HIMO C30R MAX Review: What is Special About This E-bike?


I have been testing out the new HIMO C30R MAX for the past several weeks after previously reviewing the outstanding HIMO C26 folding e-bike.


The HIMO C30R MAX is a hybrid mountain bike that is perfect for mixed-use because it has front shocks. Since there aren’t many mountain bike routes in the area, I’ve mostly been riding this to travel on streets.

Wheel Size:26 inch
Motor Rated Power:250W
Battery:10Ah Li-ion battery
Charge Time:5 hours
Maximum Speed:25km/h
Maximum Load:100kg
Brake Mode:Front/rear disc brake
Transmission:Shimano 9 speed
Rim:Aluminum alloy spoke wheel
Product weight:18.6kg
Product size:153x 58 x 112cm

Video Review of HIMO C30R MAX

HIMO C30R MAX: Design and Build Quality

There are two HIMO C30R MAX bikes available, each at a different pricing. The Shimano drivetrain seems to be the only distinction.

While the C30R MAX has an 11-speed transmission, the HIMO C30R MAX is less expensive and has a 9-speed Shimano Altus drivetrain. If you intend to use this as a mountain bike on challenging terrain, the 11 speed can come in helpful because of the wider gear range. Additionally, it ought to improve the overall enjoyment of riding without an electric aid.

When you purchase a bicycle from a retailer, it will be delivered from the closest warehouse, which has locations in the UK, Germany, Poland, Spain, and Italy. Without paying custom or VAT, you ought to receive the bike in two to five working days.

In terms of how this bike is being shipped, I’m not sure how I feel. It is both remarkable and disturbingly wasteful in equal measure. All the crucial parts of the bike have foam cushioning strapped around them, and everything is kept together with cable ties. Then, based on my best guess, it is placed in a bag before being placed inside a box, with the bag being filled with expanding foam. It will be packaged perfectly and arrive from its nation of origin securely thanks to this.

It’s really untidy to unpack it, so do it outside. It is a rather soft expanding foam, making removal simple. It simply falls apart and is blown away quickly.

Despite how annoying the plastic waste is, I am at a loss for ideas. I’m unsure if there is an expanding foam that dissolves in water that is comparable to the corn-based packaging foam.

The bike was simple to put together – much simpler than the HIMO C26. There is only one thing left to do:

  • The front stem, and the handlebars.
  • Add the wheels (and I also pumped up the tyres)
  • Affix the pedals
  • Quick-release skewers are present on the front wheel 

The bike has a striking overall design. The battery is integrated into the frame, giving it a more natural appearance than many other competing low-cost hybrid bikes, which I appreciate.

It’s important to note that this bike is devoid of mudguards and a pannier rack. Third-party solutions ought to be accessible.

Unfortunately, as soon as I had assembled the bike, I ran into issues. The LCD had a persistent exclamation mark on it, and the electric motor would not turn on at all.

In the remaining portions of the review, I won’t hold this against HIMO. These things happen, and since I acquired the bike through a PR directly from the warehouse, the help I got was probably not as excellent as if I had bought the bike from a store.

The issue has been handled in greater detail, and it now clarifies what the exclamation mark error is and possible solutions. I hope that helps someone because this may happen to any e-bike.

In essence, some internal wires had been crossed, leading the bike to believe that the brakes were always engaged.

I rode mostly on roads, with some gravel biking thrown in. It was not possible to attempt MTB tracks because of the recent rains. You may lock the front shocks for road cycling to eliminate the bouncy ride and make manual cycling simpler. Additionally, it lacks a seat shock like the HIMO; while this may make it less comfortable for some, I actually like it.

The shocks don’t entirely compress down when they are freed, but you still get a respectable amount of travel and ample cushioning for easy MTB tracks.

HIMO C30R MAX: Motor and Driving

With the maximum speed set to 25 km/h, the electric motor, which is 250W, only operates in assist mode. As a result, it complies with UK and EU law in full.

According to the menu choices on the controller, I believe this has an unlockable speed comparable to the HIMO C26. I haven’t given it a shot.

This bike actually suits my usage style better than the foldable HIMO C26 I previously used.

The HIMO C26 is the best option if you have limited storage space, want to load it into your car or take public transportation, or all three.

I like using the HIMO C30R MAX for longer commutes or leisurely cycling. Although it has two extra gears, they also appear to be spaced further apart, giving you a wider range for riding without an assist. For faster bike rides, the larger wheels and new seating position also feel better.

Alternatively, you can choose one of the three degrees of assistance, which are as follows:

  • Assistance at 15 km/h.
  • Assistance at 20 km/h
  • Assistance up to 25 km/h

On the basis of your speed, the aid begins (rather than torque). You must therefore exert some initial effort before the motor starts to move. Utilizing assist level 3, the motor’s activation causes the acceleration to feel quite rapid.

The experience was very different with the HIMO C26, which (I believe) had a torque sensor.

Using a speed sensor, the motor starts at the desired speed no matter how hard you are pedaling. Therefore, at help level 3, I can spin my legs effortlessly while maintaining a speed of 25 km/h. I always had to exert some effort when using the HIMO C26.

This’s speed sensor design made it possible to ride a bike for long periods of time quickly with little physical exertion, which is perfect for commuters.

The motor cuts out when you apply the breaks, so you have to exert effort once more for the motor to start again. This was the only drawback.

HIMO C30R MAX: Battery and Range

The operation of the keys is one distinction that might be detrimental. The bike was physically powered on by the HIMO C26 key, same like when you start your automobile. It is possible to turn on the C30R MAX without the key. The battery is only secured in place by the key. So I’d suggest bringing the battery with you if you ever intend to lock the bike up.

It’s ideal for commuting because the battery is simple to remove. You may secure your bicycle and bring the battery inside to recharge it.

345 Wh (9,6 Ah) will be taken care of by a battery with enough capacity and Samsung 21700 cells. It requires 5 hours to charge from 0% to 100%. The information from your ride will be shown on the screen in front of you. Additionally, it has greater water resistance, notably IPX7 certification, is backlit, colored, and backlit.

The engine’s top speed is 25 km/h, which is exactly what is required by law in the European Union. Its total weight of 23 kg is made possible by the aluminum construction, which is both lightweight and sturdy enough. Then, 100 kg is the maximum load.

HIMO C30R MAX: Conclusions

Despite some teething issues, I truly like the bike and it serves my needs well. The HIMO C26 had already persuaded me to switch to electric bikes, and as gas prices rise, I predict that many more people will be considering alternatives to driving.

Based on the specifications, the price is reasonable, and the bike is great for mixed use. I can use it on short trails. 

The 26-inch wheels on the bike are ideal for road cycling. High-quality road tires are worn on the wheels right out of the factory. The bike also includes a display that provides basic information like battery life, mileage, and light status.


Alternatives of HIMO C30R MAX



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