Eskute Star Review: Perfect Fat E-bike with 25Ah For Long Range 2023!


The Eskute Star electric bike is a high-quality and feature-rich e-bike designed to provide an exceptional riding experience. Let’s delve into its notable components and functionalities.

At the heart of the Eskute Star is a powerful 250-watt Bafang hub motor. This motor is integrated into the rear wheel, providing smooth and efficient propulsion. The bike is equipped with a 36V 25Ah battery, which offers a total battery capacity of 900 watt-hours (36V x 25Ah).

The Eskute Star electric bike is currently available at a discounted price. The regular price of the bike is $1,599.00, but you can purchase it for just $1,399.00, saving $200. This special offer allows you to enjoy all the exceptional features and performance of the Eskute Star at a more affordable price. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to save while investing in a top-quality electric bike.

One of the standout features of the Eskute Star is its torque sensor pedal assist system. This intelligent system measures the force you apply to the pedals and provides a corresponding amount of electric motor assistance. The Shimano 7-speed gear system on the Eskute Star enables smooth and precise gear changes.

To enhance rider comfort and control, the Eskute Star features front suspension. The 20″ x 4.0″ fat tires on the Eskute Star offer excellent traction and stability in various riding conditions. For reliable and responsive braking performance, the Eskute Star is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes.

So, the Eskute Star bike with its 250W Bafang hub motor, 36V 25Ah total battery capacity, torque sensor pedal assist, Shimano 7-speed gear system, front suspension, 20″ x 4.0″ fat tires, and hydraulic disc brakes offers a compelling package for riders seeking a high-performance and versatile e-bike.

FRAME6061 Aluminum
Motor250W Bafang hub motor 65N.m
Max Speed15.5 Mph
SuspensionHydraulic front fork
BrakeHydraulic Disc
Load capacity300 lbs
Tire SizeCST, 20 x 4.0"
Battery36V 25Ah(900Wh) Samsung/LG Cells
RangeUp to 80 Miles
Charger54.6V 3A (4-5h)
Weight33.5 kg or 74 pounds

Eskute Star: Design and Build Quality

The Eskute Star electric bike combines its impressive features with a practical and functional design. One of its notable design elements is its foldable frame, which adds convenience and portability to the bike.

The frame of the Eskute Star is constructed using 6061 aluminum, a lightweight and durable material. This choice of material strikes a balance between strength and weight, ensuring that the bike remains sturdy while keeping its overall weight manageable.

With a weight of 33.5 kilograms or 74 pounds, the Eskute Star can be considered relatively heavy for some individuals when it comes to carrying and transporting the bike. The weight might pose challenges for those who frequently need to lift or maneuver the bike in certain situations.

The foldable frame allows you to quickly and efficiently collapse the bike, reducing its size and making it more compact for storage or transportation. This feature is particularly advantageous for individuals who need to commute or travel with their electric bike, as it can be conveniently folded and carried in a car trunk or stored in small spaces.

The foldable design of the Eskute Star also enables flexibility in how you use and store the bike. You can easily fold it to save space when not in use, making it suitable for apartments, offices, or any location with limited storage options. Additionally, the ability to fold the frame allows for easy customization and adjustment, allowing riders to find their preferred riding position and comfort level.

The front suspension on the Eskute Star electric bike offers lockout and coil spring adjustability, providing you with the flexibility to fine-tune your ride according to your weight, style, and the terrain you’re riding on. It delivers a smoother and more comfortable ride by absorbing impacts and ensuring better control, contributing to an enjoyable and confident riding experience.

The lockout feature allows you to lock the front suspension, essentially turning it off. This is particularly useful when you’re riding on smooth and even surfaces where suspension is not necessary. By locking the front suspension, you can improve the bike’s efficiency and transfer more power directly to the pedals, resulting in a more efficient ride.

The 50mm travel of the front suspension provides a significant amount of cushioning, allowing it to absorb shocks and vibrations from the road or trail. This helps to reduce the impact and vibrations transferred to your hands, arms, and upper body, resulting in a more comfortable and controlled ride.

It’s important to note that personal preferences regarding bike seats can vary, and what feels comfortable for one person may not be the same for another. Therefore, if you have specific comfort requirements or preferences, it’s always recommended to try out the bike seat for yourself or explore alternative options that cater to your specific needs.

