Velotric GO 1 Reveiew: Lightweight Utility Cargo E-bike!


A notification tingles with excitement, signaling the arrival of something truly exceptional – the Velotric GO 1 e-bike. This isn’t just another electric bike; it’s a fusion of innovation and versatility, a crossroads where the world of regular bikes and cargo utility bikes converge. The promise of impressive specifications, coupled with affordability and exceptional quality, has us on the edge of our seats. It’s time to dive into uncharted territory, unbox this masterpiece, and experience firsthand what sets the Velotric GO 1 apart from the rest.

But it’s not just the sleek design or the seamless blend of functions that captivates us. It’s the essence of Velotric’s commitment to crafting an e-bike that’s not only well-equipped but also affordable and well-constructed. As we peel back the layers of packaging, we’re not just unboxing a product – we’re embracing a vision of mobility that’s forward-thinking and sustainable.


At $1,599.00, the Velotric GO 1 defies expectations, offering a versatile and well-designed electric bike that bridges the gap between utility and practicality. This discounted price opens doors to a world of efficient, enjoyable, and sustainable urban commuting, all without breaking the bank.

With the GO 1, we’re embarking on a journey that challenges the norms, pushing the boundaries of what an e-bike can achieve. From the initial unboxing to the exhilarating test rides, every moment is infused with the thrill of discovery and innovation.

FrameAluminum alloy
Motor Hub500W (Peak 900W), 65Nm
Display3.5" Backlit LCD display
Max Speed20 MPH, Class 2
Hill GradeThrottle only: 8° (14%)
Pedal Assist: 10° (18%)
Shift LeverSHIMANO M315-7
BrakeHydraulic Disc Brake 4-Piston
Water ResistantIPX6
SensorCadence sensor
Battery48V, 14.4Ah, 691.2Wh
Throttle RangeUp to 48 miles
Pedal Assist RangeUp to 55 miles
Bike Weight65lbs (29.4kg)
Rear rack Load Capacity120lbs (54kg)
Max Bike Load440lbs

Unboxing and Assembly

When it comes to the unboxing and assembly of the Velotric GO 1, a clear emphasis on user-friendly experience and attention to detail becomes evident right from the moment you lay eyes on the packaging. The manufacturers have taken a novel approach to make the unboxing process as seamless as possible, and this is immediately apparent through the instructions provided on the box itself. These instructions guide you through a hassle-free method to access the contents inside.

Velotric GO 1 Reveiew: Unboxing and Assembly

Upon following the provided instructions and opening the box, an ingenious feature on the bottom side catches your attention: foot markings. This small yet significant addition transforms the box into a practical assembly station, allowing you to put together the bike without worrying about soiling your apartment floor. The foot markings provide a designated area for assembly, ensuring cleanliness and organization throughout the process. 

Velotric GO 1 Reveiew: Unboxing and Assembly

As you delve further into the unboxing, the meticulousness with which the Velotric GO 1 has been packaged becomes apparent. The bike is cocooned in protective layers, ensuring it reaches you in pristine condition. 

Velotric GO 1 Reveiew: Unboxing and Assembly

One striking aspect that sets the Velotric GO 1 apart is the impeccable arrangement of its accessories. Every component is neatly packed, eliminating the confusion often associated with assembly processes. 

Velotric GO 1 Reveiew: Design and Build Quality

An accessory that stands out during the unboxing is the charger. Designed for convenience, the 3-amp fast charger is of high quality and meticulously executed. What adds to its functionality is the option for wall mounting, streamlining the charging process and contributing to an organized charging station. 

Design and Build Quality

The Velotric GO 1 is not just an ordinary utility e-bike; it’s a testament to thoughtful design and exceptional build quality. From the moment you set your eyes on it, the bike’s unique features and attention to detail become strikingly evident.

Velotric GO 1 Reveiew: Design and Build Quality

Starting with its step-through frame, the Velotric GO 1 is designed for versatility and adjustability. This frame offers tons of adjustability to accommodate riders of varying heights, from shorter to very tall individuals. The frame’s middle section is full-sized, while the front portion is ingeniously compressed and lowered, providing an innovative step-through experience. This design element caters to convenience and accessibility, setting it apart from traditional step-through frames.

