Mukuta Knight Review: 1200W Fat Tire Off-road E-bike!


Introducing the Mukuta Knight, the latest innovation in electric mountain biking from Mukuta. Having extensively tested various Fat Tire off-road e-bikes, the Mukuta Knight stands out as a game-changer in this category. This new off-road model represents a departure from the familiar, offering a riding experience that sets it apart from any other bikes previously encountered.

The Mukuta Knight’s frame design, suspension system, and powerful motor are all carefully crafted to offer riders an unparalleled off-road experience. Mukuta has clearly focused on creating a bike that stands out not just in terms of aesthetics but, more importantly, in terms of performance and innovation.

As riders take the Mukuta Knight for a spin, they can anticipate an entirely new level of adventure, one that breaks away from the norm and introduces a fresh approach to Fat Tire off-road e-bikes. Mukuta’s dedication to pushing the envelope and delivering a truly unique riding experience shines through in the Knight, making it a standout choice for those seeking an electric mountain bike that defies expectations.

MAX SPEED55KM/H (off-road use only)
TYRES24 x 4.0" Fat Tyre
SUSPENSIONFront + Rear Hydraulic Suspension
BRAKESElectric + Dual Hydraulic Brakes
CHARGE TIMEApprox. 10+ hrs
LIGHTS12V 10W High-power front headlight
Adjustable and Detachable independent tail light

Design and Build Quality

The Mukuta Knight is a trailblazer in both design and build quality, offering an unparalleled off-road experience with its unique features. At first glance, the frame stands out with its unusual new design, boasting double shoulder down heel inverted forks and smooth transitions from the stem to the high point pivot. The long travel adjustable shock beneath the seat and the rear triangle positioned above the drive set it apart from other fat tire off-road bikes.

Mukuta Knight Review: Design and Build Quality

The frame, maintaining the Mukuta DNA color, is not only impressively well-built but also exudes a robust and fast aesthetic. The 24×4-inch wheels contribute to the bike’s super cool appearance, making it a compact off-road monster that is both welcoming and appealing.

When it comes to performance, the Mukuta Knight lives up to its unique design. The frame and suspension make it possible to ride over any terrain with ease, transforming the experience into a journey on smooth trails. The bike is not only super fun to ride but also extremely comfortable, making it a versatile choice for various off-road adventures.

Mukuta Knight Review: 24 x 4.0" Fat Tire

Taking a closer look at the frame reveals the attention to detail that Mukuta has put into its design. The special gray color, particularly vivid in the sunlight, adds a unique touch to the bike. The gray, complemented by yellowish-greenish accents, creates an eye-catching and beautiful design. The welds and pivot connections are of high quality, ensuring a solid and secure frame with no play or looseness.

The frame’s downhill-oriented design positions the rider’s body backward for better control, with a higher stem and handlebars at the front. The joints are well-executed, and the welds are smooth, painted, and covered flawlessly. The frame’s structural reinforcement lines add to its power and durability, creating a robust yet aesthetically pleasing structure.

Mukuta Knight Review: Front + Rear Hydraulic Suspension

The suspension system is another highlight of the Knight. The aggressive angle of the front fork and the reversed shock with 130mm travel provide a smooth and comfortable ride, neutralizing shocks even during large drops. The adjustability of the seat and its many positions enhance the rider’s comfort and control.

While the seat may require padded shorts for longer rides, the overall design allows for potential modifications, such as inserting a regular mountain bike seat with an adjustable seat post. The battery, in line with other electric mountain bikes, features an elegant shape and adds to the smooth lines of the frame.

Mukuta Knight Review: Front + Rear Hydraulic Suspension

The drivetrain, with a smooth-shifting rear shifter and an easily customizable cassette, caters to both regular riders and those looking to make adjustments for specific riding styles. The Mukuta Knight’s well-balanced and sleek design, coupled with its adaptability and high build quality, positions it as a top contender in the realm of off-road mountain bikes. Whether for laidback rides or aggressive trail pursuits, this bike delivers on both style and performance.

