Cycrown Cycknight Review: Full Suspension Fat E-Bike!


Yo, what’s up, people! How are you all doing today? We’ve got something exciting to talk about—a brand new e-bike from Cycrown Cycknight, priced under $900. This bad boy right here is called the Cycknight, and we’re about to dive into its features and see what it’s all about. So, buckle up and let’s check it out!

First things first, at this price point, the Cycknight offers a lot of value. It comes equipped with a range of features and components that make it a compelling option for e-bike enthusiasts. Let’s take a closer look.

Get out there, enjoy the open road, and have a blast with the Cycknight! Keep riding and stay awesome, folks!

Frame6061 aluminum
MotorBrushless 500W motor (Max 750W)
Electronic Power Assist5 Levels
Maximum Speed20 mph
Gearing Shimano7-speed
Brake StyleFront & rear hydraulic disc
SuspensionFront hydraulic suspension fork + Rear seat suspension
LightsFront LED controlled from bike
Battery48V 12.5AH removable
RangeElectric (28-37 miles), Pedal Assist (37-48 miles)
Charging3-4 hours, 54.6V 3A
Dimensions ‎70 x 50.4 x 25 inches
Weight30kg (66lbs)
Rider Height5"3 to 6"3

Design and Build Quality

The Cycrown Cycknight is a folding e-bike that offers convenience and functionality for riders looking for a portable electric transportation option. Let’s delve into its design and build quality.

Cycrown Cycknight Review: design and build quality

Starting with the folding mechanism, the Cycknight features an unlatch system that allows for easy folding and unfolding. However, I mentioned that it can be somewhat challenging to unfold, which suggests that it may require some effort and practice to become accustomed to the process.

In terms of aesthetics, the Cycknight resembles other e-bikes on the market with its fat tires, full suspension, and overall sleek appearance. The paint job is commended for its quality, giving the e-bike an appealing and fancy look. The inclusion of fat tires and full suspension indicates that the Cycknight is designed to handle various terrains and provide a comfortable riding experience.

Cycrown Cycknight Review: front full suspension

While I mention the absence of fenders and a rear rack, it’s important to note that these accessories are not included by default. However, the bike does have mounting holes on the rear and front, allowing riders to install fenders and a rear rack if desired. This provides customization options and the ability to adapt the bike to specific preferences or needs.

One notable positive aspect mentioned is the comfortable seat. Having a well-designed and comfortable seat is crucial for longer rides, as it ensures a more enjoyable and less fatiguing experience for the rider.

Cycrown Cycknight Review: frame and battery

In terms of build quality, I mentioned a creaking sound. Although it’s unclear from the provided context what specifically causes the creaking, it could be a result of a loose or faulty component. Ideally, an e-bike should have a sturdy and reliable build quality, minimizing such issues. It’s important to note that without further information, it’s difficult to determine if the creaking is a common occurrence or an isolated incident.

The Cycrown Cycknight is equipped with a Shimano Tourney 1×7 drivetrain, providing a reliable and efficient gear-shifting system for riders. The inclusion of a 1×7 drivetrain implies that there is a single chainring at the front and a seven-speed cassette at the rear, allowing for a decent range of gear options.

Cycrown Cycknight Review: Shimano Tourney 1x7 drivetrain

The e-bike features 160-millimeter rotors on both the front and rear wheels. These rotors, combined with the mechanical disc brakes, offer solid stopping power and reliable braking performance. Although the specific brand of the disc brakes is not mentioned, it’s worth noting that mechanical disc brakes are generally known for their durability and ease of maintenance.

Moving on to the suspension, the Cycknight incorporates a fork that can be unlocked and locked, providing some level of adjustability. However, it is mentioned that the front suspension feels stiff. Adjusting the tire pressure is suggested as a means to increase comfort during the ride. The rear suspension, on the other hand, is described as easy to adjust by hand and seems to offer a decent amount of suspension travel.

Cycrown Cycknight Review fat tires and full suspension

The comfort aspect of the Cycknight is highlighted, particularly the seat. The seat is described as soft and comfortable, with a nice spring mechanism. However, there is a concern about the durability of the seat due to the thin padding of the imitation leather material.

In terms of lighting, the e-bike comes with a front headlight for increased visibility during rides. Additionally, there is a mention of a battery-powered taillight that can be installed on the bike, although it was not present during the review. This indicates that the Cycknight offers some lighting options for enhanced safety, especially for nighttime riding.

Cycrown Cycknight Review seat is described as soft and comfortable

One interesting feature worth noting is the foldable pedals. This design element adds convenience and ease of storage, allowing the pedals to be folded when not in use, potentially saving space in tight storage areas.

Lastly, it is highlighted that the Cycknight’s price is surprisingly affordable at $900. Considering the mentioned features, such as the fat tires, full suspension, and appealing design, the Cycknight offers good value for its price point.

Driving and Speed Test

The Cycrown Cycknight is classified as a Class 2 e-bike, which explains its 500-watt motor power. During a test ride, I provide feedback on different pedal assist levels and their corresponding speeds.

