Asomtom RV3 Review: 26 x 3.0 Fat Tire Urban Commuter E-Bike!


Welcome back to the review, everybody! Today, I’m excited to introduce you to my latest ebike, the impressive Asomtom RV3. Priced at a very budget-friendly $799, this bike offers an exceptional value that’s hard to beat. I’m not exaggerating when I say you’d be hard-pressed to find a better quality bike at this price point.

The RV3 may seem pretty basic in terms of specs and features, but don’t let that fool you. If you’re considering entering the world of ebikes and are unsure if it’s the right fit for you, this bike is an excellent starting point. What sets it apart is its incredible value for the money. It’s not just a good deal; it’s an insanely nice bike for the price.


Sure, it might lack some of the bells and whistles of higher-end models, but what you get is a reliable and well-built electric bike that delivers where it matters. It’s the perfect entry-level option for those dipping their toes into the ebike scene. And here’s the thing – once you get your hands on this bike, there’s a good chance you’ll fall in love with it and decide to make it a permanent part of your lifestyle.

In essence, the Asomtom RV3 truly lives up to its name – it’s an awesome bike. So, if you’re on the fence about diving into the world of ebikes, this might just be the best way to do it. The value, performance, and overall experience make this bike a standout in the budget-friendly category. Stay tuned for more updates and rides with the Asomtom RV3. Thanks for tuning in, and I’ll catch you in the next one!

FrameAluminum alloy
Motor350W XOFO motor
Top speedup to 20+mph
Four riding modesNormal Pedaling, Electric Mode, Pedal Assist, Smart Walk Assist
GearSHIMANO 7-speed shift gear
Tires26'' x 3''anti-skidding fat tire
BrakesMechanical disc brake
DisplayKing-Meter LCD
Charging Time4 Hours
Load Capacity300 LBS
ForkLockable Front Suspension Fork (80mm Travels)
Recommended Height5.3-6.3 Feet

Design and Build Quality

The Asomtom RV3 electric bike boasts an impressive design and build quality, making it a standout in the world of fat tire e-bikes. One of the key features that sets it apart is the use of 3-inch fat tires, a common trend in electric bikes. These fat tires not only provide a unique and stylish look but also offer increased stability and traction on various terrains.

Asomtom RV3 Review: Design and Build Quality

The bike comes equipped with practical storage solutions. The front has an optional basket capable of holding up to 13 kg, while the back features a sturdy shelf with elastic straps. These straps are notably robust, showcasing the bike’s commitment to practicality and utility. The ability to lift the bike using these straps emphasizes their strength and reliability, making them ideal for carrying substantial loads.

Asomtom RV3 Review: front basket

The Asomtom RV3 is designed to handle a remarkable weight capacity of up to 300 lbs, making it a robust and versatile option for riders with different needs. This makes it suitable for various purposes, from commuting to carrying heavier cargo.

Asomtom RV3 Review: rear rack

One of the standout features is the puncture-resistant fat tires. This design choice enhances the bike’s durability and reduces the likelihood of flat tires, even when encountering stickers or other debris. The emphasis on resilience and low maintenance adds to the overall appeal of the Asomtom RV3.

Asomtom RV3 Review: 26 x 3.0 Fat Tire

The bike features both front and rear lighting elements, with a built-in headlight and a reflector on the back. Additionally, it includes plastic fenders, providing protection from splashes and debris, contributing to a cleaner and more comfortable riding experience.

Asomtom RV3 Review: SHIMANO 7-speed shift gear

The drivetrain of the Asomtom RV3 is equipped with a seven-speed Shimano gear shifter, offering a range of options for different riding conditions. The manual brakes with 160 mm rotors on the back provide reliable stopping power, and the derailer guard adds an extra layer of protection to the Shimano derailer and gears.

Asomtom RV3 Review: Design and Build Quality

The intuitive display screen provides essential information such as battery level, miles per hour, Watts, and pedal assist modes. The simplicity of the screen design makes it user-friendly, with easy navigation through pedal assist modes and trip information.

Asomtom RV3 Review: Lockable Front Suspension Fork (80mm Travels)

The presence of a fork lockout allows riders to choose between a solid suspension or adjust the preload to customize their riding experience. While there is no rear suspension, the bike still offers a comfortable ride.

Asomtom RV3 Review: 36V 10AH battery

So, the Asomtom RV3 combines practical design elements, durable build quality, and powerful performance, making it a compelling choice for riders seeking a reliable and versatile fat tire electric bike. The thoughtful features, such as the robust elastic straps, puncture-resistant tires, and ample weight capacity, contribute to its appeal as the ultimate fat tire e-bike.

