Glewel Elite Review: 20-inch Full Suspension E-Bike!


Hello everyone, and welcome to the eagerly awaited review of the Glewel Elite e-bike. Today, we’re delving into the details of this remarkable 20-inch full suspension model, promising an exciting and captivating ride. So, let’s jump right in and explore what makes this bike stand out from the crowd.

Right off the bat, what sets the Glewel Elite apart is its unique and distinctive design. Unlike the typical e-bikes I’ve had the pleasure of testing, this one boasts a fresh and intriguing aesthetic that immediately captures your attention. Assembled in Poland, this bike brings a sense of new bike to the market, and its European origin adds an extra layer of appeal. What’s more, its design and features adhere to the stringent EU regulations, ensuring that it’s fully compliant and legal for use on European roads.

Now, let’s talk about the heart of this machine – the technology and features that make the Glewel Elite truly exceptional. From the moment you lay eyes on it, you’ll notice the meticulous attention to detail that has gone into its construction. The frame itself is a testament to fine craftsmanship, designed to provide a harmonious blend of comfort, performance, and style.

So, whether you’re a seasoned e-bike enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of electric bikes, the Glewel Elite promises an exciting and immersive ride that will leave you craving for more. Stay tuned as we dive deeper into the details, take it for a spin, and uncover the true essence of this extraordinary e-bike. Until then, ride on and stay electrified!

FRAMEHydroformed aluminum 20" frame
MOTORGLEWEL Powerful 250W geared rear hub
BRAKE LEVERSMechanical disc brake
TIRESKENDA K1188, BFT, 20"* 4.0"Reflex black
RIMSIntegrated wheel with rear motor
SENSORElectronic 12 pulse cadence sensor integrated into the bottom bracket
BATTERYRemovable internal lithium-ion 48V 13Ah (624Wh)
Height5'1" to 6'9"

Design and Build Quality

The Glewel Elite stands out for its impeccable design and exceptional build quality, setting new standards in the realm of bikes. Every aspect of its construction has been meticulously considered to offer both a visually pleasing and performance-driven experience.

Glewel Elite Review: Design and Build Quality

Starting with the frame, the Glewel Elite boasts a solid and robust build, exuding durability and confidence. The attention to detail is evident in the Summit cable routing system, which not only prevents cable rubbing on the frame but also enhances the bike’s aesthetics. The thoughtful integration of the cable routing adds to the bike’s overall sleek and clean appearance.

The paint job on the Glewel Elite is not just for aesthetics; it’s a testament to the dedication to excellence in every facet of the bike. The rich and solid paintwork not only contributes to the bike’s visual appeal but also protects the frame from the elements, ensuring longevity and sustained beauty.

The rear suspension system on the Glewel Elite is a marvel of engineering. The adjustable air suspension, complete with dual chambers (lower and upper), provides riders with the ability to fine-tune the rebound and pressure according to their preferences. This level of customization allows for a tailored riding experience, whether you seek a plush and comfortable feel or a more responsive and dynamic ride.

Glewel Elite Review: frame

A striking feature of the Glewel Elite’s design is its unique suspension system. Unlike traditional suspension folding bikes, the Elite employs a concealed arm design, adding an element of sophistication and elegance to its appearance. The hinges that enable the folding mechanism are thoughtfully concealed, contributing to the bike’s streamlined aesthetic.

The front suspension further enhances the bike’s adaptability to various terrains. It not only offers adjustability but also the option to lock it completely, which can be particularly useful for energy-efficient climbing on steep roads. The ability to adjust preload ensures that the bike can be tailored to your preferred level of comfort or performance, making it versatile and accommodating for different riding styles.

The transmission of the Glewel Elite is marked by its efficiency and precision. With an eight-speed Shimano gear set and an Altus shifter, gear changes are seamless and responsive. The inclusion of a rapid-fire shifter allows for quick and smooth transitions between gears, enabling riders to effortlessly adapt to changing conditions.

