Euybike K6 Pro Review: Powerful Full Suspension 1000W E-Bike!


What’s up, dudes? Today, we’ve got an exciting review for you as we take a closer look at the Euybike K6 Pro. This bike is truly something special and sets itself apart from the pack in several ways.

The K6 Pro is not just about comfort; it packs some serious power too. With its 1000 watt Hub motor, this bike offers impressive acceleration and speed, making it perfect for off-road adventures and conquering tough terrains. And let’s not forget the massive 25 amp hour battery pack, providing ample range for your long rides without worrying about running out of juice.

The normal list price for the K6 Pro is around $1500, but you might be able to snag it for a better deal through the link below this video. Considering the unique features, powerful motor, and durable frame, it’s definitely worth the investment for those seeking a top-notch electric bike.

So, let’s not waste any more time – let’s crack open that box and take a closer look at the Euybike K6 Pro. Then, we’ll hit the road for a full and comprehensive review, putting this bike through its paces to see how it performs in the real world. Stay tuned for the full rundown!

FrameMagnesium alloy frame
Hub Motor1000W rear hub motor
Max torque96N.m
Max speed28MPH
Pedal Assist5 Pedal-Assist levels
FreewheelShimano 8 speed gear shift
Brake160mm Hydraulic disc brakes
Tires20" x4.0"fat tires
ThrottleHalf twist throttle
Battery48V 25Ah lithium battery
Range50~55miles (throttle)
Range80~88miles (pas)
Weight81 lbs (with battery)
Recommended Rider Heights5'7" ~ 6'5"

Unboxing and Assembly

As I eagerly start to open up this electric vehicle, the Euybike K6 Pro, I can’t help but notice that it doesn’t even claim to be just a bike – it’s something more. I’m already intrigued. And dude, check out this seat! It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before. The seat has a unique arch to it, resembling a bowl that cradles you as you ride. It’s wider than usual, and I’m curious to see how comfortable it feels during my test ride.

Euybike K6 Pro Review: unboxing

Finally, I crack open the packaging, revealing some useful extras. There’s a mini foot pump, though I won’t be using it today. It’s always good to have as a backup. I recall my previous experience with another Euybike moped-style bike and how much I enjoyed it. This folding version seems promising and shares similar impressive specifications.

The 2-amp charger provided may not be the fastest, given the bike’s massive 25 amp hour battery pack, but basic math tells me it should take around 12 hours to charge from empty to full. And let me tell you, once you try a bike like this, you’ll be hooked, so make sure you have some extra cash on hand for potential upgrades or accessories.

Euybike K6 Pro Review: seat

Alright, let’s dive into the next part of this K6 Pro adventure. As I work on the bike, I notice that the front wheel lacks a quick-release lever. This design choice adds an extra layer of security, making it more challenging for a random person to steal your front wheel while you’re away. However, it also means that if you need to remove the wheel for any reason, it’ll take a bit more time and effort.

It took me about 20 minutes to assemble the bike, and now I’m dealing with the final pieces, which can be a bit tedious. Installing the fender is a bit of a challenge; you need to hold it in place while tightening it down, and it requires some patience and finesse. I reach for my trusty 10-millimeter wrench and power tools to speed up the process.

Euybike K6 Pro Review: eight gears

After another 10 minutes, I realize that I put some things on backward, and I have to flip-flop them to the correct position. It’s a minor setback, but eventually, I manage to get everything in its proper place. I make sure to secure all the cables neatly to avoid any potential issues while riding.

Design and Build Quality

First off, let’s talk about the frame. The Euybike K6 Pro boasts a magnesium alloy frame, which is a game-changer. This material is approximately 33% lighter than traditional aluminum frames, making the bike lighter and more agile. But that’s not all – it’s also stronger, ensuring durability and reliability even in rough riding conditions.

Euybike K6 Pro Review: design

Now, let’s get into the folding mechanism. The K6 Pro has an unusual folding design, which means you can easily pack it up and take it with you on your adventures. Whether you want to throw it in the trunk of your car or store it in a tight space, this folding mechanism makes it incredibly convenient for transport and storage.

