FUELL Flluid 3 Review: Why Is This E-Bike So Expensive?


The FUELL Flluid 3 electric bike takes urban commuting and long-range rides to a new level of ease and convenience. Designed with a step-through frame, it offers a comfortable and accessible riding experience for riders of all abilities.

At the heart of the Flluid 3 is Valeo’s powerful 750W high-performance motor, which is integrated with an automatic 7-speed gearbox. This motor delivers impressive torque of 130Nm, providing swift acceleration and smooth power delivery. Throttle control adds an extra level of convenience to the Flluid 3. 

The Flluid 3 electric bike is priced at $5,495, reflecting its high-quality components, advanced features, and exceptional performance. While this price point may position the Flluid as a more premium option in the market, it also signifies the value and benefits that riders can expect from this e-bike.


Connectivity and anti-theft features are also integrated into the Flluid 3. Geolocation allows riders to track the location of their e-bike remotely, providing peace of mind in case of theft or misplacement. Remote locking ensures that the bike can be securely locked and unlocked using a smartphone or other connected device. Additionally, an alarm system adds an extra layer of security, deterring potential theft and providing an audible alert if any unauthorized activity is detected.

Riders who seek a top-of-the-line step-through e-bike with long-range capabilities, powerful motor performance, and advanced connectivity options will find value in the Flluid 3 and its price tag. First, let’s watch a video review of this bike from FUELL with riding features, and then we’ll talk about a detailed review!

Frame materialAluminum Alloy
Motor Nominal Output750 W
Torque130 Nm
Shifter7-speed automatic
Max Assistance28 mph
Throttle controlUp to 20mph
Front SuspensionSuntour XCR34, 120 mm travel
Final TransmissionIntegrated Automatic 7 Speed Gearbox
TiresPirelli Cycl-E 27,5"
LightsRoxim Z4E Pro, 900 lumens ultra bright and ultra wide
BeltGates Carbon Beltdrive
Battery Capacity (Total)1000 Wh
Battery Voltage51.8V
Range (Low Assist)Up to 110 miles / 180 kms
Range (Max Assist)Up to 60 miles / 95 kms
Rider Size5'1" to 6'5'' / 1m55 to 1m95
ColorsSilver, Blue, Red

Video Review of FUELL Flluid 3

Design and Build Quality

The FUELL Flluid 3 is a remarkable electric bicycle that excels in both design and build quality. It incorporates a range of premium components and materials to deliver a superior riding experience. 

The Flluid 3 features an Aluminum Alloy frame, which strikes a balance between durability, strength, and lightness. Aluminum is known for its excellent weight-to-strength ratio, providing a sturdy foundation for the bike while keeping the overall weight manageable.

The bike is equipped with a Suntour XCR34 front suspension fork, offering 120 mm of travel. This suspension system ensures a smooth and comfortable ride by absorbing impacts and reducing vibrations from rough terrain. It enhances control and stability, making it suitable for various riding conditions.

The Flluid 3 boasts an Integrated Automatic 7-Speed Gearbox, which simplifies gear shifting and offers a seamless riding experience. This innovative transmission system automatically adjusts the gear ratios based on the riding conditions, optimizing efficiency and reducing the effort required from the rider.

The Flluid 3 is equipped with Tektro HD-E 350 hydraulic disc brakes with 180 mm rotors. These brakes provide reliable and consistent stopping power, ensuring safe and controlled braking even in demanding situations. The hydraulic system offers excellent modulation, allowing riders to precisely control their speed.

The bike features a Gates Carbon Beltdrive, which replaces the traditional chain system. The belt drive offers several advantages, including low maintenance, quiet operation, and enhanced durability. It eliminates the need for lubrication and reduces the risk of chain-related issues, making it an excellent choice for hassle-free riding.

FUELL Flluid 3’s unique design allows for a hassle-free belt drive experience without the need for a rear internally geared hub. The integration of the motor and gearbox in the center of the bike, combined with the use of a single-speed rear hub, offers benefits such as improved weight distribution, enhanced maneuverability, and reduced vulnerability to theft. For belt drive enthusiasts, this design feature sets the Flluid 3 apart and further enhances its appeal as a high-quality electric bicycle.

The Flluid 3 rides on Pirelli Cycl-E 27.5″ tires, which strike a balance between grip, durability, and rolling resistance. These tires provide excellent traction, ensuring stability and control on various surfaces. They are designed to handle the demands of electric bike riding and offer a smooth and comfortable experience.

The e-bike features a robust rear rack that adds both functionality and durability. This solid rack offers ample space for attaching panniers, baskets, or other cargo accessories, allowing riders to conveniently carry their belongings while on the go. The sturdy construction ensures that the rack can handle heavier loads without compromising stability.

The bike is equipped with Roxim Z4E Pro lights, offering an impressive 900 lumens of ultra-bright and ultra-wide illumination. These lights ensure excellent visibility in low-light conditions, enhancing safety during night rides. The wide beam pattern provides ample coverage, illuminating the rider’s surroundings effectively.

The FUELL Flluid 3 electric bicycle is designed to accommodate a wide range of rider sizes, ensuring a comfortable and personalized fit for individuals with varying heights. Whether you’re on the shorter side or taller, the Flluid 3 is built to cater to riders ranging from 5’1″ to 6’5” (approximately 1m55 to 1m95).

In terms of aesthetics, the Flluid 3 is available in multiple color options, allowing riders to choose a style that resonates with their preferences. The color choices for the Flluid 3 include Silver, Blue, and Red. These color options provide a range of visual appeal, giving riders the opportunity to select a color that aligns with their personal taste and style.