A distinct design choice is the hybrid rear tail frame, which seamlessly combines both a compact and stretched profile. This clever engineering optimizes space for utility while maintaining an appealing aesthetic. The rear mesh wheel guard is another practical feature that showcases the bike’s attention to detail. It ensures safety while seamlessly blending with the overall design, contributing to the bike’s polished look.

Velotric GO 1 Reveiew: 20 by 3-inch street wheels

The Velotric GO 1’s puncture-resistant 20 by 3-inch street wheels are a testament to both style and functionality. The incorporation of road tread ensures excellent grip while providing a smooth ride experience. The addition of a robust kickstand, featuring a rubber shoe-like design, further enhances the bike’s practicality and stability.

Safety and control are paramount in any bike, and the Velotric GO 1 doesn’t disappoint in this aspect. Equipped with four-piston hydraulic brakes, the bike delivers impressive stopping power, instilling confidence in every ride. The rear mesh wheel guard is a well-thought-out safety feature that also adds to the bike’s overall aesthetics.

Velotric GO 1 Reveiew: four-piston hydraulic brakes

The integration of a rear rack capable of carrying up to 120 pounds exemplifies the bike’s utility-oriented approach. This rack is seamlessly integrated into the design, maintaining a clean and uncluttered appearance. The bike’s flash saddle and hydraulic suspension contribute to a comfortable ride experience, further emphasizing the manufacturer’s commitment to rider comfort.

Upon closer examination, the intricacies of the Velotric GO 1’s design become even more apparent. The unique frame, with its combination of compact and stretched elements, showcases meticulous engineering and craftsmanship. The integration of children’s seating options and handlebars highlights the bike’s versatility, catering to riders of all ages.

Velotric GO 1 Reveiew: robust kickstand

Whether you’re a taller rider or of a more modest height, the Velotric GO 1 offers exceptional adjustability. The expansive space from seat post to front fork ensures a comfortable and accommodating ride for individuals of various sizes.

Having spent almost five days riding the Velotric GO 1, it’s clear that this bike defies conventional expectations with its unique appearance. But as the saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover, as this unusual-looking e-bike packs a surprise in terms of comfort and versatility.

Velotric GO 1 Reveiew: Design and Build Quality

One of the first revelations is that the GO 1 is incredibly comfortable, even more so than its counterpart, the Packer one model, tested just the week prior. The comfort factor becomes a key highlight, making the peculiar aesthetics fade into insignificance.

For New York, a city where maneuverability is essential, the GO 1 shines even brighter. Its shorter wheelbase and compact design make it a breeze to navigate through tight urban spaces. Loading up the bike with some weight in the back is next on the agenda, as it promises to demonstrate its practicality under pressure. However, the front basket is already proving to be a valuable feature, conveniently accommodating bags and belongings.

Velotric GO 1 Reveiew: Design and Build Quality

The cruiser-style handlebars, which pivot both front and back, add to the bike’s adaptability. If you’re confined to an apartment and space is a premium, the GO 1’s shorter wheelbase coupled with its impressive load-carrying capabilities could be a game-changer. While the aesthetics might be unconventional, the functionality aligns perfectly with urban living.

While the GO 1 possesses only 500 watts of power, the riding experience suggests that it likely features a geared hub motor. The ability to effortlessly reach speeds of 26 to 27 miles per hour hints at this. The Turning shifter, considered a significant improvement from previous models, elevates the bike’s performance and usability.

Velotric GO 1 Reveiew: 500-watt rear hub geared motor

The attention to detail is evident throughout the bike. The well-crafted foot pegs, standard drive setup, and high-quality hydraulic brakes with 180 mm rotors all contribute to a sense of refinement and capability.

The dashboard, equipped with a console and a large screen, provides essential riding data, including assistance levels, range, speed, time, and even calorie expenditure. The shifter has received a much-appreciated upgrade, and the overall organization of cables, though requiring a bit of effort, results in a clean and neat appearance.

Velotric GO 1 Reveiew: Design and Build Quality

The battery, identified as the clc5 battery, is well-integrated with a sturdy frame construction. The front end accommodates a light with an extension, further illustrating the bike’s multifunctional design.

