PVY H500 Pro Review: 250W E-bike Like Any Regular Bike 2024!


The PVY H500 Pro is a distinctive e-bike designed in the style of a traditional mountain bike. Boasting 21 gears, this electric bike seamlessly integrates the features of a classic mountain bike while incorporating the benefits of electric assistance. Its design is such that, at first glance, it looks just like any regular bike, providing riders with a sense of familiarity and blending in seamlessly with the cycling landscape.

One notable feature is the potential for effective bike tracking, addressing concerns about theft. The H500 Pro’s unassuming appearance doesn’t give away its electric capabilities, making it less likely to attract attention from potential thieves. This covert design, combined with its legal specifications, adds an extra layer of security for riders looking to safeguard their investment.


So, the PVY H500 Pro stands out as an electric mountain bike that offers the best of both worlds – the classic appeal of a traditional bike with the convenience of electric assistance. Whether you’re seeking a bike for legal, effortless commuting or aiming to deter potential theft, the H500 Pro presents itself as a practical and stylish solution.

Frame: Aluminum Alloy
Motor: 36V 250W High-speed Motor
Maximum Speed: 25km/h
Maximum Speed (unlocked): 32km/h
Tire: 27.5 x 2.1 inch
Variable Speed System: Shimano 7-speed Gear
Brake: Mechanical Disc Brake
Shock Absorption: Shock-absorbing Front Fork with Lockout
IP Rating: IP66
Battery: 36V 10.4Ah
Max Range: 30km (with speed of 25km/h)
Charging Time: 36V 2A 4-5H
Product Weight: 22kg
Max Load: 100kg

Design and Build Quality

The ergonomic design of the handlebars, equipped with a half-twist throttle, may cause some discomfort during prolonged use. Despite this, the H500 Pro offers a practical solution for riders who prefer a mountain bike-style e-bike. Its simplicity, decent performance, and affordable price point of €900 make it an attractive option for those seeking a reliable and functional e-bike without breaking the bank. While it may lack some premium features, the H500 Pro proves to be a reliable companion for commuting and light off-road adventures.

PVY H500 Pro Review: Design and Build Quality

The display, featuring a color LED or OLED screen, adds a touch of modernity to the bike. The inclusion of a road design on the screen provides a subtle yet aesthetic detail. The brake test, though hindered by wet conditions, showcases the bike’s reliance on mechanical brakes – a functional but basic choice.

PVY H500 Pro Review: on the road or driving test

Riders may find the absence of rear suspension noticeable, but the 27.5-inch tires contribute to a comfortable ride. However, the lack of mudguards becomes a drawback again, as the rider experiences the inconvenience of getting sprayed with mud. The bike’s 20 mph speed is deemed acceptable, considering its commuter-friendly design.

PVY H500 Pro Review: Aluminum Alloy frame

Surprisingly, this experience turns out to be the longest I’ve ever ridden the PVY H500 Pro without the electric assistance. Strangely, it feels alright, almost liberating, to pedal along like on a regular bike. The absence of the electric hum and the feel of the wind against my face create a sense of nostalgia. It’s a reminder that, despite the advanced technology of electric bikes, the simple pleasure of pedaling can still be quite enjoyable.

PVY H500 Pro Review: Front light

As the darkness deepens, I decide it’s time to reintroduce some power into the equation. I reach for the controls and engage the electric assistance, feeling the familiar surge of energy that propels me forward effortlessly. The PVY H500 Pro returns to its role as an electric companion, blending the joys of traditional biking with the convenience of modern technology.

PVY H500 Pro: Motor and Driving Test

So here I am, cruising along on the PVY H500 Pro, a mountain bike-style electric bike. Currently, I’m pedaling away, and my legs are spinning around like Sonic the Hedgehog because, for some reason, the electric power is off. Despite the lack of assistance, it surprisingly feels just like riding a regular mountain bike.

PVY H500 Pro Review: Design and Build Quality

Just like the PVY Z20 Pro, the bike I’m currently riding also features two distinct modes that offer different experiences. In one mode, you have the option to use the throttle, allowing you to effortlessly reach speeds of around 20 mph. The other mode, the totally legal setting, transforms the bike into a 250W e-bike with a 36V battery, adhering to the legal limit of 250W and a maximum speed slightly above 15.5 mph. Currently, I find myself cruising at 16, 18, 19, and even hitting 20mph without any pedaling. The beauty of this mode is that it offers a legal and efficient way to cover ground without raising any eyebrows.

For those who may be concerned about compliance with regulations, the bike allows you to limit the speed back down to 15.5 mph if needed. Additionally, an interesting feature comes into play – the throttle can be set to “War mode.” Normally, this mode is accessed by holding down the pedal assist button, causing the bike to move forward at approximately 6 km/h. However, in a clever twist, this function has been integrated into the throttle. When engaged, the throttle propels the bike forward at the legal limit of 6 km/h, intended for scenarios when you’re walking beside your bike and don’t want to push it.

