HAOQI Eagle Review: That’s Why I Love Big E-Bikes!


Today, we have the pleasure of exploring the HAOQI Eagle, a remarkable addition to the world of fat tire e-bikes. The Eagle, a hardtail competitor with all the features, offers a compelling option for riders thanks to a long list of benefits.

One of the standout features of the Eagle is its powerful 750W rear-hub motor, which offers ample power and speed. With a top speed of 20 miles per hour, riders can enjoy swift and efficient commuting or thrilling recreational rides.

Additionally, the Eagle stands out with its comprehensive set of features. From the suspension fork that provides around 80mm of travel to the Shimano Tourney 7-speed drivetrain and Gemma Hydraulic Brakes with 180mm rotors, every aspect of this e-bike has been carefully designed for performance and reliability.

The HAOQI Eagle is currently available at an attractive discounted price, allowing riders to save $1,699 off the regular price of $1,899. This significant price reduction presents an excellent opportunity for those seeking a high-quality and feature-rich fat tire e-bike at a more affordable cost.

Some minor complaints have been noted, but it’s worth mentioning that these do not overshadow the overall excellence of the bike. Every rider’s preferences and needs differ, and what may be a minor concern for some could be insignificant for others.

While there are a few minor complaints, we’ll delve into those details in the review below, giving you a comprehensive overview of this exciting e-bike.

Bike Frame6061 Aluminum Frame
Motor48V 750W rear-drive motor
Rear CassetteSHIMANO 7 Speed 14-28T
Pedal Assist Intelligent12 magnets PAS Intelligent pedal assist
DisplayLCD Display
TiresINNOVA 26" x 4"
CrankAlloy chainring 46T+170mm aluminum alloy arms
KickstandSide mount alloy 16" kickstand
HeadlightHigh Lumen LED Lights
Battery48V 20AH Samsung / LG 21700 cell Battery
Charging Time9-10 hours
Product Weight79.4lbs
Recommended Rider Heights5.5” ~ 6.8”
Total Payload Capacity400lbs

Design and Build Quality

The HAOQI Eagle is a remarkable electric bicycle known for its exceptional build quality, attractive design, and impressive features. This e-bike is specifically designed as a step-through model, allowing for easy mounting and dismounting, making it suitable for riders of all ages and physical abilities.

One of the standout features of the Eagle is its suspension fork, which offers approximately 80mm of travel. This ensures a smooth and comfortable ride, absorbing the impact of uneven surfaces and bumps along the way. Whether you’re cruising on city streets or exploring off-road trails, the suspension fork enhances the overall riding experience.

The bike is equipped with large 26″ x 4″ tires, providing excellent traction and stability. These wide tires offer a plush ride and the ability to tackle various terrains with ease. Whether you’re traversing sandy beaches, snowy paths, or rugged trails, the HAOQI Eagle’s tires ensure a pleasant and controlled driving experience.

In terms of the drivetrain, the Eagle boasts a 7-speed Shimano Tourney system. This allows riders to choose from a range of gears, making it easier to navigate hilly terrains or maintain a comfortable speed on flat surfaces. The Shimano Tourney components are known for their reliability and smooth shifting, ensuring an efficient and enjoyable ride.

To provide reliable and responsive braking power, the HAOQI is equipped with Gemma Hydraulic Brakes. These brakes feature 180mm rotors, offering excellent stopping performance even in challenging conditions. The hydraulic system ensures precise modulation and consistent braking power, instilling confidence and safety in your riding experience.

The larger ergonomic design of the saddle allows for better weight distribution, alleviating strain on sensitive areas. By providing a wider seating area, the saddle promotes a more natural and relaxed riding position, reducing fatigue and discomfort. This design is especially beneficial for riders who spend extended periods on their e-bikes or those seeking a plush and supportive experience.

Moreover, the aluminum construction of the crank guards ensures durability and longevity. Aluminum is known for its lightweight yet robust properties, making it an ideal material choice for components that need to withstand tough conditions. With these crank guards in place, you can trust that they will hold up well over time, providing reliable protection and performance.