Glewel Elite Review: Design and Build Quality

The tires on the Glewel Elite, the Kenda Crochet Sport, are a standout feature on their own. These fat tires provide exceptional versatility, with the ability to adjust the pressure from as low as 5 PSI to 30 PSI. This allows for an incredible range of riding experiences, from soft and comfortable rides on sand or snow to higher pressure for more traditional terrain. The added comfort and enhanced traction these tires offer contribute to the bike’s adaptability and overall performance.

Attention to detail extends even to the smallest components of the Glewel Elite. For instance, the rear mudguard showcases a thoughtful design with two fixing brackets—one in the front and one in the back. Crafted from noiseless plastic, the mudguard effectively shields against dirt and debris, keeping the rider and the bike cleaner during various riding conditions.

One notable addition is the extra metal wire bar that provides added stability and security. This feature ensures that the bike remains firmly in place, whether during transport or storage. The front mudguard is also impeccably secured, albeit with a single bracket due to its smaller size. This focus on stability showcases the brand’s commitment to user experience and practicality.

Glewel Elite Review: frame

The Glewel Elite emerges as a safety-compliant companion with its fully equipped lighting package. A front LED lamp enhances visibility during low-light conditions, while the inclusion of side wheel reflectors ensures compliance with regulations in certain European countries. Reflectors are thoughtfully placed on the pedals and wheels, maximizing safety by enhancing visibility from various angles. An LED and reflector light at the rear further contribute to overall safety, creating a well-rounded lighting setup.

Braking performance on the Elite is dependable, thanks to its 100-millimeter mechanical disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels. These cable-actuated disc brakes provide reliable stopping power and instill confidence, even in challenging riding scenarios.

The versatility of the Elite shines through its folding design. The ability to fold the frame in half and adjust the steering stem adds to its portability and ease of storage. Accommodating a wide range of riders, the bike’s adjustable seat height and handlebar height allow for a comfortable fit regardless of the rider’s size. This adaptability ensures a natural and comfortable riding experience without compromising posture or control.

Glewel Elite Review: size tires

The Glewel Elite’s attention to detail is truly commendable, evident in features such as hidden cable grommets that maintain a clean and organized frame. The clever cable routing keeps the frame’s aesthetics intact while ensuring functionality. Plastic caps serve as elegant finishing touches, even covering the crank arm and wheel screws. These small touches contribute to the bike’s overall polished appearance.

An innovative touch can be found in the kickstand, which offers adjustability based on the bike’s weight and balance. This practical feature allows users to customize the bike’s stability, adapting it to various conditions and load configurations.

The aesthetics of the Glewel Elite are equally captivating. The frame is well-designed, with smoothly integrated welds and a high-quality paint finish. The intriguing design elements, such as the brake caliper bracket, showcase a fusion of style and function. The striking combination of orange and black adds a unique and visually appealing touch, creating a bike that stands out from the crowd.

Glewel Elite Review: front weel

So, the Glewel Elite impresses not only with its exceptional build quality and performance but also with its meticulous attention to detail. From stability-enhancing features to comprehensive safety elements and innovative design choices, the Glewel Elite is a testament to the brand’s dedication to creating a truly outstanding and versatile folding bike.

Handlebar and Display 

Activating the Glewel Elite is a straightforward process that unveils a feature-rich Yoli display, brimming with surprises and functional elements. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly, offering a host of controls and options that enhance the overall riding experience.

Glewel Elite Review: Power and Driving test

Powering on the bike is as simple as pressing the power button discreetly positioned beneath the display. As the bike comes to life, the Yoli display illuminates, revealing a wealth of information and functionalities. The display, despite not being the brightest, boasts a clear and vibrant color layout, akin to a modern TV or smartphone screen.

