Cmacewheel L26 Review: Who Is This E-Bike Suitable For?


Hi guys, I’m Alessandro from Sardabike, and I’m excited to introduce you to the new Cmacewheel L26 bike – an electric bike designed for practicality and versatility in urban environments. The L26 boasts a low step-through frame, making it exceptionally convenient for mounting and dismounting, even in the midst of city traffic. Despite the frame’s initial appearance, the L26’s design is cleverly engineered to enhance accessibility.

Powering the Cmacewheel L26 is a rear motor cleverly positioned on the hub, providing an efficient and reliable source of propulsion. Today, we are putting the international version to the test, and one standout feature is the adjustable power settings for the motor – a flexibility that caters to a variety of riding preferences and conditions.


Now, let’s dive into the features that make the Cmacewheel L26 a standout choice. The adjustable power settings provide riders with the ability to tailor the bike’s performance to their specific needs. Whether cruising along at a leisurely pace or navigating through challenging terrains, the L26 adapts to the rider’s preferences. Let’s embark on this electric adventure together!

Frame MaterialAluminum Alloy
Motor Torque60N.M
Assist Level5 Levels
Gears7 Gears
BrakesHydraulic Oil Disc Brakes
Shock absorberFront oil suspension fork
Max SpeedSpeed limit of 25km/h
Speed limit lifted: 40-45km/h
TiresCST 26″x2.1″
40-70kms(pure electric)
Max Loaded110Kgs
Packing Size147 x 24 x 83cm

Design and Build Quality

The Cmacewheel L26 boasts an impressive combination of design and build quality, starting with its robust yet lightweight aluminum alloy frame. This material not only ensures durability but also contributes to the overall agility of the electric bike. The manufacturer’s recommendation of this sturdy frame sets the foundation for a reliable and resilient ride.

Cmacewheel L26 Review: Design and Build Quality

At the front, the Cmacewheel L26 features a suspension fork with a locking knob and preload adjustment, providing riders with the flexibility to adapt to various terrains. This suspension system enhances comfort, particularly when tackling uneven surfaces. The approximate height of 1.60 at the front contributes to a balanced and ergonomic riding position.

Cmacewheel L26 Review: front light

Adding to the comfort factor is the gel-padded saddle with a central hole, equipped with springs to absorb shocks and make the riding experience smoother. The adjustable handlebar stem allows riders to fine-tune their riding position, ensuring an optimal and personalized fit. The handlebar itself is designed with ergonomic knobs, promoting a comfortable grip and compact dimensions.

Cmacewheel L26 Review: 7 Gears

The choice of 26-inch wheels with spoked aluminum rims enhances the bike’s overall stability and performance. The semi-knobby tires provide excellent grip on a variety of road surfaces, making it suitable for urban commuting and light off-road adventures.

Cmacewheel L26 Review: Aluminum Alloy frame

The single-ring transmission features a seven-speed Scima night gearbox, offering versatility for different riding conditions. The integration of powerful hydraulic disc brakes with adjustable levers and a Power sensor ensures responsive and reliable braking performance, enhancing safety on the road.

Cmacewheel L26 Review: Hydraulic Oil Disc Brakes

The Cmacewheel L26 doesn’t just prioritize performance but also safety and convenience. The Urban set includes a white front LED light connected to the battery, allowing riders to illuminate their path conveniently from the handlebars. The rechargeable red rear light, with an included USB cable, ensures visibility from behind. A sturdy luggage rack, mudguards, a practical side stand, and an electronic horn integrated into the accelerator block add to the bike’s utility and user-friendly features.

Cmacewheel L26 Review: Design and Build Quality

Completing the package are the flat metal pedals, combining durability with a secure grip. With this comprehensive set of features and attention to detail, the Cmacewheel L26 promises an enjoyable and reliable electric biking experience. Now, it’s time to hit the road and put this well-crafted electric bike to the test.

Display and Controls

For seamless control and user-friendly interaction, the Cmacewheel L26 is equipped with a central Yolin color display that takes the riding experience to the next level. This vibrant display serves as the command center, providing real-time information on distance, speed, and various other essential metrics. The clear and intuitive interface ensures that riders can easily monitor their performance and make informed decisions during their journey.

Cmacewheel L26 Review: color display

Complementing the central display is a practical remote control, conveniently positioned on the handlebar. This remote control allows riders to effortlessly navigate through the bike’s features and functionalities without taking their hands off the handlebars. It serves as a command hub, enabling users to switch between the five different levels of assistance effortlessly. This dynamic control system empowers riders to tailor their riding experience to suit various terrains and preferences.

The remote control also facilitates the management of essential settings, including the ability to turn on the front light for enhanced visibility. This feature is not only convenient for low-light conditions but also contributes to overall rider safety. With a simple press of a button, riders can illuminate their path, ensuring a clear view of the road ahead.

Cmacewheel L26 Review: on the road or driving test

The central display goes beyond mere functionality by incorporating a USB port, offering riders the convenience of recharging their devices on the go. This thoughtful addition recognizes the modern rider’s need to stay connected, allowing them to charge their smartphones or other electronic devices directly from the bike.

To further enhance connectivity, the Cmacewheel L26 comes with a practical mobile phone holder that securely attaches to the handlebars. This holder provides a stable and accessible spot for riders to place their smartphones, ensuring easy access to navigation, music, or other mobile applications while on the move.