Installing the rear rack on the Eagle is a simple and hassle-free process. The bike is designed with dedicated mounting points and pre-drilled holes that align perfectly with the rear rack. This ensures a secure and stable attachment, giving you the confidence to carry your belongings without worry.

While it’s true that the Eagle has a substantial weight of 79.4 lbs, it is important to consider the other factors that contribute to its overall performance. Despite its weight, the e-bike offers an impressive total payload capacity of 400 lbs, allowing it to accommodate riders of varying sizes and carry additional loads with ease.

Furthermore, the recommended rider heights for the HAOQI Eagle range from 5.5″ to 6.8″. This suggests that the e-bike is designed to accommodate a wide range of rider heights, ensuring a comfortable fit for individuals within this height range. The step-through design of the bike also contributes to its accessibility, making it easier for riders of different heights to mount and dismount with ease.

In addition to its impressive technical specifications, the HAOQI Eagle also features a visually appealing design. With its sleek lines and attention to detail, this e-bike exudes a sense of style and modernity. The step-through frame design not only enhances accessibility but also contributes to its overall aesthetic appeal.

Motor and Driving

The HAOQI Eagle is powered by a robust 750W rear-hub motor, offering ample power and performance for an exhilarating ride. Also, the Eagle can reach a top speed of 20 miles per hour. This allows riders to cover distances quickly and efficiently, making it an excellent choice for daily commuting or recreational rides. The e-bike’s ability to reach this speed ensures a thrilling and enjoyable experience while still maintaining a safe and controlled ride.

The 12 magnets PAS (Pedal Assist System) is a smart feature of the HAOQI Eagle that enhances the riding experience. The intelligent pedal assist system uses the magnetic sensors to detect the rider’s pedaling motion and provides assistance accordingly. The 12 magnets offer precise and smooth pedal assistance, adapting to the rider’s effort and terrain conditions. 

The HAOQI Eagle is equipped with a SHIMANO 7-speed 14-28T drivetrain. This allows riders to choose from a range of gears to find the most comfortable and efficient setting for their riding style and terrain. The SHIMANO drivetrain is renowned for its precision and reliability, ensuring smooth and seamless gear changes for an enhanced riding experience.

To provide additional control and convenience, the HAOQI Eagle features a half-twist throttle. With this throttle, riders can engage the motor’s power without the need for continuous pedaling, making it ideal for situations where a quick burst of speed or assistance is desired. 

The HAOQI Eagle truly stands out among other electric bikes with its exceptional handling and performance, making it a joy to ride even on rough or uneven roads. The bike’s ability to navigate challenging terrain with ease is a testament to its sturdy construction and thoughtful design.

One of the standout features of the Eagle is its powerful motor. With its 750W rear-hub motor, the bike delivers ample power and torque, ensuring a smooth and effortless ride even when tackling long climbs. The motor provides sufficient assistance to conquer steep inclines without straining the rider, making it a reliable companion for both urban commuting and outdoor adventures.

Whether you’re cruising along city streets, exploring scenic trails, or conquering challenging hills, the Eagle’s handling, power, and overall performance make it a standout choice. Its ability to handle rough roads with ease, combined with the impressive motor power, sets it apart from the competition and ensures that each ride is met with satisfaction and excitement.

The HAOQI Eagle has proven to be a reliable and high-performing electric bike that consistently delivers positive experiences to riders. It is a testament to the careful craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into its design, resulting in a bike that offers exceptional handling, powerful performance, and an overall enjoyable ride.

LCD Display

The HAOQI Eagle features a user-friendly LCD display that provides essential information and convenient control options. The backlit display ensures visibility in various lighting conditions, allowing you to easily access real-time data and make informed decisions while riding.

One of the key features displayed on the LCD is the battery capacity indicator. This indicator provides you with a clear understanding of the remaining electrical energy in your battery, allowing you to plan your rides accordingly. 

Also, the LCD display also includes an odometer, which measures the distance you have traveled in miles. Whether you’re keeping track of your daily commute or documenting your adventures, the odometer provides a useful tool for measuring your riding achievements.

