CAKE Åik: Automated Shifting E-Bike and 223-Mile Range!


The Åik, which has many configuration options, is CAKE’s entry into the pedal-assisted e-bike market.

At CES 2023, CAKE has showcased its newest heavy-duty electric two-wheeler. The CAKE Åik, however, is an electric bicycle with pedals, unlike the company’s electric motorbikes and scooters that came before it. However, don’t assume that this e-bike isn’t up for any challenging job.

Many of you who enjoy riding electric two-wheelers must be familiar with CAKE. I don’t mean the pastry by the name CAKE; I mean the Swedish producer of electric motorcycles. The company has produced what are regarded as lightweight electric motorcycles and mopeds during the past few years.

The CAKE Åik shares a similar design with the CAKE Ösa electric motorcycle, whose extremely modular work platform has earned it the moniker “workbench on wheels.” And similar to the SA, I’ll have to search around my keyboard each time to type this model.

The Ösa is a powerful electric off-roader that resembles a cross between a mountain bike and a motocross cycle, but in electric form. Other notable versions include the sa, a tough and practical bike that doubles as a workbench. The Swedish manufacturer has lately joined the beginner-friendly category with a new pedal-assisted electric bicycle dubbed the ik, adding to its already excellent selection of electric two-wheelers. Since “large and heavy load” is a vague translation of the name “Åik,” you may conclude that this electric two-wheeler can handle such a weight.

Although the Åik is a street-legal electric bicycle, it is unlike any other e-bike we have reviewed. That’s because it was designed for demanding utility and work tasks.

The ultra-modular aluminum frame is made to suit a variety of utilitarian accessories. With a gross vehicle weight rating of 441 lbs, the bike is outstanding (200 kg). There are still 363 lbs (165 kg) of storage space available after deducting the bike’s weight of 78 lb (35.5 kg) and a single battery.

You would be correct, and the Åik has the evidence to support it. You see, with 20 kg up front and 60 kilograms on the back, the Åik has a carrying capacity of about 80 kilograms. The modular aluminum frame may be equipped with a dizzying number of racks, bags, trailers, baskets, and even a passenger seat. Additionally, it has a total battery capacity of 2.25 kWh and can be configured with up to three lockable 750Wh batteries for a range of up to 224 miles.

A 1,000W peak mid-drive motor with a nominal rating of 500W and a 100 Nm torque rating is used in the drivetrain. Although it is compatible with belt drives, it is paired with a chain drive. A belt drive is depicted in every press image, and it appears to be the nicer option.

The power from the motor is transferred via the belt and chain drives into an Enviolo Extreme CVP hub, which serves as a continuously variable transmission (CVT). Riders can benefit from the effortless shifting and inexpensive maintenance of a belt drive while using it because it has automated shifting. Additionally, it implies that the bike can change gears while stationary, which is advantageous for freight e-bikes that tote big loads.

The e-bike can produce 100 Nm of torque regardless of trim level, enabling it to start rolling under a heavy load. Support for the Enviolo Extreme CVP hub gearbox is offered for perfect automated shifting. The bike is stopped using four-piston hydraulic disc brakes on both the front and back wheels. The electric bike does not have onboard suspension, but it does have large 20 x 3-inch tires that will absorb any jolts.

The CAKE Åik has a telematics unit for connectivity that is compatible with the Cake App, Cake Fleet Management App, and external API integration. It has GPS, Bluetooth, and GSM connections. A GPS-activated alarm and tracking system, security screws for both wheels, and an anti-theft seat clamp help keep the bike yours and prevent it from being stolen.

Also noteworthy is the fact that the Åik is a member of CAKE’s Work range and is therefore furnished with features designed to make using the bike for professional purposes more convenient. It has a telematics device with GPS, Bluetooth, and GSM capabilities that is compatible with the CAKE App and CAKE Fleet Management App. The Åik is currently available for presale with prices starting at $6,470 and is expected to start shipping in May 2023.


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