Cmacewheel L26: Motor and Driving Test

In compliance with Italian regulations, the Cmacewheel L26 is designed to adhere to specific power and speed limitations when used on public roads. According to Italian legislation, electric bikes are typically restricted to 250 watts of power, with a speed cap of 25 km/h, and are only allowed to operate with pedal assistance. Despite these limitations, the L26 is equipped with a classic accelerator on the handlebars, although its functionality can be electronically inhibited to ensure compliance with Italian road laws.

Cmacewheel L26 Review: on the road or driving test

To further align with Italian legislation, the Cmacewheel L26 offers a unique solution. The accelerator can be completely removed from the steering using the Quick Release cable. This feature allows riders to convert the electric bike into a pedal-assisted mode only, making it fully compatible with Italian regulations. This adaptability ensures that riders can enjoy the benefits of pedal assistance without violating any legal restrictions.

However, for riders who purchase the L26 from abroad or intend to use it on private land, the electric bike offers a different set of capabilities. The bike has the potential to unleash its full power, boasting a continuous output of 750 watts and higher peak performance. In this configuration, the speed can reach around 45 km/h, providing a thrilling and dynamic riding experience.

Cmacewheel L26 Review: on the road or driving test

Embarking on the test ride of the Cmacewheel L26, the initial setup is a breeze, with the display quickly coming to life after a brief check. A crucial reminder is issued to turn on the bike while stationary – a standard safety practice. The adventure begins with the first level of assistance, and for those seeking a more traditional experience, pedaling in zero mode without engine assistance is also an option, requiring a bit more effort due to the added weight.

Pedaling in the first level of assistance is described as relatively light, with the bike responding well, although the presence of a few extra kilos is noticeable. Even without battery assistance, the bike remains easy to pedal. As the test progresses through the assistance levels, the reviewer notes the firm and progressively stronger thrust offered by the Cmacewheel L26’s engine.

Cmacewheel L26 Review: on the road or driving test

Upon reaching the third level of assistance, the speed exceeds 25 km/h, leading to a discussion of a common issue experienced with other models – wherein the engine thrust surpasses the designated maximum speed and then stabilizes at the limit. The need to adjust settings to limit the speed is highlighted to ensure compliance with regulations. Despite this hiccup, the acceleration provided by the fifth level of assistance is described as practically immediate, delivering all the available torque for easy maneuvering in traffic.

The review emphasizes the bike’s responsiveness, credited to its powerful engine, hydraulic disc brakes, and wide handlebar. The brake system is noted for providing strong stops, though riders are advised to exercise caution due to the bike’s quick response. The comfort of the bike is acknowledged, even if not on par with some other models, with the wide handlebar facilitating easy maneuverability.

Cmacewheel L26 Review: Aluminum Alloy frame

The operation of the Cmacewheel L26 is further discussed, highlighting the effectiveness of the fork in absorbing shocks and allowing occasional off-road escapades. The versatility of the bike for city use is praised, thanks to its agility in traffic and reactive engine. The display, with its color control panel, is commended for its readability even in bright sunlight.

Battery and Range

Powering the Cmacewheel L26 is a robust electrical system centered around a 48V 17-amp battery, boasting an impressive total storage capacity of 816 watt-hours. On paper, this configuration promises a remarkable autonomy of approximately 100 kilometers, especially when utilizing the assistance sparingly and in the electronically limited mode. The careful management of assistance levels ensures efficient use of the battery’s capacity, contributing to an extended range for riders.

Cmacewheel L26 Review: 17Ah battery

The battery is securely integrated into the lower part of the frame, adding to the bike’s overall stability and design aesthetics. Its placement is strategic, optimizing weight distribution for a well-balanced ride. The battery is locked in place using a dedicated lock mechanism, providing both security and ease of use. This lock is exclusively employed for removing the battery, ensuring that the electrical circuit remains secure and tamper-resistant.

Interestingly, the electrical circuit of the Cmacewheel L26 features a user-friendly design that allows the bike to be started even without the key. This convenient feature provides flexibility in scenarios where the key may not be readily available, streamlining the user experience.

Cmacewheel L26 Review: Aluminum Alloy frame

Should the need arise, the battery can be effortlessly removed from the lower part of the frame. This ease of removal facilitates convenient charging, storage, or replacement, offering riders the flexibility to manage their battery as needed. The accessibility of the battery compartment adds a practical dimension to the overall design, catering to user convenience and ensuring that maintenance tasks are straightforward.

Cmacewheel L26: Conclusions

In the end, the Cmacewheel L26 stands out as an exceptional city bike, embodying agility and ease of use. It’s the perfect choice for individuals seeking a convenient and efficient means of navigating through urban traffic without the hassle of strenuous pedaling or sweating. The Cmacewheel engine, with its ample torque, effortlessly propels riders to their destinations, making commuting to work or running errands a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Cmacewheel L26 Review: Unboxing and Assembly

The packaging and assembly of the Cmacewheel L26 contribute to the overall positive user experience. The sturdy box and well-executed packaging ensure that the bike arrives in top condition. Although assembly requires a bit of time, the process is straightforward. Putting together components like the front wheel, mudguard, LED light, handlebar, and brake disc, along with necessary adjustments, results in a bike ready for immediate use. The inclusion of a comprehensive kit with repair tools, a multitool, and courtesy tools adds to the practicality of the package.

Cmacewheel L26 Review: Unboxing and Assembly

For those interested in delving deeper into the technical specifications or considering a purchase, the discounted link provided in the description, along with a €20 discount code, offers an attractive opportunity. Any queries or comments are encouraged in the comments section, providing a platform for further clarification or discussion. If you’ve enjoyed the review, a like is appreciated. Thank you for your time, and until next time, happy riding!


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