E-Coast: 500W Beautiful and Comfortable E-bike 2023!


A brand-new e-bike from Priority Bicycles with a striking appearance is called the E-Coast. The cruiser model has disc brakes and a belt drive rather than the conventional chain. The engine’s power is excessive.

The E-Coast is the only Beach Crusier electric bike with a belt drive, according to Priority Bicycles. The beach cruiser subclass of cruiser bikes is even more distinctive in terms of appearance. Cruiser bikes are bicycles that are more suited to short distances, have an upright seating position, and have a unique style.

E-Coast: Design and Appearance

There are three key reasons for such hassle-free design. First, non-corroding hardware and materials are used in the bike’s construction to make it weather-resistant. Non-corroding hardware is a key differentiator to keep a high-quality bike in good functioning condition for years because beach cruisers are frequently used in places with substantial salt spray.

The Priority e-Coast also has a Gates Carbon Drive, which is a belt reinforced with carbon fiber that takes the place of a standard bike’s chain. An effective maintenance-free drive that outlasts chains is a belt drive. It doesn’t require oiling and is really more effective than a chain over the course of its lifespan.

The hydraulic disc brakes should always assure robust deceleration, while the three-inch wide tires guarantee a high level of comfort and exceptional grip. When the disc brakes are engaged, the engine is also shut off.

There are some great elements and really high-quality craftsmanship, but the pricing is a little higher than I’d anticipate. Priority is priced midway between the less expensive entry-level e-cruisers from Electric Bike Company and the more expensive e-cruisers from Pedego, making them a potential “Goldilocks” option for individuals looking for higher-end components without shelling out a fortune.

E-Coast: Motor and Battery

The new e-Coast has a 500W rear hub motor rather than a mid-drive motor since it is made to appeal to more budget-conscious consumers. But the remainder of the bike still has all the Priority components we’ve come to know and love.

The company’s pedal cycle serves as the foundation for the e-Coast, which has a few changes as part of its electric makeover.

Instead of using a traditional chain, Gates’ carbon belt drive transmits power and, if at all, requires very little maintenance. The E-Coast is not permitted to be used as an e-bike without a registration in this nation since it has a 500-watt rear-wheel motor that is claimed to provide acceleration without pedaling up to 45 km/h.

On a bike like this, which can be set into modes and has a max speed of 45 km/h with pedal assistance, having that extra stopping power is wonderful. The bike ships in second mode with a top speed of 32 km/h on both the throttle and the pedal assist, thus that requires user reprogramming. Before allowing the e-bike to reach its max speed of 45 km/h, riders are advised to confirm the applicable local rules.

There is a 576 Wh battery present. The fact that it is installed on the luggage rack makes it simple to remove the battery but also raises the bike’s center of gravity. This might jeopardize stability. The predicted range, depending on driving style, is between 32 and 96 kilometers; as usual, this information depends on the route and the chosen support level.

Even though it has a rear rack to carry the battery, this e-bike is nonetheless stunning. I understand that a large battery can’t be hidden very well on a beach cruiser.

I adore low-maintenance bicycles, and the hydraulic disc brakes with a belt drive are fantastic. The trifecta would have been achieved if they had given me an internally geared hub, but most beach cruisers are usually single-speed bikes. The mid-speed range is definitely going to be enjoyable to cycle, but I can’t imagine this will be a comfy pedaler at 28 mph.

Single-speed bicycles are often geared somewhere in the middle of the speed spectrum, making them easier to start off and still able to offer somewhat comfortable riding at greater speeds.

E-Coast: Price and Availability

The E-Coast is currently only marketed in the US for $2,000, and it comes in both step-through and traditional diamond frame variations. There are various color variations available for selection.

When purchasing the new bike with the promo code LAUNCH200, it costs $1,799 for launch. The model is scheduled to raise to its MSRP of $1,999 after February 5, although that promotion only lasts for a week.


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