RadRunner 3 Plus Review: How Is It Better than Its Competitors?


The RadRunner electric bike by Rad Power Bikes was created with universal appeal in mind. The RadRunner is one of the brand’s regularly best-selling models because it is a utility bike with large, comfortable tires, a stylish appearance, a streamlined yet powerful drivetrain, and a reasonable price. And now, it’s undergoing a significant renovation.

The RadRunner 3 Plus, which was shown today, has a radical new appearance that heavily borrows from the recent iterations of the RadCity and RadRover models’ sharp-angled frame designs. That indicates that it has a plethora of new components, such as an integrated battery, hydraulic disc brakes, a specially geared hub motor, a redesigned ergonomic frame, and an enhanced LED display that is simpler to operate.

According to what I observe every day, the RadRunner utility bikes by Rad Power Bikes appear to be well-liked in the US. And one of my e-bikes is the RadRunner original from the firm. So when Rad Power Bikes welcomed me to their location for a sneak preview ride on their brand-new utility bike, RadRunner 3 Plus, I couldn’t wait.

The utility bike produced by the Seattle-based e-bike firm is called the RadRunner 3 Plus. You might have all you need if you combine it with a variety of new accessories, such as pet trailers and lockable consoles.

Hub Motor750W brushless
Pedal AssistIntelligent 5 level pedal assist with 12 magnet cadence sensor
Brake RotorsTektro 180 mm front and rear
DerailleurShimano Altus MD310 7sp
TiresKenda K90
Battery672 Wh
RangeEstimated 25-45+ miles per charge (40-72+ km)
TOTAL WEIGHT:75.5 lbs (34.24 kg)
BATTERY WEIGHT:7.7 lbs (3.49 kg)

RadRunner 3 Plus: Design and Build Quality

The RadRunner 3 Plus is not a replacement for the RadRunner 2 or RadRunner Plus, but rather an addition to the series. It is a premium variant that comes with enhancements like higher torque, hydraulic disc brakes, and provision for an additional battery that users who require extra range may put into a safe case at the back of the bike. 

Moreover, it has a larger step-through appearance, a 350-pound maximum cargo, and greater seat padding. There are 75 pounds of the bike itself. 

The RadRunner 3 plus immediately outperforms the wildly successful RadRunner 2 platform. Rad Power Bikes moved the rear tire back on frame a small amount to lengthen the rear rack. The new RadRunner 3 Plus frame is now essentially a mid-tail cargo bike as a result. Dark gray is the only color available.

The motor and dual display system that Rad Power Bikes created internally are the first of these high-end components. This places all of the bike inputs in the perfect location for authors, making it simpler to quickly determine what pedal assist level the e-bike is at, how much battery life is remaining, and the pace it is moving at. It really is a high-end system, which results in a higher-end riding experience.

To give it some context, the rear rack has a center and rear handle, and can accommodate a single Thule Yepp Maxi baby seat or a solitary, larger rider due to the Passenger Package. In comparison, the RadWagon 4 full-sized cargo bike from Rad Power Bikes can accommodate up to two snap-in child seats, depending on the weight of the rack. The additional grips on the brand-new RadRunner 3 Plus are immediately attached to the rear rack, making it simple for a passenger to travel on the back of the bicycle with assurance and a firm hold.

The second battery configuration is easy. Since the bike perceives them as an one unit and discharges them simultaneously, it works with the primary semi-integrated battery to give a steady power supply.

There is a front LED halo light, a display LCD, a front suspension fork, and a seven-gear shifter. All the add-ons for a rear passenger seat are available for an additional $139. 

RadRunner 3 Plus: Motor and Battery

Also, the RadRunner 3 Plus has improved its ability to climb hills – specifically, by around 10% when compared to earlier iterations. That’s due to the specialized 750 Watts motor, which was designed with high loads and steep hills in mind. A good range is provided by the bike’s 48V 14Ah battery, but there’s more going on than meets the eye.

I reviewed a stock bike equipped with three hardshell lockboxes on both flat and uneven terrain. The bike felt stable beneath me and had good handling. The 3 Plus has the same fat tires as the previous Plus and a front suspension fork with a more padded seat. The display was wide and bright enough to be seen in daylight, and the empty lockboxes were smooth and quiet as they traveled over bumps.

Also, Rad Power Bikes significantly improves the 750 watts rear hub motor with an internal design and tuning. It has their own tuning, which enables them to tune the power bands for each e-motor individually as well as for each bike. Although we haven’t yet had a chance to ride the RadRunner 3 Plus.

The RadRunner 3 Plus’s new appearance as a fully loaded motorcycle caught my eye the most. That was partially intentional; Mike Radenbaugh, the creator and chairman of Rad Power Bikes, described it as the model that closely resembled a motorcycle. 

Rad Power Bikes, which is situated in the hilly suburbs of US, is well aware of this and significantly improved the brakes on the RadRunner 3 Plus with a set of adjustable hydraulic disc brakes. Compared to cable-actuated disc brakes, which are prone to cable bend and have a slower braking response, these reduce stopping distance and offer a significant braking response.

Rad Power Bikes didn’t want to impose more fees on its clients. The RadRunner 3 Plus introduces a number of fascinating new features, including an integrated Abus wheel lock made exclusively for fat tires and an under-the-rack range-extending battery that is still under development. The RadRunner 3 Plus is one of the farthest traveling models in the Rad Power Bikes series, with a range of an amazing 100 miles when using dual batteries.

The specifications are really intriguing, and Rad Power Bikes is obviously going above and beyond to cram as many features as it can into this well-liked platform. The RadRunner 2 will likely be available from Rad Power Bikes as a less expensive option. The huge increase in premium amenities Rad Power Bikes is cramming into the new product is reflected in the sharp price. The new dual display is it. It is a newer motor. The additional carrying capacity and hydraulic brakes are to blame. Of course, there will also probably be some inflation and problems with the supply chain.

RadRunner 3 Plus: Conclusions

I was left wondering what I was missing after driving the RadRunner 3 Plus, even though I still adore the swooping frame and straightforward powertrain of my standard e-bike from RadRunner, which I use as my everyday transportation. Radenbaugh reassured me that the RadRunner 2 and RadRunner Plus will be available and that this most recent version was the company’s vision for the future.

The new RadRunner 3 Plus is jam-packed with useful new features that are sure to appeal to purchasers searching for a high-end, luxury bike. The $2,499 retail price is unavoidable. 

The RadRunner 3 Plus was created more as a backup electric bike. It is for owners who’ve previously felt the benefits of an electric bike in their lifestyle and who use one frequently enough to desire something a little more luxurious. They desire better features, a little bit more performance, and the capacity to add more reach.

The RadRunner 3 Plus is evidence that e – bikes are becoming more widely accepted and that Rad Power Bikes is expanding and expanding its electric bike selection to cater to these prosumers. The RadRunner 3 Plus is now available on the Rad Power Bikes website, and it can be outfitted with a variety of both new and old accessories to create up to 350 different, one-of-a-kind combinations.

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