Next up, let’s talk about the ergonomic seat. The K6 Pro features a uniquely designed seat, optimized for comfort during extended rides. The ergonomic shape helps reduce pressure on sensitive areas and ensures a smoother riding experience.

Euybike K6 Pro Review: folding Fat Tire e-bike

Taking this bike for a spin, you’ll notice it has a quirky yet fun feel. It’s not just your typical electric bike; it’s got character and a personality that stands out from the crowd.

The bike features typical 20-inch wheels with four-inch wide knobby treads, perfect for tackling various terrains. I spot beefy 160 millimeter rotors, ensuring strong and reliable braking power. There’s also an unusual material on the frame that looks like sandpaper but doesn’t feel like it; it appears to be some type of asphalt or shiny surface. The rear suspension is labeled as “HLT100,” which I recognize from other bikes I’ve encountered. Though it doesn’t seem to have an extensive amount of travel, I expect it to handle well enough.

Euybike K6 Pro Review: hydraulic disc brakes

As I continue exploring the bike, I notice a neat detail – the rear light is cleverly integrated into the seat design. It’s a thoughtful touch that adds to the bike’s overall sleek appearance. The Euybike  comes with plastic fenders, folding pedals, and a dual crown fork with compression adjustment on the right side, offering customization to suit your preferences.

I’m also intrigued by the shiny material present on both the seat and parts of the frame, divided by visible lines. It almost seems like these parts might be bolted together, leading me to wonder if there’s more to this bike than meets the eye. Perhaps there are additional batteries hidden within, contributing to its impressive performance.

Moving towards the front, I spot Logan hydraulic brakes, which are generally reliable and provide excellent stopping power. The thick round grips and Logan hydraulic levers look comfortable and easy to use. The Shimano shifter offers eight speeds, allowing for versatility in various riding conditions.

Euybike K6 Pro Review: display

Taking a look at the display, it seems user-friendly with large icons and buttons. I notice a few interesting features like lights, a horn, and an info power display, which should come in handy during my test ride.

As I take a step back to admire the bike, I realize that the seat is unique, as it has a rotating feature. I adjust the seat height to its maximum, demonstrating how it looks for a tall guy like me (6’5″). Though it seems a bit intimidating at first, I manage to get on the bike with ease.

As we continue our exploration of the Euybike K6 Pro, I discover the battery compartment where the key is inserted. The battery indicator shows it’s almost full, promising an exciting ride ahead. Intrigued by its capacity, I decide to weigh the battery pack, which comes in at 9.8 pounds on my scale, making it quite substantial.

Euybike K6 Pro Review: full suspension

After the battery check, it’s time to fold the bike back out. Surprisingly, the unfolding process is smooth and straightforward once you understand the rotation mechanism. I make a mental note not to forget any steps during this process to ensure a seamless experience next time.

The seat of the Euybike K6 Pro has a unique design, hugging the rider with its squishy edges. It looks promisingly comfortable, and I’m eager to see how it feels during an extended ride.

Taking a closer look at the bike’s drivetrain, it features eight gears, offering a decent range for various riding situations. The motor, as promised, is a powerful 1000 watt Hub motor, running on a 48-volt system. It seems to be the same motor I tried on their previous bike, and I remember it being quite potent.

Euybike K6 Pro Review: front light

I power up the bike, and the non-color display shows relevant information, including battery charge level, odometer, time, speed, and trip details. The display is simple and easy to navigate.

The bike is equipped with multiple light buttons, and I test them out. The front light has a bright halo effect, while the rear light appears to require additional batteries, which I swiftly install. Once activated, the lights provide ample illumination and increase visibility.

With the bike ready to go, I hop on and take it for a spin. The 1000 watt motor packs a punch, and the 20-inch wheels accelerate quickly, making for an exciting ride. The bike’s handling feels quirky and unique, adding to the overall fun factor.

Euybike K6 Pro Review: eight gears

With everything set and ready to go, I’m excited to take the Euybike K6 Pro on an extended ride, testing its comfort, power, and overall performance. Stay tuned for the full ride review to see how this unique electric vehicle performs on the road!

