Aventon Soltera Review: Why Did I Like This 350W E-bike?


Hello everyone, and welcome! The Aventon Soltera is designed for urban riding, and its battery offers a satisfying range for city adventures. As we embark on our journey, we’ll have the opportunity to assess the bike’s range and see how it performs in real-world conditions. The battery’s capacity, coupled with efficient power management, allows for extended rides without the worry of running out of charge.

With the bike assembled and ready to go, I can’t wait to explore the city streets, feel the wind in my hair, and share my experiences with you all. So, buckle up and join me as we embark on an exciting ride with the Aventon Soltera electric bike!

Today, we have an exciting adventure ahead as we test out the new urban Aventon Soltera e-bike. In this article, I’ll be sharing my experiences with the bike’s build quality, performance, and my overall impressions of the ride, braking, and range. But before we delve into the details, let’s start by unboxing and assembling the bike!

FRAME6061 Double-Butted Aluminum Alloy
MOTOR36V, 350W (Nominal)
SENSORSCadence Sensor, Speed Sensor
THROTTLEThrottle on Demand
PEDALS9/16' Alloy Platform
TIRES700c*35c Kenda K193
BATTERY36V, 9.6Ah with LG cells
RANGE41 Miles Average
WEIGHT43 lbs

Unboxing and Assembly

Unboxing the Aventon Soltera is an exciting experience for any cycling enthusiast. When the package arrives, you can immediately tell that great care has been taken to ensure its safe delivery. The bike is securely packaged with ample foam and protective materials, giving you peace of mind that your new ride will arrive in pristine condition.

Aventon Soltera Review: Unboxing and Assembly

Upon opening the package, you’ll find all the necessary components neatly organized and secured. The first thing you’ll notice is the user manual, which is an essential companion for the assembly process. It provides clear instructions and illustrations, guiding you through each step of putting your Soltera together.

The package includes several items alongside the bike itself. You’ll find a charger to keep your e-bike powered up, pedals for your rides, and the necessary tools to aid in the assembly process. Additionally, a user guide is included to acquaint you with the features and settings of your new bike.

Now, let’s delve into the assembly process itself. The user manual does an excellent job of walking you through each step, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free setup. Here’s a brief overview of the assembly process:

  1. Installing the Handlebars: Begin by attaching the handlebars to the bike frame. This usually involves tightening a few bolts and aligning the handlebars to your desired position.
  2. Installing the Front Wheel: The next step is to install the front wheel. This typically requires inserting the axle into the fork dropouts and securing it with the provided nuts or quick-release mechanism.
  3. Installing the Pedals: Attach the pedals to the crank arms, making sure to match the left pedal with the left crank arm and the right pedal with the right crank arm. Use the appropriate wrenches or tools to tighten them securely.
  4. Attaching the Seat: Mount the seat onto the seat post and adjust it to your preferred height. Secure it using the provided clamp or quick-release mechanism.
  5. Adjusting the Display Angle: The Aventon Soltera features a display panel that shows important information about your e-bike. Adjust the display angle to ensure optimal visibility and comfort while riding.
  6. Adjusting the Brakes: Before you embark on your first ride, it’s crucial to check and adjust the brakes if necessary. Follow the instructions in the user manual to fine-tune the brake performance for a safe and reliable cycling experience.

Aventon Soltera Review: Unboxing and Assembly

With the assembly process complete, you are now ready to embark on your first adventure with the Aventon Soltera. Remember to follow any additional guidelines provided in the user manual, such as charging the battery and familiarizing yourself with the various settings and modes available.

Design and Build quality

The Aventon Soltera is a well-designed and sturdily built electric bike that offers a range of impressive features. Its thoughtful design ensures a comfortable and efficient riding experience, while its build quality ensures durability and longevity.

Aventon Soltera Review: design

The Soltera is available in two stylish color options: Onyx Black and Citrine. These color choices give riders the opportunity to select the one that best suits their personal style and preferences.

The Soltera features an aluminum alloy frame, which offers a great balance of strength and lightweight construction. Aluminum alloy frames are known for their durability, corrosion resistance, and ability to absorb road vibrations, resulting in a smoother and more comfortable ride. Additionally, aluminum alloy frames are relatively easy to maintain and provide a solid foundation for the bike’s overall structure.

