Tesgo Explorer Review: Powerful and Enduring E-Bike!


If you frequently ride on surfaces other than the best asphalt in your area, such as forest roots, roads with potholes, or paths with stones, you’ll need an e-bike with the right accessories. Here, e-MTBs and trekking e-bikes are intriguing alternatives to fat bikes.

We are evaluating a fully equipped fat bike that can also be used for transportation with the Tesgo Explorer. Learn more about the e-riding bike’s characteristics, its target market, and our surprise at the power supply’s inclusion in this article. Warning: the e-handling bike’s differ from what we anticipated.


In order to conduct this test, we purchased the Tesgo Explorer for three reasons: first, it should transport us safely over rough roads, forest paths, and country lanes; second, it is the first e-bike from Tesgo Bikes to feature hydraulic disc brakes; and third, the manufacturer is particularly proud of its new control panel. Thirdly, given the large battery capacity of the Tesgo Explorer, the price of less than $1299 should be a deciding selling point for many readers.

The equipment’s remarkable features include the fact that the majority of its parts do not originate from well-known manufacturers and that the battery cells’ two potential producers are listed. On the one hand, this is because there aren’t many parts available, which forces the business to make flexible purchases. On the other hand, the US business is undoubtedly also following a strategic course: the Tesgo Bikes brand should be connected to high-quality, reasonably priced e-bikes rather than individual bicycle parts. The internal quality control, however, must also be top-notch. When you unpack and put the e-bike together, you can see how much care the manufacturer put into this.

Hub Motor:750 W
Top speed:28mph
Display:90T Color LCD Display
Battery(LG Cells):48V 17.5Ah (840Wh) Lithium battery
Battery Charge Time:7-9 Hours
Recommended Rider Heights:5'4” ~ 6'4”
Weight:88.2 lbs
Passenger Weight Limit:350 lbs

Tesgo Explorer: Design and Build Quality

The Tesgo Explorer comes packaged flawlessly, just like other e-bikes from the company. The handles of the box are now reinforced with cardboard rather than plastic. Although it may only be a token step in the direction of greater sustainability, we really enjoy it. Zip ties, cardboard, and foam-like material are used to protect everything that could get harmed during shipping.

The numerous labels with safety precautions that riders should follow are new and reflect the high quality and safety standards of Tesgo Bikes. This means that while it’s being set up, you are actively involved with the safety and e-bike aspects.

Let’s begin with the building. The wonderfully written operating instructions that come with the product are all written in English. Additionally, a QR code that can be scanned with a smartphone to access a website with an assembly video is printed on the item. Attach the handlebars first, then mount the front wheel using the quick release, and last attach the mudguards. The pedals are then screwed on. Done.

Unfortunately, as is the case with many bikes after assembly, the front wheel brake disc rubs slightly. We make sure the wheel is being used properly, yet the issue persists. We are receiving repair instructions from Tesgo Bikes. However, with this braking system, untrained individuals shouldn’t perform the actions by themselves. As a result, the manufacturer also recommends a nearby bike shop to handle it. The expense of modifying the braking system would be covered by Tesgo Bikes.

Wow, those tires are quite wide! On the website of Tesgo Bikes, the e-bike appears somewhat smaller, but in person, it is a huge ride. It is finely crafted and appears to be quite expensive. The ends of the cables protrude in some spots. This has little effect on how smoothly things operate, but it slightly detracts from the overall attractiveness. Because everything else is perfectly balanced with everything else. The controller is now also included in the frame, in contrast to other e-bikes from the brand.

Additionally, the battery is neatly integrated. This is sunk halfway into the frame rather than being placed on it. By doing this, the enormous bulk is concealed from view. After all, the battery cells contain 17.5Ah. Using the provided charger, it may be recharged on the bike or while off of it. Two things that we have never seen before take us by surprise: An orange charging cable and charger holder are included with the device, which connects to the e-bike.