Mukuta Knight Review: Front + Rear Hydraulic Suspension

The left-hand shifter on the Mukuta Knight is a noteworthy component, allowing riders to shift through three speeds one at a time with remarkable precision. Although the specific brand may be unfamiliar, the shifter’s performance is described as crisp and precise, providing a satisfying and reliable shifting experience. The ability to shift through the limited gears on the cassette (3, 4, 5, 6, 7) can be expanded by replacing it with a higher-speed cassette (10, 11, or 12), offering riders a broader range of options.

Mukuta Knight Review: Design and Build Quality

Beneath the screen, the bike features adjustability options, including compression settings, providing riders with the ability to fine-tune the bike’s performance to their preferences. The 203 mm disc brakes contribute to the bike’s impressive stopping power. The front caliper, equipped with four pistons, and the rear caliper, with two plates and four pistons on each side, ensure ample braking power for optimal control.

Mukuta Knight Review: front light

The bike also boasts powerful lighting elements, with a front light that is described as incredibly bright. The flat design of the front light may not be fully apparent on camera, but its brightness is emphasized. The rear light is also highlighted for its brightness, creating a well-lit environment for both the rider and those around them. The lights are noted to spread widely and illuminate the road far ahead.

Mukuta Knight Review: rear light

The reviewer expresses a desire to see more electric bikes for off-road use equipped with similarly powerful lights, as they provide enhanced visibility and safety during nighttime rides. The overall conclusion is that the lights on the Mukuta Knight are exceptionally bright, making them a standout feature on this off-road electric bike.

Handlebars and Controls

The handlebars on the Mukuta Knight are praised for their versatility and innovative design. The reviewer highlights a unique feature where adjusting the bolt on top of the handlebars not only changes the height but also provides a suspension-like effect. Tightening the bolt can make the handlebars solid with no movement, offering riders the option to customize their riding experience. The handlebars can be adjusted to drop lower or rise higher, providing a range of positions for different preferences.

Mukuta Knight Review: TFT display

The square-to-rounded construction of the handlebars is noted as distinctive and not commonly found on other bikes. The reviewer appreciates the additional functionality of being able to shift the handlebars left and right, providing riders with flexibility in adjustment. The overall construction is described as interesting and unique, enhancing the bike’s customization options.

The graphics and colors on the console are commended for their visual appeal and readability. The display provides essential information such as battery level, time, range covered in the current ride, and the odometer. The on/off button and the assist levels are neatly organized on the compact console, offering ease of use while riding.

Mukuta Knight Review: Electric + Dual Hydraulic Brakes

The hydraulic brakes on the Mukuta Knight are highlighted for their compact design. The reviewer notes the preference for a slightly more aggressive bend in the brake lever to facilitate one-finger braking, especially when wearing gloves. While the brand of the brakes is not explicitly mentioned, the compact design and the brand marking as “makuda” are acknowledged.

The wire management on the bike is praised for being well-organized and wrapped. The reviewer notes the attention to detail, emphasizing the cleanliness of the wire arrangement. Additionally, the review mentions a part that came loose, indicating a need for adjustment or reattachment.

Mukuta Knight: Motor and Driving Test

The Mukuta Knight model boasts a powerful 1200W rear hub motor, setting it apart in the realm of electric bikes. Drawing from the reviewer’s previous experience with the Heybike Horizon, they note the impressive all-around performance of the brand. The Horizon, while excelling in commuting, lacks the hardcore off-road design found in the Mukuta Knight. The 24-inch wheels of the Mukuta Knight, combined with the 4-inch wide tires, provide exceptional grip, making it suitable for challenging terrains such as sand, snow, and muddy areas.

Mukuta Knight Review: on the road or driving test

The Mukuta Knight’s performance is described as being on another level, offering great control and a well-balanced feel. The bike is praised for its nimbleness and quick response on the trails, making it ideal for hardcore off-roading. The reviewer suggests that the option to swap for 3-inch tires would make the bike even faster and more nimble for regular trails, providing riders with additional flexibility.

In the context of urban congestion, the Mukuta Knight shines as a fast and efficient mode of transportation. The reviewer highlights the challenges of commuting in congested areas, where bike lanes become the fastest routes. The Mukuta Knight’s top speed is tested, reaching around 33-35 mph, demonstrating its capability as a speedy commuter. The review suggests that locking the front fork and rear suspension, along with switching to 3-inch road or off-road tires, could further increase the bike’s speed.

