Happy Run Tank G60 Review: How Comfortable Is This E-bike?


Ladies and gentlemen, gear up for an electrifying revelation as we introduce the Happy Run Tank G60—an e-bike that’s about to redefine your riding experience. This isn’t just any e-bike; it’s a powerful beast that packs a punch with a 750-watt rear hub motor, ready to be unleashed to its full potential at 1500 watts.

The Happy Run Tank G60 is a trailblazer in the world of electric fat tire e-bikes. With its 750-watt rear hub motor, which can be unlocked to a staggering 1500 watts, it promises an unparalleled level of power and performance. This means you’re not just going for a ride; you’re embarking on an adventure that’s bound to get your adrenaline pumping.

This beast is not just about power; it’s about longevity too. With an 18 amp-hour battery, the Happy Run Tank G60 ensures that you have the staying power to go the extra mile, and then some. Whether you’re cruising through city streets or conquering rugged terrain, this bike promises to keep you going, ensuring that your journey is as thrilling as it is enduring.

As we explore the Happy Run Tank G60, you might notice a familiar frame design—it shares a similarity with the iconic Super 73. This frame design not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also pays homage to a renowned name in the e-biking world. 

Today, we embark on an exciting journey as we unbox the Happy Run Tank G60, an electric bike that promises to redefine our riding experience. Let’s dive into the unboxing process and explore the hidden treasures within.

Frame Material‎Chromoly Steel
Motor750-watt rear hub motor
Wheel Size‎20 Inches
Suspension Type‎Front,Rear
Brake StyleHydraulic disc brake
Lithium Battery Energy Content‎48V 18AH
Item Weight‎75 Pounds
Package Weight‎93 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH‎63 x 5 x 45 inches


As we eagerly open the box, we’re met with a sense of anticipation and excitement. The Happy Run Tank G60 is packed with care, ensuring that every component arrives in pristine condition. The packaging itself is a testament to the attention to detail put into this bike.

Design and Build Quality

When it comes to the design and build quality of the Happy Run Tank G60, it’s immediately apparent that this electric bike is a work of art and engineering excellence. From the moment you lay eyes on it, you’re drawn into a world of innovation and craftsmanship.

Happy Run Tank G60 Design and Build Quality

The frame of the Tank G60 is nothing short of incredible. Made from Chromoly steel, it strikes a perfect balance between strength and weight. What’s truly remarkable is the frame’s unique square-shaped tubing, which not only adds to its robustness but also lends a distinct and eye-catching aesthetic. The frame geometry is thoughtfully designed, with appealing proportions that make the bike stand out from the crowd.

The attention to detail is evident in the color scheme. The matching seat and two-tone wheels add a touch of sharpness to the overall look. The coordinated design creates a harmonious visual appeal that leaves a lasting impression.

Happy Run Tank G60 Design and Build Quality

The Happy Run Tank G60 is no lightweight when it comes to specifications. Weighing in at 75 pounds, it’s a substantial machine built for power and performance. In comparison to the Idea Trooper, it’s notably longer and larger in frame size, with the seat and handlebars positioned higher for a commanding presence on the road.

One of the standout features of this bike is its dual suspension system. While it offers an impressive amount of travel, providing a smooth and comfortable ride, it’s important to note that there may be a slight squeak or noise. However, this can easily be remedied with some lubrication. What’s particularly noteworthy is the adjustability of the suspension. You can fine-tune it to your liking, making it suitable for riders of varying heights and weights. The option to upgrade to a more advanced suspension system like the Super Sentry RX is also a fantastic bonus.

Happy Run Tank G60 dual suspension system

The Happy Run Tank G60 boasts a standard drive with a big chainring that prevents chain slippage. While the seven-speed cassette may be considered entry-level, it provides room for future upgrades, ensuring the bike can evolve with your riding needs.

Safety is paramount, and the hydraulic brakes on this bike deliver. With large and wide brake pads and 160mm rotors, they perform exceptionally well, providing reliable stopping power when you need it most.

Happy Run Tank G60 comparison

The square frame design is a standout feature, not only for its aesthetics but also for its functionality. The extra thickness adds to the bike’s durability and visual appeal. Additionally, the frame design allows for ample space, making it an ideal choice for those who want to upgrade to a larger battery for extended rides.

The seat, while comfortable for shorter rides, could benefit from more padding and a rounded shape for longer journeys. The handlebars are reminiscent of the Super 73, offering a comfortable and adjustable riding position.

