Gyroor Urbanmax C1 Review: Reliable and Durable E-Scooter!


In this review, we turn our attention to another option in the sphere of seated electric scooters – the Gyroor C1, also known as the Urbanmax. This scooter is brought to you by Gyroor, a company that has carved a niche in the electric mobility market. Let’s delve into the features and distinctions of the Gyroor Urbanmax C1 electric scooter.

The Gyroor Urbanmax C1 comes in two distinct versions – the standard C1 and the C1 Pro. The main difference between the two lies in the inclusion of a rear suspension and a slightly larger battery in the Pro variant. The addition of the rear suspension enhances ride comfort by mitigating the impact of bumps and irregularities in the road. Furthermore, the upgraded battery in the Pro version provides a boost to the scooter’s top speed, delivering a more dynamic and spirited riding experience. The standard C1 model is attractively priced at approximately $400, while the C1 Pro is available for around $600.

The Urbanmax C1 showcases a sleek and streamlined design, featuring a comfortable seat for a more relaxed riding posture. The deck features a minimalist yet functional layout, with clearly defined foot placement zones and essential controls. The scooter’s overall build quality is commendable, reflecting Gyroor’s commitment to crafting reliable and durable electric mobility solutions.

So, the Urbanmax C1 electric scooter series presents a choice between two well-designed and feature-rich options – the standard C1 and the upgraded C1 Pro. So let me tell you my impressions after using this e-scooter for a long time and I hope you can make your own choice. So let’s start the full and detailed review below.

Motor Power450W
Max Speed15.5 mph
Shock AbsorptionThick 12" Tires
BrakesDual Braking System
DisplayDigital Display
Battery36V 7.5Ah
Max Range22 Miles
Item Weight‎42.77 Pounds
Product Dimensions‎48.8"L x 18.9"W x 38.66"H

Design and Build Quality

The Gyroor Urbanmax C1 electric scooter boasts a thoughtful design and solid build quality, making it a convenient and efficient mode of transportation for urban dwellers. Let’s delve into its key features and design elements. 

Gyroor Urbanmax C1 Review: Design and Build Quality

The scooter requires some assembly upon arrival. The stem, which houses the handlebar, needs to be attached to the scooter’s main body. A safety latch and alignment markers guide users through the assembly process, ensuring that the handlebar is properly positioned perpendicular to the wheel. Once aligned, a tightening bolt secures the handlebar in place.

One of the standout features of the Gyroor Urbanmax C1 is the optional rear basket. This basket can be easily attached to the back of the scooter using four bolts. The addition of this basket enhances the scooter’s functionality, allowing users to carry bags or other items conveniently while commuting.

The scooter comes equipped with a rear tail light that serves a dual purpose. It functions as a standard tail light during normal operation and brightens up when the brakes are applied. This added safety feature enhances visibility and signals to others that the scooter is slowing down.

Gyroor Urbanmax C1 Review: front weels

Depending on the version you choose, the Gyroor Urbanmax C1 can come with different lighting options. Some versions include an LED light in the back, while others may not. This allows users to customize the scooter based on their preferences and requirements.

To ensure a cleaner and more comfortable ride, the scooter features a splash guard mud guard. This component helps prevent water, dirt, and debris from splashing onto the rider, keeping them clean and dry during various weather conditions.

The scooter is equipped with 12-inch air-filled pneumatic tires. These tires provide a smooth and comfortable ride, effectively absorbing shocks and vibrations from uneven road surfaces. The pneumatic design also contributes to better traction and stability.

Gyroor Urbanmax C1 Review: rear weels and motor

The Gyroor C1 employs a dual braking system for reliable stopping power. In the rear, a mechanical disc brake ensures efficient braking performance, while the front features a drum brake. This combination of braking mechanisms enhances safety and control during rides.

The scooter’s handlebar is designed to be foldable, allowing for easy storage and portability. This feature is especially useful for commuters who need to carry the scooter onto public transportation or store it in limited spaces.

The Gyroor C1 boasts a generously wide deck that measures nine and a half inches in width. This expansive deck provides ample space for riders to comfortably position their feet, enhancing stability and control during rides. The wide deck also accommodates various foot placements, allowing riders to find their optimal stance and balance.

Gyroor Urbanmax C1 Review: Design and Build Quality

So, the Gyroor Urbanmax C1 showcases a user-friendly design and sturdy build quality. Its optional rear basket, rear tail light with brake function, LED lighting options, splash guard mud guard, pneumatic tires, dual braking system, and foldable handlebar contribute to a versatile and comfortable riding experience. The assembly process is straightforward, and the safety features ensure that users can confidently enjoy their commutes.


