Fucare Taurus Review: Will This E-Bike Be Comfortable Off Road?


Hey, everyone! Micah here with Electrek. Today, we’re diving into the world of electric bikes as we review the Fucare Taurus Fat Tire electric bike.

Its defining feature is the massive 26-inch diameter fat tires that not only make a bold visual statement but also provide exceptional traction and stability, making it an ideal choice for off-roading enthusiasts. These tires, combined with the powerful 750-watt rear hub motor, ensure that this e-bike can conquer challenging terrains and climb moderate hills without breaking a sweat.


Fucare is a compelling choice for riders seeking a powerful and versatile electric bike that can handle a variety of terrains with ease. Join us as we take a closer look at this intriguing e-bike and see what it has to offer.

Frame MaterialAluminum
Motor:750W rear geared hub motor
Top speed:Claimed 32 mph (51 km/h)
Brakes:Hydraulic disc brakes
Extras:Large color LCD and LED headlight and taillight
Wheels:26-inch x 4.0-inch urban tires
Batteries:48V 25Ah 1,200 Wh
Range:Claimed 60-140 miles (96-225 km)
Weight:92 pounds (41 kg)
Max capacity:400 pounds (181 kg)

Design and Build Quality

The Fucare Taurus is a robust and substantial e-bike designed for those who seek adventure and off-road experiences. When examining its design and build quality, it becomes apparent that Fucare aimed to create a sturdy and capable electric bike capable of tackling various terrains.

Fucare Taurus Review: Design and Build Quality

One of the most striking features of the Fucare Taurus is its size and the impressive 26-inch diameter fat tires. These tires not only look substantial but also serve a crucial purpose when it comes to off-roading. They provide enhanced stability, improved traction, and the ability to navigate dips, ruts, or potholes with ease. The larger diameter of these tires contributes significantly to the bike’s imposing presence and off-road prowess.

Fucare Taurus Review: Design and Build Quality

In terms of build quality, Fucare has made several thoughtful choices to ensure the Taurus can handle the challenges of off-roading. The inclusion of hydraulic disc brakes is a standout feature, particularly on a heavy e-bike like this. These brakes offer precise and reliable stopping power, which is essential for safety, especially during high-speed descents or when navigating tricky terrain.

Fucare Taurus Review: Design and Build Quality

Furthermore, the front suspension system is another commendable addition. This feature helps absorb shocks and vibrations from uneven surfaces, enhancing rider comfort and control over rough terrain. It’s a crucial element for riders who plan to take this e-bike on off-road adventures.

The seven-speed derailleur in the rear provides versatility for riders who want to pedal and have the ability to change gears according to the terrain. While it may not be the fanciest option, it’s a practical choice that ensures riders can adapt to various riding conditions.

Additionally, Fucare has integrated LED lighting into the design of the Taurus. While the inclusion of lighting is a positive aspect for safety, the placement of the rear tail light on the right side of the bike might be considered somewhat unconventional. It’s essential for riders to have well-placed and visible lighting, so this design choice may be a minor drawback for some.

Fucare Taurus Review: Design and Build Quality

So, the Fucare Taurus impresses with its design and build quality, catering to riders who crave off-road adventures. The large, 26-inch diameter fat tires, hydraulic disc brakes, front suspension, and seven-speed derailleur make it a formidable choice for those looking to tackle challenging terrains. Despite some minor design quirks like the rear tail light placement, the Taurus seems well-equipped to handle off-roading enthusiasts’ demands and provides a solid foundation for rugged e-biking experiences.

Fucare Taurus: Motor and Riding Test

The Fucare Taurus comes equipped with a commendably powerful 750-watt rear hub motor, boasting an impressive 1200 watts of peak power. This motor configuration ensures that the bike won’t easily get bogged down in loose terrain or struggle when climbing modest hills. The substantial power output also translates into impressive speed capabilities, although it may border on being too fast for some.