Aventon Soltera Review: Power and Driving Modes

Starting with the design, the Soltera boasts a sleek and modern aesthetic that appeals to riders of all ages. The bike features a frame that is designed to accommodate a wide range of rider heights, with the ideal range falling between 5’3″ and 6’4″. This inclusivity allows riders of various sizes to enjoy the Soltera comfortably.

When you take a walk around the bike, you’ll notice the attention to detail that has gone into its construction. The front of the bike is equipped with 27.5-inch by 1.4-inch tires, which provide a good balance of traction and efficiency on different terrains. The mechanical disc brakes, located towards the middle and rear of the bike, offer reliable stopping power, ensuring safety during your rides.

Aventon Soltera Review: front weel

Moving to the rear of the bike, you’ll find the battery keyhole, which allows easy access for battery removal and charging. The Soltera features a 350-watt rear motor, which provides ample power for a smooth and enjoyable ride. The 7-speed cassette and rear derailleur enable efficient gear shifting, allowing you to adapt to different riding conditions and terrains.

Aventon Soltera Review: brushless rear hub motor

On the right side of the bike, you’ll find the charging port, allowing you to conveniently charge the battery when needed. This feature ensures that your Soltera is always ready for your next adventure.

Aventon Soltera Review: battery and charging port

Examining the handlebar area, you’ll discover several essential components. The brake levers provide responsive stopping power, giving you control over your speed. The throttle controls enable you to engage the motor and enjoy electric assistance when desired. A bell is also included for alerting pedestrians and other cyclists. Additionally, the front light ensures visibility and safety during low-light conditions.

Aventon Soltera Review: rear light

Overall, the design and build quality of the Aventon are impressive. Its sleek appearance, versatile frame sizing, and well-placed components make it an excellent choice for riders of varying heights and preferences. With its Shimano 7-speed shifter, front and rear lights, and reliable disc brakes, the Soltera delivers both functionality and style. Whether you’re commuting or exploring the outdoors, the Aventon Soltera is designed to provide an enjoyable and reliable e-bike experience.

Display and Settings

Powering up the display on the Aventon Soltera is a straightforward process that provides you with essential ride information at a glance. The display is designed to be simple and easy to read, ensuring that you can access and understand the data it provides effortlessly.

Aventon Soltera Review: Display and Settings

To power up the display, you simply press the designated power button. Once the display is on, you’ll notice the clear and intuitive layout, allowing for quick navigation through its various features.

Pressing the “I” button on the display allows you to cycle through different metrics. These include the odometer, which tracks the total distance you have traveled; the trip time, displaying the duration of your current ride; the power level, indicating the battery charge; the average speed, showing your average speed during the ride; and the maximum speed, which displays the highest speed you reached on your journey.

Aventon Soltera Review: handlebars

If you want to adjust the pedal assist levels, you can do so by pressing the plus and minus buttons on the display. Cycling through the levels, which range from one to five, allows you to choose the desired amount of electric assistance provided by the motor. This feature enables you to customize your ride experience based on your preferences and the terrain you’re traversing.

Power and Driving Modes

Let’s dive into the specifications of the Aventon Soltera, highlighting its key features that contribute to its impressive performance and range.

Aventon Soltera Review: Power and Driving Modes

The Soltera is equipped with a 36-volt, 350-watt brushless rear hub motor. This motor provides reliable and efficient power delivery, allowing you to effortlessly conquer various terrains and enjoy a smooth ride. The brushless design ensures minimal maintenance and increased longevity.

During the test on rough terrain, it became evident that the Aventon Soltera is primarily designed for smooth surfaces and street riding. It lacks front suspension forks and fat tires, which are typically found on bikes specifically built for off-road adventures. As a result, the bike tends to transmit the bumps and vibrations from the rough trail to the rider, making it less comfortable for off-road use.

Aventon Soltera Review: Power and Driving Modes

Moving on to the pedal assist levels, the Soltera offers five different modes. Starting with pedal assist one, the bike exhibited a nice steady pick-up, reaching a speed of about 8 miles per hour. As the pedal assist levels increased, the speed progressively rose, with pedal assist five allowing the bike to reach a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour.