Cycrown Cycknight Review: frame and battery

Starting with zero pedal assist, I mentioned that the e-bike performs reasonably well, reaching a speed of around 5 to 6 miles per hour. However, I plan to use a GPS device later to accurately measure the speed.

Moving to pedal assist level one, I note that the torque provided by the 500-watt motor is impressive. I mention that it requires some force on the cranks but still allows for relatively easy pedaling. At this level, I are able to achieve a speed of approximately 9 miles per hour.

Cycrown Cycknight Review - driving and ride

Switching to pedal assist level two, I commented that I can hear the battery rattling inside the frame. I suggest that this e-bike might not be suitable for intense off-road riding. However, I propose the idea of adding gaskets or padding to mitigate the rattling issue.

Advancing to pedal assist level three, I report a speed of 14 miles per hour, and at pedal assist level four, I reach a speed of 17 miles per hour. I anticipate that at pedal assist level five, the e-bike will likely surpass 20 miles per hour, but I feel it’s getting a bit too fast for their current environment.

Cycrown Cycknight Review

In throttle-only mode, I achieve speeds of around 7 to 8 miles per hour. I then move on to pedal assist level one, where the throttle and pedaling combination allows them to reach a speed of approximately 13 to 14 miles per hour. As I progress to pedal assist level four, the throttle-only speed peaks at 17 miles per hour. Finally, at pedal assist level five, I reached a top speed of 20 miles per hour using the throttle alone.

To verify the accuracy of the e-bike’s speedometer, I employ a GPS app, which confirms the maximum speed of 20 miles per hour. This result validates the e-bike’s classification as a Class 2 e-bike, adhering to the legal speed limits for this category.

Cycrown Cycknight Review screen display features

I then switched to pedaling and found that pedal assist level two offers the most comfortable riding experience. However, when using pedal assist levels three, four, and five, I feel that I run out of suitable gears, with their legs spinning too fast, making it more efficient to rely on the throttle in these instances. I also note that the maximum speed achievable with the e-bike is around 22 miles per hour, which can be reached with the throttle alone.

I recommend the Cycrown Cycknight e-bike for individuals looking to use it for commuting purposes such as going to school, running errands at places like Walmart or the gas station, or simply making quick trips to stores like Dollar General to grab essentials. I suggest that additional accessories like a rear rack and fenders can be easily installed, making it more convenient for carrying items or riding in different weather conditions.

Cycrown Cycknight Review - driving and ride

While I do not recommend using the e-bike for intense off-road riding, I mention that it can handle gravel roads and less challenging terrains. It is highlighted that the e-bike’s top speed is adequate for most commuting needs, and its overall appearance is visually appealing. The comfort level is considered satisfactory, but customization options are available for those who want to fine-tune their riding experience by replacing the handlebars or making other modifications.

I also note that the e-bike is suitable for heavy riders with a maximum load capacity of 350 pounds. Although this weight limit may be lower compared to some other e-bike brands that claim capacities of up to 500 pounds, it is still deemed reasonable.

Cycrown Cycknight Review: front full suspension

So, the Cycrown Cycknight e-bike is recommended for commuting purposes, with its affordable price point and the possibility of adding accessories to enhance its functionality. While it may not excel in extreme off-road riding or offer the highest weight capacity, it provides a reliable and stylish option for everyday urban and suburban transportation needs.

Battery and Range

The Cycrown Cycknight e-bike comes equipped with a 48-volt, 12.5-amp battery. It is noted that the claimed range of 48 miles is achievable with minimal battery assistance, likely relying more on pedaling. During one of the user’s test rides, which covered approximately 16 miles and included a mix of hills, bridge crossings, and varied pedaling modes, the average speed ranged from 12 to 15 miles per hour.

Cycrown Cycknight Review: frame and battery

In terms of charging time, the battery typically takes around 3 to 4 hours to fully charge. Once charged, the e-bike offers different ranges depending on the mode of operation. In electric mode, the range can vary between 28 to 37 miles, while in pedal assist mode, the range extends from 37 to 48 miles.

These observations suggest that the e-bike’s range can vary depending on factors such as terrain, assistance level, and user input. It is important to consider these factors when planning longer rides and ensuring that the battery has sufficient charge for the intended distance.


So, the Cycrown Cycknight fat e-bike offers a compelling package at a price of $900. With its sturdy frame, sleek design, and solid build quality, it presents an attractive option for e-bike enthusiasts.

Cycrown Cycknight Review: size and weight

The full suspension system provides a relatively comfortable ride by absorbing bumps and uneven surfaces. The components, such as the drivetrain and disc brakes, deliver reliable performance on the road.

The Cycrown Cycknight e-bike offers an affordable and capable option for commuters and casual riders. If you’re looking for a fat e-bike that combines affordability and performance, the Cycknight is definitely worth considering. Get out there, hit the road, and enjoy the ride!

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