Addmotor M-340 Review: Fat Tires and Big Electric Trike 2023!


Welcome back to Evehicle Trip, my fellow e-bike pals, and good to see you again. The Addmotor M-340 fat tire electric tricycle is the subject of our review today, and I’ll be honest and simply say that we had a great time filming it.

There are few trikes that can compete with the Addmotor M-340 in terms of functionality. This fat tire vehicle includes a large rear rack, a front basket, and a tremendous 450-pound payload capacity. Additionally, it has the range and pulling force to make a difference. In all honesty, if we had more time with the Addmotor M-340, we would undoubtedly pack a picnic and head to the closest lake.


The Addmotor M-340 has a $2999 starting price and only comes in black. Given that it is an electric tricycle, the price is not at all surprising. There is really no way to avoid the fact that these goods cost more. It’s comforting to know that Addmotor provides financing. Additionally, they offer free shipping inside the contiguous United States and a 1-year warranty. Good work, Addmotor. Let’s now get into the specifications.

Frame:6061 Aluminium Alloy
Front tire:24″x4″
Rear tires:20″x4″
Max rider weight:350 lb (158 kg)
Rear rack max load:100 lb (45 kg)
Brakes:Mechanical disc brakes on 180 mm rotors (three total)
Motor:750W front-geared hub motor
Top speed:20 mph (32 km/h)
Range:Up to 85 miles (137 km)
Battery:48V 20Ah (960 Wh)

Addmotor M-340: Design and Build Quality

Look, the Addmotor M-340 is the epitome of dualism, just like all trikes. This three-wheeler is as stable at low speeds as an aircraft carrier. The Addmotor M-340, on the other hand, can make some very precise moves unlike an aircraft carrier. Its turning radius resembles that of a top. It makes navigating busy areas really simple.

Nevertheless, if you take a few bends while traveling at a speed above 12 mph, you’ll immediately notice that this three-wheeler has a propensity to transform into a two-wheeler. I’m trying to say that it’s tippy. Again, if you’ve ever ridden a trike, you know exactly what I’m talking about when I say that this is completely usual for trikes, but it’s worth emphasizing for those who aren’t familiar.

The Addmotor M-340 also has three enormous, air-filled, 4-inch tires with front suspension. This provides enough suspension for some light trail use and makes for a smooth ride on pavement. Again, trikes are tippy, so if you can, stay on graded trails.

The Addmotor M-340 has mechanical disc brakes with 180 mm rotors in the front and both rear wheels, giving it three disc brakes overall rather than the typical two. The stopping power is a little lacking in this instance even with the additional disc brake, and I believe hydraulic disc brakes would have been a better option. Fortunately, these brakes do feature built-in motor inhibitors that immediately shut off power to the motor if the brake levers are depressed. We’re glad to see Addmotor utilizing this crucial safety measure in this situation because it’s so crucial.

You’ll love the Shimano 7-speed derailleur when the Addmotor M-340 is fully loaded. There isn’t really a hill the Addmotor M-340 can’t climb while in the lowest gear and the highest pedal assist mode. The derailleur is situated below the frame and hangs fairly low to the ground, similar to most tires. For trail riding, keep this in mind since this derailleur can be more susceptible to collisions.

We have integrated headlights and taillights on the electrical side of things, which improves vision in low light. Added great safety measures.

The monitor, the independent button pad, and the throttle – which, I’m delighted to inform, is live from 0 mph – are all mounted on the adjustable, swept-back handlers.

The M-340 comes with a one-year comprehensive guarantee and is available in three distinct colors: Pearl White, Starry Blue, and Neptune Blue, which is the color of this bike right now. Let’s move on to the specs now that we’ve discussed what is known about pricing.

The M-340’s suspension consists of an AddMotoR-branded fork with about 80 mm of travel, and it does a wonderful job of reducing jolts like those caused by spacing out and missing that section of sidewalk that is 3″ higher than it should be. That hasn’t ever happened to me, yeah. There is neither a rear suspension nor a seat post suspension, but with the enormous air volume of the three enormous 4″ fat tires, I don’t think you really need them.

Addmotor M-340: Motor and Battery

The front-wheel hub motor from Bafang has a 750 watt nominal power output. Moreover, it has 80 Newton meters of torque that can melt tires. And look, there will undoubtedly be some wheel slide occasionally because this motor is located in the front wheel, especially while traveling uphill on uneven terrain. During testing, we were aware of it, but it wasn’t really noticeable.

With the help of the throttle or cadence sensing pedal, this monster motor will enable the Addmotor M-340 to reach a top speed of at least 20 mph; however, at those speeds, the slightest bend will cause this three-wheeler to become a two-wheeler.

You have two options for accelerating: the cadence-sensing pedal assist or the half-grip twist throttle on the right side of the handlebars. The throttle on the M-340 is live from 0 mph and the brake levers are outfitted with motor inhibitors, so you can kind of hack the latency by using those two features. Like all cadence sensors, this one has some lag with motor activation and deactivation.

Battery size matters when it comes to large, heavy trikes, and Addmotor didn’t cut corners. The 48 volt, 20 amp-hour battery in the Addmotor M-340 has a maximum range of 85 miles when the pedal assist is at its lowest setting. Here’s the thing: just like with cars, estimations for the maximum range of an e-bike, or I suppose an e-trike, are greatly influenced by at least a few distinct factors, such as the weight of the rider, the amount of gear put on the enormous back rack, steep slopes, and all that good stuff. Cutting the predicted maximum range in half is a solid general rule of thumb for estimating maximum range in the actual world.

By the way, this battery is a silverfish style, which means it is hidden below the seat post and must be entirely removed in order to be removed. It doesn’t really matter or anything, but it does lengthen the procedure by a few more steps. Besides its enormous capacity, this battery’s advantage is its position. Silverfish-style batteries can make the riding back-heavy on e-bikes with hub motors in the rear wheels. As the hub motor for the Addmotor M-340 is located in the front wheel, it really perfectly balances the vehicle.

In relation to the seat, it is cozy. The backrest is a fantastic addition and has a reasonable amount of give.

Addmotor M-340: Conclusions

The Addmotor M-340 is an all-around really smooth ride that works best on flat terrain at modest speeds. The M-340 has the storage space to hold a cooler or just lots and tons of gear, the power to haul it, and the range to make it worthwhile.

Although the AddMotor M-340 has significant drawbacks, its benefits must not be overlooked. Considering how much power and range it has, it feels overbuilt, which, depending on your needs, may be a pro or a drawback.

I like that it comes with a zippered bag for the rear basket to prevent your belongings from flying out in addition to having large front and rear baskets. Although I’m sure it’s not rated for a downpour, it would keep things dry in a drizzle as well.

In conclusion, the M-340 is a cozy tricycle that has nearly everything you could possibly need for a great day at the beach, a trip to the store, or just a pleasant, leisurely ride. Whatever. You understand. Like all trikes, this one is exceptionally stable at lower speeds and has an incredibly friendly step-through frame. The forthcoming early bird discount, which will take a sizable chunk off the list price, is perhaps the trike’s best selling point right now.


Alternatives of Addmotor M-340


  1. Are there any of your trikes that put the rider lower, instead of being so high? They look like they are top heavy and unstable.
    Us senior riders need to feel more comfortable & safe while riding.


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