunate but not prohibitive, especially for a supposed mountain bike of the “fat bike” variety.

The optimal surface for the Lankeleisi 750T Plus is approaching: it perfectly absorbs shocks and road imperfections. Riding through forests or even on sand dunes without trembling or having to dance around the smallest obstacle is quite gratifying. The bike’s power also enables effective assistance and minimal effort.

Off-road is when this fatbike’s limitations are evident; while the power and shocks do a good job of absorbing bumps, a flaw marries the otherwise positive impression. With every bump, the chain, which is obviously too close to the bike’s fairing, strikes the base. Derailleur observation is the same. a brand design issue that could have been avoided. Finally, the moment a large pothole appears, we hear shocking noises that are not at all comforting. Although this does not appear to be particularly serious in terms of the bike’s durability, it is unpleasant to hear hitting as soon as you leave the paths. in particular for a fatbike!

Let’s get right to the point: how to begin using the Lankeleisi fatbike. There’s no need to keep the reader guessing because, as long as you stay on the trail, the bike provides excellent feelings. The off-road is a little more delicate, not insurmountable, but it has minor flaws that can be easily fixed.

Let’s begin by discussing how the bike makes us feel overall. We were pleasantly delighted by its comfort on its maiden road trip. The bike handles well, the large tires don’t affect handling, and it’s very simple to operate. In order to avoid pedaling in the semolina at level 5 of assistance, the 27 speeds are welcome. But when the engine is started for the first time, that’s when it gets stuck. After a few hard seconds, the aid kicks in, making it difficult to manage speed with the pedals; an immediate brake is therefore required. The smoothness is lacking. To prevent a few startling moments, you must 

Lankeleisi 750T Plus: Battery and Range

70 kilometers of battery life were announced by the brand. We must break the bad news to you: it is untrue. And a huge falsehood at that. High-end bikes are the only ones with autonomy in assistance mode that exceeds 100 kilometers. You can see how a 500W fat bike with a 32km range cannot possibly meet these requirements.

When using mixed assistance (level 1 or 2), do not count more than 60km; when using maximum help mode, do not count more than 40km. When using the acceleration ring, less may be seen. Very far from the advertised autonomy, but still respectable when compared to the rivals’ range of about 50 kilometers.

The 7 hours that were promised for charging are now very real. This is aided by the removable battery, which can be recharged either at home or while still mounted to the bike. The battery is not too heavy if you want to take it home (6kg). Finally, if you strain your ears, the charger’s fan will make a little noise. No extension is required because it is 2.15 meters long.

Lankeleisi 750T Plus: Conclusions

The Lankeleisi 750T Plus costs $1200, is it worthwhile? We personally tested a nice electric bike in this price range that felt good to ride. However, whether or not I would suggest it to you depends on how you want to utilize it. If you consider the Lankeleisi an all-road bike and pay less than $1500 for it, it will last, perform well overall, and win you over. We will be wary of it if we are forced to evaluate it as an all-terrain bike. It accomplishes the task, but there are a few tight spots, most notably this too-low chain that strikes the bike.

In comparison to the competition, as we have already stated, the Lankeleisi 750T Plus is a fantastic value. Let’s compare it to the fat bike ADO A20F, which is its major rival in this price bracket. In fact, the ADO costs $1000 whereas the Lankeleisi 750T Plus costs $200 more. 

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