Kugoo M5 Pro Review: Off Road 11-inch Tires E-Scooter 2023!


The Kugoo M5 Pro is an excellent commuter scooter that sticks out in the crowded commuter scooter market as a feature-rich, cost-effective e-scooter that offers some rather daring color options.

The Kugoo M4 Pro, the most well-known electric scooter we have examined, is regarded as the smaller brother of the M5 Pro. Recently, Voro Motors released an improved Kugoo M5 Pro, so we thought it would be the ideal moment to review the M4 Pro’s smaller sibling. Will the Kugoo M5 Pro live up to the reputation of its storied older sibling, the M4 Pro?


Our favorite commuting scooter, the Kugoo M5 Pro, immediately rose to the top. We will discuss the Kugoo M5 Pro’s benefits, shortcomings, and ideal customer in this test and review.

Rated Power & Voltage:1000W, 48V
Max Instantaneous Power:1200W
Speed Levels:29/42/52 km/h (Level 1-3)
Waterproof Level:IP54
Material:Aluminium Alloy
Size:11" (Front), 10" (Rear)
Max Load:120 kg
Net Weight:36.2 kg
Unfolded Size:1300x640x1270 mm
Folded Size:1280x640x505 mm
Size of Footboard:540x255 mm

Kugoo M5 Pro: Design and Build Quality

The Kugoo M5 Pro has a sizable deck for a beginner commuter scooter. The deck has dimensions of 540 by 255 mm.

You may select your preferred color when purchasing an Kugoo M5 Pro, which is one of my favorite features. Black, white, orange, red, and purple are the available colors for the Kugoo M5 Pro.

The triple suspension setup on the Kugoo M5 Pro is impressive. The Kugoo M5 Pro deck has two rear springs on the underside, while the front suspension consists of two components: springs on either side of the front tire, and suspension directly beneath the stem.

The Kugoo M5 Pro sports two different types of 11-inch tires: a solid tire in back and a tube-in-pneumatic tire up front. The back tire is the one that flats the most frequently, which is the main reason why businesses utilize two different tires. Although solid tires have few maintenance requirements, they do have a number of disadvantages.

Solid tires don’t feel as comfortable to ride on, which is one disadvantage. Riding solid tires on some scooters makes my teeth quiver. Fortunately, the Kugoo M5 Pro includes rear suspension, which greatly improves the ride quality.

A firm tire with a single brake, though, can be risky while it’s raining. The other day, while cycling in the rain, I almost had a close encounter when a pedestrian suddenly cut me off. I slammed on my brakes, began to slide, and narrowly avoided colliding with them.

It served as a helpful reminder for me to proceed cautiously when riding in the rain, especially when there are pedestrians nearby.

The Kugoo M5 Pro’s lights are not very bright. I advise getting a light that can be installed on the handlebars if you intend to ride at night frequently.

The amazing thing is that Voro Motors changed the Kugou Series to carry just rounded handlebars after hearing consumer complaints about the square handlebars. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding a light that will suit it if your handlebars are rounded.

I adore the variety of colors the Kugoo M5 Pro comes in. Over time, sand and tiny objects do, however, harm the paint. I don’t mind because I anticipate that my scooters will have dings and scratches as I intend to use them rather than keep them as collectibles.

If you have OCD, though, you might want to consider different scooters. There are other alternatives that won’t scuff as easily.

A respected scooter with amazing features including an app, 11- and 10-inch pneumatic tires, a long range, and an intuitive cockpit is the Ninebot Max. But I believe the Kugoo M5 Pro is a superior scooter.

Although I like the Ninebot Max’s 10-inch tires, the absence of suspension is a deal-breaker if you live somewhere with less-than-ideal streets. I would pick the Kugoo M5 Pro over the Ninebot Max due to the suspension.

The app for the Ninebot Max offers a locking feature, however I believe it to be useless. Unlike the Ninebot software, the Kugoo M5 Pro comes with a key and lock, making it far more secure.

Both the Ninebot Max and the Kugoo M5 Pro are excellent choices, however the Kugoo M5 Pro edges out the Ninebot Max for me because of the extra features. Because it accommodates so many different ages and sizes thanks to the adjustable stem, it makes the ideal additional scooter.

Kugoo M5 Pro: Motor and Battery

A single motor scooter is called the Kugoo M5 Pro. On level ground, you’ll have plenty of power. For climbs up to 15 degrees, the Kugoo M5 Pro is rated.

On the Kugoo M5 Pro, you can climb most slopes, but be prepared to lose some speed. The Kugoo M5 Pro, on the other hand, is among the top single-motor commuter scooter hill climbers in my opinion.

With all its features and advantages, I believe the Kugoo M5 Pro to be a superb portable commuting scooter and the ideal first scooter. For people who live in the city or need a last-mile transportation option, the Kugoo M5 Pro is a great scooter.

The Kugoo M5 Pro has several shortcomings, but in my opinion, the features and advantages outweigh them by a wide margin. In a sea of black scooters, I appreciate you can stand out and pick your preferred color.

You may use it as your first scooter thanks to the adjustable stem, and when you decide to upgrade to a larger scooter, you can let your friends or children use it instead. Because Voro Motors offers some of the greatest assistance, you can buy the Kugoo M5 Pro without worry.

Parking is expensive where I work in the city. I ride a PEV to work every day and park a mile away on a public roadway. Since the Kugoo M5 Pro is so portable, I’ve been using it frequently to commute to work.

I enjoy how quickly the Kugoo M5 Pro compresses into a compact footprint because my office does not like it when I wheel scooters into the main lobby. I heartily advise you to include the Kugoo M5 Pro on your shortlist if you’re looking into purchasing your first electric scooter.

Kugoo M5 Pro: Conclusions

A highly comfortable electric scooter for urban transportation is the Kugoo M5 Pro. It is ideal for long rides and portability because of its large deck and small dimensions. The M5 Pro is not a racing scooter, but it is swift enough to keep up in traffic. You should consider the WideWheel if you desire a more exhilarating ride.

In addition to having strong performance, the M5 Pro has the best class zero to 52 kmph speed and the best hill climbing. Check out the Kugoo M4 Pro if you require a scooter with more power and a larger rider weight capacity. Consider the Apollo Pro for even more strength.

Generally, we believe the M5 Pro to be the greatest e-scooter in its price category and to be a fantastic value for anybody looking for a scooter that is comfortable and has a long range. 


Alternatives of Kugoo M5 Pro



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