The GO 1’s unconventional approach to design, with its step-through full-size frame and shorter front fork, married with smaller 20 by 3-inch street wheels, makes for an exceptionally compact and nimble ride, ideal for maneuvering the bustling streets of New York City.

Velotric GO 1: Performance and Driving Test

Underneath the unconventional exterior of the Velotric GO 1 lies a powerful motor that transforms the riding experience into a dynamic and exhilarating journey. The bike boasts a 500-watt rear hub geared motor with a peak power of 900 watts, a force to be reckoned with.

Velotric GO 1 Reveiew: Driving Test

Exploring the various speed levels, assist modes, and torque capabilities of the GO 1 highlights its remarkable motor performance. Even in its unassisted state, the bike maintains a steady pace, capable of reaching around 10 miles per hour with ease, making it comparable to a traditional bicycle.

The addition of a 25-pound load on the back doesn’t deter the GO 1 from proving its prowess. Scaling flats and inclines alike, the bike remains nimble and surprisingly manageable, even when shifting through gears. The shifting mechanism operates with crisp precision, a testament to the bike’s attention to detail.

Engaging the assist modes unveils the true potential of the GO 1’s motor. In the lowest assist mode, the motor exhibits impressive torque, allowing for swift acceleration right from a standstill. The bike reaches speeds of around 13.7 to 14 miles per hour in this mode.

Velotric GO 1 Reveiew: Driving Test

As the assist levels increase, the motor’s power becomes even more apparent. In the third and fourth assist modes, the bike surges forward with a noticeable kick, effortlessly propelling it to speeds approaching 20 miles per hour and beyond. The motor’s capabilities truly shine, especially when shifting to higher gears, allowing for comfortable cruising speeds without overexertion.

Unlocking the full potential of the motor reveals a top speed that’s nothing short of impressive. Through a simple process, the bike can be set to achieve speeds up to 28 miles per hour, delivering an exhilarating experience for riders who seek a bit more excitement in their journey.

With the motor’s prowess, the GO 1 effortlessly maintains speeds of 23 to 25 miles per hour, even without exerting significant pressure on the pedals. This remarkable feat provides an incredibly comfortable and smooth ride, suitable for adult riders seeking a more leisurely yet efficient mode of transportation.

Velotric GO 1 Reveiew: Driving Test

One of the most defining challenges for any electric bike is its ability to tackle uphill climbs. The Velotric takes on this challenge with confidence, and let’s see how it performs when faced with steep gradients.

Engaging the throttle on a hill climb reveals the GO 1’s approach to conquering elevation changes. As it approaches the bottom of the hill, there’s a slight drop in speed, but this is quickly followed by a gradual increase in power as the motor ramps up its efforts. Without any additional load, the GO 1 navigates the incline smoothly, showcasing its ability to maintain momentum even in challenging conditions.

For riders carrying a substantial load, around 100 pounds, the GO 1’s performance remains impressive. Shifting to higher speeds and utilizing pedal assist can further enhance the bike’s ability to conquer hills. The motor’s steady and consistent power delivery ensures that the GO 1 can ascend with confidence, achieving speeds of around 14 miles per hour even without any pedaling assistance.

Velotric GO 1 Reveiew: Display and Controls

The presence of pedal assist introduces a new dimension to the hill climbing experience. With pedal assist engaged, the GO 1 becomes more spirited, with the torque kicking in noticeably, offering more power to conquer the climb. This combination of motor strength and rider effort allows for sustained speeds while ascending hills, making the ride smoother and more enjoyable.

The GO 1 also demonstrates its adaptability to various conditions. Even on a steep incline, such as the one found in Central Park, the bike maintains a steady pace despite the flashing battery indicator. This indicator implies that the battery isn’t experiencing significant sag or voltage drop, affirming the quality of the battery and its ability to provide consistent power until the end of the ride.

Front and Rear Baskets

Amidst the features that make the Velotric GO 1 stand out, a particular setup has emerged as my favorite, one that amplifies its utility and convenience, especially within the bustling environment of the city. Allow me to guide you through my preferred configuration while also highlighting a key accessory that truly transforms this e-bike into a versatile urban companion.