Power and Riding test

As I ride, I realize that the display doesn’t provide detailed voltage information, only a bar readout. This slight drawback can make it a bit challenging to gauge the battery’s true percentage or voltage when I return from my ride. However, I come prepared with a tool to remove the battery, allowing me to check its status separately.

Euybike K6 Pro Review: design

As I crank up the throttle, the bike responds powerfully, reaching a maximum speed of 31 mph. The horn proves to be loud and attention-grabbing, ensuring safety during my ride.

Alright, let’s power up this beast and get ready for the ride! Before we begin, I strap on my trusty distance tracker to keep an eye on our progress. The first challenge is the 20 Hill grade test, and I’m eager to see how this bike performs. I weigh 200 pounds, and I’ll be relying solely on the throttle for this test.

As I start the climb, the bike demonstrates impressive torque, easily tackling the steep incline. The display shows a powerful output of 580 watts, indicating the bike’s strong climbing capabilities. The motor doesn’t disappoint and proves to be a strong hill climber.

Euybike K6 Pro Review: driving and ride modes

As I descend back down, I notice that the bike’s output is somewhat limited once the speed starts to drop. The display indicates 583 watts at maximum, which is lower than the expected 1200 watts output. Nonetheless, I’m still cruising at 28 miles per hour on throttle alone, and the bike feels robust and powerful.

Getting on the bike, the first thing I notice is the seat. It’s unique and has a bit of play to it, providing a soft and comfortable feel. It stands out as one of the most significant differences between this bike and others I’ve ridden. While I’m still unsure about its long-term comfort, it’s an aspect that can be easily customized by swapping out the seat for a preferred option.

I find that the full suspension does a pretty good job of absorbing impacts, making the ride quite smooth. While it’s not a high-performance off-road beast, it handles like a typical full suspension bike, providing a comfortable experience on various terrains.

Euybike K6 Pro Review: design

I haven’t tested the gears yet, but the folding pedals feel a bit awkward. They are designed to be more compact for a folding bike, but they might take some getting used to. Surprisingly, the bike’s display shows a peak output of 575 watts, which seems lower than expected given the bike’s potential. Perhaps it’s a limitation set to maintain legality in certain regions.

The handlebar reach feels a bit different due to the curved design, but it’s not uncomfortable for me, even as a taller rider. It might be a better fit for someone on the shorter side.

Now, let’s check out the acceleration capabilities of this bike. Going from 0 to 20 mph on full throttle, it impressively reaches 26 mph with ease. The unique seat design, which I initially questioned, turns out to be quite comfortable after riding for around seven miles. It cradles me well, and I feel nicely nestled in, making for a pleasant riding experience.

Euybike K6 Pro Review: driving and ride modes

The bike comes with eight gears instead of the typical seven, offering more flexibility when climbing hills or cruising on flats. The pedal assist modes work well too, with pedal assist one reaching 16 mph and pedal assist two going up to 19 mph.

As I venture off-road, the bike handles the terrain decently, and the suspension adjustments come in handy for fine-tuning the ride experience. The front fork is particularly impressive for a budget-friendly bike, offering plenty of adjustments.

However, the rear suspension lacks adjustable settings, which is common for most budget e-bikes. I wouldn’t recommend taking this bike down stairs or engaging in extreme off-road conditions, but it handles mild off-road trails just fine.

Euybike K6 Pro Review: driving and ride modes

As I navigate through sandy terrain, the bike performs well, and the cadence sensor kicks in with a slight delay when I start pedaling. It’s essential to note that this bike is not designed for aggressive off-road riding, but it does a decent job in moderate conditions.

I encounter some challenging terrain in the soft sand, which proves to be a bit of a struggle for the bike. The 20-inch wheels on this folding electric bike make navigating through the sand a bit more difficult than I anticipated. I find myself having to pedal quite a bit to maintain momentum, and the motor output of 530 watts doesn’t seem enough to handle the demanding conditions fully.

Once I hit the more hard-packed sand, the bike’s full suspension comes into play, providing a smoother ride and allowing me to reach speeds of around 18 mph. The bike’s performance in the soft sand is not ideal, but it still manages to get me through with some effort and skillful maneuvering.