Happy Run Tank G60 Design and Build Quality

The Happy Run impresses with its thoughtful details. Wire management is clean and well-executed, giving the bike a polished appearance. The addition of a pocket on the frame is a convenient touch for storing small items.

Handlebar and Controls

Let’s dive deeper into the Happy Run Tank G60’s components and features to gain a better understanding of what this electric bike has to offer.

Happy Run Tank G60 driving test

Starting with the handlebar grips, it’s evident that they are of a more budget-friendly variety. These grips do not offer much in terms of comfort or grip. They can be slippery, especially if your hands are on the smaller side. Replacing these grips with a more ergonomic and comfortable option is something you may consider to enhance your riding experience.

Moving on to the console, it boasts a straightforward and minimalistic design. It features a voltage indicator and a key ignition system. To power on the bike, you simply flip the switch, making the process extremely simple and user-friendly. The display is clear and legible, even in direct sunlight, ensuring you can easily monitor your ride’s data.

Happy Run Tank G60 Review: Handlebar and Controls

One unique feature of this bike is the inclusion of turn signals. When activated, the turn signals are not only displayed on the console but also on the back of the bike, providing added safety when making turns. It’s worth noting that these turn signals do not turn off automatically, so you’ll need to remember to switch them off after your turn.

The rear light on the Happy Run Tank G60 is a compact yet bright addition to the bike. Its effectiveness will be tested in nighttime conditions. Additionally, the scene light, which notifies those around you of your presence, adds an extra layer of safety. You can activate both the rear light and the scene light simultaneously, which is a useful feature for emergency situations.

Happy Run Tank G60 Review: display

The front light on this bike is compact but emits a powerful beam. Its performance will be assessed in low-light conditions.

The horn on the Happy Run Tank G60 is loud and attention-grabbing, enhancing your safety on the road.

Happy Run Tank G60 Review: Handlebar and Controls

The bike offers three levels of pedal assist, allowing you to choose the level of assistance that suits your riding style and terrain. The Shimano shifter is standard and does the job effectively.

The twist throttle on this bike is responsive and offers precise control. It returns to the default position when released, providing a smooth experience. However, as mentioned before, the grip on the throttle is on the small side and can be slippery, which may require an upgrade for better comfort and control.

Happy Run Tank G60 Review: rear light

The console provides essential information such as voltage and mileage. It’s important to note that the bike does not save trip data when turned off. Instead, it only displays the total mileage covered since the bike was purchased.


One notable feature of this bike is that the front light is always on, providing continuous visibility, regardless of the time of day. This ensures that you are seen by others on the road, enhancing safety. When you pull the spot on the main light, you’re greeted with an impressive display of power. The light emits a powerful beam that is both wide and far-reaching, making it ideal for various riding conditions.

Happy Run Tank G60 Review: front light

The brightness of the front light is truly impressive. It throws a substantial amount of light, creating a wide spill that effectively illuminates your immediate surroundings. Additionally, it reaches far ahead, allowing you to see clearly in the distance. This is especially valuable when riding at night or in low-light conditions.

Rain or shine, the Happy Run Tank G60’s lighting system is designed to perform. Even in wet conditions, the front light continues to function reliably, ensuring your safety when the weather takes a turn for the worse. The bike’s ability to maintain visibility during rainy rides adds an extra layer of confidence for the rider.

Happy Run Tank G60 Design and Build Quality

The rear light is equally impressive, offering excellent brightness. This ensures that you remain visible to vehicles approaching from behind, contributing to your safety on the road.

While the front and rear lights shine brightly, it’s worth noting that the brake light may not be as powerful as expected. In particular, the brake light is described as “Tiny,” which may affect its visibility, especially in broad daylight. A more powerful brake light is crucial for alerting others to your sudden stops, and this is an area where some improvement could enhance safety during daytime riding.

Happy Run Tank G60: Motor

Happy Run Tank G60 driving test

Happy Run Tank G60’s 750-watt rear hub motor with the capability to deliver 1500 watts of power is a game-changer in the world of electric bikes. It combines efficiency, reliability, and exhilarating performance to provide riders with an outstanding experience. Whether you’re commuting, exploring, or simply enjoying the thrill of the ride, this motor ensures that you have the power you need when you need it, all while maintaining a level of versatility that makes it an ideal companion for any adventure.

