AMYET G60 Review: Fat Tire BMX Style and Café Style E-bike!


Ladies and gentlemen, gearheads, and e-bike enthusiasts, today we’re diving into the world of another remarkable electric bike – the AMYET G60. This e-bike, often referred to as a Fat Tire BMX Style, Café Style, or even Moped Style electric bike, has been creating quite a buzz in the electric mobility world. In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at this two-wheeled wonder.

The G60 is available in two battery versions – the 20 amp-hour and the 25 amp-hour. For our exploration today, we have the 20 amp-hour version in our spotlight. What’s even more exciting is its price point, currently sitting at around $950, making it an attractive and affordable option for those seeking a stylish, high-performance e-bike.


At first glance, the G60 exudes a Café-Style or Moped-Style aesthetic. Its design is reminiscent of the trendy Super 73 e-bikes but at a fraction of the cost. This e-bike stands as a testament to the ever-evolving world of electric bicycles, offering riders a unique blend of style, power, and affordability.

With our introduction complete, we’re ready to embark on this journey with the AMYET G60. Whether you’re considering this e-bike for your next adventure or simply curious about the ever-expanding world of electric bicycles, you’re in for an exciting ride. Join us as we explore the AMYET and uncover what makes it a compelling choice in the world of Café-Style e-bikes.

Material‎Alloy Steel
Motor Power750W
Max Speed30-50km/h
DerailleurShimano 7 Speed
Tire Size20 x 4.0 inch off road fat tire
BrakeDouble disc brake
Battery48V 20AH/25AH
Maximum mileage40-60KM
Charge Time6-7h
Bike Size1630 x 720 x 1100MM
Maximum Weight‎330 Pounds

Unboxing and Assembly

Unboxing and assembling a new e-bike is an exciting process, and the AMYET G60 promises to offer a unique experience right from the start. In this guide, we will take you through the unboxing and assembly of the G60 e-bike, highlighting some distinctive features that set it apart from the norm.

AMYET G60 Review: Unboxing and Assembly

Upon receiving your G60 e-bike, you’ll notice that the packaging is a bit different from what you might expect. Unlike most e-bikes, the front wheel is positioned between the forks, which is an unusual but intriguing choice by AMYET. 

One of the first assembly steps you’ll encounter is inflating the front tire. Surprisingly, the front tire is completely uninflated when you unbox the bike. To get your e-bike road-ready, you’ll need to inflate the tire to the recommended pressure. Fortunately, this is a straightforward task with a standard bicycle pump.

AMYET G60 Review: Unboxing and Assembly

Another distinctive feature of the AMYET G60 is that the front disc brake is not pre-installed. This means you’ll need to install the front disc brake yourself. While this may initially seem like a challenge, it’s a simple process that can be accomplished with basic tools. Just follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure it’s properly aligned and secured.

Interestingly, the AMYET G60 comes with the front headlight already installed. While this may seem convenient, it can be a bit tricky to install compared to the front disc brake. Ensure that the headlight is securely attached and properly aligned to provide you with optimal visibility during nighttime rides.

AMYET G60 Review: Unboxing and Assembly

The final step in the assembly process is installing the front fender. This is a standard component on most e-bikes, and it helps keep dirt and debris from splashing onto you while riding. Follow the provided instructions to attach the fender securely to the frame.

Design and Build Quality

The AMYET G60 e-bike offers a unique design and build quality that sets it apart in the world of budget e-bikes. In this review, we will delve into the key aspects of its design and construction, providing insights into its seating, suspension, wheels, tires, and frame.

AMYET G60 Review: Design and Build Quality

AMYET G60’s frame is constructed from what the manufacturer describes as a steel alloy. While not as lightweight as aluminum alloys, it provides durability and strength. The welds on the frame are well-executed, showcasing attention to detail in the manufacturing process. The frame is finished with a powder-coated black paint, which not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also contributes to its overall durability.

The e-bike comes equipped with mag wheels, which are known for their durability and strength. These wheels add to the overall aesthetics of the bike. The standard Chow Yang 20 by 4-inch fat tires with knobby treads are well-suited for off-road adventures. However, it’s essential to note that these tires tend to generate a significant amount of noise on roads. If you plan to primarily ride on streets, you might consider switching to quieter tires for a more pleasant urban riding experience.

AMYET G60 Review: Design and Build Quality

The AMYET G60 features a generously sized bench seat, allowing for a comfortable and relaxed riding experience. The design allows the rider to sit comfortably in the middle, with the possibility of accommodating a second person on the back. However, it’s worth noting that the padding on the seat is quite firm, which may affect long-term comfort during extended rides. Real-world comfort may vary, so it’s advisable to test the e-bike for an extended period to gauge its suitability.