Fucare Taurus Review: Motor

In terms of speed, the Taurus can reach a top speed of 28 miles per hour (45 kilometers per hour) when using pedal assist. What sets it apart, however, is its ability to attain this speed on throttle alone. This feature technically places it in a class that surpasses the standard class 3 e-bike classification, which typically doesn’t permit throttles to achieve such high speeds. This is an important consideration, especially when riding on public roads in states that adhere to the three-class e-bike system, as it could impact the bike’s legal status.

Fucare Taurus Review: Driving Test

It’s worth noting that while you may not necessarily encounter legal issues unless you’re riding recklessly or endangering others, adhering to local e-bike regulations is important for both safety and legal compliance. Riders should exercise responsibility when using the throttle to reach higher speeds, especially when sharing the road with other vehicles.

Fucare Taurus Review: Driving Test

One aspect that raises some questions is the placement of the tail light on the right side of the bike, while it is recommended to have it on the left side for visibility by vehicles traveling in the same direction. This design choice could potentially be a minor inconvenience for riders primarily using the bike on public roads.

Fucare Taurus Review: Driving Test

Overall, the Fucare Taurus offers a powerful motor and impressive capabilities, making it an enticing option for off-road adventures. However, potential buyers should be aware of local e-bike regulations and consider the bike’s speed capabilities and throttle use in accordance with their intended use, especially if they plan to ride on public roads. Despite these considerations, the Taurus appears to be a promising choice for those seeking a high-performance e-bike.

Battery and Range

The battery of the Fucare Taurus is undeniably one of its standout features. It boasts an enormous 48-volt and 25-amp-hour capacity, resulting in an impressive 1200-watt-hour battery pack. This is, without a doubt, a massive battery in the world of electric bikes.

Fucare Taurus Review: battery

The manufacturer claims an equally impressive range for the Taurus, stating that it can cover anywhere from 60 to a staggering 140 miles on a single charge. However, it’s important to approach these range claims with some skepticism. While achieving a 60-mile range on this e-bike, especially with some pedal assistance, is within the realm of possibility, reaching the upper end of that range, let alone 140 miles, is highly unlikely under typical riding conditions.

In reality, obtaining the maximum claimed range would likely require Herculean levels of pedaling effort and energy conservation. More practical expectations might see riders achieving a range of around 40 to 50 miles on throttle-only operation if they stick to around 20 miles per hour and conserve power.

Fucare Taurus Review: Driving Test

Nevertheless, it’s worth acknowledging that a battery of this size does provide a significant advantage in terms of range compared to the more common 48-volt 14-amp-hour batteries found on many fat tire off-road e-bikes. While the claimed range might be overly optimistic, the larger battery capacity still ensures that riders can cover more ground between charges, making it a suitable choice for those looking for extended riding adventures without frequent recharging.


All in all, the Fucare Taurus presents an intriguing option for e-bike enthusiasts, offering some unique features and performance characteristics. The trellis-style frame sets it apart from conventional bike designs, adding a touch of uniqueness to its aesthetics. However, its initial of $2,499 may seem rather steep, especially considering the absence of a torque sensor, a feature commonly found in e-bikes in this price range.

Fucare Taurus Review

Fortunately, the Taurus is often available at a significantly reduced price of $1,599, which makes it a much more appealing option for potential buyers. This price point aligns better with the bike’s overall performance and capabilities, offering a fast and powerful e-bike at a reasonable cost.

While it may not be the most nimble e-bike due to its large tires, the Taurus handles off-road terrain admirably. Its substantial battery capacity and powerful motor provide riders with a commendable range and speed.

Fucare Taurus Review: Driving Test

In terms of aesthetics, the Taurus also garners positive remarks, with its eye-catching design and unique frame setting it apart from the usual e-bike offerings.

All in all, the Fucare Taurus is a solid choice for riders seeking a capable and powerful e-bike, especially at the discounted price of $1,599. Its quirks and unique features make it an intriguing option in the electric bike market, and it offers a good balance of performance, style, and value for riders looking to explore the world of e-biking.


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