For instance, you would use two screws to fasten this bracket to the wall in the garage. Then, you can always have a place to put the Tesgo Explorer park and charge it while keeping the cord neatly tucked away off the floor. If you have a variety of e-bikes and chargers, the orange cable will assist you in selecting the best one. Which charger actually belongs to which charger is a bothersome question we frequently get.

The updated cockpit is also apparent. The control panel, which displays the battery level and support levels, is on the left. A bit more color is present in this area as well, with the on/off switch being orange and the light switch being grey. Additionally, all keys are fairly big. Overall handling should be significantly simpler as a result, especially while wearing gloves in the cold or at twilight. A sizable display for the speed display, among other things, is located in the center of the handlebar. The first journey is something we are already anticipating.

The Tesgo Explorer is delivered with complete road equipment, including fenders. You can choose to carry the loads on the front or the back of the bike for transport chores. For the front, Tesgo Bikes provides a number of options: For instance, a tiny basket that is fastened directly to the frame or a bracket that allows for the attachment of a much larger basket. It can be used to take modest purchases home, like the wood and briquettes we needed for the stove at home, or other things like that.

If you would rather travel in a more traditional manner, your sole choice is a baggage rack, which comes with all the standard choices for attaching bags and other items. It’s interesting how the Tesgo Explorer transforms into a fat bike cargo bike when the front basket and rear baggage rack are combined. This and other accessories like luggage, rearview mirrors, and handlebar cuffs are available at the Tesgo Bikes store.

Tesgo Explorer: Motor and Driving

For it, we need to wear warm clothing. due to the fall’s lowering of temperatures. But the weather was perfect for testing a fat bike. Forest roads are currently muddy and rocky in addition to having potholes, and some roads are also slick from wet leaves. Press the on/off switch after immediately donning the gloves. Because the e-bike is ready to ride in less than a second, it is clear that Tesgo Bikes also worked on the control electronics. Other e-bikes “boot up” far more slowly than mine.

We leave and for the time being concentrate on the broad tires. While driving, the engine cannot be heard. The only sound is the slapping rolling of the large tires. Simply sweeping over everything without giving any thought to the earth is a wonderful experience.

The e-bike glides along with great harmony. Too symmetrical? Because a straightforward pedal sensor, not a torque sensor, is actually installed. As we pay closer attention to the handling, we discover that the e-bike starts out with perfect cadence matching and accelerates in the lower support levels, almost like a torque sensor. Only at greater speeds and in a lower gear does the traditional pedal sensor behavior become apparent: even light pedaling drives the motor up to 25 km/h.

For the electronics and sensors to function so well together, it is absolutely important. We do, after all, transport an e-bike that weighs about 36 kg. Driving slowly and carefully is crucial for safety, especially when performing slow maneuvers like changing lanes on a narrow roadway.

The redesigned cockpit has our full support, especially the control panel. The left thumb can easily access all features, and the primary display is very simple to read. The e-bike, however, turns itself off after about five minutes of inactivity. The only thing you need to do to use this in daily life is park your e-bike, lock it, and that’s it. That’s one fewer hand.

The bell, however, was no longer located at the top of the handlebars. Tesgo Bikes has the bell pointed downward as a result. Operating this requires some getting used to because you have to use your thumb to pull the sound lever up from the bottom. To help us internalize the idea, we were permitted to use it a few times.

In the EU version, it serves two helpful purposes in addition to its sole use as a throttle grip: First and foremost, it serves as a pushing and starting help, albeit we didn’t require it at all for the latter due to the excellent beginning behavior. Second, while driving, it swiftly delivers the full force of support level 5. This makes sense, for instance, on the mountain when you discover level three is too demanding and can’t instantly switch to level five on the control panel.

The Tesgo Explorer’s handles add to the enjoyable riding experience. They are rubberized and ergonomically contoured. The Nutt brake levers are at easy reach, and the heels of the hands are cozy. Tesgo Bike is proud to have the first-ever hydraulic disc brakes, which are displayed when pulling them.

