Viribus Trio Review: 650W Most Affordable Electric Trike!


Hey everyone, Micah here with Electrek, and today I’m excited to bring you a review of the Veribus Electric Tricycle – quite possibly the most affordable electric trike on the market. Join me as we take a closer look.

Now, let’s get straight to the point. This may not be the fanciest electric trike out there, but it’s undeniably one of the most budget-friendly options, and its performance is surprisingly impressive given its price tag. With an MSRP of $1,299, it often goes on sale for $899, making it an attractive choice for those on a tight budget.

You might be skeptical about the quality of a sub-$900 electric trike, but the Veribus Trike manages to defy expectations. Yes, it comes with certain compromises, but considering the cost, it offers a surprisingly pleasant riding experience. Let’s dive into the details and see what makes this trike stand out in the world of affordable electric mobility.

FrameCarbon steel
Motor350 W (peak 650W)
ModeThumb throttle and PAS
Display1'' Backlit LCD display with battery
Tires24'' / 26'' puncture-resistant liner
CranksetCarbon steel
BrakeDual mechanical-disc brakes
HeadlightHigh output integrated LED
Battery36V, 360 Wh high-tech lithium battery
Pedal Assist Range30 Miles
Throttle Range21.7 Miles
Weight87 lb.
Total Payload Capacity330 lb.
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H43.7'' x 29.72'' x 12.99''

Design and Build Quality

The Viribus Trio may lack some of the flashy features found in other electric trikes, but it compensates with a focus on essential components and a sturdy build. Despite the absence of a color display, suspension, tail lights, and a parking brake, it maintains functionality through dual reflectors and a single-speed design.

Viribus Trio Review: Design and Build Quality

One notable feature is the inclusion of dual mechanical disc brakes, providing reliable stopping power. This is a crucial aspect for riders of all ages, enhancing safety and control. The absence of gears simplifies the riding experience, making it user-friendly, especially for those who prefer a straightforward approach to commuting or leisure.

Viribus Trio Review: Dual mechanical-disc brakes

While the design may not boast extravagant elements, the Trio offers practicality with a spacious cargo basket on the back. This feature extends its utility beyond mere transportation, making it a viable option for running errands or carrying belongings. The larger basket sets it apart from traditional two-wheel bikes, offering more storage capacity and stability.

Viribus Trio Review: Carbon steel frame

The comfort of the ride is further enhanced by a fairly comfortable saddle, contributing to an enjoyable and relaxed experience. This aspect is crucial for any rider, regardless of age, promoting longer rides without discomfort.

Viribus Trio Review: fairly comfortable saddle

Despite being marketed towards older riders, there’s an argument to be made for the versatility of electric trikes across age groups. The experience of riding a trike is distinct from that of a two-wheeler, providing a more relaxed and laid-back feel. This makes it an attractive option for younger individuals seeking a different type of riding experience.

Viribus Trio Review: Design and Build Quality

Moreover, the stability of an electric trike, especially when carrying cargo, can be advantageous for riders of any age. The call to make electric trikes “cool again” suggests a shift in perception, challenging the stereotype that these vehicles are exclusively for older individuals.

Viribus Trio Review: Carbon steel frame

So, while the Viribus Trio may cut corners in terms of flashy features, its emphasis on functionality, safety, and practicality makes it a noteworthy option in the electric trike market. By challenging the conventional age association and emphasizing the unique riding experience, there’s potential for electric trikes to appeal to a broader demographic, bringing a new level of coolness to this versatile mode of transportation.


The display on the Viribus Trio, while simple, is designed to provide riders with the essential information needed for a straightforward and user-friendly experience. Positioned prominently at the top of the display is the speed indicator, allowing riders to monitor their current velocity. It’s worth noting that the speed is displayed in kilometers per hour, requiring riders to perform a quick mental conversion for those accustomed to miles per hour.

On the right side of the display, users can find the battery gauge, a crucial element for keeping track of the remaining charge. This feature ensures that riders have a clear understanding of the available power, allowing them to plan their journeys accordingly and avoid unexpected interruptions.

Viribus Trio Review: 1'' Backlit LCD display with battery

In the middle of the display, users have the option to switch between different views. While the specific details of these views aren’t outlined, this flexibility suggests that riders can customize the information they see, tailoring the display to their preferences and needs.

At the bottom of the display, the pedal assist level is prominently featured. Currently set to Eco, riders can easily adjust this setting to Mid or High power based on their desired level of assistance. This pedal assist indicator is a crucial component for those who want to balance motorized and manual propulsion during their rides.