Driving Test

The Happy Run Tank G60 offers an impressive range of speed levels, catering to a variety of riding preferences and scenarios. Let’s take a closer look at these three speed levels and how they affect your riding experience.

Happy Run Tank G60 driving test

The first speed level on this model is all about gentle acceleration. It eases you into your ride with a mild and gradual start. This level of acceleration is perfect for those looking for a relaxed and leisurely pace. It tops out at a comfortable 13 miles per hour, making it ideal for casual rides where you want to take in the scenery without rushing.

Moving up to the second speed level, you’ll find a similarly gradual acceleration profile. There are no abrupt jerks or hard pulls here. Instead, it offers a soft and user-friendly experience, making it accessible to riders of all skill levels. This level comfortably reaches speeds of 23 miles per hour, which is a great compromise between speed and stability. It allows you to cruise at a pace that’s perfect for most urban and suburban environments.

Happy Run Tank G60 Design and Build Quality

Now, for those seeking the thrill of maximum power, the third speed level comes into play. While advertised at a robust 1500 watts, the power delivery remains gradual and manageable. It doesn’t hit you like a sledgehammer; instead, it builds speed progressively. At its peak, this level can reach a top speed of 29 miles per hour, but with pedal assist, you can achieve even higher speeds, possibly 31 to 32 miles per hour depending on your weight. If you’re a lighter rider or pedal more actively, you may even push those boundaries further.

When it comes to conquering hills, the Happy Run Tank G60 handles the challenge with grace. On steeper inclines, it naturally slows down, maintaining a mild setting to conserve energy. However, when you engage in pedal-assisted riding and put in a bit of effort, the motor responds by gradually increasing the speed. This means you can conquer hills with ease, achieving speeds of 23 to 24 miles per hour or even more with some determination.

Battery and Range

The Happy Run Tank G60’s battery is a powerhouse with an 18 amp-hour capacity, providing an astounding 864-watt-hour capacity. This robust battery capacity means you can expect long rides without the worry of running out of power too quickly.

Happy Run Tank G60 battery

During testing, the bike’s performance was notable. Even when using the maximum third speed level solely on the throttle, the battery demonstrated excellent endurance. At the 21-mile mark, the rider decided to switch to pedal assist, engaging in casual riding with speeds ranging from 17 to 25 miles per hour. It’s important to note that the rider’s weight was 225 pounds.

Despite the rider’s weight and the continuous use of the bike’s power, an impressive range of 29.6 miles was achieved. This showcases the efficiency and capacity of the battery, allowing for extended rides before needing a recharge.

Happy Run Tank G60 driving test

The charger that accompanies the Happy Run Tank G60 is of good quality and well-made. It is not only reliable but also compact, making it easy to transport and store when not in use. The charger operates at 54.6 volts and draws 2 amps, which is a standard and efficient charging rate. This means that your battery will be replenished efficiently without taking up much time, ensuring that you can get back on the road sooner.


Quality-wise, within its price range, the Happy Run Tank G60 delivers an outstanding package that’s hard to fault. It offers exceptional value for money, providing a comprehensive set of features that make it a compelling choice for e-bike enthusiasts.

Happy Run Tank G60 Design and Build Quality

The Happy Run Tank G60 offers an incredible deal, providing a wide range of features and capabilities for its price. It’s a cost-effective option for those seeking a versatile electric bike.

The bike’s design and frame are robust and well-suited for future upgrades. Expanding options, such as a larger battery or a more powerful motor, could make this bike even more appealing to riders seeking higher speeds and extended range.

Happy Run Tank G60 Review: display

The Happy Run Tank G60 stands out with its unique frame design, setting it apart from other e-bikes. It combines style with functionality, making it an eye-catching choice.

For riders on a budget who appreciate the Super 73 style, this bike is a fantastic alternative. It’s significantly more affordable than some comparable models, offering excellent quality and components for the price.

Happy Run Tank G60 driving test

So, the Happy Run Tank G60 is an impressive e-bike that balances performance, affordability, and style. With a few minor improvements and the potential for future upgrades, it’s a bike that offers both a great starting point and room to grow for riders looking to embark on electrifying adventures. If you’re seeking a budget-friendly Super 73-style e-bike, the Tank G60 is definitely worth considering. Thank you for reading, and be sure to share this fantastic deal with others who might be interested in this remarkable e-bike. See you on your next ride!

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