The Eskute Star e-bike features a comfortable and shock-absorbing bike seat that is designed to enhance your riding experience. The seat incorporates a suspension system, which helps to dampen road shocks and vibrations, providing a smoother and more comfortable ride.

The bike seat is constructed with a padded shape memory polymer material that offers a soft and supportive surface. This material is designed to conform to the contours of your body, ensuring a comfortable fit for both male and female riders. The memory polymer padding helps to distribute your weight evenly, reducing pressure points and enhancing overall comfort during longer rides.

By combining the suspension system, padded shape memory polymer material, and central cutout, the bike seat on the Eskute Star offers a comfortable and supportive riding experience. It helps to absorb road shocks, reduce pressure points, and enhance ventilation, ensuring that you can enjoy your ride without unnecessary discomfort or distractions.

The hydraulic disc brakes on the Eskute Star bike offer equal stopping power as mechanical brakes but with less rider effort. They provide optimal modulation, consistent performance, and durability thanks to the closed-circuit system. With these high-quality brakes, you can ride with confidence, knowing that you have reliable and effective stopping power whenever you need it, enhancing your overall safety and enjoyment on the road.

Hydraulic disc brakes utilize a non-compressible fluid to transmit the force from the brake lever to the brake caliper. This hydraulic system ensures that the force exerted by the rider is efficiently transferred to the brake pads, resulting in consistent and powerful stopping power. With hydraulic disc brakes, you’ll experience a responsive braking feel, allowing you to confidently control your speed and bring the bike to a halt with ease.

The hydraulic system also offers optimal modulation of the brake pads against the rotor. This means that you have precise control over the amount of braking force applied, allowing for smoother and more controlled deceleration. Whether you need a gentle brake application or a sudden stop, hydraulic disc brakes provide the ability to modulate the braking force accurately, ensuring a safe and comfortable ride.

The Shimano 7-speed chainstay on the Eskute Star provides a seamless shifting experience, allowing you to adapt your riding style and maintain optimal momentum. With its sensitive derailleur and rust-free KMC chain, this drivetrain system ensures reliable performance and effortless gear changes, enhancing your overall riding experience on varying terrains and with electric pedal assistance.

The inclusion of a rust-free KMC chain further enhances the performance and longevity of the drivetrain. The KMC chain is known for its durability and resistance to corrosion, ensuring smooth power transmission and reducing the need for frequent maintenance. This high-quality chain contributes to the overall reliability and efficiency of the Shimano 7-speed system.

The 20″ x 4.0″ fat tires on the Eskute Star bike, supplied by Kenda, offer excellent grip and versatility across different surfaces. These high-quality tires provide the necessary traction and stability for a secure and enjoyable ride, allowing you to confidently explore various paths and reach your destination safely.

The fat tire design, with a width of 4.0 inches, offers several advantages. Firstly, the increased tire width provides a larger contact patch with the ground, resulting in improved traction and stability. This means that whether you’re riding on gravel, soft ground, or asphalt, the fat tires offer enhanced grip, allowing you to maintain control and ride with confidence.

The Kenda tires on the Eskute Star are specifically selected for their quality and durability. Kenda is a reputable brand known for producing tires that excel in various conditions. The tires are designed to withstand the demands of electric bike riding, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.

Moreover, the wider tires also contribute to the bike’s overall stability. The increased surface area spreads the weight of the bike and rider more evenly, resulting in a more balanced and planted feel. This is particularly beneficial when cornering or navigating tricky terrain, as the fat tires provide additional stability and confidence-inspiring handling.

The Eskute Star electric bike is equipped with StVZO-compliant LED lighting, ensuring visibility and safety during nighttime rides. The LED lighting system incorporates reverse beam technology, which provides a super bright illumination without blinding other road users.

The StVZO (German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations) is a standard that ensures bicycle lighting meets specific requirements for visibility and safety. The LED lighting on the Eskute Star is designed in accordance with StVZO regulations, ensuring that it provides an appropriate level of brightness without causing discomfort or dazzling others on the road.

In addition to the LED lighting, the Eskute Star is also equipped with reflectors all around the bike, further enhancing visibility in the dark. These reflectors are strategically placed to maximize visibility from different angles, increasing the bike’s overall visibility to other road users.

Eskute Star: Motor and Battery

The Eskute Star electric bike is equipped with a powerful 250W Bafang hub motor that provides impressive performance and assists you effortlessly as you cruise through various terrains. With the motor’s assistance, you can reach a top speed of 15.5mph, allowing you to cover distances quickly and efficiently.