And certainly, when it counts the most, they decelerate buttery smooth and rapidly. There are no audible creaks or squeaks. Additional feature: When you apply the brakes, the rear light becomes brighter and the brake light alerts drivers behind you that you are slowing down.

A FatBike comes with the suspension already set up. The tire pressure can be changed to alter the comfort level. The suspension fork of the Tesgo Explorer will be appreciated by riders who want to ride with a fuller tire. It has a 60 mm spring deflection, and based on the terrain and your preferences, you can modify and fix the amount of damping.

Between 57 cm and 188 cm, the saddle’s height adjustment range should provide a comfortable sitting position. Even on prolonged trips, it is incredibly comfy.

Tesgo Explorer: Battery and Range

We are evaluating an e-bike from Tesgo Bikes with a partially recessed battery for the first time. The battery can be moved upward and out of the attachment on some of the manufacturer’s other versions. We desired a different answer because this involves some talent. The Tesgo Explorer is a masterpiece of American engineering. mainly because the battery handling is superbly implemented: just turn the key, and a spring mechanism causes the battery to slightly pop higher. It can then be easily lifted upward. Insertion is as simple.

The manufacturer seems to have placed a high priority on simplicity throughout the complete e-bike, from the frame and the new control panel to the battery and the charger with holder. When driving, this sense is clearly clear. We typically have an advantage over other bikers thanks to the big tires.

The Tesgo can travel over every type of surface, including rocky surfaces, sandy dirt roads, and potholes. And that adds to the sense of security. You shouldn’t, however, become arrogant because this e-bike encourages you to do so in the woods and on stony dirt roads due to its excellent driving qualities.

However, unless there is an incline, everything only goes so smoothly. Although the engine in the back wheel appears enormous and powerful, it doesn’t operate as we would have anticipated it to on the mountain. Even when you continue moving in support level 5’s lowest gear without stopping, the speed is considerably slower than it was on level. That’s unfortunate, but it’s unquestionably because the e-bike is so inexpensive.

The Tesgo Explorer’s range, on the other hand, is flawless. We consider Tesgo Bikes’ estimate of 80 – 120 km per battery charge to be a reasonable one. We rode the e-bike hard during our test, covering more than 70 km while maintaining support levels 3-5 on rather hilly terrain with several stops and starts.

Tesgo Explorer: Conclusions

Our overall opinion of the Tesgo Explorer from Tesgo Bikes is that it is reasonably priced, simple to handle, comfortable, and safe to ride. We were especially taken aback by the superbly crafted control panel, the wonderful experience of starting and riding on rough terrain, and the capability of converting the e-bike into a cargo cycle.

There’s still a trace of bitterness. Specifically, the motor’s limited capacity for ascent, which makes you more at ease driving across mountainous terrain. We may suggest the e-bike to everyone who commutes or enjoys taking excursions and riding on trails in the fields, forests, or on unpaved roads. The shocked looks on bystanders’ faces should then become accustomed to you. Here is possibly the finest justification to think about the Tesgo Explorer if you’re still hesitant to ride a fat bike: It’s a ton of fun.

The Tesgo Bikes store offers two distinct frame styles for the Tesgo Explorer. It comes in gray, white, and the version we tested with a gray top tube as the Tesgo Explorer Step-Thru as a step-through. The e-suggested bike’s retail price is $1299.


Alternatives of Tesgo Explorer


  1. I am so upset right now I know that means nothing to you. I bought my Tesgo Explorer about 2 months ago. I love this bike but over a month ago the kick stand snapped off and I ordered a new one it has been a month well it showed up today and it is WRONG it’s to small. I bought and paid for this bike no questions asked. Please DO NOT just push this aside.Please get back to me ASAP or I will call the B.B.B.

  2. J ai acheter velo explorer sa fait un mois il ne fonctionne plus code a erreur code 30 très dessus du service personne ne sais le probleme


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