Additionally, the LCD display features a speedometer that shows your current speed, as well as the option to view your maximum or average speed. The speedometer keeps you informed about your velocity, ensuring a safe and controlled riding experience.

The pedal assist level is another important feature displayed on the LCD. By selecting the appropriate level, you can tailor the amount of assistance you receive from the motor, conserving energy or enjoying a boost depending on your needs.

The LCD display on the HAOQI Eagle provides a wealth of information and control options to enhance your riding experience. Enjoy the convenience and functionality of the LCD display, making your rides more enjoyable and empowering you to make informed decisions on the go.


When riding the HAOQI Eagle during evening or nighttime, safety is a top priority. Fortunately, this e-bike is equipped with reliable front and rear lights that ensure visibility and enhance your safety on the road.

The front lights on the Eagle are designed to provide a clear view of the road ahead. With their good brightness, they illuminate a significant distance in front of you, allowing you to see any potential obstacles or hazards well in advance. 

Similarly, the rear lights on the Eagle play a crucial role in enhancing your visibility to other road users. These lights are bright and easily noticeable, ensuring that you are visible to vehicles and pedestrians approaching from behind. By being visible from afar, you significantly reduce the risk of accidents and improve overall safety during nighttime rides.

During your tests, you experienced no visibility problems thanks to the Eagle’s well-designed lights. This is especially important for your safety, as it helps drivers and pedestrians to anticipate your presence and take appropriate precautions.

Having reliable and bright lights on your e-bike is not only a matter of personal safety but also contributes to the overall safety of the road environment. By ensuring that you are well-illuminated and visible to others, you promote a safer riding experience for everyone involved.

With the HAOQI Eagle’s excellent front and rear lights, you can ride with confidence during evening and nighttime hours. Enjoy the enhanced visibility and peace of mind knowing that you can see the road ahead and be seen by others, creating a safer and more secure riding experience.

Battery and Range

The HAOQI Eagle is equipped with a reputable Samsung battery with a generous capacity of 20Ah, providing ample power for your rides. 

The battery’s capacity ensures an impressive minimum range of 45 miles when utilizing the pedal assist mode. However, when relying solely on the electric mode without pedaling, the range is slightly reduced to approximately 30 miles. Nonetheless, this range is still commendable and offers a solid distance for various riding needs.

It’s important to note that the charging time for the Eagle’s battery is around 9-10 hours for a full charge. While this may be considered a relatively long time, it is worth considering that a higher-capacity battery typically requires more time to recharge fully. 

The Eagle comes with a US standard 3.0A smart charger, which offers efficient and reliable charging capabilities. The smart charger is designed to optimize the charging process and protect the battery from overcharging or excessive heat, ensuring its longevity and safety.

HAOQI Eagle: Conclusions

Overall, the HAOQI Eagle fills a niche that appeals to a wide audience, and its popularity is likely to grow as more riders discover the benefits of stable and versatile fat tire e-bikes.

With its solid build quality, powerful motor, comfortable ride, and thoughtful design features, the Eagle offers a compelling package for riders seeking a capable and enjoyable e-bike experience. Its performance on various terrains, including rough roads, is commendable, and the positive emotions it elicits from riders attest to its quality.

While the Eagle is already an impressive offering, there are a few areas where it could be improved in future iterations. Implementing locking grips would enhance the overall comfort and security of the bike, providing riders with a firm and stable grip even during prolonged rides.

Upgrading the display would offer more advanced features and improved visibility, allowing for better readability of the information presented. Additionally, a brighter front light would further enhance visibility during nighttime rides, ensuring the rider’s safety and making them even more visible to others on the road.

These suggestions for improvement are not major flaws but rather opportunities to enhance the already excellent riding experience that the Eagle provides. Fortunately, many of these features can be upgraded aftermarket, allowing riders to personalize their bikes according to their preferences. 

As the fat tire e-bike market continues to gain traction and popularity, the HAOQI Eagle is poised to become a more prominent player in the industry. As HAOQI continues to refine and innovate their e-bike offerings, addressing the suggestions for improvement could further solidify the Eagle’s position as a top choice for riders seeking a high-quality and feature-rich fat tire e-bike.

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