The Bafang hub motor is known for its reliability and robustness, ensuring consistent power delivery and performance. It offers a maximum torque of 65 Nm, providing ample power to tackle inclines, overcome challenging terrain, and handle different riding conditions with ease. Whether you’re navigating bustling streets, dealing with heavy snow, or riding on sandy surfaces, the powerful motor ensures a smooth and comfortable ride.

The top speed of 15.5mph, while limited for safety reasons, allows you to maintain a comfortable pace while riding in urban environments or areas with mixed traffic. It provides a good balance between speed and control, ensuring that you can navigate through crowded streets with ease and without compromising your safety or the safety of others.

Please note that regulations regarding e-bike speed limits may vary depending on your location. It’s important to adhere to local laws and regulations to ensure safe and legal operation of the electric bike.

The Eskute electric bike received a convenient backlit display that provides essential information and features to enhance your riding experience. The display is designed to be easy to read, allowing you to monitor important details while riding.

The display provides information such as your current speed, selected pedal-assist level, mileage covered, and battery status. This allows you to stay informed about your ride progress, monitor your speed, and keep track of the distance you’ve traveled. With this information readily available, you can make adjustments to your riding style or plan your route accordingly.

Additionally, the display features an integrated USB port, which offers the convenience of charging your smartphone or other devices while on the go. This eliminates the worry of running out of battery power on your mobile devices, ensuring that you can stay connected with your cycling buddies or access navigation apps without interruption.

The backlit feature of the display is particularly useful for nighttime or low-light riding conditions. The backlighting ensures that the display remains visible and easy to read, even in darker environments. This enhances visibility and allows you to monitor your ride data without straining your eyes or relying on external light sources.

The torque sensor is a key component of the pedal assist system. It measures the amount of force you apply to the pedals and sends signals to the motor, instructing it to provide assistance in proportion to your pedaling effort. This means that the motor responds to your pedaling power, offering a natural and seamless boost that feels like an extension of your own strength.

With the torque sensor and pedal assist system, you can enjoy a more efficient and enjoyable ride. When you start pedaling, the motor engages smoothly and provides assistance that matches your effort, making it easier to accelerate from a standstill or overcome challenging terrain. As you increase your pedaling force, the motor responds by delivering more power, allowing you to maintain a consistent speed or tackle hills with less effort.

The pedal assist system on the Eskute Star offers five levels of assistance. This allows you to choose the level of support that suits your needs and preferences. For example, you can select a higher assist level when you want to cruise effortlessly or tackle steep inclines, while opting for a lower level when you prefer more of a workout or when riding on flatter terrain.

The availability of multiple pedal assist levels ensures that you have control over the intensity of the assistance provided. It allows you to tailor your riding experience to your fitness level, the terrain you’re riding on, or your personal preferences for how much effort you want to exert while cycling.

The Eskute Star electric bike is powered by a high-capacity 36V, 25Ah (900Wh) battery, featuring top-quality Samsung or LG cells. The battery is ingeniously integrated into the center frame of the bike, ensuring a sleek and streamlined appearance. With a key-lock system, you can securely store the battery in the frame or easily remove it for convenient recharging.

The 900Wh battery capacity provides ample power to unlock limitless possibilities during your rides. It offers worry-free riding with an impressive range of up to 74 miles on a single charge, depending on factors such as terrain, rider weight, and usage of pedal assist levels. This extended range ensures that you can confidently embark on longer journeys or tackle demanding routes without the concern of running out of power.

When it’s time to recharge the battery, you’ll appreciate the fast charging time of just 8 hours. This means you can quickly replenish the battery’s energy overnight or during periods of rest, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum riding enjoyment. The efficient charging process allows you to get back on the road sooner, ready to explore new destinations or conquer your daily commutes.

To ensure proper battery functionality, it’s important to ensure that the display is switched on when the battery is fully charged. This ensures that the battery management system operates optimally and maximizes the battery’s lifespan. Additionally, there is a switch located to the right of the battery that needs to be turned on (with “1”) for the battery to provide power to the bike. This switch ensures that the battery is active and ready to deliver the required power for your rides.