PVY H500 Pro Review: on the road or driving test

Glancing down at the speedometer, it’s showing 8.3 mph, and I’ve confirmed it with the GPS. It dawns on me that I can still move this thing under my own steam. With a sense of determination, I decide to take things up a notch and shift into seventh gear. I’m still without the electric boost, but I manage to push the speed up to 13 mph. It’s an unusual experience for me, as I rarely find myself cycling without the assistance of the electric motor.

While this was initially designed to prevent using the throttle from a standstill, a bit of tinkering with the settings can alter this behavior. With the right adjustments, the throttle can function as a conventional throttle, but only after you’ve initiated movement with pedal assist. This adds an extra layer of control and safety, ensuring that the bike doesn’t lurch forward unexpectedly.

PVY H500 Pro Review: on the road or driving test

Navigating the gears with the left-hand side, there’s a noticeable difference in performance. Despite some struggles in shifting down, the throttle takes you to the maximum speed, even surpassing the top pedal assist level. It’s a nice touch that provides an extra boost when needed.

The H500 Pro boasts 30.28 Newton-meters of torque, a feature that, while not exceptional, serves its purpose well. The decision to restrict the use of the full throttle from a standstill likely stems from the desire to conserve battery power and place some responsibility on the rider to initiate movement. This design choice ensures that riders need to put in some effort to get the bike going, contributing to a more efficient use of the battery.

PVY H500 Pro Review: on the road or driving test

The torque rating becomes evident in the hill climb test, making it a challenging task to achieve an accurate time. As the countdown begins, the throttle kicks in after a push-off, and the bike starts its ascent. While it may not deliver the quickest hill climb performance due to the torque limitations, the H500 Pro compensates with its 21 gears. Negotiating steep inclines becomes relatively easy, provided the rider is willing to contribute some pedal power.

As the bike tackles the hill, the muddy terrain and lack of mudguards become noticeable downsides. The absence of mudguards could pose an inconvenience, especially for commuters facing puddles or those looking to take the bike off-road. Nevertheless, the H500 Pro demonstrates its ability to navigate various terrains, even if it lacks some of the premium features found in higher-end models.

Battery and Range

The H500 Pro comes equipped with a 36-volt, 10-amp battery, providing a capacity of 360 watt-hours. While this capacity may not be considered massive in the realm of e-bikes, it serves its purpose well for a bike that prioritizes a sleek and integrated design. The battery is not removable; instead, it is seamlessly integrated into the body of the bike. This design choice contributes to the H500 Pro’s unassuming appearance, resembling a normal bike both in looks and ride.

PVY H500 Pro Review: Aluminum Alloy frame

Despite its seemingly modest battery capacity, the H500 Pro manages to deliver a noticeable boost, especially when cruising at its maximum speed of 20 mph. The extra push provided by the electric motor can make a significant difference, enhancing the overall riding experience. The integration of the battery into the bike’s frame not only maintains a conventional aesthetic but also keeps the bike feeling like a regular bicycle with an added electric feature.

However, it’s essential to note that the actual range of the bike can vary based on several factors. Manufacturer-stated ranges are often under ideal conditions, with light riders and favorable terrain. Real-world usage, especially with a rider weighing around 100 kg and utilizing the top pedal assist at full speed, may yield different results. In the provided scenario, the range was noted to be around 10 miles when not actively contributing much effort to pedaling.

PVY H500 Pro Review: Shimano 7-speed Gear

As with any e-bike, understanding that the range may fluctuate based on individual riding habits, terrain, and weight is crucial. The H500 Pro’s battery capacity, while not extensive, caters to those seeking a balance between the convenience of electric assistance and the desire for a bike that resembles and rides like a traditional bicycle.

PVY H500 Pro: Conclusions

Overall, my experience with PVY as a brand has been notably positive. The affordability and performance of their previous models, particularly the Z20 Pro and the Z20 Plus, have left a lasting impression. The H500 Pro, while a decent e-bike in its own right, faces the challenge of Brexit-related pricing, making it a tad more expensive in the UK than it ideally should be.

PVY H500 Pro Review: Design and Build QualityPriced at €899, the H500 Pro competes directly with the Z20 Plus, a model with superior specifications and greater speed. The remarkable value offered by the Z20 Plus raises questions about the pricing of the H500 Pro, making it seem slightly higher than expected. Even when considering the UK pricing of the Z20 Plus, the H500 Pro may benefit from a more competitive price point.

Despite these considerations, the H500 Pro remains a commendable choice for those seeking a fat tire e-bike that combines the appearance and feel of a traditional mountain bike with the added advantage of electric assistance. The front light, impressive screen, and the overall aesthetic of the bike contribute to its appeal. However, the battery’s capacity, offering an estimated range of 90 km under optimal conditions, might be limiting for those expecting more extensive coverage without active pedaling.

PVY H500 Pro Review: on the road or driving test

For individuals with a daily commute of 5 to 10 miles and a willingness to contribute to the pedaling effort, the H500 Pro presents itself as a reliable and helpful companion. The inclusion of a potential discount through affiliate links further sweetens the deal. In summary, the PVY H500 Pro is a worthwhile choice for those in search of an e-bike that seamlessly blends into the world of traditional cycling while providing that extra boost when needed.


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