ESKUTE Neptuno Plus Review: What are Differences between Standard Version?


Hey everyone, it’s Alex, and welcome back to today’s video. We’re diving into the world of e-bikes with the latest offering from ESKUTE called the ESKUTE Neptuno Plus. Now, there’s not just one but three variants in the Neptuno lineup – the regular Neptuno, the Neptuno Plus, and the Neptuno Pro. The one we’re exploring today is right in the middle, striking a balance between features and cost.

Taking a look at this beauty, it’s clear that the Neptuno Plus is a mountain e-bike, seamlessly blending the rugged design of a mountain bike with the efficiency of an electric one. The battery pack finds its home neatly within the frame, not only providing power but also adding to the overall aesthetics. Sporting 27.5-inch wheels on both the front and back, paired with 2.1-inch wide Kenda tires, this bike is equipped to handle various terrains with confidence.

Adding to its off-road prowess, the Neptuno Plus comes fitted with a front suspension system. This feature ensures a smoother ride, especially when tackling uneven terrain. Powering this e-bike is a 250-watt motor situated in the rear wheel, promising a dynamic and responsive performance. To bring it to a halt, mechanical disc brakes are employed, providing reliable stopping power.

Now, before we hit the road, let me give you a quick peek at how this e-bike comes packaged in its box. We’ll also go over the steps needed to assemble and get it ready for the open road. Stay tuned for more exciting details on the ESKUTE Neptuno Plus – your gateway to a thrilling and efficient biking experience. Let’s dive in!

Frame6061 Aluminum Alloy Frame
MotorBAFANG 750W (Peak) 500W (Sustained), 48V Brushless Rear Hub Motor,65Nm
Top Speed22mp
Pedal Assist5 Levels
Front ForkHydraulic lockout, Coil spring adjust for preload, 100mm travel
Shift leverSHIMANO 7 Speed
TiresKenda, 27.5" x 2.1"
BrakeMechanical Disc Brakes, 160mm Rotors
DisplayIntegrated Smart LCD Display with USB port
BatteryRemovable Internal Lithium-ion 48V, 15Ah (720Wh)
Range27 Miles on Throttle
Up to 53 Miles on Pedal Assist
Total Bike Weight56lbs
Weight Capacity275lbs

Unboxing and Assembly

Unboxing and assembling the ESKUTE Neptuno Plus electric bike is an exciting process that allows you to transition from a boxed package to a fully functional and ready-to-ride bicycle. The bike arrives in a sizable box, as one would expect for a product of its size and weight.

ESKUTE Neptuno Plus Review: Unboxing and Assembly

Speaking of weight, the ESKUTE comes in at 25 kilograms, making it a substantial but manageable load. While it’s not the lightest bike on the market, it’s also not overly cumbersome. However, it’s essential to note that carrying it upstairs might require a bit of effort due to its weight.

Upon opening the box, you’ll find the various components of the bike neatly packed and protected. The unboxing experience is a prelude to the assembly process, which involves putting together several key elements of the bike.

ESKUTE Neptuno Plus Review: Unboxing and Assembly

The assembly process includes tasks such as attaching the front wheel, assembling the front light, connecting the handlebar, tightening the screws underneath to ensure stability, assembling the rear light, attaching the pedals, and putting together the kickstand. It’s crucial to pay attention to the details during this phase to guarantee a safe and well-functioning bike.

One important tip is to ensure that all screws are properly tightened, providing structural integrity to the bike. The front and rear lights contribute not only to the aesthetics but also to the safety of your rides, so making sure they are securely assembled is paramount.

ESKUTE Neptuno Plus Review: Unboxing and Assembly

Despite the initial need for assembly, the process is relatively straightforward and user-friendly. Even if you’re not an experienced bike mechanic, you should be able to complete the assembly in about half an hour. The included instructions should guide you through each step, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free setup.

