Bianchi T-Tronik C-Type Review: This is How Comfortable E-bike Should Be!


Bianchi’s T-Tronik e-bike lineup is expanding, with the Italian company introducing two new models: the T-Tronik C-Type and T-Tronik T-Type.

The C-Type is clearly better suited for leisurely, comfortable city rides, and its geometry makes getting on and off the bike simple. The rider is protected from dirt by the chain cover and mudguards, and the battery has an easy-to-use release mechanism.

The T-Tronik city e-bike is powered by a 250 Watts Shimano E6100 motor with a torque of 60 Nm. An integrated 417 Wh Phylion battery claims to provide up to 59 miles of battery life on a single charge. With the power assist, the bikes can reach top speeds of up to 20mph.

The price of the new T-Tronik C-Type is about $2699. More information can be found on the manufacturer’s website. Before starting the full review, you can watch my video, and then read the article.

Top speed20mph
Range59 miles
Weight55 pound

Bianchi T-Tronik C-Type: Design and Build Quality

The design of Bianchi’s new e-bikes is described as simple and elegant, with a focus on comfort, adaptability, and utility with these new models. The C-Type and T-Type from T-Tronik are designed for everyday use. To help the rider find the most comfortable riding position, they both have step-through frames and handlebars that can be turned 90 to 140 degrees. The touring model is also offered with a step-over frame.

The touring bike is available in Urban Gray or Green, while the urban bike is available in Iridescent Bronze or Blue Stone.

The e-bikes from Bianchi have 100-lumen front lights that provide visibility up to 400 meters or 1,312 feet and a rear rack that lets you transport bags weighing up to 25 kg or 55 lb. T-Tronik C-Type bike features 29″ wheels, Radius hydraulic disc brakes, and nine-speed SunRace shifters. 180-millimeter rotors and ceramic brake pads on hydraulic disc brakes offer stopping power.

Fenders, a kickstand, front and rear lights, metal-studded Wellgo pedals, and mounts for accessories are included with the bike to make it weatherproof.

Bianchi T-Tronik C-Type’ headquarters are in Seattle, and the city’s streets are crowded with the company’s Chaoyang E-Liner City 700x45C tires electric bicycles. Riders of earlier Bianchi models frequently questioned me about the performance of the new T-Tronik C-Type Step-Thru while I was testing it. The majority of these riders were men, which led me to declare the T-Tronik C-Type to be “the ultimate dad bike” in my first ride preview.

I’m not sure, but maybe Bianchi’s 55-pound weight, its hefty frame, or its Chaoyang tires appeal to a market where size matters. I use skinny-tire road bikes for exercise, but there’s something empowering and self-assured about tearing through the city’s potholed streets and debris-filled bike lanes on the Bianchi at top speed. 

Bianchi T-Tronik C-Type: Motor and Battery

The RadRover 6 Plus is a Class 1 ebike with a 250W max-power hub motor, a semi-integrated 417Wh battery, and a top speed of 20mph. Its range is advertised to be 35 to 55 miles, and its life expectancy is 800 charge cycles. 

Seattle’s hilly terrain could be traversed by the 250W hub motor. I ride for fitness, so I don’t mind pushing a big gear to get a good workout, but I like to keep my top speed up so that I can travel quickly—often faster than people in cars.

I kept the power assist at level 1, 2, or 3 on the flats or downhills to extend the battery’s range while using the rolling momentum of the Bianchi T-Tronik C-Type to travel at 25kph. The weight of the bike and friction from the Chaoyang tires quickly cause the bike to lose speed on minor inclines and low-angle hills. At that point, I increased the power to levels 4 or 5, which allowed me to keep my speed between 15 and 20 mph on gentle hills.

With a thumb-activated downshift lever and an upshift button next to the twistgrip throttle, the Shimano seven-speed derailleur on the Bianchi T-Tronik C-Type Step-Thru provides gearing.

Five levels of power assistance are displayed on the digital display, and users can adjust the power level using the large up and down buttons on the handlebar-mounted controller. The controller has a screen with a battery charge indicator and an on/off switch as well. Your speed, miles traveled, wattage output, and the time are displayed on a backlit LCD screen on the display mounted in the middle of the bars.

Even when using the throttle liberally and riding in maximum power mode on these workday rides, which were typically less than 20 miles round-trip, I never ran out of battery. A weekend wine-tasting event required me to travel the longest distance about 40 miles on relatively flat, paved regional trails. I returned home with only about 25% of my battery charge left.

I noticed a slight reduction in battery life when storing the bike on my porch during cold spells. In Seattle, where freezing temperatures are uncommon, it is not a big deal, but for people who live in chilly northern climates and must leave the bike outside for extended periods of time, it might be something to think about. It would be prudent to take the battery inside in those circumstances after unlocking it.

Overall, driving this monster truck made me yearn for rural life and the chance to travel distant dirt roads.

Bianchi T-Tronik C-Type:  Conclusions

The Bianchi T-Tronik C-Type is obviously better suited to leisurely, enjoyable city rides because of how easily one can board the bike thanks to its shape. The chain cover and mudguards shield the rider from dirt, and the battery has an easy-to-use release mechanism that enables the user to charge it away from the bike, such as at home or at work.

I experienced no issues with the mobile delivery of my test bike. I scheduled a tune-up after 100 miles to adjust the rear disc brake, which had started to rub. The mechanic warned me to exercise caution when lowering the kickstand with my foot because it is possible to unintentionally kick and damage the rear disc brake rotor.

The new e-bikes come after Bianchi’s first significant e-bike release at the beginning of last year, when the company debuted new mountain, touring, and city e-bikes in Europe. These new 2023 models might experience a similar rollout stateside given that those models were scheduled to make their US debut a few months later. That would undoubtedly spare me the trouble of needing to travel to Europe to test out a brand-new Bianchi e-bike like I did the previous time.

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