TOM Folding e-Scooter: Futuristic Ride into Unknown!


Italian company To-Move has recently unveiled their latest innovation in the world of electric scooters – the TOM folding electric scooter. With its remarkably compact design, the TOM scooter takes inspiration from the Honda Motocompo, renowned for its compactness, but surpasses it by being fully electric and even more compact than the iconic Honda model from the 1980s. 

Design and Appearance

To-Move is highly customizable. Its body, made from bamboo, is available in various colors and finishes to match your style and preferences. Our focus on minimal environmental impact extends not only to its use but also to its production. We have minimized excess materials, and Tom is proudly 100% made in Italy using natural and recycled materials. The frame is constructed from aluminum, while the body utilizes sustainable bamboo. Plastic components have been reduced to less than 10%.

One of the key features that sets the TOM scooter apart is its quick-folding mechanism, allowing for convenient storage and transportation.

The best thing about Tom is its compact and lightweight construction, allowing you to take it wherever you need. Whether it’s to your home or office, Tom can be easily transported. With its plug-and-play system, all you need is a regular socket to recharge it. Additionally, Tom can even function as a power bank to recharge your devices on the go.

Don’t be deceived by To-Move’s small size; it’s built to take on challenges. With its reliable suspension system, Tom glides easily over rugged terrain, and its powerful engine handles steep hills effortlessly. The integrated lights on Tom ensure you’re always visible, and the hydraulic brake discs guarantee safe and reliable stops.

Weighing less than 20 kilograms, Tom is the lightest scooter in its league, allowing for easy transportation on metro buses or in cars. Its unique shape enables it to be effortlessly carried like a trolley, and within seconds, it transforms into a bike, ready to hit the road.

Motor and Range

Tom is fully street legal and doesn’t have the limitations that traditional bikes and scooters face. With Tom, you can effortlessly navigate through traffic, leaving congestion behind. Being 100% emissions-free, Tom contributes to a cleaner and greener environment. It boasts a top speed of 27 miles per hour and offers an impressive range of 31 miles on a single charge, ensuring a convenient and efficient commute.

With a rear-mounted 500W motor, the TOM scooter delivers an exhilarating top speed of 45 kilometers per hour, allowing riders to effortlessly navigate through urban environments and keep up with the flow of traffic. The motor provides swift acceleration and a smooth riding experience, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable journey.

To enhance the overall user experience, the TOM scooter supports Bluetooth pairing, enabling seamless connectivity with the companion mobile app. Through the app, riders have the flexibility to customize various settings according to their preferences. Whether it’s adjusting the speed limits, fine-tuning the acceleration, or modifying other scooter parameters, riders can tailor the TOM scooter’s performance to suit their individual needs.

Tom is also fully connected through a dedicated app. You can easily track the scooter’s location using GPS, receive alerts if anyone touches it, monitor battery levels, check your mobility log, and even get assistance or order spare parts. The app enhances the overall experience and provides added convenience for riders.

The TOM scooter’s integration with the mobile app creates a seamless connection between the rider and their scooter, enhancing convenience, customization, and safety. By leveraging technology, riders can fully optimize their riding experience and enjoy the benefits of a connected electric scooter.

TOM e-scooter: Price and Availability

The TOM electric scooter has made its debut on Kickstarter, capturing the attention of tech-savvy commuters and eco-conscious individuals alike. Priced at €1,589 or about $1,745 for the base model, the TOM scooter offers an affordable and sustainable transportation solution.

To bring our vision to life, we have partnered with renowned companies such as Renova, a leader in battery production, and the Politecnico di Torino, globally recognized for its innovative solutions. Tom has undergone rigorous testing and is already road-approved, ensuring a premium riding experience.

Now, we need your support to put Tom into production and make our dream a reality. By backing our project, you contribute to the advancement of sustainable transportation and join us in our mission to create a better future. Together, let’s ride towards a greener and more efficient tomorrow with Tom, the revolutionary foldable electric scooter.


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