Navee S65C Review: Is This Ultimate Off-Road E-Scooter?


Welcome to Avis Express for the test of the Navee S65C. You may have already seen the test of the Navee S65 on my blog, which is equivalent to the Xiaomi 4 Ultra.

The regular price of this product is $899.00, but it is currently on sale for $799.00. This represents a significant discount, providing customers with an opportunity to save $100.00 on their purchase. This limited-time offer makes it an excellent time to consider buying this product, as you can enjoy both quality and savings.

It hints at the scooter’s aesthetics, stability, and compliance with French regulations, intriguing your audience and encouraging them to continue watching or reading to learn more about its features and performance.

Motor Rated Power450W
MAX Motor Power900W
Maximum Speed20 MPH(25km/h)
Tires Type10"self-sealing tubeless tyre
Water ResistanceIP55
Max Slope22%
Suspension Type‎Dual Suspension
Brake Style‎Drum Brakes + Rear E-AB
Battery Capacity540Wh
Maximum Range40 Miles Range(65km)
Item Weight‎27 Kilograms
Max Load265 lbs (120 kg)

Design and Build Quality

The Navee S65C electric scooter, designed and produced by Navee, offers an exceptional combination of design and build quality that sets it apart in the world of electric scooters. While Xiaomi, the parent company, is renowned for its smartphones, Navee has applied its expertise to create a scooter that stands out in terms of design, construction, and performance.

Navee S65C Review: Design and Build Quality

One of the first things that catch your eye when you look at the Navee S65C is its spacious deck. The deck is impressively large, providing ample space for riders to position their feet in parallel comfortably. Even those with big shoes will find plenty of room to stand securely. This design feature is not only practical but also enhances the overall riding experience by offering stability and comfort.

The build quality of the Navee S65C is a testament to precision and durability. It is constructed using high-quality aluminum alloy, which not only adds to its strength but also keeps the scooter relatively lightweight. The welding on this scooter is a standout feature; it showcases meticulous craftsmanship with extreme finesse. Unlike some scooters where welds may appear coarse and less refined, Navee has gone the extra mile to ensure that the welds are seamless and almost invisible.

Navee S65C Review: driving test

This scooter boasts a full suspension setup, with both front and rear suspensions. This dual-suspension system provides an unparalleled level of riding comfort and control. The scooter glides smoothly over uneven terrain, offering a ride quality that is hard to match. Whether you’re cruising on city streets or tackling rougher roads, the S65C’s suspension system ensures a comfortable and stable ride.

The Navee S65C is designed to accommodate a wide range of riders. While French regulations prohibit carrying more than one person on an electric scooter, the S65C can handle a solid weight capacity of up to 120 kilograms. This impressive weight limit is made possible thanks to the robust construction and high-quality materials used in its production.

Navee S65C Review: Design and Build Quality

So, the Navee electric scooter is a testament to the fusion of design aesthetics and top-tier build quality. Navee’s attention to detail, particularly in the welding and suspension systems, sets this scooter apart as a premium option in the electric scooter market. With its spacious deck, durable aluminum alloy structure, and exceptional suspension system, the Navee S65C delivers a riding experience that’s hard to rival, making it an excellent choice for riders seeking both style and substance in their electric scooters.

Navee S65C: Motor

The heart of the electric scooter, the Navee S65C, is its powerful 450-watt motor, which can peak at an impressive 900 watts when you need that extra burst of speed or climbing power. This motor is intelligently positioned in the rear, offering enhanced traction and stability, especially when tackling steep inclines. With this setup, you can confidently conquer challenging terrains and steep hills with ease.

Navee S65C Review: driving test

One noteworthy feature of the Navee S65C is its integrated magnetic brake. This magnetic brake not only contributes to the scooter’s ability to handle steep climbs but also provides precise and reliable braking performance. It enhances rider safety by ensuring that you can bring the scooter to a controlled stop when needed, even when navigating downhill slopes.

The scooter features large 10-inch tubeless tires with a self-repairing design. While you may not have had the opportunity to test them firsthand, these tires are engineered to minimize the risk of punctures. Inside the tires, there’s a special gel membrane that acts as a protective barrier against punctures. This membrane is designed to absorb small punctures and maintain tire pressure, reducing the hassle of dealing with flat tires. This feature is particularly valuable for scooter riders, as changing tires can be quite cumbersome.

Navee S65C Review: display

Having tires that are virtually puncture-proof is a significant advantage for electric scooter users. It not only saves you the inconvenience of dealing with flat tires but also ensures that your scooter remains operational and reliable, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted rides.

