HeyBike Horizon Review: What Do You Need for comfort?


Today, we’re delving into the world of cutting-edge electric bikes, specifically focusing on the latest innovation from HeyBike – the HeyBike Horizon. This exciting new model introduces features that not only catch the eye but promise enhanced functionality, making it a compelling addition to the ever-evolving landscape of e-bikes.

Released just yesterday, the HeyBike Horizon sports 24 x 4-inch wheels, marking the second time I’ve explored this wheel size. The first encounter was with the Mura Knight, a recent exploration in the bustling streets of New York City – details of which can be found in a previous video. The HeyBike Horizon, however, presents a distinct geometry, reminiscent of the RS model folder, albeit with a longer front fork and an extended rear triangle. These adjustments are made to accommodate the unique 24-inch wheels, promising a riding experience that diverges from the norm.

One standout feature is the midsection rear shock suspension, a fresh addition designed to elevate the comfort level compared to the Ranger S model. The real test of this enhancement will be conducted both in the cityscape and, excitingly, on off-road trails. As we navigate urban streets, we’ll gauge the comfort offered by the new suspension system, and later, we’ll venture onto trails to put its capabilities to the test in more rugged terrain.

This exploration of the HeyBike Horizon promises not only a closer look at its innovative features but also a hands-on evaluation of its performance. Join me as we unveil the potential and versatility that this new HeyBike model brings to the world of electric biking. Stay tuned for an in-depth review, uncovering the nuances that set the Horizon apart in the realm of modern e-bikes.

FrameAluminum Alloy
Hub rearBrushless geared hub motor, 80Nm, 1200W
Rear derailleurShimano(ARDTY200GSLD) 7 speed
TirePuncture protection, 24"x4.0"
ForkSpring Fork, 80 mm travel with preload adjustment and lock-out
ComputerLCD display
LightLED headlight
Battery692Wh, external removable lithium-ion battery
Charger4A, 54.6V output, 100V-220V AC input
Weight36 kg / 79.4 lbs
Folded Dimensions49.2 x 23.6 x 31.5 inch
Unfolded Dimensions75.6 x 24.4 x 46.5 inch

Design and Build Quality

The HeyBike Horizon stands out in the electric bike market with its thoughtful design and impressive build quality, offering a compelling riding experience for urban commuters and off-road enthusiasts alike.

HeyBike Horizon Review: Design and Build Quality

One notable feature is the bike’s compact yet comfortable size, making it easy to navigate through city streets. Its 24-inch wheels provide a smooth and comfortable ride, comparable to larger models like the Mars 2 and Ranger S. The rear triangle suspension adds an extra layer of comfort, a unique feature not commonly found in bikes of this size. Despite weighing 79.4 lbs, slightly heavier than the Ranger S at 72 lbs, the benefits of the larger wheel diameter and rear suspension significantly enhance both comfort and performance.

Folding the HeyBike Horizon is a breeze, taking under 20 seconds. What sets it apart is the secure latch and clamping mechanism, featuring a distinct button design for easy folding and unfolding. The mechanism is not only efficient but also showcases improved durability and ease of use.

HeyBike Horizon Review: folding frame

The bike’s suspension system contributes to its versatility. The rear suspension, with almost an inch of travel, adds a plush and comfortable feel to the ride. The front suspension offers nearly 3 inches of travel with adjustable settings, allowing riders to tailor their experience. The foldable factor adds convenience for users who need to store or transport the bike regularly.

The attention to detail is evident in the additional features of the HeyBike Horizon. The charging port is conveniently located, and the key switch adds an extra layer of security when removing the battery. The safety feature prevents unauthorized use, enhancing the overall user experience.

HeyBike Horizon Review: LED headlight front

The HeyBike Horizon also boasts an appealing design with a distinctive orange-red transition collar on the limited edition model. The bike includes a robust rear rack with large bolts, providing ample space for carrying cargo or even a passenger.

The braking system on the HeyBike Horizon is noteworthy, featuring RSX hydraulic brakes with dual pistons for efficient and responsive stopping power. The upgraded levers offer one-finger operation, enhancing the overall control and handling of the bike.

