Aventon Pace 500.3 Review: All You Need Is Torque Sensor 2023!


We told you all about the new Aventon eBikes brand and the online marketplace bike.com last month. Aventon has introduced the $1,699 Aventon Pace 500.3 hub-drive urban/recreational model in step-through and diamond-frame iterations, with ambitions to expand into a variety of ebike types.

New eBikes are being created by Aventon’s enterprising workers almost as quickly as we can write about them. The Pace 500.3, an update to Aventon’s cruiser that builds on earlier redesigns by introducing a torque sensor and four new assist modes, was released today.

Aventon is best known for its reasonably priced but technologically advanced electric bikes. The Pace series is the label’s flagship line, and the majority of the brand’s models are designed with urban dwellers in mind. Now that the Pace 500.3 has been updated, the company has introduced the Pace 500.3. The bike looks to still have an approachable design. However, beneath the surface, things are better than ever. 

FRAME6061 Aluminum Alloy
SENSORSTorque Sensor
PEDALS9/16' Alloy Platform
BATTERYRemovable 12.8Ah or 614Wh
RANGEUp to 60 Miles
TIRES27.5" x 2.1" Puncture Resistant
HANDLEBARSAluminum 31.8mm
SEAT CLAMP34.9 mm Quick Release
TEMThreadless, 31.8mm, 90mm
WEIGHT52 lbs

Aventon Pace 500.3: Design and Build Quality

The most recent revision was made in March 2022 and included features like a frame-integrated battery, rear brake lights, and a headlight. Aventon claimed that the Pace 500.3 now has a range of up to 60 miles for this update after yet another adjustment to the battery. The torque sensor is the Pace 500.3’s other significant update, which Aventon claims makes it more “intuitive.”

A 6061 single-butted aluminum alloy frame, hydraulic disc brakes, an eight-speed drivetrain, and 27.5 x 2.1 inch tires are all features of the Aventon Pace 500.3. It has two sizes, two styles, and weighs 52 pounds. Four colors are available to potential riders: Midnight Black, Camouflage, Ghost White, and Blue Steel. 

Aventon upgraded the Pace 500.3’s rear lights to include turn-signal functionality because they anticipated you would be pedaling it through urban and suburban areas.

The hydraulic disc brakes have strong stopping force, a modulated lever feel, and motor cutoff sensors to help slow the vehicle down. The 660-millimeter-wide, swept-back handlebars, a pair of comfortable, ergonomic grips, and a roomy Velo comfort saddle with a handy lift handle for shifting the 52-pound steed make up the cozy cockpit.

The Aventon Pace 500.3 has excellent stability at downhill speeds approaching 40 mph and plenty of traction on a variety of surfaces, including our local loose-over-hardpack off-road conditions, thanks to the 27.5″ x 2.1″ reflective sidewalls urban tires’ water-shedding tread pattern and 2.1-inch-wide puncture-resistant rubber.

The Aventon Pace 500.3 Step-Thru’s “Two Size Fits Most Adults” frame sizing is the only issue I have so far with it, and it’s a fairly big one. According to Aventon’s sizing chart, I am at the top of the range for “best fit for correct leg extension” at 5’3″ – 5’10″ or 5’10″ – 6’4″. I’m not nearly high enough over the pedals for my comfort, even with the seatpost set as far as it can go with little frame insertion. For my 33-inch inseam length, I would definitely choose the Aventon Pace 500.3 with a diamond-frame in the larger of the two sizes available and forgo a low stepover. Consult Aventon’s charts to determine your right size, and most likely add a few inches to their estimates. 

Aventon Pace 500.3: Motor and Battery

The Aventon Aventon Pace 500.3 Step-Thru has a 500W Shengyi rear hub motor that is driven by a 652.8Wh battery that is partially integrated into the bike’s big hexagon-shaped downtube. It offers five levels of pedal assistance up to 28 mph and a thumb throttle that tops out at 20 mph. This is how the Class 3 pedal assist of the system is distributed. 

A torque sensor has been added to the updated Pace 500.3, which will undoubtedly make a big difference in how smoothly and seamlessly the pedal assistance is provided. Those of you who have used inexpensive e-bikes are likely familiar with the jerky pedal assistance experienced by cadence-sensor equipped systems. This is no longer an issue thanks to the torque sensor in the new Pace 500.3. Additionally, the Pace 500.3 has a thumb throttle, which is especially helpful for people who want to use the motor alone without pedaling. 

The Pace 500.3 can propel you up to 28 miles per hour when combined with the four new pedal-assist modes, such as Eco, Tour, Sport, and Turbo. This is more than fast enough for cruising.

The Aventon Pace 500.3 is enthusiastically propelled to such top speeds by the Shengyi hub drive. Additionally, it has amazing elegance – especially for an ebike at its price. With no sudden bursts of power to disrupt the rider’s pedal cadence, its enormous strength ramps up gradually. Additionally, it operates silently and lacks the unwelcome buzzing sensation we’ve been hearing from other hub-drive ebikes in our test fleet. Really excellent hub motor value.

I haven’t discovered any flaws in the Aventon Pace 500.3 Step-Thru’s component specifications thanks to Aventon. With just the right amount of gearing to reach that 28 mph top pedal assist speed on flat ground, the seven-speed Shimano drivetrain moves confidently, precisely, and at a fairly rapid cadence. 

However, despite not being a comfort bike, this one is still surprisingly pleasant to ride. The saddle strikes a good balance between being effective and also giving you enough room to feel like you’re not sitting on a postage stamp. To provide you a more relaxed seating position, the bars are lifted and swept back gently. The angle may be adjusted to perfectly fit you.

Aventon Pace 500.3: Conclusions

Regarding costs and accessibility, the Aventon Pace 500.3 retails for $1,699 on the company’s website. Visit the Aventon official website, which is linked below, for more details on the Pace 500.3 and other electric bicycles. 

The Aventon Pace 500.3 is pretty much the ideal commuter bike. It’s relaxing. It travels well. It has a good amount of range in its regular configuration, but an additional battery can extend that range even more. Additionally, it has some wonderful features like a color screen, a 8-speed transmission, thru-axle front hub for a more durable and long-lasting design, hydraulic disc brakes, and more. The torque sensor and the 8-speed transmission make a great pair for those of you who enjoy pedaling.

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