RoadRunner Pro: What To Expect from Dual 2000W E-Scooter?


E-scooters appear to be headed in the direction of becoming rockets on wheels. They are rapidly developing into the market’s fastest personal electric automobiles. And this is made feasible by the most recent advancements in lithium high-discharge batteries and electric speed controllers.

The dual-motor sit-down scooter called the Emove RoadRunner by Voro Motors made us smile when we first saw it since it resembled a toy motorcycle but was almost as quick as a real one. The US manufacturer has already launched an improved model, simply known as the Emove RoadRunner Pro, which resembles an electric motorcycle even more.

RoadRunner Pro: Design and Appearance

When designing the updated e-scoot, more considerations than just speed and performance were given. Also, the manufacturer constructed it with the comfort of the riders in mind. As a result, the RoadRunner Pro also boasts complete suspension; a significant improvement over the previous model, in addition to the twin-crown hydraulic fork up front, it now has motorcycle-grade dual coilover shocks in the back. Additionally, it is equipped with a bigger stretch saddle that is encased in wear- and heat-resistant material to assure the rider’s comfort and wobble-free rides.

Fortunately, the Pro e-scooter has a pair of dual-piston hydraulic disc brakes that provide it with sufficient stopping strength when you need to slow down from that high speed.

The two-wheeler is mounted on brand-new, specially manufactured 14-inch split-rim wheels with 2.75-inch tubeless pneumatic tires that are more equivalent to those seen on cars.

The manufacturer decided against using folding handlebars for this model in favor of a fixed 31-in (78.7-cm) handlebar since riders will need more rigidity at high speeds. The handlebars are equipped with a 3.5-inch TFT color display that provides important information including battery life, speed, motor temperature, mode, and time.

The seated scooter weighs 114 lb (51 kg) and can support a weight of up to 330 lb (150 kg).

The saddle was also significantly improved. Now bigger and more comfortable, it is covered in a wear- and heat-resistant material and measures 20″ long by 7.9″ wide and 3.5″ thick (510 x 210 x 90 mm). The intention was for it to survive longer and to retain less heat when parked in the sun.

RoadRunner Pro: Motor and Battery

The new Pro version, which was created based on feedback from users, has a long list of improvements, beginning with a considerable increase in motor power that enables the e-scooter to reach speeds of more than 50 mph (80 kph). That’s taken care of by two 2,000W hub motors with five speed options hidden inside the unique 14-inch wheels.

What speed does that range refer to? It’s unclear, but given that that equals 36 Wh per mile (22 Wh per kilometer), I’d assume that the range is estimated at an average speed of roughly 25–28 mph (40–45 km/h).

For the sake of reference, the original 2021 RoadRunner had a 350-W hub motor in front and a 500-W hub motor in back, giving it a combined top speed of 34 mph (55 kph).

The next improvement on the list is a larger battery. The replaceable 60V/30Ah Li-ion battery pack that powers the RoadRunner Pro has a range of up to 50 miles (80 km) per charge. With an extra battery, you can quadruple that range if you want to go on longer trips, but be aware that it weights 21 lb (9.5 kg).

While the battery and battery management system (BMS) are rated for 120A of discharge current, which is more than adequate for the dual motors’ 45A speed controllers, the electrical system also gains from a number of improvements to support the additional power.

This is really fantastic. Almost all of the improvements are great, with the possible exception that the collapsible handlebars were removed. For people who parked their original RoadRunner against a wall, behind a couch, or in another confined space, that was a cool addition. But I suppose you want the rigidity of fixed handlebars while you’re traveling at 50 mph.

If you intend to use this on public highways, I would advise you to verify your local laws as the problem of legality may undoubtedly arise in some locations. But I don’t think the vehicle’s street legality will matter as much if you’re racing for pink slips at your local drag strip.

RoadRunner Pro: Price and Availability

The Voro Motors website now accepts pre-orders for the $2,895 Emove RoadRunner Pro. In late March, deliveries are anticipated to start. The business claims that by creating the e-scooter on their own, they were able to keep costs low.


  1. Do u have a 220 volt charger for this ROADRUNNER PRO? As im planning to take it to the philippines and do long range riding with this! Make a utube to show what this PRO RUNNER….IS ABOUT!!


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