The thumb throttle was also tested, and it produced similar results, with the top speed of 20 miles per hour. The throttle provided consistent power and acceleration, allowing for effortless riding and quick bursts of speed when desired.

Aventon Soltera Review: Power and Driving Modes

Brake testing was conducted by reaching the maximum speed and then applying the brakes. The bike demonstrated effective stopping power, enabling a controlled and safe deceleration. The brakes proved to be reliable and responsive, instilling confidence in the rider.

Next, the uphill test was performed to assess the bike’s performance on an incline. Starting the climb at 19 miles per hour using throttle-only, the Soltera displayed smooth acceleration and maintained a good speed of around 16 miles per hour during the ascent. It powered through the uphill section reasonably well, although there was a slight decrease in speed.

Aventon Soltera Review: Power and Driving Modes

Lastly, the downhill test showcased the bike’s ability to handle descents. The Soltera maintained a stable speed of around 18 miles per hour on the downhill section, demonstrating good control and stability. I had to slow down approaching the turn, which indicated the bike’s capability to respond to braking inputs.

Overall, while the Aventon Soltera may not be specifically tailored for off-road adventures, it performed admirably on smooth surfaces, showcased effective pedal assist and throttle functions, exhibited reliable braking capabilities, and demonstrated decent performance on inclines and descents. These findings provide insights for potential riders to consider when assessing the bike’s suitability for their desired riding conditions and preferences.

Battery and Range 

Powering the Aventon Soltera is a 36-volt, 9.6 amp-hour lithium-ion battery with LG cells, known for their high-quality and reliable performance. This battery serves as a dependable and long-lasting power source for your rides, ensuring that you can enjoy your adventures without interruption.

Aventon Soltera Review: design

The ample capacity of the battery allows for an impressive range on a single charge. The Aventon Soltera offers a maximum range of up to 41 miles, allowing you to explore and commute with confidence. It’s important to note that the actual range you achieve may vary depending on several factors, such as the terrain you’re riding on, the weight of the rider and any cargo, as well as the assist level selected.

Factors like hilly terrain, riding on rough surfaces, and frequent use of higher assist levels may slightly reduce the range. On the other hand, riding on flatter terrain, utilizing lower assist levels, and maintaining an optimal weight distribution can potentially maximize the range.

Aventon Soltera Review: battery and charging port

With its robust battery capacity, the Aventon Soltera empowers riders to enjoy extended riding times and the freedom to explore without the worry of running out of power. Whether you’re embarking on a long-distance journey or simply using the bike for daily commuting, the Soltera’s battery provides the necessary energy to keep you going.


Here are my final thoughts of the Aventon Soltera e-bike. The assembly process was easy and straightforward, thanks to the helpful user guide that walks you through each step. The build quality of the bike feels solid, and the lightweight frame is well-designed. The glossy and vibrant paint job adds to its overall appeal, and there were no noticeable scratches or imperfections. Cable management is well-done, with wires neatly organized within the frame, and the front wire is enclosed in a sleeve for a cleaner look.

Aventon Soltera Review: Power and Driving Modes

While the ride was fairly comfortable, I found the seat to be a bit on the firm side. There were no rattles, vibrations, or noises during my rides, and the steering felt stable. The handlebars have a good length, but you might find yourself leaning forward slightly. It’s worth noting that rough surfaces can result in a bumpier ride, so the bike is better suited for smooth city or urban environments.

The 350-watt motor provided sufficient power, although it may struggle a bit on steeper inclines. During my uphill test, the bike did lose some speed, going from 19 miles per hour down to 16. However, using the pedal assist and throttle, I was able to reach the advertised top speed of 20 miles per hour. The estimated range of up to 41 miles will depend on factors such as the pedal assist level, throttle usage, rider weight, and the riding environment.

Aventon Soltera Review: design

The brakes offered decent stopping power, although I would have preferred hydraulic brakes for enhanced performance. The LCD display is simple and intuitive, with a large and bright screen that remains visible even on sunny days.

Overall, I believe the Aventon Soltera performed well and would be a good choice for an entry-level city or urban electric bike. It provides enough power and range to comfortably reach your destination, and its lightweight design is an advantage. The option to choose from two color options adds a touch of personalization

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