Driving Test

The comfort and capabilities of the Navee S65C electric scooter are truly impressive and showcase the advancements in the world of electric scooters.

Navee S65C Review: driving test

One of the key features that contribute to the exceptional comfort of the Navee S65C is its suspension system. As you mentioned, the scooter’s suspension effectively absorbs road roughness, providing a smooth and comfortable ride. While it may not conquer every bump or cobblestone, it does an excellent job of ensuring a comfortable and stable ride on a variety of road surfaces.

The 10-inch tubeless tires play a significant role in enhancing comfort. These tires offer a good balance between shock absorption and stability. They provide a comfortable ride, even on uneven or bumpy terrain. The scooter’s design takes into account the need for rider comfort, and its spacious deck, coupled with the suspension and tire combination, ensures that you can enjoy a pleasant ride.

Navee S65C Review: driving test

Additionally, the scooter is well-suited for riders of varying heights, like yourself at 1m76 (176 cm). It offers good ground clearance, making it easy to navigate sidewalks and handle speed bumps. However, it’s important to be cautious of the mudguards, especially at the rear, to avoid any potential damage.

While the Navee S65C is rated to support a maximum weight of 120 kg, it’s worth noting that the scooter’s performance and comfort may vary depending on the rider’s weight. While it’s a testament to the scooter’s build quality, it’s important to consider that heavier riders may experience slightly reduced performance, especially when using the suspension system.

Navee S65C Review: driving test

The scooter’s motorization is a critical component of its capabilities. With a 450-watt motor, which can peak at 900 watts in certain situations, the Navee S65C offers impressive acceleration and the ability to climb steep hills. Its sport mode allows for speeds of up to 25 km/h, which is more than sufficient for urban commuting and recreational riding. The scooter’s motor power is well-matched to its intended use, offering a balance between performance and efficiency.

It’s interesting to note Navee’s strategy in motor power compared to other brands like Xiaomi. Navee has carefully calibrated the motor power for each model to ensure optimal performance, and the S65C fits nicely into their lineup with its 450-watt motor.

Battery and Range

The scooter is equipped with a generous 15Ah battery, located within the deck. This is a noticeable upgrade compared to the S65C, which had a 12.8Ah battery. Even when compared to the Xiaomi 4 Ultra, which had a 12Ah battery, the Navee S65C surpasses its predecessor.

Navee S65C Review: driving test

The larger battery capacity directly translates to an extended range for the Navee S65C. In practical terms, this means that you can enjoy longer rides without worrying about running out of power. While you were able to cover approximately 35 kilometers with the S65C, the Navee S65C offers a substantial boost in range.

With the S65C, you can confidently expect to cover up to 40 kilometers on a single charge in real-world conditions. This extended range is a significant advantage, especially for commuters or riders who enjoy longer journeys. It allows you to explore more of your city or travel greater distances without the need for frequent recharging.

Navee S65C Review: driving test

Another noteworthy aspect of the Navee S65C’s battery performance is its ability to maintain consistent power and speed throughout the battery’s life cycle. You can continue to ride at speeds of up to 25 km/h throughout the entire battery charge, ensuring that you get the most out of each ride. This consistency is crucial for riders who rely on their electric scooters for daily commuting or regular use.


Overall, the Navee S65C electric scooter represents a high-end product that builds upon the already impressive S65 model. The differences between these two scooters are subtle, with a slight preference for the design of the S65, featuring more pronounced elements and reflections. However, these distinctions remain largely symbolic, as both models share many core features.

Navee S65C Review

Both the S65 and S65C offer an equally comfortable and smooth riding experience. They share the same travel, suspension, and shock absorption capacity, making them ideal choices for various road conditions. The inclusion of tubeless tires further enhances their performance, offering stability and comfort.

The minor upgrade of the S65C’s motor by 50 watts doesn’t significantly impact the top speed of 25 km/h, as both scooters adhere to speed limits. The real differentiator is the S65C’s impressive autonomy, providing approximately 40 kilometers on a single charge compared to the S65’s 35 kilometers.

Navee S65C Review: driving test

However, there are a few areas for improvement. The mudguard positioning, while not a major issue, could be adjusted to prevent potential contact with sidewalks. Additionally, a longer travel on the suspension would be appreciated, especially for riders with higher weights.

So, the Navee S65C is a superb e-scooter with a reputable brand behind it, offering reliability and a strong warranty. If you’re in the market for a high-quality electric scooter with an extended range, the S65C is an excellent choice. Don’t hesitate to explore its price through the provided link in the description. Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for more tests and reviews.

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