Nakto F2 Review: Budget-Friendly Classic E-bike 2024!


The Nakto F2 electric bike is positioned as a more budget-friendly alternative with a striking resemblance to the Super 73, but at a fraction of the price. At the time of the recording, the F2 is priced around $1,100, significantly lower than the Super 73, which typically comes in at around $3,000. This substantial difference in cost sparks curiosity about how the F2 performs and what features it offers.

A notable distinction highlighted in the comparison is the rear suspension. The Nakto F2 boasts full suspension on the rear part of the ebike, a feature that some Super 73 models priced at $3,000 lack. This becomes a significant point of interest, as it positions the Nakto F2 as an attractive option for those seeking a more affordable electric bike without compromising on certain features.


I acknowledge that expectations shouldn’t be excessively high, given the lower price point. However, the presence of rear suspension, a comfortable-looking seat, and other features piques my interest, prompting an exploration of the bike’s capabilities.

The emphasis on value for money is evident as the Nakto F2 aims to deliver key features found in higher-priced models at a more accessible cost. The review sets the stage for an in-depth examination of the bike’s performance and features, inviting viewers to join in assessing whether the F2 lives up to its promise as a cost-effective alternative to pricier electric bikes in the market.

FrameNakto steel frame
Motor52Nm / 500W motor
Drive Mode5-level Pedal-assist and thumb Throttle
BrakesZoom, front and rear disc brake, steel
TypesKenda or CST, 20x 4"
FrontlightLED Light
HandlebarsHi-rise crusier bar, aluminium alloy, 29.1" width
ForkTrama 82B sprung fork, 60mm travel
DisplayM6 display
Rear DerailleurShimano, RD-TZ50-GS
BatteryTianneng 48V/16A

Design and Build Quality

The Nakto F2 boasts a design and build quality that caters to comfort and versatility, making it suitable for various terrains. One standout feature is its fat tires, measuring 4 inches by 20 inches. These fat tires not only add a rugged and stylish appeal to the bike but also contribute to a comfortable riding experience. They excel in providing stability on gravel roads and enhance off-road capabilities by effectively absorbing bumps and shocks.

Nakto F2 Review: Design and Build Quality

The inclusion of both front and rear suspension further contributes to the bike’s ability to handle rough terrain. The front suspension ensures a smoother ride by absorbing impacts, while the rear suspension, although slightly less responsive, still plays a role in maintaining overall comfort. Despite a bit of creakiness in the suspension, the bike delivers a relatively smooth ride, even when traversing grassy areas.

Nakto F2 Review: Trama 82B sprung fork, 60mm travel

Examining the handlebar setup, the grip pads stand out for their quality. Unlike typical plastic grips, these pads feature a different material, offering a more comfortable and premium feel. The right-handed thumb throttle provides intuitive control, complemented by a six-speed Shimano shifter for versatile riding options.

Nakto F2 Review: Design and Build Quality

The control panel adds to the user-friendly experience with a clear and informative display. Showing essential metrics such as battery life, speed, pedal assist level, and odometer readings, the display is easy to read and navigate. The addition of a bright LED headlight enhances visibility during low-light conditions.

Nakto F2 Review: Kenda or CST, 20x 4"

However, a minor drawback is the absence of rear tail lights, leaving the back of the bike without adequate illumination. The horn, while loud, serves as a valuable safety feature in urban or traffic settings.

Nakto F2 Review: controls

In terms of brakes, the Nakto F2 opts for mechanical brakes over hydraulic ones, a common choice in this price range. While hydraulic brakes are preferred for their superior feel, mechanical brakes still perform effectively, providing reliable stopping power.

Nakto F2 Review: Shimano, RD-TZ50-GS

An interesting feature to note is the switch on the bottom of the battery, adding a layer of control over the bike’s operation. Ensuring it’s in the correct position while riding and charging is essential for optimal performance, though the bike will still operate even if the switch is not correctly set.

