Zapp i300: Unique Design or What Every Scooter Should Be!


The Zapp EV i300 bike features cutting-edge two-wheel EV technology on top of a creative design. It is a stylish city bike that combines the capabilities of a scooter and a superbike. It is promoted as a user-friendly electric bike that might appeal to a wider audience. According to Zapp, the i300’s design, technology, and choice of materials were all influenced by motorsports.

As the only electric step-through bike in the 300cc class, the Zapp i300 was introduced in 2018. It is one of the first products made by the firm, Zapp Electric Vehicles Ltd. The 2017 formation of the London, UK-based company served to highlight its objectives through the i300’s cutting-edge design. The Z-shaped exoskeleton structure that supports the bike has a step-through design similar to a scooter.

Zapp i300: Design and Appearance

The i300 can accelerate and ride like a motorbike thanks in large part to the design technology it uses. Zapp claimed that because it is a young company, it had to design the i300 from the ground up and that it is unlike any other model that is currently available. Without the batteries, it is around 92 kg heavier. 

The bike’s appearance is a result of its lightweight metal and composite bodywork. It provides the ideal balance of accessibility and performance. It has adjustable pushrod rear suspension, inverted front forks, and replaceable front fenders. It has 14″ cast-aluminum wheels and a 150kg load capacity.

Using regenerative braking, riders of two-wheelers equipped with the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) will be able to travel a few extra miles while simultaneously cutting down on air pollution and power consumption.

Because we were a brand-new firm, we had nothing to adhere to in terms of a design language, so we could create the ideal chassis and componentry for an electric scooter from scratch. We understand what creates a compelling ride that can be utilized daily because we are also motorcycle aficionados. This indicates that the Zapp i300 is uniquely created, according to the company, their product.

Zapp i300: Motor and Battery

A cutting-edge IPM electric motor with 14kW of power and 587Nm of torque powers the Zapp two-wheeler EV. It can go to 30 mph in 2.2 seconds and has a carbon fiber belt drive. The Zapp i300 can reach 60 mph in less than 5 seconds at its top speed. 

Two detachable 72V Lithium-ion batteries with a 720Wh capacity make up the bike’s typical battery arrangement. The charging time for the device is 40 minutes from 0% to 80%.

Although the anticipated range in Eco mode is only 37 miles (60 km), riders can refuel in between rides thanks to the portable battery pack and short charging time. If you choose to ride the Zapp i300 to work every day, for example, you may bring the laptop-sized battery with you to recharge it there while the e-bike is parked.

Zapp i300: Price and Availability

The Zapp i300 can be reserved right now. Keep in mind that it was published last year. Together with many color choices, there are other customisation options. The Zapp i300 lineup’s entry-level model costs about $7,400. For roughly $10,140, a limited-edition Launch Edition model is also offered. The Launch Edition Zapp EV i300 will only be produced in 1,000 pieces. Direct orders for the e-bike can be placed on the Zapp website, and it can be shipped anywhere in the world.

The Zapp Ev i300, which had its official premiere last year, has only lately become available for reservations. Those who are interested can chose from a variety of customization options, including six different colors for the front fender and three colors for the seat.

You may place an online order for the Zapp i300 through the business’ website, and Zapp guarantees to handle the shipping of the electric bike to any nation in the world.


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