VTUVIA Reindeer Review: Decent Off Road E-Bike!


This is the VTUVIA Reindeer, and I express their excitement to test the bike and provide an in-depth review. They introduce themselves as Electrified Reviews and mention that they have tested several VTUVIA e-bikes in the past few months, finding the Reindeer to be on par with the other models they have tested.

I acknowledge that VTUVIA has a significant number of dealers in the US, making it convenient for potential buyers to access the bike. However, they also mention that for those who don’t live near a dealer, the assembly process was fairly straightforward. They received all the necessary components and instructions required to set up the Reindeer, and it didn’t take them a significant amount of time to get the bike up and running.

The VTUVIA Reindeer is listed with a discounted price of $1,799.00, which represents a 5% discount off the original list price of $1,899.00. This discounted price makes the Reindeer a more affordable option for potential buyers.

It seems like I am eager to move on to the actual review of the Reindeer, indicating that they will provide more details and insights into the bike’s performance and features.

Bike Frame6061 Aluminum Frame
Motor:48V 750W rear brushless
Derailleur:Shimano 7 Speeds Rear Derailleur
Top speed:Up to 20 miles per hour
Pedal Assist:0-5 levels
Fat Tires:26x4.0-inch CHAOYANG Anti-puncture Reflective
Front Fork:EXSHO Suspension Front Fork
Brake Type:LOGAN Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Light:LED Front Light
Battery:48V 15Ah LG removable lithium battery
Ranges:55 miles
Charging Time:6-8 hours
Max Load:400 lbs
Bike Weight:72 lbs
Recommended Height:5'8"-6'5"

Design and Build Quality 

The VTUVIA Reindeer is a versatile electric bike known for its design and build quality. While I cannot speak to the specific quality of the bike, I can provide information based on your description.

VTUVIA Reindeer Review: build quality and design

Upon receiving the VTUVIA Reindeer, my initial impression was that it was a bike designed to be assembled quickly and ridden without delay. It was described as a “no-frills” fat tire e-bike that efficiently gets the job done. While this may not sound particularly exciting, it emphasizes the bike’s practicality and functionality.

In terms of design, the Reindeer features a sturdy frame that can handle off-road terrain with ease. The bike is equipped with fat tires, which are ideal for both off-road adventures and smooth pavement rides. These tires allow you to effortlessly cruise over cracks and bumps, providing a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience.

VTUVIA Reindeer Review: lights front on bike

The absence of racks and fenders may be a drawback, especially if you intend to use the Reindeer for commuting purposes. Racks are convenient for carrying items, such as bags or groceries, while fenders help protect you from splashes and dirt when riding on wet or muddy surfaces. However, if you were to add these accessories to the bike, it could transform the Reindeer into a decent all-purpose e-bike suitable for various activities.

In terms of comfort, the Reindeer relies on its fat 26-inch by 4-inch tires and front suspension. These features contribute to a comfortable ride, especially when traversing uneven terrain. The frame of the bike has a low 20-inch standover height, making it easily accessible for individuals who may have physical limitations or injuries that require a step-through design.

VTUVIA Reindeer Review: fat tires 26-inch by 4-inch tires

VTUVIA claims that the rider’s height range for the Reindeer can be between five foot eight and six foot five, but I suggest that even someone who is five foot seven may find a good fit. Additionally, although their unit did not have an adjustable stem, I mentioned that it is a simple upgrade that would allow taller individuals to customize their riding position and feel more comfortable.

In terms of safety, the Reindeer excels in certain areas but may have room for improvement in others. The brakes are described as “Rock Solid,” featuring Logan hydraulic brakes with 180 millimeter rotors. Hydraulic brakes are known for their reliability and effective stopping power, making them a valuable asset for any e-bike, especially when riding at higher speeds or on challenging terrain.

VTUVIA Reindeer Review: brakes system

While the description hints at the Reindeer’s positive safety aspects, it does not provide comprehensive information about other safety features, such as lighting systems, reflectors, or suspension systems. These are essential components to consider when evaluating the overall safety of an electric bike.

One important safety feature is the presence of double locking grips. Double locking grips provide a secure hold on the handlebars, minimizing the chances of your hands slipping during rides. This feature adds stability and control, which is essential for safe maneuvering.

VTUVIA Reindeer Review: lights front on

The Reindeer also incorporates sidewall reflective strips on the tires. These reflective strips enhance visibility during nighttime rides or in low-light environments. By reflecting light from other sources, such as vehicle headlights, the strips make you more visible to others on the road, reducing the risk of accidents.

Furthermore, the Reindeer comes equipped with an integrated front light. This front light illuminates the path ahead, making it easier to navigate in the early morning hours or during dark conditions. Having a front light enhances safety by providing better visibility of potential obstacles or hazards on the road.

Performance and Driving

The VTUVIA Reindeer boasts an impressive power output with its 750-watt motor, which is capable of reaching peak performance at 1100 watts. The manufacturer claims that the motor delivers 80 newton meters of torque, providing a strong and responsive acceleration.

VTUVIA Reindeer Review: motor and power

However, according to your experience, the Reindeer seems to offer even more power than stated. This sensation could be due to various factors, such as the bike’s design, gearing, or the overall riding experience. The combination of the motor’s wattage and torque output contributes to the Reindeer’s ability to provide an exhilarating and sporty ride.

It is worth noting that while the Reindeer offers a touch of sportiness, it still aims to be an approachable e-bike. This means that it caters to a wide range of riders, from those seeking a leisurely cruise to those desiring a more spirited ride. The balance between approachability and sportiness is a key aspect of the Reindeer’s design.

