Heybike Race Max Review: 500W VAE Mountain Bike with 27.5 Inch Wheels


Heybike Race Max. Its technical sheet, however, doesn’t appear to be affected. The positive traits and appealing design indicate a high-caliber product on par with the more expensive rivals. We were therefore prompted to wonder if it was conceivable to combine such a low price and such performance by its pricing of less than $759.

In order to determine whether the Heybike Race Max lives up to its promises, we requested permission from the Chinese manufacturer to test this product. The VAE mountain bike, which was advertised as having excellent autonomy and a low price, has now undergone a thorough evaluation.

Battery48V 12.5AH
Estimated Max Range31(Throttle)/40 miles(PAS)
Gears7-Speed Shimano
Tire27.5" x 1.95“
SuspensionFront Fork
SuspensionHigh-Step Frame
Recommended Height5'4"-6'4"
Suggested UseNeighborhood,Commute,Travel
Item Weight‎52.9 Pounds
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H‎53.94 x 27.17 x 8.27 inches
Frame Material‎Carbon Steel

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Heybike Race Max: Design and Build Quality

Our offices have just received the enormous box. Opening it reveals an extremely well-packaged bike that has been disassembled. At least we are confident that the Race Max’s most delicate components were not harmed during transit. One thing we remind ourselves after removing all of the protective coverings from the bike’s components is that the assembly process will take some time.

Let’s take a closer look at the numerous tools and accessories that the bike comes with before we start assembling. The “skeleton” is accompanied by two boxes.

Only a BTR key is missing, but this is only important for attaching the rear reflector. The first box contains the charger, and the second box has the pedals, handlebars, reflectors (red on the back of the bike and yellow on the wheels), and all the tools needed for installation.

As much as I would like to tell you otherwise, assembling the Heybike Race Max is not simple. To get your bike ready to ride, give yourself two hours. It’s time to partially charge the battery of the electric bike, you might remark. You must prepare for the assembly by arming yourself with courage and endurance in the interim. The manual is rather sparse in its explanations, and some of the intricacies make the process more difficult.

For instance, installing the acceleration handle (which is illegal in France) requires laborious removal of the old silicone handles and replacement of them because the beast won’t let you put them without using a sledgehammer. Let’s just say that we are not calm about a new product. The acceleration cable must then be attached to a cable tucked down in the bicycle’s frame (obviously, the manufacturers are careful not to say so).

In other words, we successfully assemble the bike without worrying that it may fall apart when we use it for the first time. Finally, what we have here is a stunning product that is ready for testing. Now let’s examine its ergonomics and design in more detail.

Moving on to design, we can all agree in our columns that it is successful. One’s mistrust of an entry-level product is soon dispelled by its overall appearance and gorgeous finishes. We merely regret two aspects of the Race Max’s build quality: the kickstand is quite subpar and doesn’t seem to be able to hold up over time. The saddle also appears difficult. Is paying this fee a sacrifice? Okay, for the crutch. The saddle, though? Given that it’s an essential component, it would be unexpected!

The bike’s 27.5-inch rims, which make it a large format bike appropriate for people ranging from 1m 65 cm to 1m 95 cm, provide it a significant ergonomic edge over the competition at this price point. A product that can adapt to different terrains is indicated by the addition of front suspensions and disc brakes. Unfortunately, only the saddle may be adjusted, but this is typical of electric bikes in this price range. Weighing in at 23.9 kg after battery, the VAE is a very accurate weight for such a large carcass.

The cords on the Heybike Race Max, which are many and, unlike the cables on an ADO A20F, visible and attached here and there but tend to wander about a lot, are a minor letdown. Additionally, we need to place the headlight cable and the throttle handle cable by ourselves. You must be skilled at managing cables. We also have doubts about this “MTB’s” water resistance. Since we’re on the subject, let’s mention that the Heybike Race Max offers IPX4 protection, which is adequate for splashes but not advised if you want to ride in the rain. We are not shocked at all!

Let’s move on to the battery, which is integrated into the bike in a fairly clumsy manner and is easily noticeable due to its size. However, when mounted on the frame’s oblique tube, it poses no obstructions to the cyclist at all, although severely restricting the size of a bottle holder. The Race Max battery weighs 5 kg and is detachable, which is a really useful feature. Simply slide it on the rails and lock it with the accompanying key to use its straightforward and user-friendly hooking method. The battery can then be turned on and off using an on/off button whenever you need to take a break or conserve battery. A simple but brilliant concept.

