Revi Bikes Oasis Review: Attractive and Comfortable City E-Bike 2023!


With the Oasis model, Revi Bikes is introducing a high-end, reasonably priced e-bike. We put the city runabout to the test.

Revi Bikes has introduced a brand-new e-bike in the less expensive market with the Oasis model. The reasonably priced city e-bike has some improvements over the earlier generation. We took the Revi Bikes Oasis outside for the day since we didn’t want to miss this. The outcome is outstanding.

The number of e-bikes designed exclusively for commuters has increased in tandem with the availability and acceptance of cycle-to-work efforts. There are a few crucial design concerns if the fictitious Joe/Jane Bloggs needs one to ride to the office while looking sharp in the boardroom.


The bike must fit a range of body types comfortably, be safe and simple to maneuver in traffic, and most significantly, it must have a classy appearance. It goes without saying that this is a challenging set of priorities to balance on any budget, so products like the Revi Bikes Oasis have their job cut out for them.

The Oasis emphasizes a “noiseless” construction, a torque sensor, and a long range of up to 55 miles as its primary selling factors. It is aimed at people who wish to give up their automobile and get to work in style without breaking the bank.

Does it perform well enough to merit our endorsement, though, given the fierce competition at this price? For a complete test, keep reading.

Motor48V 500W
BATTERYRemovable 48V 15Ah (720Wh)
Top Speed20 MPH
Frame6061 Aluminum Alloy
Range55 Miles Average
Tire27.5 x 2.4 inches
Shift7 Speed SHIMANO
Pedal Assist5-9 levels
Brake BrandTektro

Revi Bikes Oasis: Design and Build Quality

For our tests, we occasionally remove exceptional e-bikes from their delivery box. There have already been a few surprises, ranging from ultra-clean city runabouts to enormous SUV speed e-bikes or cargo e-bikes on 27.5-inch wheels. With the Revi Bikes Oasis, there is no element of surprise because, as you can see from the package, we are dealing with an actual city e-bike.

The Revi Bikes Oasis has a simple, attractive frame design with a premium finish, but other than that, it’s rather ordinary. The simple step-through frame is both not offensive and quite useful at the same time. That is apparent from the first test seat, I would add.

You don’t even need to swing over the high saddle or elevate your legs all that high here because the top tube is absent. Simply go on as opposed to on.

Does the bike feel unsteady due to its straightforward frame? No manners. All sections of the Revi Bikes Oasis’s frame are tightly assembled and of high quality. In the lower price range, this is highly advantageous.

But this demonstrates how adaptable the manufacturer from the Far East is. Revi Bikes quickly made changes after the controls were criticized. To effortlessly control the support settings without taking your hand off the handlebars, the display is now also available with a remote unit.

Revi Bikes has solved some minor issues with the cheaper previous model, the “Wayfarer,” with the Oasis. It’s acceptable that the company continues to use trusted, affordable e-bike components like mechanical disc brakes and Shimano Tourney gears.

On the other side, the suspension fork has been enhanced. Zoom’s suspension fork delivers a little bit more stability compared to the prior no-name model on the Revi Bikes Wayfarer. Even though this is obviously not a high-quality suspension fork for off-road use, it does some bump absorption during the ride and feels secure doing so. There is still room for development, though.

Overall, the Revi Bikes Oasis’s various parts have been extremely carefully chosen with regard to cost. But how does the e-bike function as a whole? We learn: pretty strong. You can ride through the city on this e-bike despite its cozy frame design and upright seating position. The handling is likewise excellent, and the acceleration is fantastic.

But we don’t feel the least bit uneasy. Instead, we take pleasure in the strong drive coming from behind. The Revi Bikes Oasis is also well-suited for a variety of uses thanks to essential extras like the mudguards, the lighting system, the side stand, and the luggage rack. The bike will undoubtedly provide joy to commuters on up to 10-kilometer routes or users who want to go shopping while riding. The Revi Bikes Oasis weighs 31 kilograms in total.

Revi Bikes Oasis: Motor and Battery

Manufacturer Bafang provides a rear-wheel drive for the Revi Bikes Oasis. It may not appear to be the strongest on paper, yet we rarely feel its 500W of power when driving. When there are traffic signals, we proceed with the best level of support and let bio bikers and even cars start looking dated.

The Oasis promises not to “whine” when the engine is working hard, in contrast to many electric bikes. This turned out to be true in general. Even when there are no automobiles at all, it will be difficult to hear the Oasis’s whine over the noise of several rival bikes.

While the motor does make some noise, it is incredibly insignificant.

How much you care about it and where you ride determine if this is a real benefit in daily use. I undoubtedly favored the calm.

In traffic, in particular, the advantages of this system are obvious. For a bike meant to be used for commuting, the Oasis gives the user a strong sense of control when cadence sensors can sometimes result in jerky motions.

In ordinary use, I discovered that the range was around half, with a mixture of hill riding and more challenging terrain. This bike will need to be charged at least twice a week if you commute to work every day, depending greatly on the length of your trip.

The five assistance levels are beneficial and essential because Revi Bikes still depend on the Oasis’s pedal sensor. With the pedal sensor, the drive system simply accelerates as soon as it detects a pedal movement without gauging the force with which you pedal. As a result, at level 5, you can effortlessly and rapidly reach a speed of 32 km/h. However, you can only change your speed by lowering the support level or turning off the motor if you want to travel more slowly.

The support level adjustment was originally a little challenging. Although the display on the stem of the Revi Bikes Oasis is really stylish, it is just not useful. One button on the integrated display allows you to cycle through the assistance levels.

The improved battery performance is undoubtedly the main reason for the tiny Revi Bikes Oasis surcharge. The battery has 720 watt hours, which is about average for mid-range branded e-bikes. The battery may be removed for charge and is expertly incorporated into the down tube. It can be locked in the frame to prevent theft. Here, Revi Bikes offers a system that is effective for the price range and capable of allowing us to travel far, even with a lot of help.

Revi Bikes Oasis: Conclusions

The Revi Bikes Oasis is a wonderful option if you’re searching for an affordable, everyday e-bike. The minor price increase over the Wayfarer city e-bike is acceptable given the upgrades to the suspension fork, display, and, most importantly, battery performance.

There are plenty of e-bikes made specifically for commuting. The Revi Bikes Oasis may not have every characteristic that is necessary for success, but it has enough of them to be worthy of notice.

It will be a dependable workhorse for anyone trying to travel to the office and back without hassle thanks to its comfortable ride, sophisticated torque sensor, and largely silent running.

But because of how hefty it is and how the huge frame is designed, shorter riders cannot use it. The Oasis is a fantastic option if neither of these factors concern you and you have the money to pay for it.

A very good price/performance ratio can be found for the Revi Bikes Oasis at the Revi Bikes store for $1799. The offer is even more alluring due to Revi Bikes’s ongoing discount promotions. 


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