VTUVIA Reindeer Review: driving front view

With a top speed of 20 miles per hour, the VTUVIA Reindeer offers a decent level of speed for an e-bike, like Haoqi Eagle. To ensure safe and effective braking, hydraulic brakes are considered essential, especially at higher speeds. It’s common for riders to notice the absence of hydraulic brakes on similar e-bikes, and their inclusion on the Reindeer is appreciated.

One notable feature of the Reindeer is that regardless of the selected pedal assist level, even in pedal assist level 0, you have full access to the motor’s power by using the throttle. The throttle function allows you to reach a maximum speed of around 25 miles per hour. However, to achieve an additional boost of 3 miles per hour, you would need to switch to pedal assist level 5 and utilize the pedal-assist feature.

VTUVIA Reindeer Review: size and weight

By offering both throttle and pedal-assist options, the Reindeer caters to different riding scenarios and individual preferences. While the throttle provides immediate power, the pedal-assist mode allows for a more dynamic and engaging riding experience, providing that extra speed boost when needed.

When it came to braking, the hydraulic brakes on the Reindeer performed admirably. I mentioned the importance of having hydraulic brakes on a bike that can reach speeds of over 20 miles per hour, and they were glad to see them included. A brake test was conducted, demonstrating smooth and controlled braking within a distance of about 12 feet.

VTUVIA Reindeer Review: driving

The bike’s grips were highlighted, featuring a double locking mechanism for added security and stability. Initially, the choice of ergonomic faux leather grips seemed odd considering the bike’s off-road appearance. However, after riding with them, I found them to be a comfortable choice, particularly complementing the bike’s approachable step-through frame design.

During the ride, the bike’s stability was noted, attributed to its geometry and the slacker head tube angle. The Reindeer handled well, especially when faced with descents or bumps, thanks to its fat tires with an aggressive tread pattern.

VTUVIA Reindeer Review: Decent Off Road E-Bike!

During the ride test, I decided to conduct a hands-free test, which involved riding the bike without holding onto the handlebars. They described the experience as beautiful and easy, even at slow speeds. The bike provided a comfortable and stable ride, allowing the rider to confidently navigate without using their hands.

Next, I  stopped to perform a few additional tests at the starting line. They decided to turn off the pedal assist level and check if the throttle still functioned. They discovered that even with the pedal assist level set to zero, the throttle still worked. This was seen as a safety feature, ensuring that the throttle could only be activated when the pedal assist level was one or above. It was noted that individuals unfamiliar with e-bikes and thumb throttles should be aware that the throttle can still operate at pedal assist level zero.

To demonstrate the bike’s capabilities, I quickly shifted up to gear seven, representing a higher gear for increased speed. They compared the bike to a reindeer, flying around and delivering presents while aiming to stay on the nice list. Then conducted a brake test at a stop sign and expressed the importance of putting the bike’s braking capabilities to the test during a review. They found the braking performance to be excellent.

In terms of handling, the slacker head tube angle of the bike was noticeable, especially when compared to other bikes I had recently ridden. This angle contributed to improved handling, particularly when encountering descents, bumps, or various obstacles in everyday riding scenarios. The fat tires with an aggressive tread pattern further enhanced the bike’s ability to handle different terrains.

Battery and Range

The VTUVIA Reindeer is equipped with a battery that has a capacity of approximately 720 Watt-hours. This battery capacity translates to an estimated range of around 30 miles on the lower end and up to 50 miles on the higher end, depending on various factors such as terrain, rider weight, riding style, and the use of throttle or pedal assist.

VTUVIA Reindeer Review: frame and battery

I mentioned that based on their own riding experience, they would expect to achieve approximately 30 miles of range when frequently using the throttle. They specifically mentioned their weight as 220 pounds, which can affect the overall range of the bike.

One noteworthy aspect highlighted by me was the ease of removing the battery. Although this might not typically be a significant point of discussion, I noted that some e-bikes with under-the-downtube batteries can lack sufficient clearance, making it challenging to remove the battery when needed. However, the VTUVIA excelled in this aspect, providing ample space to easily insert and remove the battery as required.

VTUVIA Reindeer Review: driving and ride

In terms of battery range and accessibility, the VTUVIA Reindeer seems to offer a decent range that can comfortably cover short to medium-distance rides. The bike’s battery capacity and ease of removal contribute to the overall convenience and practicality of the e-bike, allowing riders to confidently plan their journeys without concerns about running out of power.


Overall, I had a positive experience with the VTUVIA Reindeer and enjoyed riding it. They suggest that anyone who hops on the bike for the first time would likely have a similar enjoyable experience. While the Reindeer offers some nice little additions such as the double locking grips and sidewall reflective stripes, it doesn’t feel like a complete package due to the absence of a rack and fenders.

VTUVIA Reindeer Review: design and slogan

I mentioned that it seems like anyone who purchases the Reindeer will receive the rack and fenders for free, but they cannot provide feedback on those specific features since their unit did not include them. However, they note that if one were to acquire the Fenderson rack, there wouldn’t be much to complain about.

VTUVIA Reindeer Review: design and appearance

In summary, I liked the Reindeer for what it was, had a great time riding it, and believes that others would likely share a similar positive experience. They acknowledge the bike’s nice additions but feel that it lacks some essential components. Nevertheless, with the inclusion of the rack and fenders, the Reindeer would become a more complete package. I encourage others who own the Reindeer to share their own experiences with the bike.

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