Velowave Grace Review: Impressive E-Bike in 2022!


Under $2000, the Velowave Grace Step-Thru is a fully equipped electric bike with a ton of accessories. But what is its actual value? Here’s how we see it.

Selling in the US, Velowave is a brand that is beginning to establish itself in the field of urban mobility. It is positioned with an excellent quality to price ratio. Velowave Grace Step-Thru is a VTC-style adult electric bike that resembles the VELOWAVE quite a bit.

The Velowave Grace Step-Thru will be over 90% assembled when it is delivered in a box, and you can finish assembling it in only fifteen minutes or less to get it on the road. Additionally, the manufacturer provides all the keys needed for assembly.

It is crucial to note that this electric bike has approval for use on US roads before continuing. In fact, the latter has the potential to have an accelerator trigger, similar to a lot of electric bikes from Asia, so that you don’t have to pedal like on a scooter or a scooter. Although it is provided, it is not installed directly on the bike because France does not permit this, and it is also somewhat ambiguous.

TIREKENDA 26 x 4.0"
Frame Material‎Aluminum
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H‎66 x 35 x 17.8 inches
Package Weight‎105.8 Pounds

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Velowave Grace: Design and Build Quality

Once put together, the Velowave Grace Step-Thru features a 17-inch open V-frame, various color accents, and a modern, slightly vintage style.

Velowave hasn’t skimped on the extras that are typically optional at this price, that much is certain. Thus, in addition to the saddle, we discover a baggage rack with an integrated fastening mechanism, front and back LED lighting that is directly connected to the battery, with the rear LED light responding even to braking. SR is quite comfy, especially on long journeys!

The handlebars have a huge, bright screen in the middle that can be seen even in direct sunlight and displays the standard information (speed, assistance mode, lighting activated, number of kilometers, etc.)

You may ride it with confidence even when facing difficult terrain because to the two fat tires’ 26-inch wheel diameter and 4-inch tread. You can stop quickly thanks to the disc brakes on the front and back wheels. However, it is still preferable to apply the brakes gradually to avoid damaging wheel locking. Shimano Tourney with a 8-gear speed cassette serves as the derailleur on Grace. Shimano also makes the thumb shifter, and it works fairly well. Although it’s not a particularly pricey module, at least it’s made by a reputable company. Additionally, the derailleur has a metal protective bracket on the outside that shields it from damage in the event that you fall off the bike.

The 26-inch KENDA tires on this e-bike allow it to adapt to different road surfaces while still riding smoothly and without difficulty over bumps.

Stylish and cozy, the Velowave Grace Step-Thru is a bicycle. It is easy to use and enjoyable. Once the vehicle is moving, the handlebars’ tilt and the saddle’s height make it simple to modify the position.

However, its weight continues to be the largest deterrent for us. In fact, the bike weights no less than 48 kg, making it heavier than a Vélib’ in terms of weight. When you ride, it doesn’t feel like much, but as soon as there is an impediment, like a simple steep incline, a slightly elevated pavement, or stairwell stairs, its weight becomes a big hardship. To do otherwise would be regrettable and challenging.

Due to its fork with two shock absorbers, it acts fairly well on the road, even on difficult terrain. On the other hand, it is a bit more restless on a path or in the forest, but take note that this is completely normal. False flats are no problem for the bike to handle, but significant sloping coasts are more challenging!

A pair of zoom suspensions are fitted to the front wheel of the Grace, acting as the main shock absorbers for a secure ride. The body frame also has a suspension in the center. These three suspensions are enough to handle the majority of road conditions, based on the bike’s performance over the last few days. The backlit LCD display and the electric power control module are the two electrical components found on the handlebar. It also acts as the Grace’s power switch. The Grace’s current condition is displayed on the LCD screen. For instance, the speed and other significant metrics, as well as the current remaining power.

Velowave Grace: Motor and Driving

Let’s now examine the Grace’s powertrain, which features a 750W toothless brush motor with five selectable speed ranges, the quickest of which can reach 45 km/h. Given that you typically don’t need that much speed, that is a lot for an all-terrain bike. You can choose the appropriate speed gear based on your demands by consulting the maximum speed that can be reached in each gear’s listing. The battery has a 960Wh capacity. The Grace’s battery wasn’t completely discharged during the riding test, but the maximum range is at least 35 kilometers. The battery’s distinctive form is detachable. It is simple to remove and charge when the front and rear locks are opened.

On the other hand, the assistance is a touch odd; in fact, with its 5 levels of speed, one occasionally feels as though they are driving a little choppy. Up to level 3, it is still appropriate, but beyond that, the aid dictates the pace rather than your pedaling, forcing you to pick up the pace. It can be a little unsteady on a flat road, especially when the engine is so tense.

I want to give you some of my honest experiences with the Grace, which is an excellent e-bike. First of all, you can use it for transportation in cities as well as just a toy to play with amid the hills. Not only can its large, fat tire comfortably navigate a muddy road, but also a flight of stairs. Hence, you can effortlessly switch between highways without getting off your bike. However, I must still caution you to avoid attempting to climb steep stairs with it for your own safety. Of course, Grace is not flawless; there are several areas where I believe it may be improved.

There are three operating modes for the Grace; the automated mode, which advances with a handle-twist, is presumably used by the majority of users. However, I like to travel in pure riding mode in cities, which means I don’t utilize any electric help at all. When playing in the wild, switch to the booster mode so that electric assistance only kicks in when you step on the kickstand. The latter two modes can use less electricity and are unquestionably better for your health.

Velowave Grace: Battery and range

It can travel up to 100 km on a replaceable, built-in 960 Wh lithium-ion battery, which is perfect for your lengthy trip. It has 5 speed levels (12, 16, 20, 23, and 25 km/h), 2 driving modes (assist or manual), and both.

On the other hand, its autonomy is a huge plus. Our record-breaking range of well over 60 km was made possible by the 960Wh battery! Additionally, this battery can be completely removed from the bike and recharged separately (with the aid of a key). If you can’t ride your bike to the sixth floor of your building, this is especially helpful.

Due to its speeds, you’ll see that this bike can be used with or without a battery. If the battery is taken out, it can be used for troubleshooting, but that’s not what an electric bike is for.

Velowave Grace: Conclusions

I believe there are two groups of people who would benefit from purchasing an Velowave Grace. The first group includes those who enjoy riding across fields in search of thrill. The Grace is a good option if you require a Full Suspension E-bike that is strong and reasonably priced. A comfy E-bike is necessary for this person’s sort of urban mobility. The Grace is another option. On the official website, the Velowave Grace is presently listed at $1999. In order to find out more information about the brand and the model, visit their website.

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