HeyBike Horizon Review: RSX hydraulic brakes

The inclusion of powerful front and rear lights, along with bright turning signals, ensures high visibility in various riding conditions. While suitable for city commuting, additional lighting may be desired for off-road adventures.

Charging the battery is a quick and efficient process, thanks to the fast 4M charger, allowing riders to go from an empty battery to a full charge in under 4 hours. The high-quality charger adds convenience to the overall ownership experience.

HeyBike Horizon Review: Spring Fork, 80 mm travel with preload adjustment and lock-out

so, the HeyBike Horizon impresses with its design, build quality, and thoughtful features. It strikes a balance between compactness and comfort, making it a versatile choice for riders seeking an electric bike for both city commuting and off-road adventures.

HeyBike Horizon: Motor and Driving Test

The HeyBike Horizon is equipped with a powerful 750W rear hub motor that delivers a peak power of 1200W and 80 Nm of torque, putting it in the same league as the Ranger S model and Mars 2. The acceleration is notably quick, reaching the top speed in about 10 seconds, which is impressive for a folding bike of its size and weight.

HeyBike Horizon Review: display

The electric assistance levels offer a range of speeds, with the first level providing a gentle 4 mph boost. Moving up to the second level increases the speed to around 9.7 mph, while the third level comfortably cruises at approximately 14.9 to 15 mph. The bike’s responsiveness is evident, and the fourth level unleashes more power, showcasing the torque available with the throttle.

The bike’s frame, while not exceptionally large, is designed for comfort and accommodates riders of various sizes. The tall seat post allows for an extended leg reach, providing a comfortable riding experience. The overall quickness of the bike is apparent, easily achieving a top speed of 28 mph, thanks to its limiter.

HeyBike Horizon Review: on the road or driving test

The real standout, however, is the HeyBike Horizon’s performance off-road. Surpassing expectations, the bike excels in off-road conditions, reaching speeds of 20 to 25 mph and even hitting 28 mph in certain areas. The combination of the frame and suspension, with ample travel and a fast rebound, makes it remarkably suited for off-roading.

During off-road testing, the bike demonstrated impressive handling with no noise or vibration from the suspension. The rear triangle shock smoothly absorbed impacts, maintaining control and balance even in challenging conditions. The soft rebound did not compromise on quality, providing a mid-range off-road e-bike experience.

HeyBike Horizon Review: on the road or driving test

This off-road prowess adds a layer of excitement to the HeyBike Horizon, making city riding seem plain and boring in comparison. The bike’s versatility and performance shine brightest when navigating trails and rough terrains, showcasing its capability beyond the urban landscape. Overall, the HeyBike Horizon delivers not just on speed and power but also on its unexpected off-road capabilities, making it a compelling choice for riders seeking adventure beyond city streets.

While the Horizon impresses in many aspects, it faces a challenge when tackling steep inclines, as demonstrated during a test on an 18° slope. It’s noteworthy that the battery was fully charged at the time of the test, indicating that the bike was operating at its optimal power level.

HeyBike Horizon Review: on the road or driving test

Attempting the climb from a dead stop without pedaling, the HeyBike Horizon struggled to ascend the steep incline. The narrator expressed surprise, emphasizing that this was the first bike to struggle to make it up such an incline in their recent testing experiences. Even with the assistance of the throttle, the bike faced difficulties and couldn’t make the ascent without significant effort.

Comparisons were made to a previous test with the Mars 2 model, which apparently performed better on a similar incline. The HeyBike Horizon’s performance on this steep gradient was deemed a bit disappointing, suggesting that more power might be needed for improved hill-climbing capabilities.

HeyBike Horizon Review: on the road or driving test

The narrator experimented with different levels of assist to see if the bike could manage the ascent with varying degrees of support. While the assistance helped, the overall impression was that the bike lacked the necessary power for tackling steep inclines effortlessly. Even with additional effort applied by the rider, it was noted that the throttle did not provide sufficient power to overcome the challenge.

Battery and Range

The HeyBike Horizon is equipped with a 48-volt system paired with a 14.4 Ah battery capacity, which is UL 2271 recognized, ensuring compliance with safety standards. This battery configuration provides a robust power source for the bike’s performance.