The Yoli display hosts a range of buttons and controls that provide quick access to various settings and features. The plus and minus buttons, strategically placed on the display, allow riders to effortlessly adjust settings such as pedal assist levels and other parameters. This tactile approach to customization empowers riders to fine-tune their riding experience on the fly.

One distinct button on the Yoli display is the “i” button, which opens up an array of additional information and options. This button serves as a gateway to deeper settings and functionalities, offering riders an expanded level of control over their e-bike’s performance.

Glewel Elite Review: Design and Build Quality

The display also houses a dedicated light button, granting riders the ability to illuminate the bike’s front light directly from the interface. This convenience ensures enhanced visibility and safety, particularly during low-light conditions. Additionally, an electric horn button is at the rider’s disposal, further underscoring the Glewel Elite’s commitment to practicality and rider comfort.

As the ride progresses, the display continues to showcase its functionality, presenting real-time data such as speed, distance, and battery status. The clear layout ensures that riders can effortlessly stay informed about their ride’s performance without distraction.

Glewel Elite: Power and Riding test

The Glewel Elite breaks the mold when it comes to e-bike performance, offering a unique and fully compliant riding experience within legal limits. This e-bike stands out as a remarkable fusion of innovation and adherence to regulations, making it an ideal choice for riders who seek both legality and an element of hidden potential.

Glewel Elite Review: Power and Driving test

Unlike traditional e-bikes with a throttle, the Glewel Elite operates within the parameters of pedal-assist. This means that it does not feature the familiar throttle mechanism that grants instant acceleration. Instead, the bike offers a pedal-assist system that activates as you start pedaling. This design adheres to the European Union’s legal standards for electric bicycles, ensuring that the rider remains actively engaged in the cycling process.

The Glewel Elite’s performance is governed by strict regulations, including a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour and a power output limited to 250 watts. These certifications are crucial for complying with EU e-bike laws. The bike is fully certified and meets all required standards, ensuring that riders can confidently enjoy their cycling experience without any legal concerns.

The manufacturer of the Glewel Elite is located in Poland, adding an element of European craftsmanship and precision to the bike’s design and construction. The address of the manufacturer reflects the brand’s commitment to quality and authenticity.

Glewel Elite Review: Power and Driving test

The motor, rated at 249 watts, offers a surprising level of torque due to its unique planetary geared design. This innovative technology allows the motor to spin at a higher rate than the wheel, effectively multiplying its torque output. In essence, the motor’s torque is comparable to that of a much more powerful motor, despite its official power rating. This feature gives the Glewel Elite a distinctive advantage in terms of acceleration and hill-climbing ability.

As the ride continues, it becomes abundantly clear that the Glewel Elite delivers an exceptionally comfortable and capable experience, effortlessly handling a variety of terrains and challenges. Set in assisted gear one, the pedal-assist engages seamlessly, and from the initial moments of cycling, a remarkable sense of comfort envelops the rider.

The combination of the suspension system and the Kenda Crochet Sport tires creates an unparalleled riding experience. Bumps and shocks are absorbed with impressive efficiency, resulting in an incredibly smooth ride. This exceptional synergy between suspension and tires ensures that the Glewel Elite maintains stability and comfort across various surfaces.

Glewel Elite Review: Power and Driving test

Even at assisted level one and a lower gear, pedaling through challenging terrains feels effortless. The bike seems to glide over obstacles, and the rider can navigate through the terrain with minimal effort. The Glewel Elite truly blurs the lines between effort and assistance, offering a ride that feels remarkably natural and intuitive.

Transitioning to assisted level two introduces a noticeable surge of power, necessitating a gear change to keep pace. The pedal-assist system, although not torque-based, exhibits minimal delay, ensuring a responsive and engaging riding experience. This immediacy sets the Glewel Elite apart from other e-bikes, as the power seamlessly complements the rider’s input.

