Lectric XP Trike: What Can You Expect From Inexpensive E-Bike?


With good cause, Lectric is one of the most well-known electric bike brands in the United States. When it comes to finding the ideal balance between functionality, affordability, and performance, the company always appears to hit the mark. In order to further improve the ownership experience, the company continually pays attention to what its customers are saying and releases new models and upgrades to its existing model line.

Lectric eBikes, an electric bike manufacturer based in Phoenix, has consistently led the electric bike market in terms of pricing. The business recently revealed that it is developing an electric trike that will be sold for an unbelievable cheap price. The Lectric XP Trike appears to be a new model in the XP range, according to badges on the three-wheeler.

Because of this, when I read in an Electrek article that Lectric was developing an electric tricycle with a utility-focused design, I knew I had to look into it further to see what I could find out. In fact, Levi Conlow, CEO of Lectric, shared a picture of the electric tricycle prototype on Facebook in the Lectric XP Ebike Owners Group. He writes in the post: “Hello, people! I’ve been working on a tricycle, and it’s finally finished enough for me to provide you a sneak peek! On Friday, January 13, the Lectric team will have additional specs to give.”

The Lectric XP Trike is very intriguing because it appears to offer much more than most other trikes, not simply because of its pricing.

For instance, the Lectric XP Trike employs a more advanced drivetrain for front wheel drive as opposed to a front hub motor. It has a differential axle with a centrally located motor that drives both rear wheels. It utilizes a distinctive engine that comprises a hub motor situated in the middle that is chained to an axle that drives both rear wheels. Additionally, said axle has a differential, which enables it to turn steadily.

The drive technique appears to have been a hub motor placed as a mid-drive motor, which is an uncommon but not entirely unusual one. It was made popular by the StokeMonkey, a highly regarded cargo e-bike system, and enables an affordable hub motor to perform like a significantly more expensive mid-drive motor.

Additionally, the Lectric XP Trike has hydraulic disc brakes in the front and back, which are a more expensive type of brake with better performance and less maintenance requirements.

True to Lectric’s reputation for absurdly low costs, the ultra-affordable e-trike is a great value. The Lectric XP Lite, the company’s most cheap e-bike, is a foldable e-bike with value that hasn’t been matched in the industry.

The company’s Lectric XP 3.0 e-bike, dual-passenger e-bike that outperforms all the other utility e-bikes we’ve seen thus far, follows the same logic.

Levi did not mention the voltage when he advertised the battery’s 14Ah capacity. The battery would have a healthy 672 Wh if it matches the 48V batteries in all of Lectric’s previous e-bikes. A foldable frame and hydraulic disc brakes with the rear brake mounted on the axle next to the drive gear are further features. Even while all of these features are great, the pricing is undoubtedly the biggest surprise. Lectric, however, significantly undercuts this at a price of just $1,499, whereas other electric trikes like the RadTrike will cost you close to $2,500.



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