HeyBike Horizon Review: 692Wh, external removable lithium-ion battery

One notable safety feature is the hidden safety switch integrated into the battery. Once the battery is securely inside the bike, this switch acts as an additional layer of security, functioning as an anti-theft option. This thoughtful design enhances the overall safety and protection of the bike when not in use.

During a range test, the HeyBike demonstrated its efficiency in various conditions. The test was conducted in cold weather, approximately 40°F but felt like 30°F, with the rider weighing around 245 lbs, including a backpack and recording gear. The test was performed primarily in the fifth level of assist, showcasing the bike’s capabilities under heavy load.

HeyBike Horizon Review: on the road or driving test

As the battery level dropped to a bar, indicating a decrease in charge, the rider switched to the third level of assist. This adjustment was made to address the sagging of the battery, as the bike struggled to maintain higher speeds with the increased load. The range achieved during the test was 22.3 miles, slightly lower than the Mars 2, which was expected given the additional load and the impact of the 4-inch tires, which increased drag.

HeyBike Horizon Review: on the road or driving test

The narrator highlighted the trade-off between tire size and range, noting that 3-inch tires would likely offer increased range, especially in a city setting. However, the 4-inch tires contribute to enhanced traction and comfort, particularly for off-road riding. Despite the reduction in range, the comfort and traction benefits of the larger tires were emphasized, making it a worthwhile trade-off for riders who prioritize off-road adventures.


The HeyBike Horizon stands out not only for its physical attributes but also for the technological innovation it brings to the table. One noteworthy feature is its dedicated app, which provides users with a plethora of adjustable settings and customization options to enhance their riding experience.

HeyBike Horizon Review: application

The app allows users to control various aspects of the bike directly from their smartphones. Starting with the basics, users can remotely turn the bike on or off, showcasing the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity. The app also displays essential information, such as the battery capacity, ensuring riders have real-time insights into the bike’s status.

HeyBike Horizon Review: application

In the security settings, the app offers an added layer of protection with proximity auto-lock functionality. This feature automatically turns off the bike after 180 seconds of being out of range, contributing to anti-theft measures and ensuring the bike’s safety when not in use.

HeyBike Horizon Review: application

The personalization options in the app are where riders can truly tailor their riding experience. Users can adjust the bike’s speed limits to their preferences, converting units from kilometers to miles per hour for added convenience. The throttle speed limiter and sensitivity settings provide granular control over the bike’s responsiveness, allowing riders to fine-tune the power delivery according to their riding style.

One standout feature is the ability to customize the speed limits for different assist levels. This means riders can set specific speed limits for each level of assistance, providing a highly personalized experience. This level of adjustability not only caters to individual preferences but also ensures compliance with local laws and regulations, offering riders a versatile and law-abiding electric biking experience.

HeyBike Horizon: Conclusions

In the end, the HeyBike Horizon emerged as a compelling option in the electric bike market, retailing for a competitive price of $1,699. This model addresses the needs of riders who may find 20-inch folders less comfortable or seek improved handling for off-road conditions while maintaining a more compact size than 26-inch models.

HeyBike Horizon Review: Design and Build Quality

Having extensively tested various HeyBike models, the Horizon stands out as the most comfortable option right out of the box. Its power delivery aligns perfectly with the requirements of an electric bike, offering more than enough propulsion for a satisfying riding experience. The Horizon’s comfort and handling make it an ideal choice for riders looking for a versatile and enjoyable commuting or off-road biking option.

While the HeyBike Horizon excels in many aspects, I suggest a couple of potential updates: removing the top-speed limitation and increasing power delivery when climbing steep hills. These adjustments could further enhance the bike’s performance, catering to the preferences of a broader range of riders.

HeyBike Horizon Review: LED headlight rear

Despite these minor suggestions, the HeyBike Horizon boasts a comprehensive set of features and functions that meet the needs of electric bike enthusiasts. I encourage interested individuals to check out the links provided in the description box for more information.

In appreciation of the audience’s time, I expressed gratitude for reading and look forward to the next interaction, inviting viewers to stay tuned for more insights and updates in the future.

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