Design and Build Quality

The ESKUTE Neptuno Plus stands out with its eye-catching and well-thought-out design, making it one of the most attractive mountain bikes the user has experienced in the past year. The bike boasts a seven-gear Shimano shifter on the back, providing seamless and reliable gear shifting. While it’s considered an entry-level Shimano shifting system, it functions well for the intended purpose.

ESKUTE Neptuno Plus Review: Design and Build Quality

The kickstand, located on the left side, is a combination of plastic and metal, offering stability even in windy conditions. The mechanical disc brakes, present both on the front and back, provide decent stopping power, although they may generate some noise during braking. Despite the noise, the brakes prove effective, especially when riding at speeds around 25 km/h.

ESKUTE Neptuno Plus Review: Kenda, 27.5" x 2.1"

Moving to the pedals, they are a combination of plastic and metal, delivering reliable performance. The seat offers some padding for comfort, but it’s not the most cushioned, potentially requiring a break after extended rides. Additionally, the option to install a light on the back adds to the bike’s safety features.

ESKUTE Neptuno Plus Review: front light

The front headlight, while not extremely bright, is sufficient for nighttime rides, although it might not be very noticeable during the day. The suspension system offers about 2 inches of travel, providing a decent level of comfort. Users can adjust the suspension on both the left and right sides.

ESKUTE Neptuno Plus Review: rear light

The handlebar, although wide, is not very high, requiring riders to apply some pressure on their wrists. The grips on the handlebar tend to move a bit, but they offer a good grip, and the brake levers, though made of plastic, include rubber on the front for better hand grip. A modest bell, power button, and assistance level controls are located on the handlebar.

ESKUTE Neptuno Plus Review: controls

The screen, situated in the center, provides basic information such as speed, assistance level, and battery status. However, it’s relatively small and challenging to read on sunny days. The right side of the handlebar houses the shifter for easy gear adjustments.

ESKUTE Neptuno Plus Review: Saddle

During a quick test ride, the user demonstrates how the bike operates. The power button, held for about three seconds, activates the screen, allowing the rider to select from five assistance levels. Despite the limited visibility of the screen on sunny days, the bike swiftly responds to pedaling, providing an enjoyable and assisted riding experience.

ESKUTE Neptuno Plus Review: Design and Build Quality

So, the ESKUTE Neptuno Plus impresses with its attractive design, functional components, and overall ease of use. While there are some considerations, such as the comfort of the seat and visibility of the screen, the bike offers a solid riding experience with reliable features for both novice and experienced riders.

ESKUTE Neptuno Plus: Motor and Driving Test

The ESKUTE Neptuno Plus is equipped with a 250-watt motor located in the rear wheel, providing a reliable source of power for your rides. Out of the box, the bike complies with all U regulations, making it legal for road use in the European Union. While the bike does not come with a throttle by default, it adheres to legal e-bike regulations, allowing riders to legally navigate roads without the need for additional modifications.

ESKUTE Neptuno Plus Review: SHIMANO 7 Speed

The 250-watt motor demonstrates its strength particularly well on flat roads, effortlessly propelling the bike at a top speed of 25 km/h when utilizing the motor assistance. Pedaling on even terrain feels smooth and requires minimal effort, making it a pleasant experience for riders. The bike’s compliance with EU regulations ensures that it can be ridden legally on designated bike-friendly roads.

In a demonstration of the bike’s uphill performance, the user showcases its capabilities in the first gear and assistance level five. The bike handles a steep incline with the assistance of the motor, but it becomes evident that more effort is needed compared to bikes with higher wattage motors, such as 750 watts.

ESKUTE Neptuno Plus Review: on the road or driving test

The key distinction between the ESKUTE Neptuno Plus and the entry-level Neptuno bike lies in the inclusion of a torque sensor in the former. This represents a significant upgrade as compared to the speed sensor present in the less expensive model. The torque sensor enhances the overall biking experience by responding to the rider’s pedal force, providing power that corresponds to the effort applied.

Having a torque sensor offers a more intuitive and natural riding feel, as the bike responds to the rider’s input in a manner similar to a traditional bike. When you push the pedal, the bike delivers power immediately, and it adjusts the power output according to the force applied. This feature contributes to a smoother and more responsive ride, making the Neptuno Plus feel closer to the experience of riding a regular bicycle.