Euybike K6 Pro Review: driving and ride modes

I test the acceleration capabilities again on the flat pavement, and the bike impressively reaches 26 mph in no time. The seat’s unique design continues to offer comfort, and I feel nestled in nicely throughout the ride.

The bike’s eight gears offer versatility for both climbing hills and cruising on flat ground. The pedal assist modes perform well, with pedal assist one reaching 16 mph and pedal assist two going up to 19 mph.

During my off-road adventures, the bike handles the terrain decently, especially on hard-packed sand. However, it struggles in soft sand, requiring a lot of power and effort to maintain progress.

Euybike K6 Pro Review: driving and ride modes

The hydraulic disc brakes prove to be reliable and effective, successfully bringing the bike to a stop despite its considerable mass. The bike feels nimble, and the handlebars’ wide turning radius makes maneuvering easy, even with the dual crown fork.

I decide to tackle the California incline, which is a challenging hill with a 12% grade. The bike performs well, pulling me up at a decent speed of around 9 mph on throttle alone. However, the motor starts to show some signs of power reduction as I reach the steepest parts.

Heading downhill with a headwind, I’m impressed with the bike’s stability and the excellent braking performance of the hydraulic brakes. As I ride with a tailwind on flat ground, I’m able to reach higher speeds, hitting around 28 mph with ease.

Battery and Range

Now comes the interesting part – checking out the battery. I locate the key, insert it into the designated slot, and unlock the battery compartment. To my surprise, it’s not as straightforward to access the battery as I expected. It requires a bit of wrestling and maneuvering to get it out safely. Once I have the battery in my hands, I notice it’s labeled as Pac FST Samsung, which is an excellent sign. 

Euybike K6 Pro Review: battery

The battery boasts a capacity of 25 amp hours and operates at either 44 or 48 volts. The maximum charge for the 48-volt battery is 54.6 volts, and it’s essential to avoid using a charger stronger than this to prevent any potential issues.

The Euybike K6 Pro boasts an impressive range of 50 to 85 miles per charge, making it an ideal option for extended rides and longer commutes. This generous range ensures that riders can enjoy extended journeys without worrying about running out of battery power.

Euybike K6 Pro Review: front light

However, it’s worth noting that the charging time for the K6 Pro’s battery is relatively long, taking approximately 8 to 9 hours to reach a full charge. This charging time is typical for e-bikes with larger battery packs like the K6 Pro’s 25 amp hour capacity. Riders should plan ahead and make sure to charge the bike overnight or during times when it’s not in use to ensure it’s ready for the next adventure.

Despite the lengthy charging time, the ample range provided by the battery makes up for it, as riders can cover significant distances on a single charge, reducing the need for frequent charging stops during their journeys.


So, after exploring the Euybike K6 Pro, it’s safe to say that it’s a pretty cool folding Fat Tire e-bike with full suspension. Despite the unusual appearance of the seat, it turns out to be quite comfortable during the ride. The bike is listed at a reasonable price of $1500, making it an attractive option for those seeking a folding Fat Tire e-bike with these features.

Euybike K6 Pro Review: driving and ride modes

During the ride, the battery performance stood out, showcasing impressive endurance. After covering 14.3 miles with a 200-pound rider using throttle-only mode, the battery showed one bar remaining, but that doesn’t always reflect the true percentage of battery capacity. Upon checking the voltage, it displayed 47 volts, which corresponds to approximately 50% battery remaining according to a lithium-ion battery chart. With this in mind, the bike’s potential range is around 40 miles with aggressive riding and throttle-only usage, and even more with a mix of pedal assistance.

As for folding, the bike is relatively easy to fold in half, simplifying the transportation and storage process. However, given its substantial mass, it might not be the most convenient option for frequent folding and carrying.

Euybike K6 Pro Review: design

Overall, the Euybike K6 Pro offers a stylish design, comfortable ride, and good value for its price. If you’re interested in purchasing this folding Fat Tire e-bike, you can use the link below the video to support and my reviews. However, if this bike doesn’t suit your needs, feel free to explore other options in my next review.

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