The seat of the Gyroor Urbanmax C1 electric scooter is an essential component that significantly contributes to rider comfort during journeys. While the factory seat provided with the scooter is already quite comfortable and suitable for most riders, I’ve opted to enhance my riding experience by installing a third-party seat from a company called Giddy Up. This alternate seat has distinct features that set it apart and contribute to an even more comfortable and enjoyable ride.

Gyroor Urbanmax C1 Review: third-party seat from a company called Giddy Up

The Giddy Up seat is notably wider than the factory seat, offering additional space and support for the rider. This increased width allows for a more relaxed and comfortable seating position, reducing the likelihood of discomfort during longer rides.

Beneath the Giddy Up seat, there are robust and generously-sized springs. These springs provide a springy, shock-absorbing effect, which can help alleviate the impact of uneven surfaces and road vibrations. The addition of these springs is particularly beneficial considering that the Gyroor Urbanmax C1 lacks built-in suspension features.

Gyroor Urbanmax C1 Review: original seat

The Giddy Up seat’s wider design and springy construction contribute to an improved overall ride quality. The added support and shock absorption offered by the seat’s design can enhance comfort and reduce fatigue, especially when navigating bumpy or rough terrains.

It’s worth noting that the factory seat provided by Gyroor for the Urbanmax C1 is already well-designed and comfortable. However, the choice to switch to a third-party seat like the Giddy Up version showcases the personalization and customization possibilities that electric scooter enthusiasts have at their disposal.

Gyroor Urbanmax C1 Review: third-party seat from a company called Giddy Up

The factory seat, which comes with the Gyroor Urbanmax C1, is a comfortable and functional option in its own right. It provides a suitable level of comfort for most riders, making it a reliable choice for everyday commuting. The stock seat is also designed to be removable and height adjustable, allowing riders to customize the seating position to their preferences.

Handlebar and Display

The handlebar of the Gyroor Urbanmax C1 electric scooter is quite standard in design, with a few notable components and features worth mentioning. 

Gyroor Urbanmax C1 Review: Handlebar and Display

The handlebar is equipped with plastic grips, which provide a comfortable and secure hold while riding. While these grips are functional, they might not offer the same level of tactile satisfaction as more premium materials like rubber or foam.

There is a small bell on the handlebar, intended to alert pedestrians or other riders of your presence. However, it’s worth noting that the plastic bell ringer attachment broke off during shipment, rendering it unusable. Fortunately, the bell might not be a frequently used feature for you.

Gyroor Urbanmax C1 Review: Handlebar and Display

Positioned on both sides of the handlebar are the brake levers. These levers allow you to control the scooter’s braking system, ensuring a responsive and safe stopping experience.

The handlebar features a display that provides essential information about the scooter’s status. The display is readable in sunlight, but it offers limited information. It shows your current speed, indicated by numerical digits. Additionally, a battery indicator is present, consisting of five bars to show the approximate battery level.

The display also features a trip odometer, which tracks the distance you have traveled during your current ride. This feature can be useful for keeping track of your mileage and estimating remaining battery life.

Gyroor Urbanmax C1 Review: Handlebar and Display

The scooter offers three different speed modes for varying levels of performance. Mode 1 represents the slowest setting, while Mode 2 provides a moderate speed, and Mode 3 is designed for achieving the top speed of the scooter. These modes cater to different riding preferences and scenarios.

The power button is conveniently located on the handlebar. Activating the scooter is as simple as pressing this button. Unlike some scooters that require a physical key, the Gyroor Urbanmax C1 features a straightforward power button for easy operation. Pressing the power button turns the scooter on and makes it ready for use. To turn off the power, you can press the same button again.

Power and Driving test

The Gyroor Urbanmax C1 electric scooter is powered by a rear hub motor with a robust 450 Watts of output. This motor is responsible for propelling the scooter forward and providing the necessary torque for acceleration and cruising. Its substantial power ensures efficient and reliable performance, making it well-suited for urban commuting and short-distance travel.

Gyroor Urbanmax C1 Review: Power and Driving test

During the riding test of the Gyroor Urbanmax electric scooter, I had the opportunity to explore its different speed modes and performance characteristics. Let’s delve into the details of the riding experience and the scooter’s performance at each level.