The Eskute Star’s e-bike battery is designed to provide reliable and worry-free performance, offering an impressive range, fast charging, and convenient integration into the bike’s frame. With its high capacity and the use of renowned Samsung or LG cells, you can trust that the battery will provide consistent power throughout your rides, allowing you to explore new horizons with confidence.

Eskute Star: Conclusions 

In result, the Eskute Star e-bike is a well-rounded and feature-packed option for riders seeking a versatile and comfortable e-bike experience. With its powerful 250W Bafang hub motor, you can effortlessly cruise through various terrains, whether it’s bustling streets, snowy paths, or sandy surfaces. The torque sensor and pedal assist system, with adjustable levels, provide smooth and intuitive assistance, allowing you to tailor your riding experience to your preferences and the demands of the terrain.

The Eskute Star’s design features a foldable frame made from durable 6061 aluminum, providing convenience and portability. While its weight of 33.5 kilograms (74 pounds) may be considered heavy for some, the foldable design makes it easier to carry and transport when needed.

The inclusion of a front suspension system enhances your ride comfort by absorbing shocks and vibrations. The 20″ x 4.0″ fat tires, supplied by Kenda, offer excellent grip and stability on various surfaces, ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride.

Safety features are also prioritized in the Eskute Star. The hydraulic disc brakes deliver reliable stopping power with optimal modulation, while the StVZO-compliant LED lighting system provides excellent visibility at night without blinding others. Reflectors are also strategically placed for maximum visibility in low-light conditions.

The backlit display keeps you informed with essential ride data, including speed, pedal-assist level, mileage, and battery status. The integrated USB port allows you to charge your smartphone or other devices on the go, ensuring connectivity and convenience during your rides.

Lastly, the 36V, 25Ah (900Wh) battery, featuring Samsung or LG cells, provides ample power with a range of up to 74 miles on a single charge. The battery’s hidden placement in the center frame adds to the bike’s sleek appearance, and the key-lock system ensures secure storage and easy removal for charging.

Pros of the Eskute Star:

  1. Powerful Motor: The 250W Bafang hub motor provides ample power and assists riders in conquering various terrains with ease.
  2. Adjustable Pedal Assist: The torque sensor and pedal assist system with 1-5 levels allow riders to customize the level of assistance according to their preference and riding conditions.
  3. Foldable Design: The foldable frame made from durable 6061 aluminum adds convenience and portability, making it easier to carry and transport the bike when needed.
  4. Comfortable Ride: The front suspension system and 20″ x 4.0″ fat tires ensure a smoother and more comfortable ride, absorbing shocks and providing stability on different surfaces.
  5. Hydraulic Disc Brakes: The hydraulic disc brakes deliver reliable stopping power and optimal modulation, enhancing safety during rides.
  6. StVZO-Compliant LED Lighting: The LED lighting system provides excellent visibility at night without blinding others, ensuring safety during low-light conditions.
  7. Backlit Display: The easy-to-read backlit display provides essential ride information and features an integrated USB port for charging devices on the go.
  8. High-Capacity Battery: The 36V, 25Ah (900Wh) battery with Samsung or LG cells offers a long range of up to 74 miles on a single charge, providing worry-free riding and quick charging times.

Cons of the Eskute Star:

  1. Weight: The weight of 33.5 kilograms (74 pounds) may be considered heavy for some riders, which can make carrying and transporting the bike more challenging.
  2. Charging Time: While the battery offers a long range, the charging time of 8 hours may be considered relatively long for those looking for a quicker recharge.
  3. Limited Top Speed: The top speed of 15.5mph, while sufficient for urban environments, may not be as high as some riders desire for faster-paced riding scenarios.
  4. Dependence on Pedaling: As a pedal-assist electric bike, the Eskute Star requires continuous pedaling for the motor to provide assistance, which may be a limitation for riders seeking a throttle-only option.
  5. Lack of Integrated Suspension: While the front suspension system enhances ride comfort, the absence of rear suspension may result in a slightly less cushioned ride on rough terrains.

So, the Eskute Star electric bike offers a compelling package for riders seeking a capable and comfortable e-bike. Its powerful motor, adjustable pedal assist, foldable design, suspension system, fat tires, hydraulic disc brakes, StVZO-compliant lighting, backlit display, and long-lasting battery all contribute to a versatile and enjoyable riding experience. Whether you’re commuting, running errands, or embarking on leisurely rides, the Eskute Star is designed to deliver performance, comfort, and convenience.

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