Overall, the FUELL Flluid 3’s design and build quality showcase attention to detail and a focus on delivering a premium electric biking experience. From the robust Aluminum Alloy frame to the top-notch components like the Suntour suspension fork, Tektro brakes, Gates belt drive, Pirelli tires, and Roxim lights, every aspect of the bike is thoughtfully designed and integrated to provide riders with performance, comfort, and reliability.

Motor and Driving

The FUELL Flluid 3 electric bicycle is equipped with a powerful and efficient mid-drive motor developed in partnership with VALEO, known as the VALEO Cyclee. This motor is a key component that contributes to the bike’s exceptional performance and riding experience.

The VALEO Cyclee motor boasts a nominal output of 750 watts, providing ample power to propel the Flluid 3 forward with ease. This robust motor ensures smooth acceleration and efficient power delivery, allowing riders to effortlessly tackle various terrains and inclines.

In addition to its impressive power output, the VALEO Cyclee motor delivers a substantial amount of torque, measuring at 130 Nm. Torque is a measure of rotational force, and the high torque rating of the Flluid 3’s motor translates into excellent hill-climbing capabilities and quick acceleration. Riders can confidently conquer steep hills and challenging off-road trails, knowing that the motor will provide the necessary power and torque to overcome obstacles.

The Flluid 3’s motor is paired with a 7-speed automatic shifter, offering convenience and adaptability during rides. The automatic shifting system takes care of gear changes, ensuring that riders are always in the optimal gear for efficient pedaling and maximum motor assistance. This feature allows riders to focus on enjoying the ride rather than worrying about manual gear shifting, enhancing the overall riding experience and making it more accessible to a wide range of individuals.

The maximum assistance provided by the Flluid 2 and Flluid 3 is up to 28 mph. With this level of assistance, riders can confidently tackle longer distances or maintain higher speeds with ease, making the Flluid 3 suitable for commuting or recreational riding.

In addition to pedal-assist, these electric bicycles also feature throttle control. The throttle allows riders to engage the motor without pedaling, propelling the bike forward. With throttle control, riders can reach speeds of up to 20 mph solely by using the throttle, providing an effortless and convenient way to navigate urban environments or handle situations where pedaling may not be preferred or necessary.

The sound of the motor is a factor that varies from rider to rider. Some individuals may view it as a minor trade-off for the enhanced power and capabilities offered by the Flluid 3, while others may prioritize a quieter riding experience. As with any aspect of a bike, it’s essential to consider personal preferences and priorities when evaluating the Flluid 3’s sound level in the context of its other notable features.

Interestingly, despite the audible gearbox sound, the automatic shifting mechanism remains relatively quiet. While you may not hear the shifting process itself, you can feel it as your cadence is modified throughout acceleration. The automatic shifting system seamlessly adjusts the gear ratios based on your speed and pedaling effort, ensuring optimal efficiency and smooth power delivery. This refinement in shifting contributes to a seamless riding experience without any jarring or abrupt gear changes.

Over time, the sound of the gearbox winding up became something that I actually appreciated. It became an integral part of the Flluid-2 or Flluid 3’s overall charm, adding to the thrill and excitement of riding the bike. The auditory feedback provided by the gearbox winding up creates a unique connection between the rider and the machine, enhancing the sense of control and engagement.

In the end, the appreciation of the motor’s sound winding up is subjective and based on personal preference. While some riders may prefer a completely silent ride, others, like myself, enjoy the additional sensations and feedback that the sound provides. Ultimately, it’s a matter of individual preference and what adds to the overall enjoyment and connection with the Flluid-2 or Flluid 3 electric bicycle.

Battery and Range

The total battery capacity of the Flluid 3 is 1000Wh. This substantial capacity allows for longer rides without the need for frequent recharging, providing riders with the freedom to explore and travel greater distances.

The battery operates at a voltage of 51.8 volts, ensuring efficient power delivery to the motor and maximizing the performance of the electric bicycles.

For charging convenience, the Flluid 3 comes with a 3 Amp fast charger. This charger enables a relatively quick recharge time, allowing for an 80% charge in approximately 4 hours when charged at home. Achieving a full 100% charge takes approximately 6 hours. This quick charging capability reduces downtime and ensures that riders can get back on the road in a relatively short period.

An additional advantage of the Flluid 3 is the removable battery feature. This allows riders to easily detach the battery from the frame for charging or storage. The removable battery design adds convenience and flexibility, particularly for those who may not have a power outlet near their bike storage area.

In terms of range, the Flluid 3 offers impressive capabilities. With low assist levels, riders can enjoy a range of up to 110 miles or 180 kilometers, allowing for extended rides without the need for recharging. When utilizing maximum assistance, the range is still impressive, reaching up to 60 miles or 95 kilometers. This range ensures that riders can cover significant distances, whether for commuting purposes or recreational adventures.


The FUELL Flluid 3 electric bike is not positioned as budget-friendly options, but rather as unique, rugged, and highly reliable e-bikes that offer exceptional performance and comfort. The price point, starting at $5,495, places them in a higher range of the market, which may limit their accessibility to a certain segment of buyers. However, for those seeking a car-replacement bike that provides dependable transportation akin to a daily driver car, the price is justified.

The Flluid 3 electric bicycle is built to be durable and long-lasting, making them a solid investment for riders who prioritize reliability. The bike’s construction and components are designed to withstand various riding conditions, offering a level of sturdiness that exceeds the requirements of most riders. This robust build quality ensures that the bike can handle rigorous daily use and provides a sense of security for riders.


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