Urban Drift G63 Review: It Was Unforgettable Ride On This E-Scooter!


Hello, everybody! This is Electrified Reviews, and we’re here to talk about the Urban Drift G63 scooter from Urban Drift. This scooter is an absolute tank, and it’s unlike any other off-road scooter I’ve ever ridden. You see, there are plenty of scooters out there claiming to be ‘off-road,’ but this one genuinely lives up to the promise. It’s not just okay off-road; it’s a downright blast.

In fact, I can confidently say that this scooter ranks right up there with some of the most enjoyable off-road activities I’ve experienced, including mountain biking. Riding the G63 is not just a way to get around; it’s an adventure in itself. The sheer fun it offers is undeniable.

So, if you’re someone who craves off-road excitement, if you love the thrill of exploring rugged terrains, or if you simply want to have a great time on an off-road scooter, the Urban Drift G63 is a fantastic choice. Buckle up, hit the trails, and get ready for an unforgettable ride!”

MotorDual 1200W Motors
Suspension Type‎Dual Suspension
Wheel Size‎11 Inches
Brake StyleMechanical disc brakes
Battery960 watt-hour
Range30 miles
Package Weight‎77.2 Pounds
Weight Limit‎286 Pounds
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H‎58.66 x 20.07 x 9.84 inches

Design and Build Quality

The Urban Drift G63 is an impressive electric scooter with a design and build quality that emphasizes ruggedness and sturdiness. Its standout features include its larger 11-inch diameter wheels and a robust suspension system, making it well-equipped for off-road adventures and urban terrain.

Urban Drift G63 Review: Design and Build Quality

The G63 sets itself apart with its 11-inch diameter wheels, which provide a substantial attack angle against bumps and obstacles on the road. This feature greatly enhances ride comfort and stability, making it capable of handling challenging terrain. The scooter’s coil swing arm suspension is not only common in scooters but is also noticeably heavy-duty. It offers an impressive range of travel, smoothing out even the harshest bumps and providing an excellent riding experience.

The frame of the Urban Drift is constructed using A3 carbon steel, ensuring that it is exceptionally sturdy and durable. This robust construction is vital for an electric scooter designed for off-road use, as it can withstand the rigors of adventurous rides.

Urban Drift G63 Review: front view

The scooter features a double stem design, which enhances stability and handling. While it may not be very adjustable in terms of height, it suits the needs of most users. Taller individuals might find the stem height a bit short, but it still gets the job done. This design contributes to the overall stability of the scooter, especially during challenging rides.

A downside of the G63’s sturdy construction is its weight. Weighing in at 91 pounds, it’s a hefty scooter. This weight can be a drawback if you need to carry it upstairs or transport it in a vehicle. For some, it may even require the assistance of another person.

Urban Drift G63 Review: Handlebar

The scooter includes a mounting point for a seat post, giving riders the option to install a seat for a sitting position. This feature adds versatility to the scooter, but it’s worth noting that the design could be improved, as the seat post can be awkwardly positioned when not in use, causing discomfort for riders who prefer to stand.

The folding mechanism of the Urban Drift G63 is a notable feature, allowing for convenient storage and transport. It locks into place when folded, making it relatively compact for its size. However, the scooter can still move around when folded, so additional securing may be necessary when placing it in a vehicle.

Urban Drift G63 Review: folding mechanism

So, the Urban Drift G63’s design and build quality emphasize durability and ruggedness, making it well-suited for off-road adventures and urban exploration. Its larger wheels, robust suspension, and sturdy frame provide an excellent riding experience, though potential buyers should consider its substantial weight and the minor inconvenience of the seating option and folding mechanism.

Lights and Components

The scooter’s headlight, while bright, has a narrow and focused beam. The mounting position of the headlight down low near the ground is not ideal for urban commuting. It makes it difficult for vehicle drivers to spot you, especially in traffic. Mounting the headlight higher on the stem would improve visibility and safety for riders.

Urban Drift G63 Review: rear light

One major absence on the Drift G63 is turn signals. When commuting in traffic, signaling your intentions to other road users is crucial for safety. While signaling on a bicycle with one hand is manageable, scooters often require both hands on the handlebars for stability. Adding turn signals would significantly enhance safety and communication with other road users.