As a result, the Heybike Race Max offers a thoughtful battery that promises engaging performance.

Heybike Race Max: Motor and Driving

Beyond how it feels when driving, the Heybike Race Max also delivers power. We are not excluded at this level. A battery of 12.5Ah and 36V with a 500W output enables extremely high performance on the road. After half a turn of the pedal, the motor turns on quite swiftly. This enables having electric assistance right away (on some models, a brief delay is required before activation). The VAE does not have a pressure sensor, yet it has a very quick response time.

But as soon as you start moving, you notice a minor flaw: the engine has trouble starting when you give it a boost after slowing down. Occasionally, you have to wait 4 to 5 seconds for it to restart. Otherwise, the help is pleasant and enables us to exert ourselves without becoming overly exhausted.

When riding the Race Max, the long handlebars that force you to spread your arms MTB-style and the rather upright position are quite attractive to the eye. The bike’s 7 speeds allow it to be adjusted to any terrain or slope. Disc brakes are effective for making fast stops. The front-only suspensions are also helpful for absorbing minor shocks like cobblestones and potholes. Everything appears to be ideal for a hybrid bicycle.

As claimed by its manufacturer, the Heybike Race Max is not a cross-mountain bike. It performs admirably on a route, but off-roading is not advised. Because of the insufficient suspensions, the saddle’s extreme rigidity is felt very quickly. Additionally, the bike is not appropriate for lengthy trips because the saddle eventually hurts, which is unfortunate. Better quality would have eliminated several flaws.

A significant innovation has been saved for us in the new Heybike Race Max version: an LCD screen to handle a variety of functions, most notably the bike’s assistance. Even though it is a classic design that can be seen in many other two-wheeled electric vehicle models, it was anticipated and is now a reality. Definitely better than the last iteration. Above, you can see the mileage, our speed, the amount of help, the brakes, and the battery life. The presentation of all this data is quite practical, and the brightness is good. The screen is accompanied by three buttons:

  • Pressing the + button briefly activates the headlight and increases the assistance mode.
  • With a long press of the – button, you can turn off the assistance and place the bike in “pedestrian” mode (the latter moves along on its own at a few km/h).
  • You can activate or deactivate the screen

Finally, the electric bike can be switched to DIY or manual mode using the screen’s final feature. You may set up the bike how you want it to by simultaneously hitting the + and – buttons. The brightness, mileage, engine power, speed, and acceleration may all be altered. Everything can be changed to suit your preferences and the way you want to ride the bike, for example, to increase acceleration or autonomy.

Heybike Race Max: Battery and Range

Independence and downtime are two additional crucial points. These characteristics frequently distinguish a first-rate electric bike from a high-end VAE. The battery is the first thing to go in order to keep the price low. As a result, we had certain preconceived notions about the Heybike Race Max before our test. And to our delight, the autonomy is absolutely correct. We were able to complete a 60km session in maximum assistance mode with some battery life still left, despite the range being estimated to be between 50 km and 100 km depending on the help. Then, a really good point.

But this can be explained by the battery’s extremely long recharge time, which puts it among the poorest VAE students at 7 hours for a full charge. As a result, our outcome is mediocre, but the extensive road experience is very important.

Heybike Race Max: Conclusions

It attracted our attention with an extremely low pricing for an alluring technical sheet. We are under the spell after our exam. Despite several shortcomings, the Chinese manufacturer gives us one of the greatest price/quality ratios available. This VTC, which is not a mountain bike and costs 800 euros, possesses all the essential characteristics of a well-rounded bicycle and manages to avoid making significant design and performance compromises. It is also completely operable without assistance and even without a battery, which makes it a versatile VAE in contrast to a Radmission 1 and its single speed.

Think of the Heybike Race Max as an all-road bike to get the most out of it! This e-bike then makes an impression. First and foremost, due to its design, which is well above norms for entry-level vehicles, as well as its autonomy and power, which enable all kinds of adventures! And all of that was under $759. Almost wonderful in every way. If we had to complain, we could ask the manufacturer to replace the saddle and the stand, which would be inexpensive additions that would make a huge difference.

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  1. I have purchased the hey bike but upon assembly I seem to have a problem with the quick release. The hole for it does not go completely through the axle????? Please tell me if I am seeing this correctly.



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