Duotts D10 Review: Who is 3200W Electric Scooter for?


An in-depth examination of the improved 2021 Duotts D10 the Toyota FJ Cruiser of electric scooters is provided in this article.

The D10 has been given a boost with a new 3200 watt motor, making it quicker than ever and able to climb even steeper hills while yet maintaining all of its best qualities.

It is, all things considered, the most complete, commuter-friendly electric scooter we have yet tested.


The Duotts D10 is a top-notch, ultra-long-range scooter that is secure for daily commuting and comfortable for lengthy rides. It’s also remarkably quick now that a 3200 watt motor has been added recently.

The Duotts D10 is large, strong, and comfortable enough to meet the requirements of the majority of riders. For about $1,399, it has a 50.0-mile range and a tough, water-resistant construction.

Let’s go on to the main purpose of your visit, which is to discover more about the specifications and characteristics of the Duotts D10.

MaterialAluminum alloy
Drivedual drive
Tires10 inch inflatable tires
Max Speed65km/h
Battery60V 20.8AH
Range per charge60km-80km
Climbing Angle45°
Brakehydraulic brake
Dampingfront and rear shock absorption

Duotts D10: Design and Build Quality

The Duotts D10 has pretty much everything you could possibly want in a top-notch commuter vehicle, all packed into a tiny, handy pavement-cruising machine. It is regarded as one of “the most complete electric scooters in the world.”

And for precisely this reason, the Duotts D10 is beloved by so many individuals.

It comes in three gorgeous colors – white, black, and orange – and the best thing is that it was created especially for longer-distance commuting.

Additionally, it has a maximum weight capacity of slightly over 350 lbs or 150kg, which is sufficient to carry two individuals of average size without any problems.

In the end, the Duotts D10 is a really well-rounded electric scooter that you’re sure to adore, whether you’re looking for one for quick trips to work or you need one for longer excursions around the city.

Continue reading to learn more about this market-leading e-key scooter’s specifications and features, as well as everything else it has to offer.

This scooter’s suspension is just right – neither it’s too springy nor too stiff. There is an air suspension system in the back and a dual spring suspension fork with coil over hydraulics up front. With ease, this configuration can handle curbs, bumps, and cracks.

Although the Duotts D10 may not be a contender for the “best design” award, every component was made with practicality in mind. Although aluminum is a lightweight material, it is strong enough to withstand all the strains of a daily trip. Although it may appear a little hefty, it is actually quite little and folds down very easily.

It makes sense that the D10 is one of the most well-liked e-scooters ever given its extended range, heavier than normal weight capacity, and stacked features.

The front cables of the Duotts D10, which are shielded by a nylon sheath, are only one example of the meticulous attention to detail that went into its construction. The D10 has great water resistance and all wires are plug-and-play, making it even simpler to modify. Additionally, all electronic components are tightly sealed.

Duotts D10: Motor and Battery

The 3200 watt motor in the Duotts D10 is more potent yet is geared to deliver enough range. Its 0 to 20 mph time (4.0 seconds) is slower than the original D10’s, but it accelerates much more quickly to 40 mph, making it ideal for drivers who want to cruise between 25 and 35 mph.

The Duotts D10’s 80km maximum range is one of its best qualities because it was created with longer commutes in mind.

Therefore, if your journeys are brief, a single battery charge should provide you with several weeks of worry-free riding. The 60V 20Ah in the Duotts D10, on the other hand, is certain to cover you if you have a longer commute or simply want to enjoy hours and hours of ride time.

When compared to cable-actuated disc brakes, semi-hydraulic brakes are a little bit simpler to use. They function nicely, however when braking suddenly, both wheels can easily lock up. The brakes may need adjusting right out of the box, like many scooters, to achieve your chosen stopping power.

The braking distance from 15 mph to 0 mph on the Duotts D10 is an impressive 10.4 feet. It outperforms most comparable scooters thanks to its large wheelbase, low center of gravity, and excellent-feeling semi-hydraulic brakes.

This scooter’s claimed range of up to 62 miles on a single charge is made possible by this enormous battery working in tandem with a clever controller and battery management system. The Duotts D10 has the longest range of any single engine scooter, even when occasionally maxing the throttle and tackling certain inclines. Of course, this is the range if you ride extremely cautiously.

The scooter’s battery needs 9 to 12 hours to fully recharge, but as long as you recharge it occasionally and after longer journeys, you won’t ever have to worry about not making it to your destination. No more fear of distance!

Duotts D10: Conclusions

No other model blends in rider-focused features with such absurd performance, making the Duotts D10 the long-range commuter we hold other electric scooters to (namely range and braking).

The built-in features of the D10, like semi-hydraulic brakes, front and rear suspension, folding handlebars, and smart turn signals, would be considered upgrades on other performance scooters.

We heartily endorse this scooter because it is so excellent, well-rounded and comprehensive for daily use. The Duotts D10 is the Toyota FJ Cruiser of scooters – extremely useful and made to last for many miles.

The Duotts is ultimately made for its longer battery life, as I’ve already indicated. This makes it perfect for anyone who has a longer commute or who just prefers to ride for extended periods of time without having to worry about recharging their battery.

Additionally, I really appreciate this model’s folding feature, which is quite practical for anyone who occasionally needs to carry their scooter up and down stairs or on public transportation.


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