Blix Ultra Review: This E-Bike Ride Will Shock You!


A few years ago, the majority of people could not buy e-bikes, but today there are few manufacturers who concentrate on affordable models. Unquestionably, Blix is one among them. But, the corporation aspires to more than just achieve a favorable price-performance ratio.


Also, it creates really unique models like Blix Ultra. Not only would a strong motor and long-lasting battery be used to persuade. In addition, it has unusually large tires and an advanced suspension system that should let you travel from point A to point B without incident on any surface. And you got all that for less than $2000? You may find out from our Blix Ultra test whether the strategy will succeed or if the off-road e-bike is more than just a showpiece.

Frame6061 Aluminum Alloy
MotorRear Hub, Geared, 750W
Battery672Wh (48V) 1st battery, front
672Wh (48V) 2nd battery, rear
Sensor12 Magnet Cadence Sensor, BB Mount
ShifterMICROSHIFT 8spd, Thumb Tap trigger shifter
Cassette8spd, 11-32T
Wheel & TireChaoyang Big Daddy 26"x4"
Stem50mm, +/- 30°, 31.8mm clamp
Recommended Rider Height5'6" - 6'2"

Blix Ultra: Design and Build Quality

The world of bicycles has now adopted online shopping. An increasing number of consumers are choosing to have their new two-wheeler delivered to their home, where they may subsequently assemble it. Good assembly instructions are not simply the responsibility of the manufacturer; they are the responsibility of everyone. It is also helpful if the bike has been largely completed so that you, the end user, only need to put it together and make minor adjustments.

The Blix Ultra is delivered by Blix in a sizable cardboard box. It’s difficult to remove the fatbike from its container. After that, you have to gently remove it from the little entrance to avoid damaging anything. This problem has been significantly improved by Urtopia’s Carbon One. Here, the cardboard box’s lid could be removed by simply cutting it in half. One already had use of the bike.

Thus, if at all feasible, work in pairs when assembling. Once the bike has been removed from the package, it must go through an involved assembly process. The front brake, front lamp, front mudguard, handlebars, display, rear reflector, and rear derailleur protection must also be fitted in addition to the front wheel.

In actuality, the e-bike lacks both components. As a result, it does not yet comply with German ex-works road traffic rules. On the other hand, it’s possible that one delivery component is sadly missing. With the Blix Ultra, it offers a unique throttle grip that almost transforms cycling into a motorcycling experience. In Germany, e-bikes are not permitted to be used for this. All screws should be tightened once more after the bike has been fully assembled. You are then prepared to leave.

Let’s first look at the appearance of the bike before getting on it. You ought to be a huge eye-catcher on the road if you’re on the Blix Ultra. This is because of the design, which is most appropriately characterized by the adjective “huge”. Not just the Chaoyang Big Daddy 26 inch wide and 4 inch thick tires, whose spokes are further reinforced, are fat in this case.

Also, the gorgeous aluminum frame is impressive, adding a touch of lightness to the otherwise quite obnoxious appearance of the fatbike with its curved top tube. Blix leverages the extra room and quickly stows the battery inside the frame because it is already suitably large. I appreciate that a lot because it makes it harder to identify right away if it’s an e-bike. Not good, I discovered the frame size once more. Here, the Blix Ultra faces the same issue as e-bikes with Chinese roots.

This one is the smallest of the bunch. Also, individuals taller than 1.85 m are no longer able to make up for this situation by driving the seatpost far out. Blix relies on a relatively sporty design when in the saddle. What appears stylish, I personally found to be uncomfortable. It doesn’t factor into the weight very much while traveling short distances. But, for lengthy travels, you might want to consider a more comfortable, padded model.

Overall, the build quality has pleasantly pleased me. Naturally, Blix Ultra is primarily made of rather cheap parts. Yet, these have all been added together to create a stylish and well-made bike. I just noticed a few little things. For instance, it’s simple to remove the paint from the screws.

This might eventually cause corrosion. Also, our test model’s display’s protective coating was only partially fixed. Dust inclusions were therefore visible. Blix most likely did not consider dust freedom during installation.

As was already established, the Blix Ultra virtually ever makes use of expensive parts from reputable suppliers. However, it need not be an issue. After all, quality can come from relatively unheard-of businesses. First, let’s talk about the handlebar. This succeeds because of its roomy design, which greatly enhances the driving experience.