The lack of a loud horn can be a safety concern when riding in traffic. In urban environments, a horn is an essential tool for alerting other drivers and pedestrians to your presence or to signal potential dangers. The twist bell on the scooter is a nice touch for alerting cyclists and pedestrians but is insufficient for getting the attention of those inside vehicles.

Urban Drift G63 Review: off-road knobby tires

On the positive side, the scooter does feature excellent brake lights. They are continuously active while riding and become even brighter when you squeeze the brake levers. This enhances safety by indicating your intention to slow down or stop to vehicles behind you. However, their low placement on the scooter can be a drawback since they might not be immediately noticeable to larger vehicles.

Urban Drift G63 Review: Design and Build Quality

The Urban Drift G63 shines in terms of torque, acceleration, and speed, making it a thrilling choice for urban commuting. Its stability at high speeds ensures a safe and enjoyable riding experience.

The scooter employs a combination of electronic and mechanical brakes, which contributes to reliable stopping power, enhancing safety when navigating busy streets.

Display and Controls

The scooter is designed to be paired with a smartphone app, which provides access to more information and allows you to configure various settings, such as power modes and other configurations. However, the reviewer mentioned having difficulty pairing the scooter with the app and was awaiting further instructions from the manufacturer.

Urban Drift G63 Review: display

The display is integrated into the handlebars and doesn’t swivel. It shows the battery percentage using a five-bar system, which provides a rough estimate of the remaining battery life. The display is fairly easy to read in normal conditions, but it may become challenging to see in bright daylight.

The scooter offers three power modes, which you can cycle through by short-pressing the power button. These power modes primarily adjust the top speed: Mode 1 for a slower speed, Mode 2 for a moderate speed, and Mode 3 for the highest speed the scooter can achieve.

There’s a button that allows you to change the motor control between both motors, the front motor, and the rear motor. This flexibility enables you to choose which motor to use based on your riding needs. Being able to switch between motor configurations on the fly is a convenient feature, especially for conserving power when not using both motors.

Urban Drift G63 Review: Handlebar

You can activate the scooter’s lights by double-tapping the power button. The headlight is fairly bright but has a narrow focus, and it could benefit from a wider spread for better visibility. The rear lights are always on for safety purposes.

The scooter is equipped with a thumb throttle on the right grip. It’s a simple and intuitive control for accelerating, making it easy for riders to operate the scooter without the need for complex controls.

Urban Drift G63: Motor and On the road

The scooter features two motors, one in the front hub and one in the rear hub, each with a power rating of 1200 watts. When using both motors simultaneously, you have a total power output of 2400 watts. This setup delivers outstanding torque and acceleration, making it capable of handling steep hills and challenging terrains with ease. Riding with dual motors can be the most exhilarating way to experience this scooter, but it will consume the battery at a faster rate.

Urban Drift G63 Review: on the road or driving test

The G63 offers different tire options to suit various terrains. The off-road knobby tires are designed for rugged terrains and provide excellent traction in off-road conditions. These tires are perfect for adventures in the great outdoors. Additionally, there are specialized replacement tires with a snowmobile-like tread for winter riding, providing a fun and unique experience. For urban riders, the knobby tires are still suitable for city streets but are optimized for off-road excursions.

The scooter’s acceleration, particularly when using dual motors, is impressive. It can accelerate quickly and efficiently, making it ideal for tackling challenging uphill sections and for quick bursts of speed. The scooter is capable of reaching high speeds, which can be a thrilling experience. Even at top speeds, it remains stable, thanks to the sturdy frame and larger wheel diameter.

You have the flexibility to switch between both motors, the front motor, and the rear motor on the fly. This allows you to conserve power by using a single motor when you don’t need the extra torque. Having this control at your fingertips adds to the scooter’s versatility.

Urban Drift G63 Review: on the road or driving test

Riding in dual motor mode significantly increases power consumption, which can lead to a shorter range. However, the scooter’s battery life remains sufficient for a day of fun riding or daily commuting, depending on your usage pattern. It’s important to consider your riding needs and plan your trips accordingly.

Using only one motor, particularly the rear motor, is a more energy-efficient mode suitable for urban commuting. It provides adequate acceleration and speed while conserving battery power.