Importantly, the power level at the bottom specifically relates to the pedal assist feature and does not impact the throttle functionality. This distinction is significant as it allows riders to enjoy full speed and throttle control across all three levels of pedal assist – Eco, Mid, and High. This design choice provides riders with the flexibility to choose the level of assistance they desire without compromising the full-speed capability available through the throttle.

Viribus Trio: Motor and Driving Test

The Viribus Trio comes equipped with a complete electric system that offers both a throttle and pedal assist functionality, providing riders with flexibility in their preferred mode of propulsion. The front hub motor, rated at 350 watts continuously, boasts an impressive 650 watts of peak power. While it may not be a powerhouse for conquering steep hills unassisted, it exhibits a lively performance on flat ground.

Viribus Trio Review: 350 W (peak 650W) motor

On level terrain, the electric trike zips along surprisingly sprightly, offering an enjoyable and efficient ride. However, it’s worth noting that the top speed might not leave riders in awe. At its maximum, the Viribus Trio reaches around 22 km/h (approximately 13 mph). This speed, though not groundbreaking, provides a decent pace for casual rides and commuting.

Viribus Trio Review: on the road or driving test

One drawback of the single-speed design becomes apparent when attempting to pedal at higher speeds. Due to the intentional gearing not being too high, attempting to pedal effectively at higher speeds becomes challenging. Beyond a certain point, riders find themselves spinning their feet rapidly without contributing significantly to the trike’s momentum. This limitation is particularly noticeable when using power assist modes above the Eco setting.

Viribus Trio Review: on the road or driving test

When cruising at speeds exceeding 10 km/h, the ability to contribute through pedaling diminishes. The pedals become more of a decorative feature rather than an active means of propulsion. Despite this limitation, the Viribus Trio remains an enjoyable ride, especially in the lowest power assist mode. Even at a leisurely pace of 7-8 mph, riders can feel a slight burn in their legs, providing a sense of physical activity and engagement. The relaxed nature of the ride allows users to savor the outdoors at a comfortable pace.

Viribus Trio Review: on the road or driving test

While the Viribus may not break speed records, its electric system, coupled with pedal assist, offers a pleasant and enjoyable riding experience. The limitations at higher speeds are balanced by the trike’s ability to provide a fun and relaxing ride, allowing riders to appreciate the surroundings and engage in a bit of physical activity while cruising at a leisurely pace.

Battery and Range

The Viribus Trio is powered by a 36-volt, 10-ampere-hour battery, providing a balanced combination of power and efficiency for its intended use. While not considered massive in capacity, this battery pack is well-suited for the trike’s design and offers a commendable range.

Viribus Trio Review: 36V, 360 Wh high-tech lithium battery

In terms of practicality, the battery’s 36-volt output is sufficient to drive the electric system, supporting the 350-watt continuous and 650-watt peak power front hub motor. This voltage ensures a reliable and consistent flow of power, contributing to the trike’s performance on both throttle-only and pedal-assist modes.

The 10-ampere-hour capacity might not be among the largest in the electric trike market, but it strikes a good balance between size, weight, and range. With this battery, the Viribus Trio is capable of covering up to 20 miles in throttle-only mode. This range is suitable for short commutes, local errands, or leisure rides without the need for frequent recharging.

Viribus Trio Review: on the road or driving test

The advantage of the pedal-assist feature becomes apparent when considering range. With the assistance of pedaling, the Viribus Trio extends its reach to an impressive 30 miles. This flexibility allows riders to choose between motorized propulsion and active pedaling, catering to different preferences and riding scenarios.

Viribus Trio: Conclusions

So, the Viribus Trio electric trike proves to be a compelling option in the under $900 price range, delivering more than anticipated for its cost. The trike provides a smooth and enjoyable ride, with the added bonus of being able to choose between 24-inch or 26-inch tires, with a recommendation for the former for enhanced stability. The variety of color choices further allows riders to personalize their experience.

Viribus Trio Review: Carbon steel frame

While there are competitors with superior performance or build quality, such as the XP trike and the Rad trike respectively, the Viribus Trio stands out for its affordability. It manages to offer a functional and reliable electric trike without compromising on quality, avoiding the pitfalls of becoming a subpar option in the budget category.

For those who prioritize a trike that simply works and fits within a tight budget, the Viribus Trio deserves recognition. It caters to a demographic that values practicality without sacrificing too much in terms of overall performance. In the end, while there might be fancier options on the market, the Viribus Trio shines as a well-balanced and cost-effective choice, making it a noteworthy contender in the electric trike landscape.

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