Desiknio: What Does Spanish Brand Offer for Electric Bikes in 2023?


For the 2023 model year, Spanish electric bike expert Desiknio offers three new models with a focus on performance and practicality. For the new e-bikes for 2023, the Spanish company makes use of the X20 and X35 drive systems from the renowned German manufacturer Mahle.

Three new models from Desiknio have been unveiled for its 2023 catalog, and they are already available for reservations. We’re referring to the electric motorcycles X20 Pinion, X35 Pinion, and X20 Gravel.

Additionally, the Desiknio uses cutting-edge technology to provide a comfortable riding experience. Desiknio uses artificial intelligence to adjust the bike’s power output to the rider’s needs at any given time by using sensors to measure speed, acceleration, power usage, and cadence. All of this does sound quite intriguing, so let’s examine the three new bikes in more detail.

Desiknio X20 Pinion

First, let’s talk about the Desiknio X20 Pinion. The Mahle X20 system’s X20 Pinion, which weighs only 1.4 kg, is connected to an internal nine-speed gearbox by a Gates drive belt. It has an aluminum frame and weighs a manageable 14 kilos altogether. Although its lightweight is a benchmark in the industry, using artificial intelligence to create a customized driving experience that is ideally suited to the cyclist is undoubtedly the most important aspect.

Advanced sensors track acceleration, speed, torque, temperature, and cadence; they then employ AI to modify the ride according to those conditions.

In addition, the battery, which has a capacity of 236 Wh, is housed in the down tube. This motor from the respected German company weighs only 1.4 kg. The redesigned control piece on the top tube now incorporates an LED strip that shows the riding mode and battery level. Additionally, there is an option for a small supplementary bottle-shaped battery with a capacity of 177 Wh, allowing for a slight improvement in autonomy.

Desiknio states that despite the torque being relatively modest (23 Nm), it is comparable to a 55 Nm mid-engine. The X20 engine is also substantially more potent than the outgoing X35 system (with 40 Nm of torque), particularly at low speeds and incline.

Since hub motors frequently hit their limits in situations like this, this is a significant improvement.  Its suggested retail price is 5,495 Euros, or roughly $5,895 USD.

Desiknio X20 Gravel

The X20 Gravel is the following vehicle, a more expensive model with a carbon fiber frame. 

A high-end sports bike with a lightweight carbon frame is the new X20 Gravel. For precise ride control, it has a Campagnolo EKAR 13S derailleur system and a torque sensor.

Additionally, it has Supernova integrated lighting, which is unique for a sport bike of this kind, with headlights and a taillight positioned on the side of the rear triangle.

It has slim, sporty Brooks C13 Carved saddle, Campagnolo EKAR brakes, and is exclusively offered in Sunlight Magic color. The X20 Gravel weighs only 12 kilograms when equipped, which is a remarkable amount for an electric bike.

Additionally, it uses the same 236-Wh battery pack as the X20 Pinion variant and the Mahle X20 motor, which has a torque output of 23 Nm. The most expensive model is the X20 Gravel, which sells for 7,495 Euros, or around $8,041 USD.

Desiknio X35 Pinion

Not to mention, the X35 Pinion, the most entry-level model in the Desiknio model line, is outfitted with the outdated Mahle X35 system. 

Desiknio sells motorcycles with Mahle’s X35 system in addition to versions with the X20 system.

A single-speed, gearless timing belt bicycle called the Desiknio X35 SP is offered in Silver Grey. The Desiknio X35 11s is an urban bike with a traditional Shimano XT 11-speed gearbox. It is offered in Pearl White with the comfort frame and three colors (Silver Grey, Magic Black, and Copper Brown) with the normal frame.

Additionally, and brand-new for 2023, the X35 system is also offered with the Pinion drivetrain. It comes in colors and frame variations identical to those of the X35 11s, but the seatpost, saddle, handlebars, and stem are finished in traditional polished silver and brown leather.

The 11-speed model costs 4,995 Euros ($5,360 USD) whereas the single-speed model costs 4,195 Euros ($4,500 USD).

What should you know about Pinion?

A brand of drivetrain for bicycles called Pinion provides an alternative to conventional derailleur systems.

Pinion uses a gearbox located on the bike frame rather than a chain. Two sets of bevel gears in the sealed gearbox oscillate up and down to alter the gear ratio.

A lever on the handlebars or a transmission installed on the frame can be used to change gears.

Since the Pinion system lacks a chain, it is more robust and requires less upkeep, which is one of its benefits. Additionally, because the gearbox is enclosed and shielded from water and dirt, it provides a more efficient means of transmitting electricity.


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