ASOMTOM Q7 Review: Comfortable and Big E-Bike 2023!


ASOMTOM Q7 eMTB is reasonably priced. We carefully examined the price hit before coming to a conclusion.

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ASOMTOM e-bikes were first introduced to you a while back. At first sight, the equipment appears to be fine, but we were dubious. Can you really get a good e-bike for just over a thousand euros? On the internet, the ASOMTOM Q7 is highly appreciated; it is advertised as a full-featured mountain bike with an electric drive. Is that even conceivable?


There are both noticeable and less visible differences, such as the ASOMTOM Q7’s smaller 26-inch wheels with 4-inch wide knobblies. Therefore, the ASOMTOM Q7 will never compete with a mid-drive electric mountain bike with hydraulic disc brakes in terms of climbing and handling. However, it is still less expensive than even the cheapest mid-drive machines.

Let’s see how it seems both in terms of specs and on the trail in light of the restrictions imposed by the low pricing.

DisplayKey-Disp Multi-functional LCD
4 Riding ModesPure Electric; Pedal Electric assist; Pedal; Push Mode (6KM/H)
Max. Payload Capacity400 lbs
Recommended Rider Height5'6" ~ 6'8"
MotorBAFANG 750W 85Nm
Top Speed31 MPH
Climbing Angle30°
BatteryDetachable 15 Ah, 48V
Battery range35-40miles
Product Weight73.85 lbs
Package168 x 28 x 79cm

ASOMTOM Q7: Design and Build Quality

The bicycle was delivered in a plain cardboard box. It was adequately shielded from damage during transportation, and assembly took about 30 minutes. It was there in front of us. A cheap electric mountain bike?

The ASOMTOM Q7 is based on mountain bikes, as can be seen by the design of the frame, but the top tube is fairly low. In actuality, it is more akin to a cross between an e-hardtail and a trekking e-bike with a trapezoidal frame.

ASOMTOM appears to have taken care to make the most of the limited manufacturing budget despite the budget strategy. The core of the bike appears to be a very sturdy frame, and the integration of the battery into the frame appears seamless and is even more amazing once you have removed the battery from the frame a few times. 

Once it is fastened into the frame, the key-operated lock feels solid and is immobile. Isn’t that what you would least expect? There are a lot of inexpensive e-bikes on the market with rattling batteries, but frame-integrated batteries are most definitely not an indication that a manufacturer is constantly seeking ways to save costs.

Additionally, you’ll see that the e-bike has a reasonably sturdy finish. The affordable e-bike appears stable and durable overall, and the battery is positioned neatly on the frame. Only the mudguards provided by the manufacturer do not at all meet the bill. They sway, jangle, and bump into the wheel. Thoughtful, but that might fade away.

The rest is handled by the wide tires and a little improved suspension fork. Although the suspension fork can be modified for hardness, it is a little soft. In an emergency, the lock feature also comes in handy: simply flip the lever to start riding steadily with the firm fork through the region.

These are the ASOMTOM Q7’s fundamental requirements. But does anything operate off-road? We admit that we wouldn’t be brave enough to ride the e-bike on a genuine trail because the geometry isn’t sporty enough and the suspension would bottom out with little drops. Instead, we choose a few rocky routes that are near the forest’s edge.

Although guards are not included, the frame also features attachment slots for a full-length rear mudguard. The frame’s 16.5-inch/42-cm size, which I found to be ideal for my 5′ 8″ height, provided a comfortable ride posture, even if it did lean slightly forward in keeping with the bike’s athletic leisure credentials. 

For riders who are particularly short, the seatpost’s approximately 6″/15 cm height adjustment will result in a very low seat height (I measured it at around 80 cm off the ground). According to ASOMTOM, the bike is appropriate for riders who are 160 to 200 cm (5’3′′ to 6’7′′) tall.

As it turns out, the cheap e-bike handles curves well, swallows roots with ease, and proves that off-road riding is absolutely feasible for around $1599.

ASOMTOM Q7: Motor and Battery

Having more volts definitely improves your capacity to climb hills. The ASOMTOM Q7 was noticeably faster up the toughest tarmac slope in my neighborhood despite having the same motor as the Wayfarer. The ASOMTOM Q7 regularly offered peak power of 750 watts, despite having a 15% slope, which would undoubtedly strain the motor hard on any type of e-bike. Even with the identical motor, it is demonstrated that the 48V system has a distinct benefit.

The ASOMTOM Q7’s rear engine, which has 85 Newton meters of power, belongs in the lower regions of the data check. However, in practice, it offers a respectable boost from behind. Although it can be challenging in mountainous areas, Cologne’s flat terrain and minimal hills and bridge ramps make for an excellent example.

The motor begins to operate as soon as you turn the pedals a small amount, as is the case with all e-bikes equipped with a Pedal Assist Sensor (PAS). This is less sensitive than a torque sensor and requires some getting used to. However, it can truly help you accelerate.

There are five different support levels for the motor, although we often only use the first two. Because we all desire to ride faster, more sporty e-bikes, levels 1-5 do not allow you to reach the legal top speed of 40 km/h. If it should be a little more restrained in the traffic on the Rhine promenade, we quickly modify the support level via the display on the handlebars. Operation is simple to learn.

Although the electronic horn is useful in these circumstances, the law states that it cannot take the place of a traditional bell. The noise is like a really noisy, ill duck. However, because of this, bystanders frequently overlook the fact that you have to make space for them.

We can controllably block the tires on the ASOMTOM Q7 as needed, unlike the ASOMTOM city e-bike, whose brakes were set more “comfortably” from the manufacturer. As a result, the ride starts to be enjoyable as the gravel flies across the wooded trail. We test out various surfaces by driving on muddy asphalt, soggy grass, gravel walks, and trails. The ASOMTOM Q7 handles everything without any issues.

A lower gear and the highest amount of support both help if the climb is a little steeper. The shifter commands the shifter fast, and the shifter changes gears precisely. Not athletic, but tidy.

We may sum up the ASOMTOM Q7’s general appearance as follows: With the e-bike, everything works and we have a great time. But it’s not a particularly good mountain bike. It would probably pass for a hiking e-bike if it had a small area for luggage.

Although the ASOMTOM Q7 can be used on any terrain, its performance has several limitations. Jumps and difficult terrain are not advised with this e-bike. You may already be able to go on longer journeys depending on your size. Starting at 1.85, the ASOMTOM Q7 is squeezed.

ASOMTOM Q7: Conclusions

The ASOMTOM Q7 has a good price-performance ratio at $1599. You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for an e-bike for daily use but don’t want to spend a lot of money on it. With the Q7, you can occasionally venture off the concrete paths while still enjoying the motor support.

But if you wish to try the trail for the first time, this might be too much for the ASOMTOM Q7’s machinery. Although the suspension fork has some springiness, it is not made to support large loads.

In light of this, we would value the ASOMTOM Q7’s versatility over the Wayfarer’s comfort as an all-around e-bike. Our review of the ASOMTOM e-bike, however, might be of interest to you if you value a cheap entry point and don’t intend to depart from the cycle lanes in the direction of hill and dale.

The ASOMTOM Q7 appears to be at the front of the group of recreational e-MTBs priced under $1599. Yes, you may need to replace parts more frequently than with more expensive motorcycles that also have longer guarantees.


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