The Urban Drift G63 is equipped with mechanical disc brakes, which are essential components for ensuring rider safety by providing stopping power.

Urban Drift G63 Review: mechanical disc brakes

Unlike hydraulic disc brakes, which use fluid to transfer force from the lever to the brake calipers, mechanical disc brakes rely on a cable system. When you pull on the brake lever, it tightens the cable, causing the brake calipers to squeeze the brake rotor. Mechanical brakes tend to require more effort when squeezing the brake lever compared to hydraulic brakes, which can provide a more immediate and responsive braking experience.

In the case of the G63, the scooter features a combined braking system that integrates both the mechanical disc brakes and electronic braking. When you apply the brakes, the electronic braking system also kicks in, helping to slow down the scooter. This combination of mechanical and electronic braking enhances overall stopping power.

Urban Drift G63 Review: off-road knobby tires

While the electronic braking system can be beneficial, it may not always provide a consistent and reliable braking experience. Electronic brakes can feel like they vary in their braking strength at times. This inconsistency can make it necessary to rely on the mechanical disc brakes for more precise and reliable stopping power.

Maintenance is essential for mechanical disc brakes. Over time, the cables can stretch and become loose, which can affect the effectiveness of the brakes. Regular maintenance may include tightening the cables and adjusting the barrel adjusters. Occasionally, you might need to tighten the cables themselves, which can require some effort. There are instructional guides available on platforms like YouTube to assist with this maintenance.

Battery and Range

The G63’s battery is designed to be easily removed from the scooter. A simple lifting mechanism allows you to release and unlock the battery. Once unlocked, you can grasp the handle and effortlessly pop it out of place. This user-friendly feature enables riders to transport the battery separately, reducing the scooter’s weight and making it more manageable for trips that may require lifting or storage.

Urban Drift G63 Review: lock battery

The ability to remove the battery can make transportation more convenient. For instance, if you need to carry the scooter up a flight of stairs or transport it in a vehicle, you can do so in two trips: one for the scooter frame and another for the battery. This flexibility can be particularly useful if you live in an apartment or have limited storage space.

The removable battery feature also opens up the possibility of hot swapping batteries. While the scooter comes with a substantial 960 watt-hour battery pack, there may be occasions when you need to extend your ride beyond the scooter’s standard range. Having an extra battery allows you to quickly swap out the depleted one for a fully charged one, keeping you on the move for longer periods.

Urban Drift G63 Review: battery

The G63 incorporates an additional security feature to safeguard the removable battery—a combination lock. This lock prevents the battery from being removed, providing peace of mind when leaving the scooter unattended. However, it’s essential to know the combination code to use this feature effectively.

The 960 watt-hour battery pack offers a substantial range for riders. Even with demanding riding conditions, the scooter can cover a significant distance. During testing, the reviewer mentioned achieving around 16 miles with 40 percent battery remaining, and this can be extended to approximately 25 miles or more by adjusting the riding style.

Urban Drift G63: Conclusions

Overall, we’ve taken a comprehensive look at the Urban Drift G63 off-road scooter, examining its design, build quality, electronic components, mechanical brakes, and the convenient removable battery feature.

Urban Drift G63 Review

The Urban Drift G63 impresses with its rugged design, featuring large 11-inch diameter wheels and a sturdy A3 carbon steel frame. The suspension system offers excellent ride comfort, even on rough terrain. The scooter’s construction is solid, albeit quite heavy, which can pose challenges when it comes to portability.

The G63 boasts a high-capacity 960 watt-hour battery, providing extended range. It features dual 1200-watt motors, delivering 2400 watts of total power when both motors are engaged.

Urban Drift G63 Review: Design and Build Quality

The scooter utilizes mechanical disc brakes, which may require more effort to engage than hydraulic brakes. While the electronic braking system complements the mechanical brakes, it may not always provide consistent braking force. 

So, the Urban Drift G63 off-road scooter offers a robust and versatile riding experience, ideal for off-road enthusiasts and urban commuters. It combines a durable design with powerful electronic components and the convenience of a removable battery. While there are areas for potential improvement, this scooter excels in various aspects, providing riders with an exciting and reliable mode of transportation. Thank you for reading, ride safe, and we’ll see you in the next review.

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