Asomtom RV3: Motor and Driving Test

The Asomtom RV3 is equipped with a powerful hub motor, generating 350 watts of power and an impressive 55 Newton-meters of torque. This electric bike promises a thrilling riding experience with a top speed of up to 23 mph.

Asomtom RV3 Review: on the road or driving test

During the initial ride, I showcase the bike’s acceleration and torque, noting that the initial torque is sufficient to get the bike going. The test takes place on an incline, providing a realistic scenario for evaluating the bike’s performance.

To provide a comprehensive review, I introduce a new element – a GPS device attached to the bike. This device will display real-time data, including speed, route, and elevation, offering viewers a more detailed and accurate depiction of the bike’s capabilities.

Asomtom RV3 Review: Design and Build Quality

The bike is taken through various terrains, starting with loose gravel. Even on gravel, the Asomtom RV3 maintains a comfortable cruising speed of 18 mph, showcasing its stability and ease of handling. The absence of rear suspension is addressed, with my expressing surprise at the bike’s smooth ride and ability to handle gravel terrain well.

The off-road capabilities are further tested on sand, stickers, and wet conditions. While acknowledging that the bike is not designed for heavy off-road use, the Asomtom performs admirably, demonstrating resilience and adaptability. The mechanical manual brakes, despite not being hydraulic, are praised for their effectiveness and reliability.

Asomtom RV3 Review: on the road or driving test

Transitioning to the road, I experienced the bike’s impressive speed, reaching 21 mph effortlessly. The bike’s top speed is rated at 23 mph, and I am keen on testing this limit. The throttle-only mode is showcased, highlighting the bike’s ability to reach top speed without pedaling.

Throughout the ride, I emphasized the bike’s comfort, smooth handling, and ability to absorb bumps. The front suspension is commended for its performance in maintaining a comfortable ride, even on uneven surfaces.

Asomtom RV3 Review: on the road or driving test

As the bike encounters inclines, I observe the impact on speed. Despite facing a steep hill, the Asomtom RV3 maintains a reasonable speed, even for a rider weighing 213 lbs. The bike successfully climbs the hill without the need for additional pedaling.

So, the Asomtom RV3, priced at $799, receives high praise for its design, performance, and value for money. The powerful hub motor, torque, and top speed contribute to a thrilling riding experience. The bike’s ability to handle various terrains, smooth ride, and reliable braking make it a standout option in the affordable e-bike market.

Battery and Range

The Asomtom RV3 comes equipped with a 10 amp-hour battery that provides a commendable range for both pure throttle use and pedal assist. According to me, riders can expect approximately 30 miles of range when using pure throttle and around 60 miles when utilizing pedal assist on a full charge.

Asomtom RV3 Review: 36V 10AH battery

The battery is conveniently located and features a key for easy removal. The adjustable seat adds to the bike’s customization options, allowing riders to find a comfortable riding position. The power button on the battery serves as an essential component, and the key enables users to activate or deactivate the battery as needed.

The battery level indicator is a crucial feature for monitoring the state of charge. I demonstrate how holding down the button allows users to check the battery’s status, emphasizing the importance of waking up the battery by activating the power button before attempting to turn on the bike.

Asomtom RV3 Review: King-Meter LCD display

I then provide an update on the battery’s performance after a 5-mile ride, taking into account the challenging conditions – gravel terrain, hilly landscapes, and cold weather. Despite these adverse factors, the battery performed admirably, showing four out of five bars remaining after covering the 5-mile distance.

The calculated energy consumption during the ride was approximately 20%, translating to an estimated 25 miles of total range for the remaining battery life. Given the advertised range of 30 miles, the bike proved to be in line with expectations, especially considering the suboptimal riding conditions.

Asomtom RV3: Conclusions

Overall, the Asomtom RV3 has left a highly positive impression on me, who expresses genuine satisfaction with its performance and features. The bike, priced at $799, is highlighted as an exceptional entry-level electric bike that defies expectations with its robust build quality and versatile capabilities.

Asomtom RV3 Review: Design and Build Quality

I emphasize the bike’s reliability, noting its ability to navigate various terrains effortlessly, including uphill and downhill rides, dirt trails, muddy paths, and sandy surfaces. The Asomtom RV3 is described as a sturdy and capable electric bike that excels in meeting transportation needs.

The positive experience prompts me to extend a recommendation to the audience, encouraging them to explore the RV3. The offer to provide a direct link below the video demonstrates my willingness to promote the product, indicating a genuine endorsement based on personal satisfaction.

Asomtom RV3 Review: Design and Build Quality

The concluding remarks express gratitude to Asomtom for providing the RV3 for review and encourage viewers to stay safe. The assurance of future content and a promise to see the audience again soon adds a personal touch to the conclusion, creating a sense of connection and anticipation for the next review.


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