Moreover, I want to emphasize how great the grips are. They get points for having superior ergonomics. The fat bike has handles made of rubber for ease of use. Blix also uses handles made of plastic as an alternative. Installation of them fails in this nation due to the gas ring that was already discussed.

There is a display right on the handlebar. The most crucial details regarding the fat bike’s present situation are shown here. It provides a view of the gear level, distance traveled, and battery life remaining in addition to a speed indication. However, the latter is only represented by a battery icon with five bars.

I think a number providing a more thorough breakdown of the battery level would have been preferable. The three crucial buttons needed to operate the Blix Ultra are similarly located on the left side of the handlebars. Not only can the speed level be changed here. Also, the useful push aid can be initiated, and the lighting can be turned on.

Shimano, maybe the most well-known representative of the favor, then provides the shifting. It performs well and has seven gears. There are no gears because the engine is powerful enough.

Dual mechanical brake discs, which are the basis of the braking system, performed admirably in actual use. Therefore I always stopped promptly and consistently. When it got a little bumpier, I could feel the soft suspension fork.

This simply allows for individual preference adjustment while consistently dampening tough terrain. It might also be decided by those who want to fully avoid it.

Blix Ultra: Motor and Battery

A brushless Max Instant Power motor with 750 W and 90 Nm of torque is supposed to supply the energy. Blix provides a lot of power here considering the price. Also, you can sense that when driving. Despite weighing 32 kilograms, the Blix Ultra has excellent acceleration. The pedal sensor’s performance is a little underwhelming.

This kicks off pretty dependably and activates the pedal assistance right away. But, even when you are just rolling and not pedaling, the automatic throttle may occasionally engage. A torque sensor, albeit more expensive, would undoubtedly be a better option. Other than that, the motor makes a great impact.

You can tell what the e-fatbike is powered by, especially on the highest of the five overall support levels. It’s almost sad at times that it stops at 20 mph. After all, given the performance, more would undoubtedly be feasible. Blix adheres to the rules and regulations in this regard, which is admirable.

So how does the interaction between the various parts appear right now? First off, it should be mentioned that cruising on the Blix Ultra can be leisurely. This is due to the rest of the design as well, not just the engine’s support.

You can ride effortlessly and with the ideal amount of control, even on tough terrain, thanks to the broad handlebars and big tires. Yet, as with any fatbike, you must immediately make sure that the Blix Ultra’s tires are always fully inflated. Otherwise, the two-maneuverability wheeler’s diminishes greatly.

Of course, having fat tires already helps you when you’re driving around town. After all, curbs quickly become annoying. One is actually glad about it because these are no longer a significant hindrance and have been completely absorbed by the tires.

The Blix Ultra should always keep you driving in the city with that extra measure of safety, even in bad weather. Last but not least, the big tires also offer a grip that is not to be scoffed at, so even rain, slush, and snow shouldn’t be a problem.

Nonetheless, it is obvious right away that the Blix Ultra is outfitted for quite different tasks here. For instance, when biking over unforgiving terrain. Again, roots, stones, and incline provide no difficulties. Yet, you notice some noticeable changes to a traditional mountain bike in terms of mobility.

So, you shouldn’t pick a winding trail here. Blix’s decision to affix mudguards to his fatbike ex works pays off at the very least on the first ride in inclement weather. The Urtopia Carbon One demonstrates that even with e-bikes that are substantially more expensive, this is not a given.

Now let’s talk about battery life. The Blix Ultra comes with a 1344 Wh battery from Blix. This is likewise put into the frame, just like the Urtopia, and locked with the help of the provided key.

On the other hand, you may take something outside and charge it inside. A full charging cycle lasts slightly under 6:30 hours. This is quite admirable given the e-substantial fatbike’s weight! According to Blix, a range of up to 80 miles per charge is feasible.

Blix Ultra: Conclusions

The company stays true to its motto of “a lot of performance at a low price” with the Blix Ultra. Not only are strong tires and a sleek look available here. With a few minor exceptions, the build quality is likewise good. The thick tires are useful as well as cool to look at. As you can easily navigate tough terrain with them, traveling through the city is also a comfortable experience. This is further guaranteed by the power engine, whose five-stage assistance efficiently maneuvers the big truck.

A frame size that enables fatbike use by larger drivers would also make us happy. Assembly would also be a little bit simpler with improved assembly instructions and an updated cardboard box that can be opened. But, this is unquestionably high-level whining, and you should always keep in mind the affordable pricing.


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