Starting off in mode one, the scooter provided a comfortable and relaxed cruising experience. The half-twist throttle control felt intuitive and responsive. In this mode, the scooter’s speed was intentionally limited to maximize battery efficiency. The acceleration was gentle, allowing for a top speed of around 9 miles per hour. This level of performance is suitable for those who prefer a more leisurely pace and prioritize range over speed.

Gyroor Urbanmax C1 Review: Power and Driving test

Switching to mode two, I noticed a slightly more spirited acceleration and a higher top speed. The scooter reached around 13 miles per hour initially, then settled at around 11 miles per hour. It became evident that the scooter employs a speed limiter to maintain battery life. This mode offers a good balance between speed and efficiency, making it a practical choice for moderate-speed commutes.

Moving to mode three, the scooter exhibited its highest performance level. It accelerated briskly, reaching speeds beyond its officially rated maximum. It peaked at approximately 16.3 miles per hour before tapering down to 15.8 miles per hour. Similar to the previous modes, the scooter employed a speed-limiting mechanism to conserve battery capacity.

Gyroor Urbanmax C1 Review: Power and Driving test

Throughout the test, it was clear that the Gyroor Urbanmax C1 was designed with safety and gradual acceleration in mind. The acceleration was not aggressive, which could appeal to riders who prioritize a smoother and more controlled start. The mechanical disc brakes proved effective, providing reliable stopping power when needed, although they produced a bit of noise during operation.

The Urbanmax C1 electric scooter is well-suited for individuals who prioritize a more relaxed and leisurely riding experience. It offers a modest top speed and gradual acceleration, making it a suitable choice for riders who value safety and range over high-speed performance. The scooter’s price point and entry-level features position it as an appealing option for those new to electric scooters or looking for a budget-friendly commuting solution.

Battery and Range

The Gyroor Urbanmax C1 electric scooter is powered by a 36-volt, 7.5 amp-hour battery, which provides a balance between range and performance. This battery configuration offers riders an estimated range of approximately 20 to 22 miles on a single charge, depending on various factors such as rider weight, terrain, and riding conditions. This level of range makes the scooter well-suited for short to medium-distance commutes and errands around the urban landscape.

Gyroor Urbanmax C1 Review: Power and Driving test

With a top speed of 15.6 miles per hour, the Urbanmax C1 strikes a balance between speed and safety. This speed allows riders to move efficiently through city streets and urban environments, offering a convenient mode of transportation for those seeking a reliable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional commuting methods.

For riders who desire even more extended range and slightly higher speeds, the Pro version of the Gyroor Urbanmax C1 offers an upgrade. The Pro version is equipped with a 10 amp-hour battery, providing additional capacity for increased distance coverage. With the enhanced battery, riders can expect a more extended ride before needing to recharge. Additionally, the Pro version boasts a higher top speed of 18.6 miles per hour, catering to those who want a slightly faster and more dynamic riding experience.


The Gyroor Urbanmax C1 electric scooter proves to be a commendable budget-friendly option, especially at its price point of $400. This scooter offers a compelling choice for those seeking a seated electric scooter experience without breaking the bank. 

Gyroor Urbanmax C1 Review: Design and Build Quality

The Urbanmax C1 presents an appealing option for riders interested in the sit-down category of electric scooters. With a comfortable seat and user-friendly controls, it offers a relaxed and convenient riding experience, making it well-suited for leisurely commutes and errands.

Weighing in at around 32 to 35 pounds, this scooter boasts a lightweight design that enhances its portability. Its folding mechanism allows for easy storage and transportation, fitting neatly into car trunks or SUV compartments. This convenience makes it an ideal companion for trips to the beach, local parks, and other leisure destinations.

Gyroor Urbanmax C1 Review: Power and Driving test

The Urbanmax C1 demonstrates its strengths on bike paths, sidewalks, and similarly smooth surfaces. It may not be the best choice for busy streets or demanding urban environments, but its capabilities shine on more relaxed routes. This makes it an excellent option for riders who prefer to navigate bike paths and enjoy scenic routes.

In summary, the Gyroor Urbanmax C1 electric scooter presents a compelling value proposition for riders seeking an affordable, comfortable, and convenient sit-down scooter. Its lightweight design, portability, and suitability for specific terrains make it an excellent choice for leisurely rides, beach trips, and similar outings. While it may not excel in all scenarios, its targeted strengths position it as a reliable and enjoyable option for riders looking to add a touch of convenience and fun to their urban adventures.

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  1. Nice article. Do you have info on the parameter settings? I just purchased this model. I have several scooters and all the P-settings are different. I can’t find a list anywhere.


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