The e-bike boasts dual suspension for a smoother ride. At the rear, there’s a substantial spring suspension designed to support the rear wheel. This type of suspension, often rated at around a thousand pounds, is common in budget e-bikes and effectively absorbs shocks from rough terrain.

AMYET G60 Review: seat

On the front, the G60 features a front fork suspension, which enhances ride comfort by dampening vibrations from uneven surfaces. However, it’s worth noting that there is no adjustment or lockout feature on the front fork, which may affect its performance on different terrains. The effectiveness of this suspension will become evident during actual riding.

One distinctive feature of the AMYET G60 is its retro-inspired aesthetics, including a large display and unique button layout. While some riders may appreciate this bold and distinctive look, others seeking a more understated or stealthy appearance may find it less appealing. The e-bike’s design certainly stands out and boldly announces its status as an electric bike.

AMYET G60 Review: standard 7 speed Shimano shifter

In terms of comparing the G60 to other café-style moped-style e-bikes, it holds its own in terms of speed, power, and overall performance. However, its firm bench seat and retro aesthetics might not suit everyone’s preferences. It’s essential to consider your specific riding needs and style when evaluating this e-bike in comparison to others in the same category.


The AMYET G60 e-bike not only offers an intriguing design and robust build quality but also boasts a feature-packed handlebar with a substantial display. In this section, we’ll explore the various components on the handlebar, including the display, throttle, buttons, and wire management.

AMYET G60 Review: controls

As you take a closer look at the handlebar, you’ll notice the presence of a prominent and sizable display that serves as the e-bike’s information hub. The display provides essential information such as speed, battery level, and pedal assist settings.

The G60’s display offers an impressive array of information. It prominently showcases your speedometer reading, making it easy to monitor your speed at a glance. Additionally, the display includes a voltage reading, giving you insight into your battery’s status. The display is backlit with a green LED, providing a retro and distinctive look.

AMYET G60 Review: display

On the right side of the handlebar, you’ll find a half-twist throttle, allowing you to control the e-bike’s acceleration smoothly. The half-twist design ensures ease of use while riding. The handlebar also features a set of buttons for various functions.

The handlebar features a headlight control, allowing you to switch the headlight on or off as needed. The headlight appears to provide a bright and reliable source of illumination for nighttime riding.

AMYET G60 Review: controls

You can activate the turn signals using latching switches conveniently located on the handlebar. These turn signals enhance your visibility and safety while making turns on the road.

The handlebar is equipped with a horn button, providing an audible warning to alert pedestrians and other road users.

AMYET G60 Review: front light

A green button labeled “S” on the handlebar controls the speed levels for pedal assist. You can easily adjust between three levels of pedal assistance to tailor your riding experience to your preferences.

The handlebar includes a standard seven-speed Shimano shifter for gear adjustments, offering a versatile range of gearing options for various terrains.

AMYET G60 Review: rear light

The e-bike’s wire management appears to be well-organized. Zip ties secure the cables neatly along the frame, ensuring a clean and tidy appearance. The numerous connectors for the various handlebar components are well-maintained, reducing clutter and potential interference.

The wiring route is designed to maintain a clean look, running through the frame and around the controller box, which is located under the seat. This thoughtful wire management helps maintain the e-bike’s aesthetics and ensures the reliability of its electrical components.

AMYET G60: Motor

Situated at the back of the AMYET G60 e-bike is a substantial 1000-watt motor, capable of delivering peak power of up to 1500 watts. This motor provides the necessary propulsion for the bike, making it suitable for a variety of terrains and riding conditions. Whether you’re tackling steep inclines or cruising along flat roads, this motor has the power to handle it with ease.

AMYET G60 Review: Driving Test

To complement the potent motor, the G60 is equipped with a seven-speed gear system, utilizing the Shimano shifting technology. This system allows riders to fine-tune their pedaling experience by selecting from seven different gear ratios. The gear range provides versatility, enabling riders to efficiently navigate varying terrains, from climbing hills to reaching top speeds on straightaways.

Whether you’re seeking exhilarating acceleration or smooth cruising at your preferred speed, the AMYET G60’s motor and gear system have you covered. This dynamic duo contributes significantly to the overall performance and versatility of the e-bike, making it an attractive choice for riders looking for power, speed, and adaptability in their electric bicycle.

Driving Test

After taking the AMYET G60 for a spin and exploring its various features, it’s time to share some riding impressions and thoughts on how it compares to other e-bikes, particularly those in the café-style moped category. In this section, we’ll cover speed tests, comfort, braking, and the overall riding experience.

