EKX X20 Review: Is This Electric Bike or Motorcycle 2023?


Large in size is the EKX X20 electric bicycle. It’s brash. It’s debilitating. In essence, this fat tire electric bike is a lot of things, and we’ll talk about them all. To address your first query, EKX is an Asian import e-bike company. The name is reportedly a combination of the words “cycling” and “rusher.” Hey, the name wasn’t chosen by me. Just giving it a quick evaluation.

Despite its strange name, this e-bike has a lot to recommend it, especially if you enjoy the bigger things in life. It’s an all-terrain e-bike with an interesting emphasis on urban riding, unlike other electric bicycles with fat tires.


You should see my video review, which is embedded here. For my complete comments on this fascinating and sizable addition to the e-bike market, continue reading.

Frame MaterialAluminum
Battery weightAbout 6-7.5Kg
Derailleur7 Speed SHIMANO
Tire size20 x 4-inch
Waterproof gradeip67
Maximum speed34MPH
Expanded size67.3 x 23.6 x 43.3-inch
Actual weightAbout 36kg

EKX X20: Design and Build Quality

EKX X20 is made to make full-suspension electric fat tire biking accessible to everyone at a reasonable cost.

Previous full-suspension, fat tire electric bikes that can cost up to $3k or more have been reviewed by us. The EKX X20, which costs $1599 for now, lowers the entry barrier for full-suspension electric fat tire bikes.

It’s not the best full-suspension fat tire bike I’ve ever ridden, though, either. And that makes sense because you’ll need to give up some things in order to lower the price to this point.

The average-sized battery, the straightforward Shimano Tourney derailleur, and the low-quality plastic fenders are the main areas where there have been concessions in this case.

You still get a lot here, though, if you can get over those concessions. When you want to unleash your full force, the 1,500W peak-rated motor will have you lurching forward. We’re talking all-terrain riding with front and rear suspension and 20″ x 4″ fat tires. We’re talking hydraulic disc brakes to stop this e-swerving bike’s mass.

Even a headlight is included; however, mine was damaged in delivery. You should have more success, dear reader.

In spite of a few low-quality components, the bike is generally well-equipped. What, though, is it capable of? That will follow soon!

The majority of people typically picture riding on sandy beaches, root-filled trails, or even tackling snowbanks when they think of “fat tire e-bikes.”

The EKX X20 is interestingly configured for a distinct purpose: urban riding, despite the fact that it is capable of doing all of those tasks.

And that is logical. This e-bike has complete suspension, no doubt about it. But what we’re talking about there is premium damping suspension, not something remarkable. This is the suspension of “Oh, that pothole wasn’t as awful as I feared it would be.”

But if not for the subtleties of hugging a rough banked corner, this fork and rear shock are good at cushioning the hazards of the city.

On an e-bike, I wouldn’t wreck a professional downhill mountain bike course, but I would commute like crazy!

However, if you don’t frequently receive air on your vehicle, the fenders should work just fine for you. I would advise just disconnecting the fenders till you get home if you want to use those knobby tires and hit the terrain.

The trunk bag is also a really cool extra to see provided for free, even if it probably didn’t cost the firm much to add. Numerous independent pockets, an extension section, a cargo net on top for securing oddly shaped objects, and even a waterproof slipcover are all features of this bag.

EKX X20: Motor and Battery

Really, 1500 Watts of power is all you need? Most likely not. But it sure is enjoyable! This bike’s strength as a hill climber, dirt rider, and all-around enjoyable e-bike is due to its power.

The EKX X20 is a highly adaptable electric bicycle. simply because it was designed for several markets. The huge display allows you to adjust the bike’s settings in this way. Here, you have a full range of options for customizing the e-bike for your intended purpose. In the US, you may select between mph and km/h for the unit of the speed limit. There are numerous assistance modes available as well. Through the options menu, the throttle grip can also be turned off. So, in theory, you could modify the parameters based on the situation. In a video, EKX clearly explains all of the alternatives.

Additionally, we’re looking at a 750W continuous motor, so you’re still likely to comply with local e-bike regulations, at least in the US.

However, if you combine that motor with a powerful enough controller, you’ll be able to pump enough power through it to really get those tires roaring.

EKX formally advises the X20 for individuals who are 165 cm to 185 cm tall. For once, I believe that is a well-founded advice rather than a call to action to generate as many sales as possible owing to a broad target audience. In fact, I’m able to verify the data from the test. I personally am about 180 cm tall and find the X20 to be really comfy. The e-geometry bike was carefully considered and works nicely. Below, there is still ample room. On the other hand, things start to get rather constrained above 1.85 m.

However, there is a drawback once more. Even with a 48V 30AH, continuous full power use will quickly deplete your pack. 120 km is an acceptable range estimate while I’m traveling with just the throttle.

Even while my range increases when I use pedal assistance, my options are still constrained by the battery’s fairly average size.

The left handlebar end of the remote control, which has 5 levels of support, is where the bike is controlled under ordinary settings. A straightforward but exceptionally well-tuned pedal sensor has been put in the EKX. The X20 demonstrates its variability once more in this area. Because you can cycle comfortably and even fairly naturally at the lowest levels. On the other side, you can pick up speed and accelerate swiftly on the top levels if you need to go vast distances overland.

The pedal sensor responds rather clearly and directly. Additionally, it performs accurately at various cadences, and the support is always reliable.

EKX X20: Conclusions

So, in the end, I have a lot of benefits and a few minor but significant drawbacks.

The X20 is an e-bike that is reasonably priced but has a lot of functionality. The equipment is amazing, the tuning is quite successful, and there is a current level control. If you want a vehicle that is a little more powerful but still wants comfort and quality, the X20 is an excellent option. The issue with German traffic continues to be the slight to considerable drop of bitterness. The X20 is a well-designed e-bike with a lot of power if you don’t view it so narrowly, and I don’t want to encourage you to do it that way.

Riding the EKX X20 is a blast. I can take almost any shortcut throughout my commute, medians and curbs notwithstanding. I can take a side trip via the park and even go hiking.

The bike is transformed into a practical commuter by the urban-focused extras, and the complete suspension mops up bad roads.

Although the variety is impressive, I’m not overwhelmed by it. And at $1599, I’d describe it as a decent but not exceptional value. Full suspension is a luxury that, in my opinion, nobody really needs. But even with these price reductions, full-suspension fat tire e-bikes continue to excite me because they make them even more appealing to riders seeking comfortable transportation.

Although the EKX X20 isn’t the best, it democratizes full-suspension pleasure at a respectable cost. And I don’t mind at all.


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  1. Hi. And thanks for the review on this. I just bought mine and I love it. But I always like to upgrade anything I have. Like my cars and trucks. So ! I want more torque. More distance and speed.
    Which battery can I install ? This was advertised 48v 30ah 2000w. Can one add another 48v 20ah battery in parallel on this x20 ? Does the controller need to be upgraded as well ? I’m new to the ebike world. So I appreciate all the pointers. Thank you !!!


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