Velotric GO 1 Reveiew: Front and Rear Baskets

At the forefront of my favorite setup is the front basket, a feature that significantly enhances the GO 1’s usability, particularly for city dwellers. As a parent with a small child and a need to run errands, this front basket proves to be invaluable. The convenience it offers when transporting groceries, essentials, or even accommodating a small child is unparalleled. Its seamless integration into the design of the bike is a testament to thoughtful engineering.

A remarkable aspect of the GO 1’s design is its capacity to handle loads. With a maximum load capacity of 120 pounds, the front basket becomes a reliable space to carry groceries, shopping bags, or other essentials. Taking it a step further, the addition of the medium rear basket solidifies the GO 1’s role as a daily companion for various tasks. 


When the sun dips below the horizon, the Velotric GO 1’s lighting system emerges as a beacon of safety and visibility, ensuring that your rides are secure and well-lit even in the darkest of conditions. Let’s delve into the lighting setup, highlighting the features that make it stand out.

Velotric GO 1 Reveiew: lights

At the front of the GO 1, the light presence is nothing short of impressive. As you engage the powerful light, you’re met with a broad and intense beam that effectively illuminates the path ahead. The throw is generous, casting light far down the road, while the spill covers a wide area, ensuring that no details escape your vision. 

Moving to the rear, the brake light complements the overall lighting setup. While it might not emit an overwhelming brightness, it serves its purpose well. Its presence is enough to catch the attention of those behind you, enhancing your visibility and safety when coming to a stop or slowing down. 

Battery and Range

One of the cornerstones of the Velotric GO 1’s design is its removable battery, a technological marvel that not only fuels your rides but also embodies the bike’s commitment to practicality and efficiency. 

Velotric GO 1 Reveiew: Design and Build Quality

The GO 1 boasts a removable UL 2271 certified lithium-ion battery with a formidable capacity of 48 volts and 14.4 amp hours. Equipped with LG cells, this battery is a testament to reliability, quality, and performance. The certification ensures safety and compliance, providing riders with peace of mind as they embark on their journeys.

A true testament to the GO 1’s versatility is its range, and the bike’s capacity to endure even when carrying additional weight. For the range test, a load of 25 pounds was added to the rear rack, which in combination with the rider’s weight brought the total load to an impressive 250 pounds. The FIFA level assist mode was selected, and the speeds ranged between 15 to 25 miles per hour, with occasional peaks at 23 miles per hour.

Velotric GO 1 Reveiew: Design and Build Quality

During this comprehensive range test, the GO 1 displayed its stamina by covering an impressive distance of 33.3 miles. This astounding range is a reflection of the battery’s efficiency and the bike’s overall design. It underscores the GO 1’s potential as a reliable mode of transportation for both short commutes and longer journeys.


In the term of compact and lightweight utility cargo e-bikes, the Velotric GO 1 shines as a beacon of quality, power, and practicality. With an abundance of features, a thoughtful design, and an enticing price point, the GO 1 emerges as an exceptional choice for riders seeking a versatile and efficient mode of transportation.

Velotric GO 1 Reveiew: Design and Build Quality

At a mere 65 pounds in total weight, the GO 1 sets itself apart as an incredibly lightweight option in the e-bike market. However, this lightweight demeanor belies its exceptional strength, with the capability to carry over 440 pounds in load capacity. 

The GO 1’s impressive array of accessories, coupled with the inclusion of UL-certified batteries, demonstrates its dedication to delivering a comprehensive and safe riding experience. In a world where safety is paramount, the GO 1’s UL certification ensures a trustworthy power source that prioritizes the well-being of its riders.

Velotric GO 1 Reveiew: Design and Build Quality

One of the most striking attributes of the GO 1 is its compactness, making it a perfect fit for urban environments and limited spaces. In the landscape of e-bikes, the Velotric GO 1 excels as a prime option that doesn’t compromise on quality, features, or affordability. Its diverse capabilities, torque sensor, and well-engineered design make it a standout in the market, with a plethora of accessories that cater to various needs.

As we conclude this exploration of the Velotric GO 1, we invite you to delve further into its details and consider it as your ideal compact utility e-bike. With a world of possibilities at your fingertips, the GO 1 could be your perfect companion for urban adventures, errands, and joyful rides. Thank you for joining us on this journey, and we look forward to seeing you next time.


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