ESKUTE Neptuno Plus Review: on the road or driving test

During the road test, the user notes the audible presence of a clunking noise inside the frame when traversing bumps. While this noise is more pronounced when riding over uneven terrain, it’s largely absent on flat roads. The torque sensor, on the other hand, operates silently, enhancing the overall riding experience without introducing any disruptive sounds.

The shifter on the Neptuno Plus is praised for its effective performance, contributing to the bike’s overall functionality. As the user encounters a hill during the ride, they emphasize the need to pedal with effort on inclines, as the bike’s power delivery may be less potent when climbing hills. This characteristic aligns with the bike’s design, where the torque sensor responds to the rider’s input, requiring more effort when facing uphill challenges.

ESKUTE Neptuno Plus Review: on the road or driving test

To showcase the braking capabilities of the Neptuno Plus, the user performs a brake test from a speed of approximately 25 km/h. The brakes prove effective, providing sufficient stopping power for the bike’s capabilities. The ability to lock the wheels adds an extra layer of control for riders.

Battery and Range

The aesthetic appeal of the ESKUTE Neptuno Plus is complemented by the thoughtfully integrated battery pack located within the frame. While it may not boast the highest capacity among electric bikes, the design is deemed suitable for the Neptuno Plus. The integration of the battery pack into the frame not only adds to the bike’s sleek appearance but also allows for convenient removal.

ESKUTE Neptuno Plus Review: Removable Internal Lithium-ion 48V, 15Ah (720Wh)

One notable feature is the ability to detach the battery pack, providing users with the flexibility to charge it separately. This means you can conveniently take the battery pack indoors or to any desired location for charging, eliminating the need to bring the entire bike to a charging outlet. The integration and removable aspect of the battery contribute to the bike’s practicality and user-friendly design.

According to the manufacturer, the Neptuno Plus offers a range of approximately 65 km on a single charge. However, the user’s experience suggests that the actual range may vary based on usage patterns. When utilizing assistance levels four or five, where less effort is exerted during pedaling, the user estimates a range of around 30 km on a single charge. It’s essential to consider factors such as temperature, riding conditions, rider weight, and other variables that may impact the overall range.

ESKUTE Neptuno Plus Review: Mechanical Disc Brakes, 160mm Rotors

In practical terms, the 30 km range aligns with the user’s personal experience, providing a realistic expectation for riders who opt for higher assistance levels. This range should be sufficient for many urban and suburban commuting needs, making the Neptuno Plus a viable option for short to moderate-distance rides.

ESKUTE Neptuno Plus: Conclusions

In summary, the ESKUTE Neptuno Plus stands out not only for its appealing design but also for its commendable build quality. The bike’s aesthetics surpass many other mountain e-bikes, making it a visually appealing choice. The utilization of reputable brand name tires adds to the overall build quality, ensuring a reliable performance on both regular and unpaved roads.

ESKUTE Neptuno Plus Review

The inclusion of a torque sensor is a noteworthy feature, enhancing the pedaling experience and bringing it closer to that of a traditional bike. This model, with its torque sensor, offers a more intuitive and natural riding feel, making it a preferable choice over the regular Neptuno model. While there is also a pro model at a higher price point, the Neptuno Plus strikes a balance, providing desirable features without the additional cost.

The bike’s versatility is highlighted by the effectiveness of the tires over various terrains, suggesting that it can handle both regular roads and off-road adventures. The torque sensor’s performance and the overall design make the Neptuno Plus a compelling choice for those seeking an electric mountain bike.

ESKUTE Neptuno Plus Review: Design and Build Quality

So, the ESKUTE Neptuno Plus offers a blend of style, functionality, and performance that makes it a standout choice in the e-bike market. Whether for urban commuting or off-road exploration, this model delivers a satisfying riding experience. Thank you for watching, and stay tuned for more reviews in the future.

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