Mukuta Knight Review: on the road or driving test

The Mukuta Knight’s versatility is emphasized, with the suggestion to modify the bike for commuting purposes, such as upgrading the seat for added comfort or adding turning signals and a horn for city riding. The reviewer discusses potential modifications to enhance the overall riding experience, such as adjusting the seat for comfort and exploring options for increased speed.

The Mukuta Knight undergoes a quick hill test, showcasing its capability to ascend steep inclines effortlessly. The reviewer initiates the test on the left, utilizing only the throttle without any pedaling, emphasizing the bike’s ability to climb hills with ease. The speedometer is noted to lag behind the GPS, but the bike handles the ascent well, reaching 60 miles per hour without any signs of struggling.

Mukuta Knight Review: on the road or driving test

However, the reviewer points out that the bike isn’t necessarily geared for maximum speed, highlighting that the controller isn’t configured to deliver all its power instantly. Despite this, the Mukuta Knight excels when pedaling is introduced, picking up speed rapidly. The smooth transition in power delivery is commended, making it an ideal choice for off-road adventures where a controlled and gradual approach is often preferred.

The powerful motor of the Mukuta Knight is acknowledged, and the reviewer mentions the potential for adjusting the settings to make the bike more aggressive. While the bike is not explicitly set up for immediate, high-speed power release, the reviewer suggests that this smooth and slightly assisted approach is well-suited for off-roading scenarios. The overall impression is that the Mukuta Knight’s motor is capable of handling challenging terrains and steep hills, providing riders with a confident and controlled riding experience.

Battery and Range

The Mukuta Knight features a robust 52-volt battery with a 20Ah power capacity, providing ample energy for extended rides. The reviewer conducted several tests to assess the bike’s range under various conditions.

Mukuta Knight Review: Design and Build Quality

During a test conducted in colder weather at 33°F (approximately 0.5°C), the perceived temperature being 25°F (approximately -3.9°C), and with the rider weighing 250 lbs, the Mukuta Knight covered a range of 20 miles, predominantly off-road. This test highlighted the impact of colder temperatures and increased weight on the bike’s range.

On a warmer day at around 55°F (approximately 12.8°C) while riding on the highway between speeds of 25 to 30 mph, the range increased to 25 miles. The comparison between the two tests, with a temperature difference of 22°F (approximately 12.2°C), revealed a notable 20% increase in range in warmer conditions. This emphasizes the sensitivity of the electric bike’s performance to environmental factors.

Mukuta Knight Review: Design and Build Quality

The reviewer emphasizes that factors such as warmer temperatures and a lighter rider contribute to increased range. Additionally, the thickness of the tires can play a role in optimizing range. For instance, experimenting with different tire thicknesses, such as using 3-inch tires on the existing rims, can result in a 10 to 20% increase in range.

Mukuta Knight: Conclusions

In summary, for avid mountain bike riders seeking to transition from traditional to electric mountain bikes without breaking the bank, the Mukuta Knight from Olden Mountain Bikes emerges as an exceptional option. This fat-tire off-road bike stands out as the best among those tested on the channel, offering high performance without the hefty price tag of $5,000 to $7,000.

Mukuta Knight Review

Notably, the option to add a second battery for extended range makes the Mukuta Knight an ideal choice for commuters looking for a versatile electric bike. However, riders are advised to invest in padded shorts or consider customizing the seat for enhanced comfort during longer rides.

The Mukuta Knight’s adaptability is highlighted, providing the potential for upgrades such as swapping the hub and controller for higher top speeds, catering to riders who seek an all-around exceptional electric bike. The bike is praised as not only a practical commuting option but also a genuinely enjoyable and fun ride.

Mukuta Knight Review: Front + Rear Hydraulic Suspension

So, the Mukuta Knight is positioned as a standout choice for those seeking a high-performance electric mountain bike without the premium price tag, offering versatility, adaptability, and a thrilling riding experience for both off-road adventures and daily commuting.

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