Switching to higher assist levels unleashes the true potential of the Glewel Elite. At level five, the bike accelerates rapidly, reaching speeds of up to 35 kilometers per hour with the reviewer’s input. The unique planetary geared motor design becomes evident, delivering impressive torque and acceleration that belies the official power rating. It’s a thrill to unleash this hidden power and experience the bike’s dynamic capabilities.

Glewel Elite Review: Power and Driving test

Climbing steep inclines poses no challenge for the Glewel Elite. Utilizing the walk assist mode, the bike navigates uphill sections effortlessly, even on treacherous terrain that is challenging to traverse on foot. This mode showcases the bike’s capability to conquer steep gradients, demonstrating its versatile and robust performance.

Taking the bike off-road highlights its impressive suspension and handling capabilities. The reviewer effortlessly maneuvers through grassy terrain and tackles obstacles, highlighting the bike’s agility and stability. The unique motor design, featuring a clutch mechanism, allows the bike to be pedaled without power, showcasing its efficiency and seamless transition between powered and unpowered riding.

As the ride progresses, it becomes evident that the Glewel Elite offers an exceptionally enjoyable and stable ride. The suspension system continues to absorb bumps and shocks, providing a cushioned and comfortable experience. The bike’s maneuverability and control shine through as the reviewer navigates sharp turns with ease, showcasing the bike’s exceptional handling capabilities.

Battery and Range

The battery itself is a 48-volt unit with 13-amp-hour capacity. This robust capacity promises extended range and enduring performance for various riding scenarios. The presence of a main power switch adds to the battery’s versatility. This switch allows the battery to be fully disconnected, ensuring no power is drawn from the battery when the bike is stored for extended periods. This feature contributes to efficient battery management and preservation.

Glewel Elite Review: battery

One noteworthy feature of the battery is the inclusion of a key lock. This security measure provides peace of mind for riders concerned about the safety of their bike and battery while it’s parked in public spaces. The lock effectively immobilizes the battery within the frame, preventing unauthorized access and potential theft.

Taking a closer look at the battery, a surprising detail comes to light – the meticulous attention to preventing battery rattle. Unlike many other e-bikes that suffer from the dreaded rattling of the battery within the frame, the Glewel Elite addresses this issue with utmost precision. 

Glewel Elite Review: Power and Driving test

Factory-installed foam padding lines both sides of the battery compartment, ensuring a snug fit that eliminates any unwanted movement or noise. This foam-padding solution showcases the brand’s dedication to providing a noise-free and reliable riding experience.

Charging the battery is a convenient and flexible process. The bike can be charged directly on the frame through a charging port. Additionally, an external charging port is provided, enabling riders to remove the battery and charge it separately if desired. This option is particularly useful for riders who want to charge the battery indoors while leaving the bike parked outdoors.


In the end, Glewel Elite has showcased its exceptional performance, highlighting its standout features and areas of excellence. Throughout the ride, the bike’s comfort and suspension system have left a lasting impression. The adjustable suspension, coupled with specially designed tires, create a harmonious blend that smooths out rough terrains, making the experience akin to floating on air. 

Glewel Elite Review: Design and Build Quality

The attention to detail and build quality of the Glewel Elite is evident in its impeccable construction. With no rattles or odd noises, the bike is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into its assembly. 

The Glewel Elite adheres to EU compliance standards, offering a top speed of 25 kilometers per hour and 250 watts of power. However, a hidden potential lies within, hinting at the possibility of unlocking greater speed with the right adjustments. On a positive note, the screw-mounted grips provide a secure and reliable hold on the handlebar, eliminating the common issue of twisting grips. 

Glewel Elite Review: Design and Build Quality

So, the Glewel Elite excels in providing a supremely comfortable and enjoyable riding experience. Its superior suspension, meticulous construction, and thoughtful design make it a strong contender in the world of e-bikes. While minor areas for improvement exist, the bike’s strengths far outweigh any shortcomings. As you look forward to future uploads, expect to see the Glewel Elite continue to impress and shine in a variety of riding conditions. Until then, ride on and see you soon!

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