AMYET G60 Review: Driving Test

During the test ride, the G60 exhibited its impressive performance capabilities. The bike’s pedal assist levels allowed for varying speeds, with level one providing a comfortable cruising pace of around 12 miles per hour. Level two and three progressively increased the speed, reaching up to 21 miles per hour on level three. When using the throttle alone, the e-bike achieved a top speed of around 28 miles per hour. While this falls slightly short of the advertised 30 miles per hour, it’s still a respectable speed for an e-bike with a 1000-watt motor.

The e-bike’s suspension system played a crucial role in ensuring a comfortable ride. The rear suspension effectively absorbed bumps and shocks, while the front suspension contributed to a smooth ride, especially on uneven terrain. However, it’s worth noting that the bench seat, while comfortable for shorter rides, may become less so during extended journeys. Its firmness may pose a comfort challenge for riders planning extended, multi-hour rides.

AMYET G60 Review: Driving Test

The AMYET G60 is equipped with mechanical disc brakes, which provided adequate stopping power during the test ride. While hydraulic disc brakes are generally preferred for their superior performance, the mechanical brakes did the job effectively, ensuring a safe and controlled stop from full speed to zero. They are suitable for the e-bike’s weight and intended use.

The G60 e-bike offers a solid riding experience with respectable speed, a robust motor, and reliable mechanical disc brakes. While it may not be the ideal choice for those seeking a stealthy design or planning extended journeys, it provides a unique and bold option for riders who appreciate its retro-inspired aesthetics and want a powerful e-bike capable of reaching notable speeds. Ultimately, the G60’s performance and comfort are well-suited for shorter rides and urban commuting, making it a compelling choice in the under $1000 e-bike market.

Battery and Range

The AMYET G60 boasts a substantial 48-volt, 20-amp hour battery pack. This high-capacity battery is designed to provide ample energy for extended rides, offering both power and endurance for your cycling adventures. The large amp-hour rating signifies a significant energy reservoir, ensuring that you can tackle longer journeys without the worry of running out of power.

AMYET G60 Review: battery

The e-bike’s manufacturer estimates a range of between 30 and up to 80 miles, depending on your riding style and preferences. This range variation is based on whether you opt for full throttle, pedal assist, or a combination of both. Riding at full throttle is likely to yield a shorter range, while using pedal assist and going at a slower pace can significantly extend your journey. This flexibility allows you to tailor your ride to your desired distance and style.

The AMYET G60’s battery is conveniently removable, making it easy to charge or replace. Charging the battery is a straightforward process, thanks to the charging port located on the e-bike. This feature allows you to charge the battery both on and off the bike, providing flexibility in how you manage your power source.

AMYET G60 Review: Driving Test

To turn on the e-bike, there’s a dedicated on/off switch located on the battery. It’s important to note that you must turn on the battery for the e-bike to function. This switch serves as an additional safety feature and helps preserve battery life when the bike is not in use.

A convenient USB-A port is integrated into the battery system, allowing you to charge your electronic devices on the go. This feature can come in handy for keeping your smartphone or other gadgets powered during your rides, enhancing your overall cycling experience.

The battery also features a status LED that provides a visual indication of its operational state. This LED is accessible and functional when the battery is turned on, helping you monitor the battery’s status at a glance.


In this comprehensive review of the AMYET G60 e-bike, we’ve explored its design, build quality, battery system, handling, and overall riding experience. This e-bike offers a unique blend of features and performance, making it a strong contender in the electric bicycle market. Its 1000-watt motor, removable high-capacity battery, and versatile seven-speed gear system provide ample power and range for various riding scenarios.

AMYET G60 Review: Design and Build Quality

The bike’s retro-inspired aesthetics, including the large display and unique button layout, give it a bold and distinctive look, making it stand out in the crowd. However, it may not be the ideal choice for those seeking a more understated design.

During the test ride, the G60 showcased its ability to reach impressive speeds, although it fell slightly short of the advertised top speed. The comfort provided by the suspension system was notable, although the firm bench seat may pose challenges for extended rides.

AMYET G60 Review: Driving Test

Comparing the G60 to other café-style moped-style e-bikes, it holds its ground in terms of performance and aesthetics. It caters to riders looking for a powerful e-bike capable of achieving notable speeds while making a statement with its unique design.

Your support is greatly appreciated, and it helps the channel continue to provide valuable content for e-bike enthusiasts. Thank you for reading, and I look forward to discussing more exciting e-bike models in future reviews.


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