Nakto F2 Review: Hi-rise crusier bar, aluminium alloy, 29.1" width

A notable convenience is the lack of a key requirement for operating the bike, a departure from other models that demand a key for regular use. The key is only necessary for battery removal, simplifying the riding experience.

So, the Nakto F2 impresses with its thoughtful design, incorporating comfort-enhancing features, intuitive controls, and practical elements for an enjoyable and hassle-free electric biking experience.

Nakto F2: Driving Test

The pedaling experience on the Nakto F2 is described as satisfactory, with no significant issues reported. However, some caution is advised when using gear one, as the chain proximity to the tire may pose a concern. Riding in higher gears (level five or six) is a common practice, especially on an ebike, providing more resistance and therefore better control.

Nakto F2 Review: on the road or driving test

The electric-assist feature of the bike is highlighted, offering a top speed of 28 mph. When using the throttle, riders can expect a smooth and gradual acceleration, avoiding sudden jolts. The bike exhibits ample torque, contributing to a natural and comfortable feel regardless of the chosen pedal assist level.

In terms of handling, the F2 is noted as nimble, although it may feel slightly larger due to its weight of around 80 lbs. Despite the weight, the bike is showcased in playful scenarios like jumps, demonstrating its versatility and potential for various riding styles.

Nakto F2 Review: on the road or driving test

One suggestion for improvement is the rearrangement of control panels. I propose swapping the placement of the headlight and horn controls with the pedal assist level dials for easier access. This adjustment aims to enhance user convenience during rides.

The bike’s design accommodates a second rider with its large seat, making it suitable for tandem rides. While it lacks pegs, I mentioned the option to attach them for additional comfort. The bike’s generous weight capacity of 400 lbs further emphasizes its versatility in accommodating riders of varying sizes.

Nakto F2 Review: on the road or driving test

I express satisfaction with the suspension system, emphasizing its smooth and comfortable feel during rides. The overall design of the Nakto is praised for its cool and trendy appearance, particularly the all-black aesthetic.  I humorously likens the experience to being “like Batman” with the sleek, blacked-out design.


While the Nakto F2 is advertised to achieve an impressive 60 miles of range on a single charge, I suggest that achieving the full range may be challenging when consistently using the throttle. The continuous use of the throttle, especially when navigating hilly terrain, can significantly impact the overall range.

Nakto F2 Review: Tianneng 48V/16A battery

I estimate that under more aggressive riding conditions, such as full-on throttling and tackling challenging inclines, the actual range may fall closer to 25 miles. It’s important to note that aggressive riding styles, which demand higher energy consumption, can lead to a shorter distance covered per charge.

Nakto F2 Review: on the road or driving test

However, I also acknowledge the potential for achieving the advertised higher range of 60 miles under more conservative riding practices. If the rider adopts a more moderate and energy-efficient approach, avoiding constant use of the throttle and navigating less demanding terrains, they may come closer to experiencing the bike’s maximum range.

Nakto F2: Conclusions

In the end, the Nakto F2 electric bike offers a unique and enjoyable riding experience, blending comfort, versatility, and a trendy design. Despite some noted shortcomings, such as a potential issue with gear shifting, the overall satisfaction with the bike remains high.

Nakto F2 Review

A peculiar occurrence was highlighted during the review, where shifting between gears 5 and 6 seemed to pose challenges, with the possibility of skipping a gear. While this shifting concern was identified as a bit wonky, it didn’t overshadow the positive aspects of the bike.

With a price point of $1,100, the Nakto F2 is lauded as a value-for-money option, providing an entertaining and functional ride. The bike’s smooth acceleration, comfortable suspension, and sleek design contribute to its appeal.

Nakto F2 Review: Design and Build Quality

For those intrigued by the Nakto F2, I offer a link in the description for further exploration or purchase. Expressing gratitude for the viewership, the video concludes with an invitation to catch future reviews, leaving a positive impression of the F2 as a fun and affordable choice in the electric bike market.


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